Private Eye / The Case of the Cheating Husband

by mustanger7up


I am a Private Detective, I've been in this business over 14 years since dropping out of College, I've Seen some strange things in that time. I deal mainly in cases of infidelity, Husbands or Wives trying to catch their spouse in a cheating situation. One of the rewards of this job, is not just the catching a cheating spouse to the relief or disgust of the paying customer, but the tapes I have collected of them in the arms of their lovers.

People would be surprised at what a loved one does with another person. A loving husband may never think of spanking his wife or crawling around on his hands and knees like a dog for her, but think nothing of doing it with a Hooker or girlfriend. Believe me, I have the tapes to prove it!

I'm not married anymore, after 7 years of me being gone all night and most days, my wife couldn't take anymore and left. I don't hold any hard feelings towards her, and I do miss her sometimes. It's times like then when I pull out a tape of one of my cases and use it for my own excitement.

The case I am on now is not a hard one, A wife of 24 years is afraid her husband is cheating on her. They have money, a lot of it! And if he is cheating and I can prove it, SHE will have a lot of money, and a large house and everything else. It is one of the easiest jobs I ever had, The man, Mr. Neal had no idea I am watching or that his wife suspects anything.

Mrs. Neal is a nice enough looking woman, Mid to late 50's, A little on the heavy side. Not bad looking with make up. She had called me the week before informing me of her wishes, I told her my rates and she hired me on the spot. I went over to meet her and get the details. I drove up in my Van, got out and looked at the fine manicured lawn then knocked on the door.

Mrs. Neal answered, She didn't look upset or concerned and approached the subject as a matter of fact.

"Mrs. Neal? I'm Sam Richardson, may I come in?"

She ushered me inside the beautiful well kept home.

"Good afternoon Mr. Richardson!" Shaking my hand, her was warm and soft.

I checked her out, Round face, kinda frumpy but dressed well. Perhaps 20 to 25 pounds overweight, Small tits, large ass. Well spoken and polite, a nice touch. Pointing to the couch she offered me a seat.

"Would you like something to drink Mr. Richardson? Some tea or coffee?"

"No thank you, I need to have a picture of your husband, perhaps any of his habits that you know of. Where he goes after work or during work hours, Who you think he may be seeing, Things of that nature!" I told her getting right to business.

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she went and got what I had asked for, handing them to me she then said,
"I believe he is seeing his friends wife, a little Gold Digger. She has to be at least 15 years younger than my husband and extremely attractive."

"Uh huh, and is he staying out later than usual, or do you suspect it's a daytime affair?"

"It could be both, he has always worked late hours, and leaves early. I just couldn't say."

"I see. Well I will find out and let you know. Thank you for your time. Here's my card, call if you need or think of anything I may need to know Mrs. Neal."

"Thank you Mr. Richardson. I will."

I walked out to my van, plugged in my cam corder, and drove off looking for another cheating husband. My van is set up to live in, bed, refrigerator, and extra plugs for my electronic equipment. I drove across town, looked for his office building, found it and his car in the parking lot. I parked and waited for him to show. Checking my watch I found it was 0930, I kicked back listening to the radio when at 1015 I watched as he left the building went to his car and drove off

I followed at a safe distance knowing since he did not suspect he was being tailed he wouldn't worry. He drove to nice home not far from his own, went to the door and knocked. Mrs. Neal was correct, if this was the woman he was sleeping around with, she was a beauty, dark hair and eyes and a body that would make a preacher lust after her. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss. I took pictures, my tape recorder hooked to my electronic ear. I love mine, picks up an ant walking at 1000 feet. They went inside and I waited, 45 minutes later he came out. She hugged him, he hugged her also, grabbing that sweet looking ass of hers when he did and she grabbed his crotch. Good pictures, Mrs. Neal should be pleased with my mornings work.

He drove back to work, and again I waited. I walked across the street got a burger and fries then went back to my van to eat and wait. At 1730 he left work and drove to a Motel, not one of the better ones. His sweetheart met him there, as they sat in her car they kissed and groped each other about 15 minutes before he went and got a room for them.

I made a note of which one and after they entered I took my cam and followed. Luckily there was a 2" crack in the drapes. I looked in and they were already half undressed, I got the cam corder going. The first thing I saw was him getting on his knees and kissing her feet, I knew this was going to be an interesting case then.

She was dressed in a leather corset, half of the tops of her breasts exposed, and black nylons held up with black garters. A lovely sight, I could only hear mumbles, nothing clearly, but I know a submissive man when I see one. She sat on the edge of the bed as he kissed her legs working slowly up to her tan thighs. She smiled as he did what she and obviously trained him to do for her. His erection strained to touch her, but she would not let him.

His mouth reached her neatly trimmed pussy, her legs opening wider to allow him access to it. As he kissed her slit I saw his hand reach to his cock. This part I could hear.

"Who told you to touch your worthless cock? Did you hear me give you permission to touch yourself you fucking scum?"

He pulled his back from her thighs, looking down at the floor and shook his head no. She let him resume his pleasuring her. His mouth attacking her with a vengeance as she grabbed his thinning hair and shoved him between her open legs. His mouth worked on her pussy for approximately 15 minutes, with her cumming at least 5 times during that time. At least from her reactions it appeared she had at least that many orgasm's. When she seemed to have enough she shoved him away, And I could see he was asking her something. Her reply I could hear.

"You worthless fuck, you expect ME to out my mouth on your poor excuse for a penis?" And she laughed in his face.

Like most men of power and wealth, this one needed a strong woman to help him, if you call abuse help! She laughed again then had him suck her neatly manicured and painted toes. His tongue worked each one slowly, allowing her to enjoy every exquisite moment of it. Her head fell back and her lovely hair reached mid back as she fucked his mouth with her feet, His erection was throbbing between his hairy legs as he did as she had ordered him to do.

When she had enough of his washing her feet with his mouth she had him lay on his back at her feet. She rubbed his hard cock with her foot, he humped against it, trying to get as much pleasure from her touch as he could. I have to admit, this woman was sexy, my own dick was hard as a rock now.

It appeared he was close to his orgasm when she stopped, his eyes filled with tears at the misery of being so close, yet so far from orgasm. An evil smile crept to her face as she watched his face show the disappointment. I am not submissive, and could not understand why she would not like to have his 8" long cock in her, but it was her game, and she played it well.

She stood and dressed as he sat on the floor at her feet, I saw her mouth something to him and his hand flew to his hard cock, jacking it off furiously, his hand a blur as he beat it off. In less than a minute he was shooting his load. I was amazed at the amount he shot out and for how long it kept cumming out. I saw some of it had hit her shoe, she was not happy about it and let him know about it.

"You spineless worm!" she screamed. "You got that shit on my shoe, clean it off, Now!"

He lowered his face to her foot and began to lick her shoe clean for his Mistress. After her shoe was clean, she approached the door to leave and turned to him as she blew a kiss his way. I barely turned off my cam corder in time and was walking past the door when she exited, almost running into me as she did.

"Excuse me Miss." I said

She said nothing and looked at me with a look of distaste as she walked away. I turned and watched her walk, a sexy twist in her ass. It was obvious to me this was a woman that knew what she wanted and just how to get it. I went to my van logged it all down and drove to my lonely apartment. Getting there I took a nice hot shower, then after drying off walked to get me a cold beer then to bed.

I turned on my VCR and watched a tape of another case, one where a husband was having an affair with his secretary. A cute blonde about 23, blues eyes and liked to get fucked by him in her sweet ass. I lay there watching her take his thick cock in her ass while her large pink tipped tits flopped around under her chest as she humped against his cock. Finishing my beer I grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly, this was my favorite time of day or night. Watching sex shows, unknown to the participants, They knew the tapes were there, just not that I had a spare copy of them.

I tickled my balls with one hand and jerked my cock with the other, the skin on it sliding with my fist as I jacked off. There is something about a pretty young woman that loves a good hard ass fucking that keeps me going. And this girl loved it, As I watched another 5 minutes or so, I knew he was going to come, she already had a couple of times and I was fixing to. My hand worked faster knowing the scene would soon show his cock emerge from her tight ass and his spunk dripping out of her hairy asshole, as her asshole clinched open and closed in her after orgasm bliss.

The scene came on as my spunk came out, The sight I watched tonight must have excited me more than I had realized, because I shot a load and a half out. Hitting my chest and belly, covering my hand with its hot thick load, making my cock slick and not wanting to stop jacking it off it felt so good. I lay back relaxing as my cock softened in my hand, then grabbed a handi wipe, I cleaned up the mess and rolled over to a good nights sleep.

The next morning I called Mrs. Neal informing her of what I had discovered and taped.

"Would you like for me to come over to show you the tape Mrs. Neal"

With a slight hesitation in her voice, "Uh , Yes, Please if you have the time."

"Mrs. Neal until this case is over, it is your time! I will be there in 30 minutes!"

I hung up and left, the drive over to a clients house with this kind of evidence is never pleasant, You never know what to expect out of them. Shock, Yes. Denial, Yes. Anger, Most certainly. I arrived at her home right on time, got out and knocked. She opened the door, it looked like she had been crying, and who could blame her. She led me to the TV room and I inserted the tape.

"Are you sure you want to watch this Mrs. Neal? I don't think it is going to be what you expect to see, so please make sure before you turn it on."

"Yes, I believe I need to know for sure." as she hit the remote, turning on the tape.

I sat back, watching her reactions to the sight. Her eyes got wide when she saw her husband eat his Mistress's pussy out.

"Why he, uh, he Never did that to me! I would have let him do that, but he never tried with me."

I stayed quiet, let the client talk and get it out. Sometimes it helped, sometimes it just got them madder. The scene where you could hear her saying she would not suck his cock, Mrs Neal's face flushed even redder. And when she saw the part of him sucking the woman's feet, I do believe she was getting excited at the thought, her breathing was getting a little hurried and her face was flushed. I kept my eyes on her as her husband started to jack off for his Mistress, when he came, I could swear that Mrs. Neal was extremely excited. Her breathing was coming faster and her hands in her lap seemed to be pressing into it. I said nothing, I couldn't, my cock was hard and all I could try to do was hide it.

The tape finished and she let it run showing a blue screen while she thought about what she had seen. I took the remote and rewound the tape for her, she sat there in what appeared to be a light case of shock.

"Are you OK Mrs. Neal? I know this came as quite a shock, but it is what you wanted to find out. He is cheating on you."

"Yes Mr. Richardson, I'm fine. Well perhaps not fine, but I will survive. I just have to think of what I need to do now."

Then the tears started, her shoulders shook as she cried. It seemed a little unethical of me, but I put my arm around her trying to give her some sort of comfort. She sobbed on my shoulder and I patted her back lightly, talked to her in a soothing voce.

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed, I should not be crying like this."

"It understandable Mrs. Neal, I'm sure it has come as quite a shock to you, to know that it was not just a suspicion, but indeed a fact of his having an affair."

I was trying to be of help and she started crying even harder. Well Shit! Now I had done it, I had made matter worse, not better. Me and my big mouth. I was trying to think of something more appropriate to say when I felt a hand on my hard on, and it wasn't mine. To say I was shocked was nothing, and when I felt her squeeze it, I had a hard time not shooting off my load right there.

"Mrs. Neal do you think you should be doing that? I mean isn't that something you hired me to find out. This is not something I should do with my client!"

Her language surprised me, "Fuck that Bastard! He never asked me to do any of those things she did to him. I would have done anything for him, Anything!"

Then I felt her hand unzipping my trousers. I had said all I could to stop this from going any further, now it was her choice. I raised my hips as she pulled my pants down, freeing my hard cock, I don't wear underwear so it was now visible to her eyes.

"Oh its beautiful!" then her face dropped on my cock, engulfing it down her hot mouth.

I lay back and let her get some sort of perverted revenge on her husband, and me getting a pretty damn good head job while she did. Why he had never asked her to suck him off I would ever know, She really knew what to do to a cock. Her mouth was hot, wet and eager to please as she inhaled it deeply. I watched as this Grand Mother sucked my cock, her mouth seemed even wetter because of her crying.

I sat there a few minutes, then grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. She started moaning, stopping to tell me, "This is so delicious!" then resuming her attack on my thick cock. Since she had started this after viewing the tape, I knew it had excited her tremendously. I gave it to her like a cock sucking whore, Forcing all of my cock in her hot mouth, she never complained or tried to get me to stop as I fucked her face. Her thin lips surrounding my cock as she sucked it.

Even though I had jacked off last night, I knew I would not last long with the expert head job I was receiving My hips bucked to her face as she swallowed my cock deeper. I felt my spunk rising from my balls, she never slowed down. The first shot hitting the back of her throat, she pulled my cock out letting the rest splash in her face, hitting her lips and cheeks.

"Mmmu yes give it to me, give me your hot sweet cum."

I watched as it hit her face, she rubbed my cock all over it, jacking me off making sure she got every drop out, before licking and sucking my cock clean. All the while moaning how good I tasted and how exciting it was to do it. Made me wonder what the fuck was wrong with her husband!

Mrs. Neal looked me in the eyes and asked, "Would you do the same for me? Harold never tried, I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling for what that little slut looked like when he did it to her."

How could I not? I helped her stand up, turned her around and unbuttoned her dress. Letting it fall to the floor, I took her bra off and still standing behind her I removed her panties. I then turned her around and gave her a kiss, her tongue diving in my mouth trying to take all of my saliva out with it. My hands went to her small tits, squeezing her pink nipples, she moaned deeply.

"Oh My God, it has been so long since Harold had touched me, my nipples are so sensitive, please, put it in your mouth, suck it for me."

I lay her on the couch, the same one that we had watched the tape of her husband getting his. I put her nipple in my warm mouth and gave it a suck, her hand grabbed the back of my head forcing her tit deeper.

"Oh Yes, Bite it, bite it now for me, I love to have them bitten."

I gave it a light bite and she moaned loudly, I pulled on her nipple with my lips. Then stuck my hand between her thighs, feeling her hairy pussy I slid a finger inside it. She was not as tight as a 20 year old, but I wasn't concerned about that. I stuck my finger inside her, she was wet as any pussy I had ever had and her hands held me closer to her breast as I bit it for her. My head moved down lower, kissing her stomach and licking her belly button as I worked my way down to her unused pussy. I was going to give her what she had been missing for so long, a nice long tongue bath on her hairy wet pussy.

When my tongue hit her pussy she jumped like she had been electrocuted, her hips shot out to my face and her hands held my hair shoving me further between her thick thighs. I spread her dark outer pussy lips open then kissed the pink insides of her inner lips. Sticking my tongue in her as deep as I could I tasted her previous cum. Thick hot and creamy, I lapped it up as her hips slammed against my face. Her wetness oozing from her hot tasty pussy as I licked it all over, I put my lips on her clit and sucked it. She cried out as her orgasm hit her.

"Oh Yes, eat my pussy, lick it up, Oh SHIT, make me fucking cum!"

I bit her clit lightly and she almost shot off the couch, her large ass rising to meet my tongue, I stuck a finger in her tight hairy asshole and she came again.

"Yes you nasty bastard finger my ass, fuck my ass with it. Oh Fuck it's so nasty."

I did, and she twisted every way she could on the couch trying to get more of it in her. I fingered her asshole a while, then moved my face, watching as she fucked my finger in her ass. She was hot to cum again, and wasn't wasting time doing it, I felt her ass tighten on my finger when she did. I let her cum then moved my cock up to her slick slit, rubbing the head of it along her wetness, teasing her.

"No, don't tease me, for God's sake don't tease me! Please put it in, I need it so badly, I can't wait any longer, Fuck Me!"

I felt the heat from her as I slid inside her, not letting her grow accustomed to its size, I slammed it deep in her with one shove. Her fat legs opened wider to let me have my way with her. I didn't want to be gentle, I wanted some pussy and I wanted it now. Her hips rushed to meet me as she fucked me like she hadn't had a hard cock in years. I grabbed a leg and pulled it up to my shoulder, not caring if it was uncomfortable for her, only wanting to feed my cock in her deeper, to feel her womb as I hit it with the head of my thick cock.

She cried out when it hit her womb the first time, then settled in to a steady fucking. Her face was breaking out in sweat and I pounded her without mercy, gasping for breath she came again. I felt my own back getting sweaty as I fucked her hard. Her pussy sloshing juices all over my cock as it shoved them out, filling her to the brink with my cock. I was nearing my orgasm and let her know.

End of part 1

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