Private Eye

by patuk54


Advertising for some excitement.

One of the first people to answer my advert was a private eye, he didn't have anything for me to do but just wanted to see whether I could be suitable for him if he ever had need of my services. Assuring me he was at the top of his profession asked me whether I would consider meeting him at one of the Cities top hotels for lunch. When I agreed he wanted me to play out a well-known scenario before we met.

Firstly I needed to turn up looking good in something that would show out, but not in something that suggested I looked an easy touch. Also, I was to stay alone and refuse drinks from any would be admirers, not only refuse, but also feel insulted at the same time. Then this Mr. Jones was to have his turn and I was to except him even though I had no idea of his looks, but it was supposed to be based on my instincts.

He gave me very little to go on as to his looks either, I suppose the long raincoat, dark glasses and a hat were a thing of the past. It was I who had to pick out the real person and not any of the others that were bound to offer. All I was told was a brief description of him and was not to look out for him.

It sounded an exiting game and a chauffeur driven limousine to pick me up sounded even more interesting. It was a hard choice of clothing, nothing to short or revealing, and nothing to drab as not to attract. Settling for a black trouser suit and a favourite lime green chiffon top I was finally ready after keeping the chauffeur waiting for ages.

Arriving at the hotel I wanted to make a big entrance, waiting for the doorman to open my door I thanked him, walked in and straight over to the inquiry desk. It was unmanned and a strike of the bell had eyes from every direction looking over to me.

A member of staff who was full of apologies asking me what I could do for her quickly joined me. Telling her I was meeting a Mr. Jones here I told the clerk I'd be sitting in the bar. With that I walked into the dimly lit bar with all it's private alcoves and hideaways.

On purpose as if I were looking for my Mr. Jones I walked the gang ways looking into all the nooks and crannies and mouthing my apologies to the people I had disturbed in them. Having made my entrance a grand one I sat close to the bar and gestured to the barman for some service. I had deliberately brought along some reading matter although it was probably erotic stories from the web as I thumbed through them as the waiter took my order.

Sticking to a glass of chardonnay I quietly went about my business reading the stories and sipping on my drink. As per normal someone asking me whether I’d like a drink also whether I was alone soon interrupted me. As if finishing my sentence on my notes I looked up into the gentleman's eyes, he was a nice looking guy, not the one I was looking for though and politely declined his offer.

One or two more men came over, one had the nerve to ask me whether I was working, another, like before asked whether I'd like a drink. Declining them all I was suddenly brought over a bottle of chardonnay from the waiter. Querying it with him he explained that a gentleman in seats six and seven had bought me it.

"Take it away." I said in a demanding voice, needing a refill, but not from a stranger. As he left I raised my arm in the air and a waiter quickly refilled my glass. Again the waiter pointed to somewhere else telling me it was put on another gentleman's bill, again I declined. It seemed as if I were the only single woman in there that day and I had six offers from elsewhere before the seventh arrived. Looking over and ready to decline, maybe it was the raincoat, tilted trilby or sunglasses, but I knew that was my man. Excepting a glass of chardonnay Mr. Jones quickly joined me.

"I have watched you for over an hour Pat and each refusal has made you more and more desirable. I don't want you to prostitute yourself, the opposite in fact, if I call upon you I want you to do the same as you have here only play hard to get with the final person you pick. He will be looking for a one off thing, not a prostitute, but an upper class person like yourself, it will work." He said.

Excited now, I wanted the plan of action to start straightaway. It didn't, but he had my number and promised that one-day it will happen. He was sincere and genuine and we did make it a nice day, he was completely business like and telling me I was at the top of his contact list I wasn't sure whether or not I'd ever hear from him again.

It was only a few days later when the phone rang early one morning and still asleep I answered it with a few sleepy sighs. Quickly regaining consciousness however it was Mr. Jones.

"Sorry Pat, can you talk he asked?" I replied by telling him he had woken me up. Knowing I was alone he started trying to see whether I could excite him as he was asking me what I was wearing and what I was doing.

"Oh you cheeky sod, I get good money for answering those questions and you can't afford me." I answered in a light-hearted manner.

"What you like with woman Pat?" Mr. Jones asked unexpectedly.

"That'll be double." As I answered suspiciously, as my thigh's automatically opened and my fingers started to search out my already excited libido.

"We have a woman playing around Pat and the husband thinks she is looking out for woman as well as men and she is at a function alone this afternoon and just wondered whether you'd be available if she went looking for a mature blonde female." Mr. Jones said. I purred down the phone to him as my index finger started to excite me telling him to give me more details. He carried on for about five minutes regarding this woman, an attractive blonde herself who had a thing about anything blonde be it male or female. Also planted at this hotel was a blonde guy so that she had a variety of choices.

I was to learn that I had an advantage however in that she has a thing about leather and if I agreed the chauffeur was to pick up a leather suit for me to wear on his way around to pick me up. Also a thousand-pound and I was to be boisterous there and order the best champagne and make sure everybody became aware of me. I was going to enjoy the day, even if it didn't work I thought as I lay soaking in my bath knowing I only had a few hours before my carriage arrived. I was ready, well ready in that my hair and face were done and I had a half cut bra on, tan hold-ups and a thong that wouldn't hide any of my modesty if I needed to that was. The doorbell rung right on time and the chauffeur had my uniform with him. As if he didn't exist I took the hanger and in front of him I put this very expensive looking leather two pieces on. There was nothing of it, the skirt showed the pattern of my hold-ups and if I coughed then my tits would fly out the front of the jacket. Sporting a large coat to hide the view the neighbours would no doubt have while peering through their curtains I was whisked away to this five-star hotel.

Inside it was packed, the conference was halfway through and they were all out on their break. I aimed for any blonde people on the way to the bar and was quickly served as I loudly called out for a bottle of their best champagne.

Looking around the place was full of blonde people, hadn't a clue where my man was in the crowd either. If I were she then she wouldn't have noticed him either.

With nowhere to sit I stood up at the bar and quickly got the barmen to keep refilling my glass as I tried to make a spectacle of myself. Getting nowhere I accidentally toppled the bottle onto the floor and this beautiful young blonde lady quickly retrieved it for me.

With the bottle fizzing away and over flowing I deliberately took hold of it and in a drunken way refilled my glass so that it was full of froth that quickly over flowed on to the counter.

"Opps!" Was all I was willing to say to this woman, she wanted to talk to me, but I was more interested in my glass of Champagne. Introducing herself as Jean to me, I casually smiled back to her and told her my name. Although we were close together in the crowd I did distinctively feel he soft hands gently caressing my leather skirt as she purred into my ear while telling me how nice it felt. Then a toastmaster came over and announced that the afternoon session was about to begin. With that I gave a provocative smile to this lady and turning towards the glass of champagne I gave her a small wave, turning my back carried on drinking from my glass.
Suddenly the bar was almost empty, a few couples and one hunk of a blonde guy smiling over to me. Looking around he came over, was twenty years my junior yet with a beaming smile he told me I 'had her' eating out of my hand.

Congratulating on your professionalism Pat, he said as he turned to leave me alone.

"No don't leave, stay with me a while, I told Mr. Jones I was bi, but would prefer you any day to her love." Pointing over towards their function. Knowing it was going on for another hour I got to know Jim very well in that time. It was nice that I could share my stories with someone who wasn't going to be shocked, or like Mr. Jones, sexually turned on with them.

We talked and it was nice to be able to open out to someone real and he envied my lifestyle telling me his were usually with frumpy old spinsters or such as like. Mentioning this lady, she was lovely but didn't fancy him one bit when he approached her. Telling me that she hadn't taken her eyes off of me as I was making a commotion up at the bar earlier. He also went on to mention that when he looked over at us she seemed to be spellbound as I was talking to her. I hadn't noticed that, I felt her eyes looking me over, but was used to that and wearing the clothes that I had been given I told him that I expected everyone in the bar had looked over at least once.

Even his eyes were wandering as we talked.

"You are fuckable though Pat." He said in a very calm and calculated way.

"I would love to put a little oil on your tits and push my cock between them." He said, his voice almost in a whisper now.

"You dirty sod, go and take a cold shower, we are supposed to be a pair of professionals here and she could come back any moment." I told him, my face was grinning though with the cheek of the man.

"I have my cock out Pat and am masturbating." He said, his voice was serious and I really thought he had.

"Now stop it, you must go before the function ends otherwise we will both get the sack from Mr. Jones I say. In a panic now I shout to him that the doors had opened as I notice him fumbling with his clothes beneath the table.

"I had better go Pat, so good luck," he says as I watch him leave my table.

As he left I told him to book a suite for a Mr. and Mr's Jones, with confusion on his face I look at him sternly and say. "Just do it!" He had gone, I was bored now, wanting to act a little tipsy I ordered another bottle of Champagne and quietly poured the rest of the other bottle away onto the carpeted floor. Streaking locks off hair over my face I tried to give the impression that the champagne was having an effect over me.

The doors did finally open to their function and a beeline was made to the bar. Giving a glazed smile to some as they looked down as my bra was now prominent beneath the cut of my jacket. It was so relevant that this blonde sitting sipping her champagne was a little tidily and anybodies that afternoon. Some tried and seeing my striking blonde just exit from the function I took up an offer to one deliberately dark haired handsome guy. He was about to sit down when from nowhere this lovely young blonde's face appeared next to my table.

"Hi Pat, not turned up then?" As this man quickly left as we both treated him as if he wasn't here.

"No, bloody men, we are doing them a favour and he has no idea the amount of preparation we have to go through, well you love, you don't need too, but it takes me all day to get ready." I say, inviting a comment from her.

"Well if it took time to make you the way you are Pat, then it was time well spent." She says, her hand suddenly brushing the hair I'd purposely bedraggled over my face.

Tipping an old glass of champagne onto the floor I poured her a fresh glass, telling her the drinks and a room was booked for us by this Mr. Jones person.

"I have a room also Pat, these functions tire me out and I often like to unwind for the evening and go home to my husband the next day. What room has Mr. Jones booked you love?" I hadn't a clue but knowing my blonde friend it was probably the cheapest one in the hotel.

It was as well as she looked over the register and suggested I spent the evening with her as my room was just that, a room. Because her suite contained two bedrooms then perhaps I’d like to spend the evening with her as she told me that she needed to unwind also. I can still sleep alone if I wished her voice now in a whisper and her hand resting suggestively on my knee.

"Come Pat, sod Mr. Jones let me show you what a good time is." As she held onto my wrist and pulled me off the seat and guided me towards the lifts.

In the lift to her floor I was acting a little tipsy still as I could feel her mood change to one of seduction as the all mirrored lift showed her hands slowly caressing my body through the thin leather suit. Her eyes were transfixed on me as her slender fingers adjust my cleavage to hide the lace of my bra.

Looking at the floor counter we were almost at our floor and as the lift slowed Jean's knee parted my legs as she whispered how she was going to make me feel so special that night. I was really melting with her closeness as the lift came to a stop and as the doors began to open she turned my body and pushed me against it preventing them from doing so. Her knee again opened my legs, this time it went in further and I could feel her thigh rubbing gently against the gusset of my already dampened panties. Her eyes were looking into mine as her perfumed face closed in and our lips met. Her knee carried on exciting my body and I was inadvertently opening myself to help her as she took hold of my hands and placed them on her hips. Placing hers above me and onto the door behind me she started again slowly kissing around my face and neck as I opened my mouth to except her long tongue every time she came close to my lips.

I found myself pulling her hips closer to me and my knees were spread wide as the thin gusset of my panties were pulling tightly across my open inner labia causing beautiful sensations to run through my body.

“Are you going to get off for me Pat?” She quietly whispered as I closed my eyes and my breathing started to labour sending out small panting breaths into her open mouth.

"Come Pat, come for Jean." She whispered as my thighs crushed onto her leg and my hands grasped heavily onto her hips drawing her closely into me. My breathing was erratic as Jean crushed her lips to mine as my orgasm shuddered through my body as she pushed her body closely into mine to prolong my orgasm.

My head was overheated, my hair and makeup no doubt a mess as the aromas of my body quickly filled the large lift. Jean was kissing me gently now her hands caressing gently at my heaving breasts as my breathing returned to normal and the heat in my body subsided making me take a few deep breath's before calming down. Taking the weight of the door it suddenly opened and Jean and I must have looked shocked as a smartly dressed couple stood outside wondering what had been going on in the lift. The state of the lift with it’s pungent aromas and the state of me must have made it pretty obvious though, as I walked quickly away from the lift no doubt with a look of a guilty school kid on my face. Not looking back though I was surprised to hear voices and it was Jean who seemed to be talking friendly with this couple.

I never mentioned the fact to her I was curious though as to what they were talking about when she finally caught me up. As if to slow me down she held on to my arm and quickly told me our secret was safe, as she knew them and that they lived just a few doors away from her.

"Lived." I said, querying the fact that we were in a hotel.

"Sorry Pat, I should have come clean and told you I live here all the time, but always away on business find it cheaper to live like this than buy an apartment. "Jean said in a confident manner, not knowing she had told me earlier that she was only staying overnight and returning to her husband tomorrow.

Worried now my boss assured me that she was a happily married businessperson with a family in a house only a few miles from this hotel. In the room, or apartment I should say it really was done out as a home rather than a hotel suite. Down to the silver framed portraits of her around the room and the obvious sign that it was lived in and not impersonal like so many other hotel suites I had visited before were.

There was nothing real personal about the place though, the picture frames could easily have just been put there and walking in to her bedroom was like walking into a boudoir really. An extra large four poster bed with mauve satin drapes was only there for one reason and a wide screened television had been positioned up high on the wall.

"Lie on the bed prop some pillows up, have a drink, relax and watch my videos Pat." Jean asked.

I was exited enough by the whole situation anyway and was only to willing to oblige her request. Telling me I had my heels digging into her waterbed she lifted each leg and provocatively removed each one leaving my legs spread open in the process.

I watched closely as she searched her video collection for the right one and putting it into the machine it seemed to be designed for just me. Apparently she had a maid that was very obliging, although Spanish and hardly spoke a word of English, looking at her on the television screen she was a lovely looking dark haired 'señorita' though.

Making it obvious Jean was following her around the hotel suite she kept lifting her skirt to the camera to reveal a shapely pair of legs and a very inadequate pair of dark panties for her particular job. It was of course all set up and when she came here to the bedroom then the fun really did start.

Knowing Jean liked blondes it puzzled me when this hairy señorita started to dust around Jean's bed. Her thongs although black revealed a mass of thick black pubic hair that made me wonder why I was told she loved blondes. I watched in amazement as provocatively now this maid was polishing the bedroom and the camera was following her bum around the room in very close detail I might add.

The camera was suddenly put on a secure surface and pointed towards the bed and the maid did away with her duster spread out on the bed and started to disrobe. Naked, she really did have a lovely figure and having three kids, one all of seventeen seemed unbelievable. But that was what she told Jean, so why lie about something so personal. Her tanned body and thick mass off pubic hair really was a yucky sight, I had only ever given oral sex to one woman in the same situation and found the pubic hairs seemed to linger with the already not to inviting aroma that we produce. That didn't put Jean of though as I watched her squat above her maid and almost felt those feeling that she was giving Jean. Mmm, yes I could relate to that and although the camera shot didn't show it I could understand every emotion they were experiencing.

Jean had seen me orgasm and it was nice to see her have an orgasm also, although only on film knowing I was to give her some sort of excitement later on that night. Jean was however in a state of excitement and couldn't take her eyes of my body. I have had numerous guys look at me in the same manner but Jean's eyes were something else as I could almost see her dribbling while her tongue licked her lips with her eyes stuck firmly on my open and excited pussy.

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