Powervid: Gloria

by Dirkin


It was a good job. I was only 18, and I was still living with my parents. My father got me a job at the Powervid rental place on 7th street. He was good with his words, and got me a nice shift working late evenings and weekends. The pay wasn't terrific, but at 18, without much more to pay out then the 'rent' my parents insisted on me paying (in actuality it was more like a tax), the job kept me occupied with the things that I enjoyed most to fill my adolescent life with; video games, and pornography. The video game selection wasn't that terrific. Powervid was primarily a video rental place, but Jimmy Powell, the owner loved his porn. He had a huge library in the back room of the store. Every fetish imaginable was available for rental, if you were brave enough to look for it. The doorway to the room was veiled with about 7 long strings of beads that looked as if they had been shipped directly, through time, for use in his store. There was always soundless pornography being played in the backroom, something of a "preview".

In the months I worked there I got to know several of the regular customers. There was one family that had a child who could never choose a video in less then 40 minutes. The mother would always be yelling, the father would hide outside. There was another couple who came in and all that they rented were slasher flicks and disney movies. I would almost always crack a smile whenever I saw one teenage girl who would often come in, never rented anything and left without so much as a word. She was cute, but she is not the topic of this story. The topic of this story is Gloria. Gloria was married with a 15 year old daughter. The first time I laid eyes on Gloria, I was impressed. Not particularly with her appearance, but her sense of confidence. She was not the stereotypical "Perfect Petite" woman. She was older, with several grey hairs speckling a thick head of long black hair (After raising a daughter of my own since then, I understand the grey hairs). She was only 37 but for me, at 18, she seemed old, but I really liked her. Her body was a little larger then the girls I had been with. I mean, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, you cannot keep always keep your good looks after raising a kid, your appearance becomes tetiary. I thought she looked very good though. large lips, almost always painted red, thick luscious hips, and the breasts god had bless this woman with were huge, at least an E cup. I haven't seen any so large close up since Gloria. Many nights after work I would spend hours fantasizing over those large tits. At that time they were my biggest fantasy. Hell, I still think about them sometimes.

Gloria would often come in with her daughter and rent whatever genre of film was their flavour of the week. Every weekend though, she would come in early, and sneak between those strings of beads, and several minutes later come out with an adult video. She would bring it to the counter, pay for it and then go home. At first I would just blush rent her the video without so much as a word. I mean, I could barely talk about this kind of stuff with girls my own age, let alone a full grown woman, but after a few weeks, I commented on her choice.

'Naughty Night-Shift Nurses II, that's a pretty good flick, but its no Airflight 69,' I said, looking down at the computer monitor, trying to act aloof about it. She smiled.

'I know, but acting is so much better in Airflight 69, they seem to be...' she paused a moment, then said 'Enjoying it a little more.' I looked up at her with a grin.

'Well Gloria, you take it easy, don't hurt yourself, or anyone else with this one, alright?' I smiled and gave her the tape. Our fingers touched. To me the moment seemed as if it lasted an eternity, but really it must have only been about two seconds. She left, and nothing more was said that night. The next weekend she came in, I tried to ask her how the movie was. I looked up and stopped dead for a second. She was wearing a short sleeved low cut shirt and her cleavage was almost right in my face. I took an uneasy gulp. She smiled, handed me another porno film, without a word. I filled the order, she winked, and left. This playful teasing went on for several weeks. I learned with a shock that her husband needed pornography in order to have sex with her, and so every week she would come in and rent a porn just so that he would fuck her. I thought the guy must be crazy, and mentioned it to her a couple of times. She smiled but said no more. One day as I was putting returned videos away she came into the store and quickly entered her little hide away in the back.

'Mark, can you come back here please? I need help choosing.' She called. The tone didn't seem irregular so I meandered back, through the veil of beads. I dropped the video I was carrying, and it broke as it hit the floor. Gloria was sitting back in the small lounge chair Jimmy used for his nightly viewings. Her left leg was up over the arm of the chair. She looked at me enter the little library and began sliding a finger over her slit. It was only then that I saw what she was wearing. The same low cut top she had worn several weeks earlier and hanging off her left foot, as if she couldn't wait long enough to get it off, was a short (albiet not mini) skirt. She saw the expression on my face and grinned. The squishing sounds of her sliding her finger into her moist pussy were audible over her voice.

'Go put up the "Away for Lunch" sign, we have urgent business we need to discuss,' She said calmly. My mind went numb. I walked in a zombie-like state to the door, locked it, put up the sign and walked back. Gloria was the way I had left her, only now she was peaking in a self-induced orgasm. 'Mark... Mark... Mark!' Her eyes closed tight. My mouth went dry. I didn't know what to say. I walked up to her as she summoned me with her free hand, her eyes feverishly watching the silent porn on the 21" screen tv Jimmy always had showing porn. I stood beside her.

'Gloria...' I said softly. She was not in the frame of mind for soft right now, or words for that matter. Her free hand quickly groped my hardenning cock through the thick fabric of my denim jeans. I moaned softly, but this only seemed to egg her on. She found my button and fly and worked them apart skillfully with one hand. Sliding my pants down, I was powerless to put up any resistance, even if I had wanted to. My mind was completely numb. Her fingers wormed their way inside my boxer shorts and she slid her cool long fingers around the shaft of my cock. Carefully sliding it out she lowered her head to it and took the head into her mouth. Twirling her tongue expertly around the swollen head, I couldn't help but let out a long, deep groan. I knew from several experiences that I had just oozed pre-cum into her mouth. The other girls who had gone down on me didn't like it. Gloria seemed to. She lapped it up hungrily, prompting another moan on my part.

Her hand gripped the base of my shaft while her other worked vigorously within her own wet pussy. I hadn't had an experience like this in my life, so it wasn't long before I was on the edge of an orgasm. I looked down at Gloria 'I'm going to cum Gloria' Half expecting Gloria to move with those words like the other women who had been down on me before, I was shocked when she swallowed my entire cock, taking me deep into her throat. The sensation of this, mixed with the vibrations of her own screaming orgasm sent me over the edge, and I began to cum. She pulled it out of her mouth as I was cumming and let it spray on her pretty face.

I was still numb, so when Gloria looked up at me, my cum splashed on her face and told me 'Eat my pussy Mark, please. I need you to do that for me. I need it Mark.' I couldn't help but oblige, I mean, it was the least I could do. I took my shirt off and ducked down on the edge of the lounge chair. I looked down and saw something I did not expect, and had not seen since I was 6 playing doctor with the neighbor girls. 'Your pussy is completely bare,' I said astonished, still dazed from the blood pounding in my ears. Before I heard her response, i lowered my tongue to her wet pussy lips, sliding the tip of my tongue just between the tense lips. I flicked my tongue over her sensative clit and she moaned loudly. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the act. My eyes closed, I felt her hand on the back of my head. In the back of my head, I heard her urging me forward.

I slid my tongue inside her tight pussy and she moaned louder, pushing me deeper with her hands. I pushed my entire tongue inside her and heard a muffled cry of passion. I felt her hands move from my head and she fidgeted slightly in the chair. I was far too enthralled to pay much more attention than that. As my tongue broke new ground in her warm sex, she erupted into a explosive orgasm. Her warm fluids flowed into my mouth and down my chin. I swallowed and looked up at her. Her entire body was naked. During my pursuits she removed her shirt and bra. Her massive tits were now free, and she was rubbing them in her hands, her pussy still leaking. I took my shirt off, and slid my pants down my legs, leaving me as naked as her. My hard cock stood at full attention in front of me.

A new primal feeling came over me. My face still soaked in her pussy juices, and her legs spread in front of me, I lifted them onto my shoulders. She moaned, still slightly unable to move from the massive orgasm she had just had. I put one hand on her shoulder to stablize myself, and used my other to guide the entire length of my cock into her still soaked pussy. She moaned and pushed back almost immediately. Once my cock was fully inside of her I put my other hand on her shoulders and started slamming myself against her, fucking her harder then I'd ever fucked anyone. She was moaning, I could hear her clearly now.

'Mmm.. Mark... Fuck me... fuck me Mark... oh god...' She moaned as she grabbed her tits in her hands and just moved with my thrusts. It wasn't long before she came and I was quick to change it up each time she did. After her first orgasm she had rolled over and I was grabbing her hips, fucking her from behind. After the second, she was around ontop of me, bouncing on my hard cock, smothering me with her giant tits. After her third orgasm, I had had enough.

'Gloria... Oh shit..' I couldn't warn her quick enough and I began to cum deep into her quivering, gyrating pussy. She moaned and came a forth time on my hard cock. She collapsed into my arms, panting and moaning.

'I love you Mark. I don't know how or why, but ever since I first came in here with my daughter and saw your cute face looking at me over that counter, I knew that I did. I don't know what to do.' She sighed. We sat there in silence for a few moments. I patted her hair and kissed her temple. After those few minutes, I looked at the clock in dismay.

'Damn, I think my lunch hour is over.' She got up, got dressed, and I did the same. We cleaned up as much as we could, and walked out of the room. She got her video, finally. As I got behind the counter, unlocked the door and removed the sign, I couldn't help thinking I had done something wrong. It felt so right though, and so good.

Almost a year and a half later, I am rarely having sex with Gloria anymore. She still comes and sees me from time to time though, Now to rent tapes like Barney the Dinosaur. Brings her new little daughter Rebecca around whenever she can. Becky loves Barney. She has her Mother's black hair and she's got my eyes.

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