Poolside: Sex With a New Mother

by LeoDavis


I was sitting on the high lifeguard chair, looking through my wraparound sunglasses at the collection of half-naked female bodies displayed around the pool, trying to pay attention to what was going on in the water and also trying to keep my boner from poking out of my suit. Both tasks were extremely hard, as was my penis. There was a bevy of teenaged cuties, all wearing tiny little bikinis in a variety of colors, tittering on the grass opposite my stand. Since the pool was only 10 by 25 meters, they weren't that far away. Most of them were 17 or 18. A few were as young as 14. Jail bait. But still decidedly female.

I had just finished my first year of graduate school and I was 22 years old. I was in great physical shape and I had a tan beyond compare. I had moved out of my parents' home and had an apartment with three other guys, so my social live was my own. Life was good.

My high school years had been a social disaster. I was uncoordinated and I was so thin I looked like a scarecrow. Then during my freshman year of college I had begun to fill out, and throughout college I worked out on a regular basis. Today my body captured the obvious interest of the girls, and they found reasons to come over and talk to me. In the process they gave me great looks at their breasts, and occasionally their nipples. Then they would giggle when they saw the predictable reaction in my crotch.

They would also sit across from me holding their knees up and apart, causing their pussy slits to be clearly defined as the thin fabric of their suits pulled tight, squeezing their labia apart. Teasing the lifeguard had become a daily game. Life was indeed good.

I had joined a fraternity when I went to college, and when the brothers found out that I was a virgin, they determined that the reputation of the house was at stake, so they got me sex lessons. Her nickname was Bubbles, and it was postulated that she could seduce the Pope. One Friday night at a party, the brothers got me drunk, then left me alone in a motel room with Bubbles. When I came staggering back to the fraternity on Sunday evening, there was pussy juice on my face, cum stains on my clothes, and a self-satisfied grin on my face. The brothers cheered and applauded, then threw me in the shower.

Besides learning about sex that year, I also took a course to become certified as a lifeguard, and I was hired by the local country club, a place frequented by the local high and mighty. My family wasn't even close to qualifying for membership, but I had the run of the pool and other facilities, and I got to ogle the prime pussy sired by the local rich. I had fun passing the time by imagining that various of the girls who were teasing me were in a motel room with me and I was applying the lessons that Bubbles had so enthusiastically imparted.

Throughout college I had worked every summer as a lifeguard at this pool. Now I was back guarding again, probably for the last time. The club's main building had burned down during the winter, and construction people were clearing the site to build another. There was a temporary building used as a pro shop for golf, and there were several portable toilets. And of course there was the pool. It sat atop a hill, with the temporary pro shop about a hundred yards away, lower and to the north. To the west was the mess of the clubhouse, about 100 feet away. The absence of a real clubhouse kept attendance at the pool down, so I had lots of time to ogle the women around the pool. And they paid me to do it! Life was, well, really good!

My reverie was interrupted by Mike, the pool manager, who took my place on the high stand and motioned to me to get down. I moved to a low chair near the baby's end of the pool, displacing Ken, our third guard, who went on break. I watched the ten or so really small children who were splashing in the relatively shallow water. Behind me was a cluster of young, rich, married "trophy wives," most in their 20's, whose kids I was supposedly protecting.

I could hear snippets of conversations about things that didn't interest me at all. Every so often something spicy was said, and I payed more attention. I learned that several of the husbands were less than faithful, and that many of the wives, in spite of having small children, really weren't getting enough attention in the bedroom. At least those topics kept me awake! But I wasn't getting any action, either.

Suddenly a little boy lost his balance and fell face-down in the water and couldn't right himself. I immediately jumped into the pool, picked him up and plopped him on the side, then comforted him and told him that everything was fine. He began to bawl. His mother, a new member named Mrs. Johnson, came funning up, terror on her face, then she saw that everything was OK. Mrs. Johnson looked really good in a white bikini, particularly since she was the mother of a boy barely a year old.

She stood over us but let me calm and comfort her son, which I managed to do. When the tears stopped, he finally saw his mother. He reached up calling "Mommy!" as only little kids can do, and she bent down and picked him up in her arms. I caught a quick flash of a bare tit on a pair wonderful breasts as Mrs. Johnson bent at the waist, and then I had no choice but to shift my gaze to the dark pubic hairs sneaking out from the sides of her bikini bottoms.

Ogling Mrs. Johnson had given me an immediate and raging erection, and I stayed in the water to hide it. She squatted on the side of the pool, giving me a wonderfully clear view of her labia through the fabric covering her crotch. I could have hammered nails with my penis. She thanked me for saving her son and for being so gentle with him. My voice failed me, so I just nodded to her.

Then she wrinkled her forehead and stared at me for a moment as if she knew me from somewhere. After a few seconds she smiled, thanked me again, stood up, and carried her toddler back to her blanket. My balls were throbbing and my suit was tented. I stayed in the pool. I heard a few whispers from the mothers, and my name was mentioned.

When I was sufficiently relaxed, I climbed out the pool and returned to my chair and began watching the little children again. I had completely forgotten the Johnson kid when Mrs. Johnson pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. She put her hand on my biceps. "I just want to thank you again for being so wonderful with Richard Junior." She said. "He's not afraid of the water at all, thanks to you, and the only reason he's not back in the pool is because he's napping under our umbrella." She looked at me as if I were supposed to say something.

"No trouble, Mrs. Johnson. That's what we're her for." As I turned from her to watch the pool again, she gently rubbed the muscles on my arm and said, "I'll bet you don't remember me, Don. I'm married now, but I was Miss Lewis, your tenth-grade English teacher! I remember you as a shy, skinny kid, but now you've turned into a young hunk! And please call me Connie, not Mrs. Johnson! I think your saving Junior entitles you to at least that much!"

I turned and took a good look at her, and I had to grin. Yes, it really was Miss Lewis, the frequent object of my lust in high school! But I had never seen her body like it was now presented on display!

One thing the guys in the fraternity had taught me was that being bold and confident usually works better with women than does being shy. Even if she was a half- dozen or more years older than I was, I thought it would be fun to try to arouse something besides her maternal instincts. Besides she had already gotten me turned on, and fair is fair, right?

"Thanks for taking pity on a horny 16-year-old and only calling on me when I had my hand up. It was embarrassing when you made me stand up and the whole class could see that I had an erection pushing my pants out. It made the girls giggle and the guys made fun of me." She gave me a pretty smile.

I continued, "I know you saw it too, because you blushed a couple of times when I stood up." I could see the color on her face darken, even under her tan.

Her eyes sparkled and she asked, "Who got you so excited? Was it Karen, that hot little number who wore the tight sweaters?" she teased.

"No, Connie, it was you, and your tight blouses and skirts." I answered truthfully.

She blushed again then squeezed my arm and said, "Don, you are just kidding, right?" She had turned toward me and I had a great view down the soft valley between her ample breasts. I felt my cock beginning to rise and push against my trunks.

"Excuse me, Connie, but I have the same problem I had in your class." I said and nodded my head toward my groin. She turned her head and stared at my crotch and saw my suit tenting higher and higher.

She laughed, deep in her throat. "OK, which of those cute teen sexpots lying across from us are you ogling now? Is it the blond in the tiny black bikini that has you so turned on?"

"No, Connie, I was looking at your breasts, just like I did in class in tenth grade, and that's what happened then, too."

She jerked her hand away from my arm and looked into my face. "Don, take off your sunglasses!" she ordered in her teacher's voice, and I immediately complied. Some reactions are purely automatic.

She stared into my eyes. "Are you telling me you were sexually aroused by me when I was teaching class?" she whispered?

"Yes." I answered, staring into the depths of her dark brown, beautiful eyes. "I would start to hear a roaring in my ears as I watched your breasts move under your blouse, and when you would turn to write on the board and your tight skit would ride up on your behind, I would get hard."

"And right now?" she gasped out.

"Connie, you have the best woman's body at the pool." I said. Her mouth gaped open. "If I look at it for more than a few seconds, my penis starts to get hard."

"But I just had a baby a little over a year ago!" she exclaimed. "And I'm married!"

"Yes, I know about both, but you have obviously worked out and you are now much more voluptuous that you were in high school." I gestured toward her breasts. "I don't remember you being so big!"

That was certainly bold and confident. Would she slap me?

As she glanced down at her bikini top, wet spots instantly appeared and began to spread out around each nipple. Now that was something I hadn't seen before! I could see her blush again. "I'm breast-feeding, and that keeps them much larger than normal. Now, as you plainly see, I'm leaking."

As I stared at her breasts the wet spots spread until most of her bikini top was soaked. Connie was breathing in short, little breaths.

Abruptly she let out a deep sigh, pulled on a heavy white cotton beach jacket which covered her breasts, and went back to her blanket. She started packing her things. I put my sunglasses back on. One of the girls across the pool spotted my erection, and the group of them whispered and giggled as they glanced my way. I was aware of Connie coming back toward me.

"It was nice to see you again, Don, but I think it's time for me to go home." Connie said in a husky voice. "See you tomorrow."

I thought - or imagined - that her crotch was also getting wet, but that was probably just wishful thinking. Besides I still had a hard-on, and guys imagine things when they're in that condition.

I said goodbye to her, and watched as she hitched up her bikini bottoms, picked up her little boy, and carried everything out to her Mercedes convertible. Just before she drove away, I could see her staring back at me. Was I too forward? Did I turn her on or off? Not that it mattered, but heck, it's fun to try, right?

The rest of the day was uneventful, if you can call being teased by nearly naked girls uneventful. It was certainly fun to watch, and my penis went up and down all afternoon, much to the merriment of the pool bunnies.

The next day was clear, hot, and sunny. I cleaned and opened the pool and had the first shift in the high stand. Connie and her little boy arrived almost immediately, and she said "Hi!" to me as she signed them in on the clipboard under my chair.

"Unless you have two suits that are identical, it would appear that you got the milk washed out of that one!" I commented, obviously in poor taste.

"Pay attention to the pool, not my boobs!" She responded. But she grinned, too.

Then she set up her blanket and umbrella directly across the pool from me. As I watched her rubbing lotion all over her body, I imagined that my hands were doing it, and she suddenly looked over at me and grinned as if she had read my thoughts. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the left leg of my trunks rising. Odd, I mused. It's usually dressed to the right. Well, too late to do anything about it now!

While Junior played under the umbrella, Connie lay in the sun on her back. Her feet were fairly wide apart and she was giving me a direct crotch-shot. As she lay there, sweat began to roll off her, and her bikini bottom gradually got wet. It also clung closer to her, and I began to see the outline of her labia through the now nearly transparent material.

I got a harder erection, and I had trouble watching the pool. Every time I looked over at her, I could see her slit more clearly, even though she was about 35 feet away. Her entire public thatch and her pink lips hiding within were clearly exposed as she sweat.

After about twenty minutes she rolled over onto her stomach, and untied her top so that there wouldn't be any tan lines. Her crotch continued to get wet from her dripping sweat, and with her legs wide apart and with her sweaty bikini bottom clinging tightly to the crack in her ass, she looked naked.

I was so hard that getting out of the stand to save someone would have been difficult. The head of my penis had lifted one leg of my suit, and even though I was wearing a jock, anyone across the pool who looked at my crotch would see that I was really aroused.

That someone was Connie. She changed her sun angle and moved around on her towel so that her head was facing directly at me. She didn't retie her top, but just clutched it to her breasts as she moved. I watched her move, hoping her tits would show.

As she settled down, something caused her to look up and over at me, and I got a great view of her breasts. She saw my erection, grinned, and giggled. I could clearly see her nipples as her breasts shook. I thought I was going to explode into my suit. My "old" English teacher was giving me a Sex Education tease! Surely it was accidental!

Fortunately some 13-year-old boys began to act up, and I spent the next half hour or so controlling them with my whistle and stern words. When I looked over at Connie again, she was on her back with her head toward me, with her suit still untied. As I watched, she rubbed suntan lotion all over the tops of her breasts. My erection came raging back. When my shift in the high stand was over, I had a hell of a time getting down without exposing myself.

This routine went on for nearly two weeks. Other than when she was playing with her son in the shallow end, Connie seemed to be teasing me - not that I minded - and looking at my crotch. Well, I was looking at hers, too, and I could visualize every inch of it, not that much was left to the imagination.

Each day when I moved to the chair next to the baby end, Connie always managed to sit down and talk for a few minutes. I certainly enjoyed looking at her up close. Her face and body elicited an incredible, primitive reaction in me, not unlike the ones I had felt toward her in high school, but now more mature. I wanted her. Badly. Even if she was married with a child. Me male. She female. Mate!

A fringe benefit of Connie's company was the attention the other young mothers began giving me, too. Apparently the young, rich women at the Country Club liked checking out the lifeguard. I certainly didn't mind. They all had reasonable sexy bodies, and they were obviously sexually sophisticated, unlike the pool bunnies lying on the grass on the other side. Several of the wives showed me lots of cleavage, and they pretended not to notice me looking at their exposed nipples.

Every evening after we closed the pool I worked out with weights, ran two miles cross-country, and then swam a mile in the pool. I was in great shape, something the pool mothers' husbands obviously weren't. I was a mesomorph, and all of my muscles were well-defined, solid, and firm. I even had a washboard stomach, long before they were called that. I met all of the husbands when they stopped by in their golf outfits to speak to their wives. I could see why they didn't want to wear swimming trunks in public!

Richard, Connie's husband, was about average for the group. He was getting flabby and he had a big belly. But all of these husbands also had lots of money and extremely decorative wives. I mused that there was a lesson in that somewhere.

Two weeks after finding out that Mrs. Johnson was really my "old" English teacher, she came up to me while I was on the high stand and asked, "Don, do you ever do any yard work?"

As I gazed down upon her full breasts and quickly got hard, I asked, "Why? And what kind? Didn't I hear that you say you have a regular gardener?"

"Richard's out of town for a week on business, and there's a lot of work to be done around the outside of the house. Our regular yard man hurt his back, and I wondered if you would like to make some extra money."

When she told me how much - equal to two weeks pay guarding at the pool - I quickly accepted, and we agreed that I would take care of everything later in the week on my day off from pool duty.

Two days later at 8:30 in the morning, following Connie's directions I arrived at the Johnson mansion. It had a 1/4 mile twisting, tree-lined driveway which completely hid the house from the road, and it was situated on at least 10 acres of mostly wooded land. My VW Bug seemed very much out of place as I parked in front next to a new Mercedes and a classic Porsche. At least the cars were all German.

Connie had heard my Bug coming, and she came out of the house carrying Junior on her hip. God she was lovely! She walked me around to the back where there were several garages, one of which contained a riding lawnmower, a push mower, and assorted yard tools. Connie pointed out all the area I was to cut and noted the places where I would have to cut with the push mower. I gassed up the big mower and started in.

The riding mower made quick work of the huge lawn, and I got out the push mower for the more careful work. I was quickly drenched in sweat, but the cutting was easy, and it felt good to work outdoors doing something besides life-guarding. It paid better, too!

Just as I was finishing the grass, Connie called me around back for something to drink. She had made iced tea, and we sat on a terraced patio in the shade of some huge old oak trees while I drank most of a pitcher of the stuff. Some distance from us there was a pool about half the size of the one at the Club. Connie looked wonderful in red, tight, stretchy shorts and a loose white top with snaps down the front. I could see the motion of her breasts as she moved, so she was obviously braless. She gave me her teacher's disapproving look when she saw where I was staring.

Junior never strayed far from his mother. Abruptly he climbed into Connie's lap, began to pull at her top, and said, "Yummies!"

Connie blushed. "That's his word for nursing. I'll take him inside." She started to get up.

"Connie, just nurse him here. It's no big deal!" Well, that was a lie and she knew it, but I thought I'd see if I could get her to bare her breasts in front of me.

She blushed. "I couldn't! Not in front of one of my students!"

"I haven't been one of your students for several years." I reminded her. "Besides, I've seen lots of women's breasts, but I've never seen one used as nature intended!" "Lots" was probably a slight exaggeration, but Connie didn't know that! Connie was still standing, but she hadn't moved toward the house. As she hesitated, Junior began pulling insistently on her top and getting cranky. "Oh, all right. But please don't take this the wrong way!" she said. Yeah, sure. What's the "wrong way" I wondered. I just wanted to see her tits!

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