Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 1

by LeoDavis


PART 1: A Mother's Love

Note: This is the third of a set of four stories, and follows these two, in order: Poolside: Sex with a New Mother, and Poolside Ch 2

I was 22 tears old and had just finished my first year of graduate school. I was working as a lifeguard at the country club pool where I had worked every year during my undergraduate summers. The club's main building had burned down during the winter, and construction people were clearing the site to build another. There was a temporary building used as a pro shop for golf, and there were several portable toilets.

The pool sat atop a hill, with the metal-roofed, temporary pro shop about a hundred yards away, lower and to the north. To the west was the burned-out mess of the clubhouse, about 100 feet away. The absence of a real clubhouse kept attendance at the pool down, and it also meant that once the pool closed, nobody was around. In particular, the club manager and his family, who had previously lived on the top floor of the clubhouse, were not there to see what was going on after hours.

I had recently begun a torrid reunion with Connie, now married with a baby, and with whom I was maintaining an Intermittent affair. ("Poolside: Sex with a New Mother") We had to work around her husband's out-of-town trips, and I had to sneak in and out of her home, so I wasn't getting sex from Connie on anything like a regular basis. I was still doing yard work for her husband, and that payed extremely well. Consequently I enjoyed going to her mansion, even if all I did was cut the grass and trim hedges and ogle Connie. But when we also had sex, it was truly incredible!

The Club sponsored a couple of big parties each summer, and individual members also rented the pool for special occasions. I had just spent an unforgettable day and night with Connie after learning, to my considerable relief, that I hadn't gotten the daughter of one of the members pregnant. (I had deflowered her in her own bed a few weeks earlier.) A pool party celebrating the eighteenth birthday of one of the pool bunnies had turned into a skinny-dipping orgy involving five naked lovlies and me. ("Poolside Ch 2") My popping Carrie's cherry had been an extremely pleasant direct result of that party.

The summer was a third over, I had dipped my wick in five different pussies, and nobody was pregnant - that I knew of. I also knew that Connie's husband was going to be out-of-town for several days in a couple of weeks, so I planned to move in and enjoy round-the-clock sex with my "old" English teacher - at least when her baby was asleep. To top it all off I was in great physical shape, my tan was about as dark as it's possible to achieve, and the pool bunnies were constantly teasing me with their young bodies. How could life be better?

Almost every night after the pool closed at 8:00 p.m., I would do a workout with free weights, run two cross-country miles across the golf course wearing combat boots, then return to the pool and swim a mile. My swimming required that someone actually be present just in case I got into trouble. When nobody was there, I skipped the swim for my own safety.

People gradually found out about my exercise routine, and I frequently worked out arrangements with several of the young adult members of the club to allow them to use the pool during my workouts so that I could swim laps with someone around. Sitting on top of an isolated hilltop as the sky turned dark and enjoying the view of the town's lights below was incredibly romantic. "My" pool quickly became a place for sex parties.

Beginning the middle of June I had so many requests for after-hours, informal parties that I had to schedule them! My typical party was just one or two couples. Since my earlier five-girl party, I hadn't personally participated in any pool sex. I had certainly seen and heard plenty, however!

By 8:30 it was getting dark, and on "party nights" I would see a car or two arrive. The participants would park in an isolated area of the parking lot behind the pool, then enter using an unlocked back gate in the eight-foot tall, sharp-topped, chain-link fence that surrounded the pool and kept out the after-hours riff-raff. It was both difficult and dangerous to climb the fence, and my allowing them to get in through a gate made their romantic evening swims possible.

I would usually have the pool cleaned up by 8:15, and I would begin my weight workout on a concrete slab at the back of the pool. The slab was five feet lower than the pool deck, so I could see people outside the pool, but not in it, as I worked out.

By about 8:45 I was through with the weights, and I would put on my combat boots for my run. Why boots? It was a habit from my Army ROTC training. Besides giving me a better workout, the boots prevented me from spraining an ankle while running in the dark. The two-mile run usually took less than eleven minutes, then I would cool down and be ready for my swim between 9:15 and 9:30. This schedule provided at least an hour for my "guests" to enjoy relatively private necking, skinny- dipping, and sex. At least one couple would then stay while I swam my mile. I'd lock the gate around 10:00 or 10:30 and everyone would leave. Symbiosis!

Some groups liked me to turn on the underwater pool lights, and they gave a blueish glow to everything. I took quite a few photographs, most clandestinely, of couples skinny-dipping and fucking in the pool. I often swam my laps with the lights on, and it was not uncommon to have a couple copulating loudly in the pool as I swam. All in all it made my exercise a lot more fun!

I had access to the birth dates of all of the members' children, and I limited after- hour access those eighteen or older. The club manager was aware of my arrangement, but he ignored it once I assured him that I would make certain that nobody got hurt and that nobody would go into the deep water alone. He also conceded that "my" pool was a safer place than the usual lovers' lanes. In addition, since I didn't charge anyone anything, the Club wasn't deprived of any revenue.

One Tuesday evening I had scheduled a really cute black-haired girl named Angie Hamilton and her steady boyfriend Bud Jacobson to "use" the pool. Angie had turned eighteen about two weeks earlier, and Bud was almost twenty-one. Bud was probably 230 pounds, muscular, tall, and intimidating. Angie was about 115 pounds, curvy and seductively attractive. The crowning achievement of Bud's young life had been starting as an offensive linesman on the highschool football team. He was known as "Bud the Stud," and was rumored to be hung like a horse.

Angie was one of the pool bunnies who had delighted in arousing me for a couple of years. She was one of the best at getting me hard! She had often flashed me quick looks at her breasts when she unfastened her top to prevent a tan line on her back, and she liked to lie with her legs spread wide apart, pointing her barely-covered, hardly-concealed pussy directly at me. Her body was truly one of the best at the pool, and I envied Bud's access to it. But she was almost five years younger than I was, so I contented myself with enjoying the view she presented.

That Tuesday evening Bud drove up around 8:30, and he and Angie walked up to where I was putting out my weights. "No fuckin' pictures, OK?" Bud said. "This is a special night for Angie here." And he leered at her. "You can leave the lights off, too!" I could smell alcohol on his breath, although he didn't talk or walk as if he were drunk.

Angie looked a little tense, but she went willingly through the gate and they sprawled on some lounge-chair cushions I had spread out for them next to the pool. I began to work out. I heard the occasional low sound of their voices. There were long periods of silence which I assumed meant they were making out.

Just after 9:00 I finished my weight routine, and had gotten changed for my run. As I came up the stairs from the pump room, I head them talking loudly enough for me to hear.

"No, Bud!" Angie said. "Let's just take it easy! I'm not sure I really want to, now!"

"C'mon Baby! We talked about this! We both want it!"

I looked across the apron of the pool, and in the pale blue glow from the pool I could see Angie, in a skimpy white bikini, stand up and cross her arms, facing away from Bud. Bud got up and wrapped his arms around her. He was completely naked. I caught a glimpse of his truly impressive cock before he pressed it against her bikini-clad behind.

I put my boots on for my run, and I was tying the laces when I heard Bud talk Angie into lying down with him on the mats again. She immediately got up once again, and I could her softly crying. As I started to run, I heard Bud trying to talk her into taking off her bikini. I looked, and Angie had her arms crossed over her breasts and was shaking her head. She was saying something to Bud, but I couldn't hear the words. Bud muttered something angry.

I ran about two hundred yards, and then I stopped and turned around. I knew something was very wrong, and I couldn't leave her alone with him. Just before I got back to the pool I slowed to a walk and quietly stepped onto my exercise slab. If my suspicions had been wrong, I didn't want to interrupt them. However, my concerns had been right on the money.


"Angie, I'm going to make you a woman tonight one way or the other! You fuckin' teased me long enough! Do I screw you nice or do I screw you the hard way? Whatzitgonna be, cunt?"

I heard the sounds of struggling, then the sharp sound of ripping cloth. Angie screamed. Then I heard more cloth ripping, and Bud laughed. Angie screamed again. I heard the harsh sound of a slap and a cry of pain from Angie.

Still wearing the combat boots, I raced down the stairway to the pump room which was located behind and beneath the pool. Angie screamed again. I grabbed my camera, and flipped on the pool lights. I ran back up the steps and through the gate. I flipped the switch on the camera to charge the flash. I saw them on the ground a few feet from the pool.

Angie was also naked, struggling underneath Bud. The torn remnants of her bikini lay on the pool deck. Bud was holding her spread-eagled on her back on the mats, and he was between her legs, trying to force his penis into Angie as she struggled with him. Bud was laughing. I saw him push his penis against Angie's pussy, and she cried out in pain. Bud pulled back, then slammed his penis against her again. Again Angie screamed. "You're gonna like it, bitch! My stiff log's deflowered half the cock-suckin' bitches in your class! Now stop squirming around, dammit, and let me find yer fuck hole!" He slapped her face, hard. Bud pressed his penis against Angie's crotch and she began to whimper as he probed for the opening to her vagina.

I quickly aimed the camera and shot a flash picture of the two of them. That got Bud's attention. "What the fuck?" He cursed as he jumped off Andie and turned to face me. His penis was truly huge, half again as long as mine and nearly twice as thick.

"This is a private party, asshole! And turn off those fuckin' pool lights!"

"DON! HELP ME! PLEASE!" Angie screamed. She got up and ran back toward the fence. In the blue light from the pool I could clearly see her naked body. In spite of the situation I felt myself starting to get hard.

Bud moved toward me. "Just go away and give me another ten minutes. When you come back you can have sloppy seconds - if you want to after I'm done with her! But this cunt is mine to take! And turn off those fuckin' lights!" .

Angie screamed again for me to help her.

"Get the hell out of here, Bud! Your party's over!" I said.

Bud put his hands up in a boxing stance and came at me fast. "I'm gonna enjoy this, asshole! I'll beat the crap out of you and then I'll fuck that little whore right on top of you! Hell, when I'm done fuckin' Angie, I'll fuck you in the ass!"

He was at least three inches taller and probably forty pounds heavier than I was, and he could probably do exactly what he said. As he took a swing at my face, I sidestepped, closed my eyes hard, and took his picture.

Even with my eyes closed the flash was bright. But Bud was only a couple of feet from the camera, and the flash caught him with both eyes wide open.

His fist grazed my shoulder, knocking me back a step, but then he just stood there blinking his eyes. "GOD DAMN YOU! I'M GONNA FUCKIN' KILL YOU FOR THIS!" He was looking around, trying to see again. I knew he wouldn't stay blind for more than a few seconds.

The glow from the pool gave me plenty of light to see by. I stepped forward and with my right boot I kicked him in his balls as hard as I could. He was still erect and I felt his huge penis bounce off my shin. Bud let out a short, shrill, high-pitched scream, then fell hard on the concrete pool deck. He threw up several times.

He was tough, a lot tougher than I was. Almost immediately he got onto his hands and knees, and began to stand up. He couldn't stand completely upright. He was holding his scrotum with his hands, and he stood bent over at the waist. Vomit dripped from his chin. "You smashed both my nuts, you fucking asshole! I'm gonna kill you for sure, now!"

"Maybe, but not tonight, Bud. Pick up your shit and drive yourself to the hospital. Maybe they can fix 'em and make you back into a man!"

Bud glared at me, looking up because of his posture, then spat vomit on the ground at my feet. He walked gingerly over toward Angie and she quickly backed away from him. I could see her dark-tipped breasts bouncing and the black triangle of her pubic hair as she moved. Bud stooped lower and picked up a bunch of stuff on the ground, then stumbled back past me. His flaccid penis was still an impressive size, easily as large as mine was erect. His nuts were swollen to the size of tennis balls and they were so engorged with blood they looked black in the light from the pool.

"You're a dead man!" He spat out as he went past. I watched him go out the gate and walk carefully to his car. He groaned several times. A couple of minutes later he slowly drove away, probably to the hospital. I started to relax and only then realized how tightly my muscles were tensed. I had also been holding my breath.

Angie was nowhere to be seen. "Angie! It's over! Come on out and get dressed!" I suddenly started to shake as the adrenalin letdown hit. I almost fell down. I felt dizzy and nauseous, and the smell of fresh vomit didn't help. My hard-on was completely gone.

"Please turn off the lights!" She cried from somewhere near the fence behind me.

"Sure! Sorry!"

I really felt dizzy, but I ran back out and down to the pump room, and flipped the lights off. My stomach heaved, and I felt bile in my throat. I took some deep breaths and waited a couple of minutes for my body to stop shaking, then I went back up. No Angie.

Then she ran out of the darkness and wrapped herself around me. She was still naked. "Don, I don't know how to thank you! Until tonight Bud was so nice! But he was going to rape me!" She started crying.

Her nipples were hard against my sweaty chest, and I could feel her fuzzy public hair against my thigh. My penis erupted into an erection, pressing upright through my shorts against her stomach. Some long-forgotten, primitive animal urge nearly overwhelmed me. I had fought and won her, and she was mine to mate with. I felt incredibly, indescribably, male. I wanted to let out a wild yell and howl!

I knew I could take her and I could sense that she wouldn't resist. But instead I pulled myself back from wherever my passions had taken me and I kissed her full on the lips. Her response was immediate and forceful.

"Oh God, yes!" She murmured between kisses. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Angie was rubbing herself against my erection, and I knew I was about to lose control. I gently separated us. "Get dressed. I'll take you home."

Her tears had stopped. Angie slowly walked around the pool area in the near darkness. I could see her breasts bouncing as she stooped to see what was on the ground. Unlike a few minutes earlier, she was now completely unashamed to be naked in front of me. Something had clearly changed.

I heard her sharp cry of dismay. "He took MY clothes too!" She wailed. "Now what am I going to do?"

I could see her torn and useless bikini lying next to the pool "I'll find something in the pump room! Wait here!" I said stupidly. Where the hell was she going to go?

I went back down to the pump room and turned on the light. I rummaged through the stuff we had picked up around the pool, abandoned by various people over the past month or so. All I found were a couple of small towels. I had stupidly forgotten that we'd cleaned everything out the day before.

I grabbed my own T-shirt and one of the towels, and ran back up to Angie. "It's not much, and the shirt isn't clean, but at least it'll cover you up!" I said.

Angie wrapped the towel around her waist and tucked it in at the side. Then she pulled on my T-shirt. She faced toward me the entire time, never turning away to conceal her nakedness. Her nipples and breasts were clearly visible through the thin material. My erection was painfully hard. Knowing she was naked beneath the towel only added to my arousal.

Angie hugged me again, and I could feel her breasts against me and my penis was once again pressed hard between us.

Angie began to spew words out. "I told Bud that we could have sex tonight and it would be my first time and then I changed my mind and my folks don't know and they thought we were going to a movie and what are they going to say and how am I going to explain this to them?" She began to sob and tears streamed down her face once again.

"Shhhhh! Let me get dressed and I'll take you home. We'll tell your folks exactly what happened and call the police. Bud tried to rape you and he threatened to kill me. I think your parents will just be glad you're okay!"

Angie stopped crying and sniffled a few times. Then she nodded her head and smiled. I gently kissed the tears off her cheeks. I could feel my erection throbbing in my pants. Even her tears tasted wonderful! She had a special flavor and scent!

"I've got to change and then we can leave. You can wait right outside the pump room."

I led Angie through the gate and locked it. Angie had her hands locked tightly around my arm. I pried her loose. "Just stay here! I'll be right back!"

I ran down the stairs again and went into the pump room. Just past a huge gas heater the lifeguards had set up a changing area, and I got out of my boots and running shorts, dried some of the sweat off my body with a towel, and grabbed my street shorts. I turned and there was Angie. "I couldn't wait out there alone!" She wailed.

Her eyes got huge when she saw my erection pointing right at her. I could see panic in her eyes. "ANGIE! I'M NOT GOING TO RAPE YOU! RELAX!"

I turned away from her and pulled up my undershorts and shorts and draped a towel over my shoulders since I didn't have my shirt. I slipped my feet into my sandals and turned back to Andie. She was still standing there, her eyes wide. She began to tremble and shake. Her face was pale. I was afraid she was belatedly going into shock. Hell, why not? She had been slapped around and almost been raped!

I quickly got her up the stairs and into the open air. I made her walk around and take slow, deep breaths. I kept asking her silly questions. "What's the capital of New Jersey? Who's the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? When did the French Revolution begin? Who's . . . "

After several minutes Angie stopped trembling and her breathing returned to something close to normal. "What's with all the dumb questions?" She asked.


End of part 1

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