Poet Writes Again

by elbiscayne


Let's see, where should I start? Brief description of yours truly, I guess. Goes something like this.

Just an ‘ole biker type, 53 years old, a little over six foot, run around 185/190 dependin' on the weather. Got all my teeth, most of my hair that I keep pulled back and tied, a beard that hasn't been trimmed since 1985, and don't really give a good god damn about my appearance; or what you may think of my appearance as far as that goes. Naw, I ain't a 1%, I got me a day job that pays my way, but I only do it so that I can do what the fuck I want, when I fuckin' want to do it.

Married? Kiss my ass, married. I've been around, seen what that fine institution can do to a gent like me. Had me some fine, and to be honest, some not so fine women in my day though. Just never seemed to hang on to one for very long. As a matter of fact, this one gal said she had to leave cause I was too quiet; kept things bottled up inside me, and that I was too independent. I told her that if she could suck as good as she beat her gums that I wouldn't have anything bottled up in me. She left the next day, didn't even say goodbye.

Women, go figure.

You know, now that I think about it, the only female that I ever stayed hooked up with was my bike…El.

Well, enough about me. I'm here to tell you all a little bedtime story. So drop your socks and grab your cocks, and down the road we go.

About three years ago on a Saturday in July, I was headed over back roads to Pete's Inn. I was gonna meet up with my buddy, Joker for breakfast, and then head west to Kansas City for a bike show and swap meet. It was already hotter than hell and only 7am or so. El was feelin' her oats and every curve we flew through made us a little more daring on the next. I'm here to tell you brothers and sisters that them boys on their race bikes had nothing for El and me that morning.

Ok, so I'm exaggerating. Get off my ass. It's my story, I'll tell it the way I fuckin' want.

So anyway, El and me were about 3 miles from Pete's, and into this set of nice ‘S' curves that opened up into this long straight. ‘Ole El hit her marks, and I really cranked her open as I hit fourth gear comin' into the straight, was ready to hit fifth when I noticed a car part way off the road up ahead and a person along side of it. Being the concerned citizen that I am, I backed off El, and she started to bitch me out; you know, loud exhaust, pow, powpowpow, pow. I love it when El bitches me out, and she knows it, so she does it often.

As I slowed, I saw that it was a woman trying to change a flat.

I stand before you now; with hand over heart, and no fingers crossed; and swear that I had no ulterior motive when I stopped to assist a fellow traveler in distress, and that her long bare legs had nothing to do with my decision.

I stopped behind her and shut down El. The woman was busy in the car rolling up all the windows and locking all the doors. I walked up to the driver's side window and asked her if she wanted help. She looked kind of familiar, but then all women have breasts.

She wouldn't even look at me. I almost left, figured I was still runnin' early, said ‘fuckit' to myself, and started to change her tire.

I blew off the fact she wouldn't talk to me. Hell, knowin' the way I look, I was surprised she didn't try to drive off on the flat.

I caught her watchin' me out the side mirror a couple of times, and I kept thinking that I knew her from somewhere.

Then it dawned on me. Yeah, even with all the stuff I had smoked earlier, my memory worked. Linda. Yeah, Linda. A friend of my kid sister, many moons ago. I'd seen her last at my sister's wedding.

I finished putting on the spare, threw the flat, jack and tire iron in her trunk but left the trunk lid up, figuring that she would appreciate what I did if she had to work for it. I went back to El, lit her up, pulled out and stopped next to her door.

I yelled, "your welcome, Linda." and took off for Pete's.

I pulled up at Pete's, gave El a pat for bein' such a good girl, and looked around the lot. Pete's truck, Joan's car, and a farm truck. No Joker. Cool, I beat that fucker again.

I opened the door, started to greet Pete and Joan, but was interrupted by Pete, telling me that I was screwed, Joker had called, said his ex needed help and that he wasn't going to make it. I just shook my head as I sat down at the bar, with a vision of Joker and his ex's legs wrapped around his head. I shuddered.

I ordered my usual, a Bud, and the breakfast special with extra sausage.

I sat sippin' my beer, wonderin' what the hell I was goin' to do with the day, and thinking about how ‘love' can really fuck things up; when the door opened and you know who walked in. Yeah, and you guessed it on the first try…Linda.

She came within 3 stools of me, said, (and if you think I'm goin' to do this in a girly voice, you're fuckin' crazy) "I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted back there. Thank you so much for helping me out. I wish there was some way I could repay you. How did you know my name?"

I gave her my sister's maiden name. She looked at me closer, came 2 stools closer, and came out with, "Nick?"

Just then Joan stuck her head out of the kitchen and yelled, "Hey Poet, what's the lady want?"

Linda shrugged, pointed at my beer. I yelled back, "The same except the extra, and another Bud for me."

She sat down next to me as the beers were set down. I caught her looking at me out of the corner of my eye…ok ok, I saw her looking at me from the bar mirror…so I looked back to hear her ask, "Poet?"

Well, I wasn't about to tell her that story. (Ok, if you have to know; around a camp fire one night, this woman I was, ah, familiar with; naw, why lie, I was fuckin' big time; told everyone within earshot that when I made love it was like ‘poetry'. The name just stuck.) I smiled at her, said, "No big deal, it's just a name, but I like to think that I come by it honestly."

About that time, the food came; and between the first and last bites; Linda told me every last little thing about high school and college, marriage, kids and divorce that I didn't want to know, and I think I managed to look interested.

Such a polite woman. She even asked about me. I just gave her a smile for an answer.

Linda insisted on paying for breakfast in what she called ‘partial payment' for the roadside assistance.

I didn't fight with her about it, but I did hold the door for her on the way out, with Joan's lyrical "And the Poet writes again," and laughter in the background.

I flipped her off and her laughter turned to cackling.

Instead of just giving my standard, "Later," I walked Linda to her car and even opened her door for her. She started to get in, stopped and started telling me about how she was only out this way because her parents owned some property a couple of miles down the road, and since they were both in a old folks home, she had the responsibility of closing the place up for the winter, that she thought she would just get it done early because she never liked coming out here alone in the winter, and would I care to follow her; she'd feel safer with company and…

I said, "Ok," mainly to shut her up.

I fired up El, and followed Linda to her parents place. I have to admit, it was a real nice place; off the road, tree lined drive; private lake, all that shit.

We parked and she invited me in, but I declined saying that I would just wait for her on the porch.

I was kickin' back in a porch swing, when Linda came out and handed me a beer, then disappeared back in the house. I started to feel the alcohol a bit, so I wandered over to El and got my stuff, went back to the porch and rolled me up a nice one. I had just got a good hit when Linda came back out,.

"Oh my god is that marijuana?"

I just nodded and passed it to her.

She started talkin' about how long it's been, and…

I said, "Shut up and smoke."

So she did.

I gotta hand it to her. She could really hold it.

I kinda liked her after that, cause she got quieter.

It was good stuff, but we did another one, sittin' on the porch, drinkin' beer, watchin' the world go by.

"Do you know what else I haven't done in a long time?"

Like I was supposed to guess. Dream on. I just looked at her.

"Fuck. Do you want to fuck me?"

I stood up and started taking off my clothes in reply.

Linda watched me undress, and then, not to be outdone, she stood and did the same.

I was naked before her, so I watched. I became more than just interested. The rest of her body went with the legs I noticed on the side of the road. Tall, willowy, graceful, so very graceful.

She looked at peace with herself.

I find that very seductive in a woman.

As I approached her, she didn't act tentative, coy, or embarrassed. Linda held her arms out and welcomed me.

I backed her up to the porch rail, my lips on hers. I raised her arms above her head and placed them on a post.

A little thing I should mention. When I find an extra fine woman like Linda, it makes me kind of sad. I won't go into the reasons why; just let be with that. I will say that bein' sad ain't a bad thing. I tend to slow down and be gentler.

I like to talk when I'm fuckin', so when I kissed her again I gave her a throaty whisper, "Hmmm, you taste good, I want more," and when our tongues met, "Oh yeah, little girl, that's so nice." My lips and tongue below and behind her ear, I inhale and, "You smell good, Linda, hmm, so good." My fingers drifting along her inner arms, across her armpits, and down along the sides of her breast to her hips, making her shiver and raising the flesh, "Hmmm, goose bumps, I like goose bumps."

Women seem to like it when I talk to them. I guess it makes them feel like I'm just not fuckin' to get myself off.

Linda sure seemed to like it. She responded to every sound and touch I made, with ‘ohs,' and ‘ahs' and ‘gasps' of her own. Her body began to move against me, back arching, hips starting a circular motion, little twitches when I found secret places.

I kept talking to her, my lips on hers, my hands on her hips feeling them move, "Oh yeah little girl, shake that thing…oh yeah."

"Stop!" she cried out. And then again, "Please stop!" while attempting to push me away.

I figured it was over, but I didn't want it to be. I stepped back from her…(hey, I may be a lot of things you wouldn't want your mother, sister, daughter around, but I'm not a rapist. The woman says ‘no' that way, it means ‘no')…saying, "I'm sorry if I scared you, I don't want to hurt you, Linda."

Linda turned around with her cute butt kind of pushed out and her head turned as far as it would go trying to look at her rear end and hit me with, "Shut up, I've got a splinter in my ass! Get it out, get it out!"

I had her bend over, hands on the porch railing, and sure enough, she had a splinter about half way down and close to the split of her cheeks. I couldn't help myself. I laughed.

Then I found out that Linda must have been a sailor at one time.

"You bastard, get it out. It hurts, get it out!"

I patted her on the other cheek, told her I'd be right back and kind of strolled out to El with, "Hurry up! You son-of-a-bitch! Hurry the fuck up!" in the background. As I walked back to her I saw her eyes get real big when she saw that I was carrying a knife. I stopped, flipped the little tweezer thing out of the handle and held it up for her to see, saying, "I'm just a boy scout deep in my heart".

That earned me a, "Fuck you, just get it out! Please!"

I squatted down behind her and had a good look. I lied and told her that she would have to bend over a little more so that I had a better angle. Like the sweet trusting woman she was, she believed me and bent over and grabbed the lower porch rail.

I suggested that she spread her legs a little bit to help with her balance, and she did.

Ah, what a beautiful sight. I almost forgot why I was there.

"Ok Linda, it's broken off at the skin, so this is going to hurt a little bit more. Now don't move."

I reached back and grabbed a half empty beer. As I dumped a small amount of beer on her butt she started to stand with a, "Just what the hell are…"

I smacked her on her other cheek and seriously said, "I told you not to move. I'm sterilizing the area."

I slowly dribbled some more beer on her and watched it flow between her cheeks and then between the lips of her pussy, to drip onto the porch.

Linda moaned and I was really getting into this doctor stuff.

I reminded her not to move as I gave her injured cheek a hard pinch to raise the splinter and used the tweezer to pull it straight out.

Linda sighed, "Oh, it feels better already."

She started to stand again, so I gave her another smack and, "I told you not to move. I'm not finished."

I slowly dribbled some more beer on her and watched it flow on its merry way.

I started a little massage on her hurt and then I leaned forward and sucked that reddened flesh into my mouth, using my tongue to circle her injury.

"Just what in the fuck…"

"I'm trying to suck all the poison out."

"You're doing wha…oh, oh, Oh!"

She stopped that last sentence because my finger had followed the beer trail and was lingering in her secret valley, outlining her lips.

Her legs were shaking a little bit, and her hips started that little swaying motion again.

"Feelin' better now, Linda?"

"Yes! Oh god, yes!"

I let my tongue follow the beer trail and as I got to her little brown pucker I slowly rimmed her with a, "Hmmm, so sweet."

As her hips pushed back against my tongue, I let one of my fingers slide between her pussy lips. I was amazed at how hot it felt and at the amount of juice she had flowing.

"Your pussy is so wet, baby. So hot and wet. I'm gonna fuck that hot pussy soon."

I continued with my rimming and as my finger found and started to slowly circle her clit, Linda gave a long, pulsing, moan. It seemed to be synchronized with my finger moving on her clit.

"Don't stop! Oh god, so nasty! Don't ever fuckin' stop!"

I obliged the lady for quite a spell. I didn't maintain any kind of rhythm. I varied; fast, slow, clockwise, counter clockwise; until I thought maybe it was time for a different kind of change, so I shifted my tongue down as far as I could to her taint and pulled my finger back and let it rim the entrance of her channel.

Linda's hips began to buck up and down. I thought maybe she liked the other way better, so I went back to rimming her asshole and circling her clit.

I figured right.

"Yes! Oh, you're nasty! Oh yeah, like that, yes, yes!"

"Cum for me Linda. I want to feel you cum little girl. Show me Linda. Let it go, let it go."

As I started rimming her again, Linda's hips pushed back hard against me and my tongue entered her tight hole just a little, and I think that is what finally put her over the edge.

Just to be on the safe side and to help her on her way, I reached around her leg and began to gently stroke and pinch one of her nipples.

Linda gave out three short ohs and a piercing scream that I think was a yes and would have collapsed to the floor if I wouldn't have quickly stood and thrown my arms around her waist pulling her back to me.

She shook and moaned for quite a while.

When she finally calmed, she straightened her body, turned in my arms, and gave me a lip lock to end all lip locks.

She finally let go and took a step back. Her face was beet red, probably from being bent over for that long. I couldn't tell if it was sweat or tears on her cheeks and didn't ask; I'd been down that road before.

"You nasty, nasty man. Thank you Nick. Thank you, you sweet, sweet, nasty man."

I just smiled.

Linda turned and went in the house. I sat down in an armless rockin' chair, looked at my warm beer, shuddered at the thought, and rolled up another nice one.

Linda came back out a few minutes later with two big glasses of ice water, one of them held up to her cheek. She handed me the other one, gave a little look around the porch and then at me, and pointed at my lap.

"Got room for me?"


Linda straddled the chair and me and sat down in my lap facing me.

We smoked and drank water. Linda talked and I wish I could say that I was listening, but I wasn't.

I was watching the condensation roll off her glass, drip between her breasts and then trickle down to her navel. Linda helped my concentration by rubbing the bottom of the glass around her breasts and making her nipples get hard.

I felt the monster begin to stir.

"Ohhh, the nasty man's back."

I smiled.

Linda stood, reached down and touched the monster and got him to raise his ugly head.

She held on to him and started to squat down to take him home.

As her pussy touched my cock, I hissed, "That's hot little girl. Go slow, let me get used to that heat. So hot, so tight and hot. Oh yeah baby, that's it. Give me more."

Linda slowly took my length, moving her hips in small circles, giving small moans every time she took in more, reaching down and opening her folds, working her inner muscles, and gasping when I would flex my muscle back at her.

I knew it was going to be something extra special, because Linda acted like she really did have a monster on her hands. As she settled back on my lap, her lips made a little ‘o' and she did these little short puffing breaths, her face flushed, and eyes wide.

I figured it for an act; trying to boost my ego. I will admit it was working. Shows how much I knew about it.

I put an arm under each of her knees, lifting her feet from the floor; I clasped my hands together behind that luscious butt, putting her full weight on my lap. The last little bit sank into her and I bottomed out against her cervix.

"It's too much!"

"Ssshhh, little girl. I won't hurt you. Just relax baby. I'll make it better. Relax little girl, relax."

Linda slowly relaxed as I whispered to her. I felt the tension start to drain from her when she realized I wasn't going to brutalize her. I waited unmoving, just whispering to her, and she finally became calm again.

"Linda, squeeze me with your pussy baby. Yes, just like that, little girl. Now release."

As she did I flexed my muscle in her.

Linda's eyes went wide in wonder, and a beautiful smile lit up her face.

"You like?"

She bit her lower lip and nodded.


A smile and a nod.

Squeeze, release, flex.

If I could only describe the smile on her beautiful face. Mona Lisa was a dirt bag compared to Linda.



"It's your lead, little girl."

Squeeze, release, flex. Over and over again, until I decided to throw a curve. Linda squeezed but I flexed at the same time, and when she released, I gave her three quick flexes in a row.


I gave a little laugh and asked her for a kiss. She leaned forward and as our lips met, I gave her another set of three. I should have known better, she was a quick learner and gave back I don't know how many quick squeezes in a row. It was my turn.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! Damn woman! You win! You win!"

Linda laughed and squealed and laughed some more; clapping her hands and wiggling around on my lap until I thought we'd tip over. She finally started to wind down; noticed the scowl on my face; and quit with a pout. I couldn't hold the scowl I didn't feel and gave her my best smile, which apparently entitled me to another one of her lip locks and a slew of quick squeezes from that sweet pussy of hers.

Well, that's about all of this story I'm gonna tell. My throat is kinda parched, so I think I'll head on over to Pete's and get me a Bud or two.

What? You want more? You fuckers are more perverted than I am. My hat is off to you.

Where was I?

Well, that last series of cunt caresses she gave, rocked me back, I couldn't hold on anymore, so my arms dropped, and her feet hit the floor. That's when Linda decided it was time to teach me how to fuck.

End of part 1



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