Professor Vic

by gdavis


Note to readers: the main character in this piece, Katie, is the same character from my Sorority Life story. But there is no need to read that story to enjoy this one, it is a completely different plotline.

* * * * *

Monday April 15th

The other day Charlene was talking about how bad she wanted to fuck her history of religion teaching assistant, "He could tutor me all night."

"And all day," added Erin

"And all next week," finished Charlene. Erin loves talking about fooling around with her professors, but she's never done it. Maybe it's because too many of them hit on her. I know from experience that it can be creepy. Some fifty-year-old balding egomaniac making a pass at you. One professor even offered to take me out to dinner, to discuss the class of course.

But whenever we joke about it, it manages to linger in my mind. Usually as some generic fantasy. An impossibly hot professor bending me over his desk, fucking me while giving me a pop quiz, spanking me if I get the wrong answers. Well, a generic fantasy until recently. Now that generic lover has an actual name to add to an actual dream body. Professor Jacobs, Victor Jacobs, just the name starts to make me wet.

Vic, as Erin and I like to refer to him, is in his first year as a professor. Erin took his course the previous semester. She used to come home and tell me how just listening to his lecture made her wet. That she had to fight the urge to satisfy herself in the middle of class. With that kind of endorsement how could I not take a peek for myself?

Vic certainly proved that he deserved all the hype. I've been so enthralled by his lectures that I easily aced the first midterm. All my professors should be this hot; I'd have a perfect GPA. Not surprisingly, his history of Rome class seems to be filled with an unusually high amount of women. I think everybody has a thing for him, how could you not? He's young, amazingly intelligent, and handsome, I mean gorgeous. A chiseled face, light brown hair, light green eyes, and a bright smile, which never fails to emerge, even from the intensity of his usually serious, deep thinker expression. He appears, under his buttoned down shirts, to have a decent body, tall with broad shoulders, and best of all big strong hands. Hands with only one imperfection, the wedding ring that adorns one of his fingers.

There is a rumor going around that he wears it to try and avoid attracting any unwanted attention. Like that would stop any of the horny women that eye him each day. A female professor, whom Erin is helping with a project, confirmed that he is actually married. The professor claims that she is just some plain looking young doctor. Erin thinks she wants to fuck him as well.

But unlike the rest who only talk and dream, I'm going have him for real, wife or no wife. Just thinking about his firm hands all over my body makes me want to...

Tuesday April 16th

I told Erin today about my plan, she doesn't think I have the guts to go through with it. Little does she know. I made sure he noticed me today. From the moment I walked into class, my ass swaying in a catholic schoolgirl skirt short enough to make even a priest run to confession. Strutting over to an empty seat in my platform shoes, I could feel the lust coming from every set of male eyes upon me, on my tanned and well-toned legs. I loved every second of it.

To make sure I didn't look like a total skank, I wore a concealing baggy sweatshirt around campus. It also gave me an opportunity to give the good professor another surprise during the middle of his lecture. He even stumbled over a couple of his sentences when about half way through lecture I removed my sweatshirt to reveal a skintight, low cut, white tank top underneath. My ever-trustworthy favorite black bra pushed my perky round breast up and almost out of the straining top. Seeing his face blush as he caught sight of me two rows back was priceless. Flustered he immediately looked down at his note cards, blankly staring at them as it took him a couple of seconds to regroup. Composed, he continued on with his lecture, but each time he stole a glance at me he would pause for an instant, slowly drawing out the word on his lips. I could hear the girls behind me muttering each time; my effect was so obvious

I didn't make it easy for him. While taking notes I made sure to lean as far over as possible, giving him the best angle at which to view my breast swelling out of their confinement. He couldn't look away for too long, I knew he was trying, but his eyes just wouldn't obey. And each time I caught him, I returned an unwavering gaze, asking a question he couldn't answer aloud. As the lecture progressed I started giving him a small, knowing smile each time our eyes met, which only made his face flush a deeper crimson. Then, towards the end of class, I started to boldly adjust my bra strap for no reason at all other than to draw more attention to my already prominently featured breasts. He was hooked.

He visibly rushed through the last part of lecture, ending five minutes earlier than normal. I took my time packing up my stuff, ignoring the leering eyes of the guys leaving class.

There is always a handful of girls, and one guy, who stay around after class to pester Professor Jacobs. The group is usually made up of the mousy plain looking types, who probably want Vic even more than I do. The problem for them being that not even on their best day could they pull of an outfit like the one I was wearing. So when I approached the professor they each gave me a jealous defensive sneer, but fell silent as Vic turned my way, calmly waiting to address my question. This show of coolness, whether it was just a front or for real, turned me on even more.

"Professor Jacobs," I started in a business like voice, I didn't want him to think I was just some bimbo, despite what I was wearing, "are you going to be in your office tomorrow? I was wondering if you could go over my paper outline," I could see the envy dripping from the faces of each of the other girls.

"After my one o'clock lecture tomorrow I should be in, although I'd advise you to wear something a little bit warmer, I keep my office pretty chilly," he condescendingly replied to me causing his fans to snicker.

Unfazed I answered back as I leaned over to write on a piece of scratch paper giving the professor an even better look at my assets, " Don't worry about me I stay warm pretty easily. What's the room number."

"1242," he answered back failing to add another snide remark.

"I'll see you tomorrow then," I flirtatiously added as I walked away.

Wednesday April 17th

Appearing to follow his advice I showed up the next day in his office with a pair of form fitting jeans and another baggy sweatshirt. From the way he looked at the sweatshirt I knew he was wondering what was underneath. And I was wondering what was underneath that bookish exterior. I had teased up my nipples before entering, but as I sat down calculating how I was going to get him out of those pants, I realized that I shouldn't have bothered warming myself up.

He quickly asked what problems I was having with the paper, skipping any small talk, almost rudely acting as if I were wasting his time. None of it bothered me. I had expected him to try and act this way, again adding a little spice to the situation, I'm not use to guys playing hard to get.

I handed him the beginning of my outline, and as he scanned it I took off my sweatshirt. The pale green shirt underneath was pasted on to my body. With no bra on, the outline of my perky round breasts were more than prominent, and still excited from my earlier preparation my nipples shot out at the professor. If he had ignored me in that shirt, I'd have been convinced that he was gay. I'd have made a blind man drool in that outfit.

Of course he was no different, when he looked up to make a comment I noticed his eyes simply freeze upon my chest. He remained frozen for a second before composing himself and glancing up at my face. I let him know I saw his stare, and that he was free to do more if he pleased, with an inviting smile.

Forgetting what ever unimportant comment he was about to make he paused for a moment to regroup, then looking confused and flustered he returned his gaze to my outline before him.

"Is there something wrong with the outline, Professor," I innocently asked.

"Umm.. No it's just fine," he staggered out, "Are you cold in here? I know I tend to keep it a little too chilly for most people," he added refusing to look up at me.

"No, I'm fine," I casually answered, "in fact I was getting a little warm."

"That's good," he mindlessly answered back, "everything with the outline looks alright to me, you can email me the rest when you're done," he attempted to hurry me out the door.

"Really, I'm not sure about the second part," I refused to let him off so easily. So I stepped behind his desk and leaned over to point out the section on the sheet of paper, basically throwing my tits into his face. I hovered over him repressing a smile as I sensed him squirm beneath me.

"This part right here. I'm not sure if you wanted us to incorporate Hannibal's mistake during the second Punic War...are you wearing any cologne, Professor?" I broke off from my pointless inquiry to flirt a little more, not that pressing my boobs into his face wasn't enough. From the uncomfortable gasps of air he emitted I could tell my charms were working.

"Well, yes I'm wearing a little. I wouldn't worry about Hannibal when discussing the Persians..." he attempted to skip my sidebar, but I interrupted him before he could.

"What is it? You smell incredible," I complimented turning my head towards him as if to take a sniff.

"My wife picked it out," he bluntly stated.

"I like her taste;" I answered placing my hand on his thigh to stabilize myself as I stood up. I felt him tense upon my touch. I sat on the edge of his desk in front of him; "You seem a little tense, Professor. You need to relax a little. I can give you a massage if you'd like," I made my move with a smile to back it up.

"I don't think that would be appropriate," he quickly replied.

"Don't worry Professor nobody would know about it. And I give very good massages," I let the last words roll out of my mouth.

"I don't think my wife would buy that reasoning."

"She's not here, Professor, no one would know," I repeated enhancing my words by lightly passing my fingertips across my chest causing him to once again gaze upon my erect nipples.


"Professor, I've seen the way you looked at me in class. Don't act like you don't want me.".

"I'm sorry if I ever...".

"Don't apologize, Professor. I love the way you look at me in class. Like you're looking at my tits right now. It makes me wet. Do you want to feel how wet it makes me?".

"I think you should leave," he said while the growing bulge in his pants said otherwise.

"I know part of you wants me to stay," I joked ignoring his verbal refusals, slipping my foot out of its shoe and pressing it against his crotch. I could see his concealed erection jump as my foot made contact.. "I can do things your wife won't do, Professor."

He immediately moved back in his chair and pushed my foot off of his crotch, "This has gone far enough, Katie." He stood up and moved away from the desk his stiff cock tenting his pants.

"If that's how you want it, I'll leave," I stepped towards him maintaining full eye contact as I squeezed by him rubbing against his stiff erection. "But remember that anytime you want to take me up on my offer I'm yours. And I'm willing to do anything, I mean anything for you," I whispered the last words into his ear before I lightly pecked his cheek. He stood there like a statue as I turned from him and walked out the door.

I felt exhilarated as I walked down the hall almost breaking into a skip. I was almost relieved that he passed on my offer, I was having so much fun hunting my prey.

Thursday April 18th

Today in lecture I reminded Vic of my offer. I didn't wear anything special just my velour-jogging suit. Not to say it wasn't still sexy. The pants are cut low around the hips, exposing my slender lower abdomen and the gentle curve of my lower back, giving my ass a Jennifer Lopez like roundness. It was obvious that Vic was trying to avoid even glancing at me. He came in late and went straight to his podium keeping his eyes glued to the back wall as he lectured.

I refused to allow him to get off so easily. I knew that I was on his mind, even if he wasn't actually looking, so I pulled from my backpack a bright red cherry lollipop. I made sure to open the wrapper as loudly as possible drawing his attention towards me. Once I locked eyes with him I slowly slid it into my mouth, staring at him as I sucked the little red ball. His eyes opened wide for a brief second before he quickly looked away.

But he couldn't keep his eyes off of me for too long, and each time they were greeted with the sight of my moist red lips massaging the hard candy. Whenever I would catch his glance I would lewdly wrap my tongue around the red ball, licking in a circular motion like I wanted to lick the swollen head of his bulging cock. Just mimicking the sexual act made me hot, I seriously began debating whether slipping a hidden finger into my pants was too much. It would have felt so good to finger myself while he stuttered and stumbled through his lecture. But as a service to the education of the other students in the class, I was able to control myself.

Vic seemed to be fighting some demons of his own judging from the way he was fidgeting in front of the class. He usually paces back in forth while pontificating the virtues of the Roman Republic, but today, the way he was glued to the podium, he seemed to be reliving an adolescent nightmare, convincing me that he was probably wishing he could sneak a hand down below to relieve some tension as well. I was ready to help him if he needed any help.

Friday April 19th

I knew today was my last day to achieve my aims before he had office hours again next Wednesday, way too long to go with only my vibrator to calm my desires. I strolled into the open doorway of his office around two, disappointed to see one of his plain looking disciples, Kara, the annoying one with her hand perpetually up during lecture, pestering him. I thought about trying to come back later, but I was too eager to see Vic's reaction to my presence.

Giving him yet another look I wore a demure black skirt and a business like striped white blouse, unbuttoned at the top of course. I also wore my black rimmed reading glasses in place of my usual contacts, and kept my flowing blonde hair pinned on the top of my head. He still blushed slightly when I entered.

He explained that they were just discussing the paper and asked if I cared to join in. Kara looked a little offended, she probably treasured anytime she got alone with Vic. Little did she know that he was actually just trying to avoid spend time alone with me.

Kara isn't ugly, just plain. Pudgy body, mistreated hair, frumpy clothes, everything that enables you to walk past her without even noticing her existence.

"I think if Caesar had been able to convince Cato to support him, Caesar would never have been to stay in power," began Kara.

"You're going to base your paper on a 'what if?" I immediately jumped in challenging her position, more out of spite than out of concern for the subject. From the flush of her face I could tell my question was not something she was prepared for.

"Now Katie, don't prejudge Kara's paper," intervened Vic.

"It's not a 'what if'. That's a key failure by Caesar. If he had succeeded in winning over Cato his future political problems would have been avoided," she defensively argued back.

"A key failure? There are a ton of similar moments which can be construed the same way," I calmly explained.

"You have no..." began Kara before Vic interrupted us.

"It sounds like both of you have strong ideas, I'm sure both you're papers will turn out very interesting," he immediately ended the argument for both of us, "How about we address any issues other than content that you guys have."

"I don't have any other questions, Professor. I'll see you in lecture," pouted Kara as she hastily gathered her things and left the office.

"See you then, have a good weekend," Vic blandly said his goodbyes standing up as he did so, "I assume you don't have any questions either," he addressed me as he walked around the desk to show me the door as well.

"Are you kicking me out, Professor? That's a bit rude, I do have some other questions for you," I answered walking to the door with him.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to cut office hours short, I have another meeting to attend."

"Really, you have time for her and not for me?".

"It sounds like you've mastered the material pretty well already."

"Well your lectures really stimulate me." I flirtatiously responded reaching around him to close the door as we stood paces from it facing each other, our bodies only inches away.

"I guess your lollipop would agree."

"You noticed," I innocently asked.

"Don't play innocent."

"You're right. I just wanted to give you a preview."

"A preview of what?" from the look in his eyes I could tell he realized he slipped up.

"Of what I'm about to do right now," I again reached around him for the door and locked it. He tried to turn around, but I quickly pressed him up against the door.

"You know we can't do this, Katie," he nervously stammered out as I reached down and deftly unbuckled his belt wasting no time before I had his pants unbuttoned as well.

"I know you've been thinking about me, Professor. I can see it in your eyes every time you glance at me," I reached down and stroked his engorging cock through the material of slacks, "I can tell by the hardness in your pants right now."

"Don't do this," he pleaded unconvincingly as I lowered myself onto my knees in front of his quivering bulge.

"Just relax, Professor, I'll take good care of you," I looked up at him before sliding his pants off of his hips. He offered no resistance as I did so. There was already a small wet spot on his striped white boxers where the head of his cock strained against the material. I kissed his cock through the cloth causing him to audibly sigh.

I knew he was dying to have some relief, so I tugged down his boxers freeing his long beautiful cock, which pointed straight out at me. It was thick, just the way I like it, the veins pulsing with the rush of blood.. Grasping on to it with my right hand I slid my warm mouth around it causing him to breathe in deeply.

"Umm, you taste good, Professor, just like I imagined," I removed my lips long enough to let out. He ignored my comments impatiently applying pressure to back of my head telling me to continue.

I obliged his request sliding his cock further into my mouth. I could feel it pulse as I pressed my lips around it. Drawing it out I slowly slid my tongue along the underside causing him to gasp. I gave it a second of the cool air before capturing the swollen head again, this time swirling my tongue around it, teasing the edges with the tip. There was no doubt he was mine as he slouched against the door; each new movement of my mouth caused his breath to shorten.

Determined to show him what married life deprived him of, I moved from his rigid cock to his slackened scrotum. As I gently pumped his cock with my right hand I engulfed one of his balls with my greedy mouth sucking it in hard. Showing none of the delicacy I exhibited with his cock I roughly pressed my tongue against the soft skin. Treating the other as I had treated the first, I began stroking his cock causing him to emit a deep groan. Not wanting to send him over the top I relented removing my moist lips from his now wet testes.


End of part 1

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