Predator & Prey Ch. 01

by Harold Masters


Tasha Fontaine watched Henry walk up the driveway to his home. He wore a black duster to keep out the chill Autumn air. Most everything he wore was black. Or blue. Or forest shades. He looked at home both in the city and in the deep forest on the mountains. He was not a stereotype. He spoke politely, with manners and a grace far exceeding his youth. He even held his tone body in a confident, but not arrogant, fashion. Brownish black eyes gazed thoughtfully from small oval glasses. His chest and arms were well proportioned. So were his legs, which only hinted at the power beneath his skin. Not for the first time, Tasha sighed. However, this time Henry stopped.

It was so sudden she was certain she'd missed it. She knew she wanted him sexually. Just sexually. But there was also an irritating mothering instinct. She had children. She did not want more. Yet Henry seemed to call out for mothering. Those warm, tender, matchless hugs just because. The faint peck on the top of his head. Just because. Now, he stood motionless. Not the frightened stillness of a deer. He seemed to be looking at something... or into somewhere. Tasha's pulse quickened as she worried about his actions. When he didn't move, she backed away from the window, intent on seeing just what was bothering him.

* * * *

Someone was watching him. The hairs on his neck twitched. His mind Balanced. He knew the signs well. True predators have survived being prey. Someone was watching him for reasons unknown. He turned his head slightly and slowly. In the reflection of his glasses... movement. Miss Fontaine. He smiled, the sensation instantly changing from prey to predator.

He knew the outcome. Another broken heart. Someone who found him attractive in one dimension only. It was the Curse. Still, he smiled. She was very attractive... for a woman pushing sixty. Only his overly paranoid senses kept him from assuming she was nearing forty. She looked that young. If her breasts didn't sag as much as they did, thirty was a real possibility. She was plump, but it was obvious the "extra" weight was not slapped on haphazardly. Easily a double D cup. Her waist gave way to full hips and a round, ample butt. They did not just appear from nowhere... or thunder into view along with roll after roll of ugly cellulite. And her legs were tone, not just plump. He liked her... physically. He didn't know her... only of her. She was watching him, and he'd sensed it. Which meant he was going to break another heart today.

* * * *

Tasha opened her door and stood there, blatantly watching the young black man as he stood there. During her travels he'd moved his head, but remained otherwise motionless. Then, with a controlled slowness, he turned around. First his profile, then his entire face, slid into her view. It was nearly too much. Long dormant fantasies ripped through her mind and soul. She felt her nipples harden beneath her stylish black turtleneck sweater. Her legs trembled, aching to be wrapped around his strong, youthful body.

He stared at her. Then into her very soul. His eyes held no malice. He was... curious. Did he know? Could he tell? He was such a caring young man. What she felt was lust. Not love. The torment showed plainly on her face.

"Hello, Miss Fontaine. How are you doing?"

"Fine. And you, Henry?"

"Worried about a test I had today. Probably should study more than I do," he laughed. It was a lie and she knew it, but he let her know he knew... and understood. Maybe not the full truth, but he had a clue. Henry waved, then continued on to his home.

Tasha went inside... and cried.

* * * *

There could be no mistake. Miss Tasha Fontaine had the hots for him. The look on her face told him everything. She wanted him sexually. Only sexually. And it tore her apart. Henry could only guess at the reasons. Race and age jumped to mind immediately, but neither felt right.

He felt sorry for her. She was probably just as horny as any other woman. Being alone left only dating or masturbation as sexual outlets. If she was used to getting lots of sex, or just a few really good times, then she may just want more. The logic was simple and held together. It also didn't ring quite true.

Grumbling, Henry decided to pay Tasha Fontaine a visit. Out of habit, he tossed two condoms into a small hidden pocket in his duster. Throwing on the heavy clothing, his eyes glanced over his computer. He smiled; at least he had a viable excuse to visit her.

* * * *

The knock on the door startled Tasha. As her mind sifted through the small list of possible visitors she headed to the front door. Opening it, she felt her mind screech to a dead stop. Henry stood before her, that same innocent look on his face... and something quite attractive dancing behind his eyes.

"Hi, Miss Fontaine. My mom said you'd gotten a new computer and wanted someone to teach you how to use it. I can, if you'd like."

"Oh. Sure!! Come on in, Henry. And... Thank you."

She couldn't believe her luck. Henry was actually inside her home!! Her mind swirled with plans and moves. She was going to seduce him; that much was certain. She couldn't help herself. Part of her cried softly at the thought of using him for something so... cheap... as sex.

She showed him to the computer, which was luckily placed in her bedroom. It sat in a corner, allowing her to see out of her window and onto the street below. He sat down in the chair she offered and powered up the machine.

He was patient. She knew next to nothing about the blasted thing. She just wanted to use the internet. Email her sister in Maine. Simple things. It frightened her in some ways. Henry helped her quickly overcome her fears, simultaneously strengthening her resolve to seduce him. While also making it extremely hard to want to hurt him. After two hours, Tasha finally excused herself. Once inside the bathroom, she began to sob.

"Hey... what's wrong, Miss Fontaine?" Even through the thick oak door his voice was gentle. Compassionate.

She tried to speak, to apologize. The door crept open slowly. He was magnificent to look at, even swathed in black. His posture was open and inviting. Tasha longed to loose herself in the phantasmal black cloth he chose to wear every day. To be held by his arms. To have him fill her again and again. His lips on hers. His hands roaming over her flesh. But not if it hurt him. That was not a price she was willing to pay.

* * * *

The coldness of the Beast died. Tasha was torn by her own demons. And he had somehow reminded her of them. Henry closed his eyes. She hurt because of him. He knew what he had to do. He knew where his choice would take him. Another heart. He had only to be dishonorable and things would work out. In short... another heart would break.

He walked over to her slowly. Sadly. He did not want to hurt her, but she had to be held. He did care. Something was bothering her. She didn't bother anyone. Everyone on the street loved her. She was godmother to quite a few of the children. She was also alone, and Henry knew what demons Loneliness could bring.

He knew and expected the fear to reach her eyes as he extended his arms around her. He did not expect the Beast to growl... in triumph. Then Tasha ran her hands up his back... in a decidedly erotic manner. Henry smiled; she was trying to seduce him. He looked into her eyes... and saw the torment more clearly.

She did want him, but wondered if it was right. He was an adult. She was an adult. It was their bodies. Their actions. Who else need care? Neither had someone significant in his or her lives. The end was rather apparent to the young man. All he had to do was sort out his emotions after the fact. She would take longer to do it, but together, just maybe...

Hope blazing behind his eyes, Henry kissed her.

* * * *

Tasha gave in totally. Complete surrender... to her body. It had been nearly fifteen years since a man held her in his arms and kissed her with true passion and tenderness. Now there were male lips on hers. a gentle, unknowing tongue probing her mouth. She melted into his arms, holding on to his shoulders as she moaned her surrender.

He was tentative at first, surprised by her totally surrender no doubt. Tasha broke the kiss... only to allow her tongue to trace its way down his chin and onto his neck. One light flick of her tongue tore a raw animalistic hiss/snarl/growl from him. His body seemed to suddenly be filled with incalculable power and passion. Then it faded. She looked into his eyes.

There it was. The raw passion of a man about to take a woman. Yet he chained it. His eyes spoke of a wild determination to remain in control... the man ruling the animal. Tasha wanted to be fucked. Hard. She needed to feel a hard cock fucking her until she passed out from pleasure. Emotions be damned. He could give it to her... but he did not want it free. She smiled. knowing what she would have to do.

"Henry?" He looked at her but did not answer. The war still raged on inside him.

"I know that look. It's natural, Henry. And... I want it. I need you to fuck me. Please. Fuck me silly. I know you think it's wrong, but not if I want it. Please... " She touched his cheek as her head slowly lowered.

* * * *

Tasha's surrender was a shock. He expected her to struggle. Instead she simply gave in to her desires. Totally. It was something he dared not do. He knew himself too well. The fury of the Beast Within was too great. Yet she DID ask for it. She wanted it. Maybe he was wrong about her. Just how long had she been without sex? She was obviously very aroused... and easily so it appeared.

He watched as she lowered her head to his crotch. Beneath the double layer of cotton his dick jumped violently. Henry cracked his neck as his resolve to remain in control slipped dangerously. An older white woman giving him head. A nice fantasy. A woman he could fuck. That untamed sex everyone bragged about getting in school. They didn't have a clue. It was nothing, but it was something special. Tasha Fontaine gave herself to him, trusting him with something he held precious: a woman's sex.

His mind made up, Henry quickly stripped off his pants and boxer-briefs Tasha gasped.

It HAD been a long time.

* * * *

It HAD been a long time. Right before her eyes was a young, powerful penis. And it throbbed just for her. Tasha's mouth watered at the prospect of tasting the manly flavor of a real dick. Fifteen years. She felt Henry's hands touch her hair, a slight tremble evident. He was still trying to remain in control. It was good to see him like this. It made him human... and she wanted him more because of it.

"Do it," she whispered.

* * * *

Henry lost a bit of control. His face shifted slightly. Gone was the human guise. His eyes glowed with a primal fire. His lips curled back into a snarl worthy of any wolf. His back shifted slightly, coiling up slightly. The Beast was in control now. He grabbed her by the hair and rammed his dick deep into her mouth, getting nearly half of his member inside her warm/cool orifice. He sighed, the sound deep and rumbling.

He fucked her face, his fingers wound tightly in her hair as he tried to get all eight inches inside her mouth. Tasha's eyes were wild with passion. She sucked hard, whipping her tongue over his dick in endless pleasure. A loud pop accompanied him as he yanked free. She gasped, totally oblivious to anything but the pleasure he'd just given... and which she returned.

"Take it all," he snarled. She obeyed instantly, jerking his stiff member before slowly inhaling it. Inch by maddeningly blissful inch... until her nose pressed against his shaven pubes.

Tasha worked her gullet around him. Wave after wave of pleasure ripped through him. Henry fought it; he would not blow his first load in her mouth. He wanted it inside her. He held on until the last moment before pushing her off his dick. Taking a moment to shake the warm fuzzies from his head. Henry pointed to the bedroom.

* * * *

Tasha's nostrils flared. The thrill of being face fucked shattered her mind. So long... so many years. Then deepthroating him. Her first!!! And he'd ordered her to do it. And, just like a good little slut, she obeyed. Her pleasure came when he got his. Still, he denied her a taste of his precious seed. Yet the look on his face told her that he was not done using her.

She crawled to her bedroom. The thin fabric of her spandex shorts tugged at her puffed out cunt lips. She felt his hands on her ample rear, moving lazily over the surface. Like he was inspecting his goods. She felt so cheap... and it felt so damned good. She crawled up to the bed, but Henry stopped her. his hands latched onto her hips. Tasha stopped immediately, lowering herself until she though the angle was just right. He pulled off her shorts, helping her step out of them. Then, without warning, he was inside her cunt, fucking her with everything he had.

Tasha howled. The sensation of his sudden entrance blurred with the constant pounding her long neglected cunt was getting. She lost count of orgasms as they flew through her body. The sound of his hips thudding into her ample ass served only to heighten her pleasure.

* * * *

Closer. He felt it approach like an armada over the horizon. Closer. His breathing deepened. Closer. His muscles tense and flowed. Closer. He quickened the pace, anticipation fueling his soul. CLOSER!!!

Henry howled as he came. His hips jerked, torn this way and that by the power of his own orgasm... and the tight, warm, yielding cunt that had sucked his seed from him. His hands, death grip tight around her hips, jerked her flailing body against his, digging even deeper into her cunt. This was the true power of the Beast Within. Henry was awestruck.

And the Beast was not finished when the final tremor of his orgasm faded.

* * * *

Tasha looked like a fish out of water. Sweat flowed in rivers down her body. Her mind hummed like a screen of snow on a mute television. Her mouth tried desperately to get air into her lungs. Her cunt ached. She knew it would be sore for days.

"I'm not finished. But..."

She whimpered. She didn't have the strength to stop him even if she wanted to. As he pulled free another orgasm slid across her body. She felt her body being pushed and dragged onto the bed, and then rolled over onto her back.

He looked like a god. Milk chocolate skin dusted with sweat... from light exertion. His eyes an inferno of passion. His arms sleek, powerful and warm to her touch. Her eyes traveled lower... There it was. There was the creature responsible for Bliss untold. She swallowed, knowing it had only begun to show her the wonders of youthful caring.

* * * *

She was so vulnerable. She lay there, exhausted by the savage fucking. He felt pity; he wanted this to be something different, and that it was. He hovered over her, letting her surrender fill his vision. Indeed she did surrender... to him.

Henry ran the tip of his cock up and down her soaked sex, the hairs matted and tangled. Tasha moaned, her body moving only because the sensations overrode her natural movements. Her fingers flexed and twitched as his cock slid over her erect clit. Her legs snaked over the satin bedsheets. Her hips tried to keep pace with the arrhythmic assault. Henry, a feral grin etched on his youthful face, placed just the tip of his dick inside her hot sex.

Slowly. Never more than just a hair over the tip. This was control. He watched Tasha's face as he slowly sexed her back to the world of the living.

* * * *

Tasha felt herself being dragged back into the realm of reality. This time she could feel his girth and length more fully as he entered her swollen sex, gingerly entering where before he had just taken her. Her eyes slowly focused on Henry's face.

He looked very mature. Those warm brown eyes were neither cold nor fiery. They simply gazed at her with a natural realness. Sweat beaded around his forehead, but it was not from exertion. His body, likewise coated, did not tremble as he placed his arms on the bed next to her head. His chest rose and fell slowly as he breathed in a curiously controlled manner. He was truly a man.

She slid her hands up his arms, his power evident in the pillar-like strength within his forearms. She smiled warmly, openly. She tried to speak...

"Hush." The words were soft, but they held the power of control.

Tasha's smile widened, as did her legs. She dragged them along his strong legs as he continued to fill her. When he was full entrenched, she sighed contentedly, her eyes fluttering shut. Before it was fucking. Brutal. Ruthless. This time they would have sex. Good, long, satisfying sex. The kind her body needed even more than the fucking.

The first thrust was sublime. With one movement Henry began erasing the exhaustion from her body, filling her with a wicked erotic power. Her hips began to undulate, writhing as he pulled himself nearly completely from her clutching cunt.

It was... indescribable. Thrust after thrust poured countless waves of pure bliss over her senses. Tasha moaned her pleasure as her young lover expertly pleased her body. Her legs stroked his body. Her hands roamed over Henry's body as he thrust into her again and again and again. This time her orgasm approached slowly, massing its army over the horizon of sex.

* * * *

This was... different. This time he was in control, not the Beast. He enjoyed the feel of her more this time. Her hands touched him like he always wanted... but there was still something missing. Something he couldn't quite put into words, but knew was there by virtue of its absence.

Henry let himself flow into his feelings. Tasha's surrender was total, but it was only because she trusted him. She could not know. Trust was something Henry took very seriously. It was something he'd long known to be priceless. This may well be just sex, but it was with someone she trusted. Why... he was not sure. Nor was he sure why he took her trust so readily. Yet he did.

He closed his eyes. Windows to his soul, he refused to allow her that much access to his inner most feelings. It would be easy to "bring the heart" in such a situation. Good sex had a way of blinding people, a fact he knew personally. His head lowered and he let his tongue slither along her neck. Then... came the rumblings of the Beast.

* * * *

So young. Henry was still rough around the edges. So young, and he was growing wiser and stronger with each passing moment. Before there was no control. Now... there was that fickle thing called humanity. Henry had no idea of the true Power Within. That would change. For now...

The female's body responded to his ministrations. She had been neglected for far too long. Henry's attention was good... and deadly. Yet Henry knew this. More... he had the beginnings of understanding. The young man would do well... if he survived this encounter.

* * * *

Henry let his pleasure come slowly, building to a nearly untold level. His body felt alive with their combined bliss. His mind began to open. His thoughts flowed with a mercurial quickness. His nostrils flared as he let everything join the Nothing. His body responded, increasing the power of his thrusts even as he swung his hips, touching here and there within her center.

He could not help the snarl. Deep within his chest he felt the Beast clamor for release. His teeth nipped at her neck, tearing a hiss from Tasha's slack mouth. She began to thrash about, totally oblivious to anything except the pleasure. Then an idle thought flashed across his mind. Could he? Could THEY?

"Together," he growled. It was a question in form... a command in essence.

* * * *

Tasha understood Henry's words, but could not comprehend the truth. He wanted to cum when she did, and would not be denied. It was something she'd often read about... the fabled simultaneous orgasm.

End of part 1



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