Plumber's Perks Ch. 9

by PlumberNickNZ


In the months following Trish, ol' Red as we called her, challenging me to screw her on the reception desk things had moved at a rapid pace at work.

First of all, Debbie and Trish were now on the receiving end of my always ready and willing cock on a semi regular basis. Gloria and Kim were basically distant memories, Gloria on account of a suspicious husband and Kim had just recently moved out of the area.

Debbie had 'used' me to gain a big contract, and then after she 'amalgamated' with a nationwide firm (ie. sold the company) she began preparing to replace herself with a new manager. This is where Trish began to get worried, telling me; "You know Nick, Deb has got lots of video surveillance tapes of not just you and me fucking at work, but also of you drilling her in her office, what if she's gonna use this against us?"

I laughed this off initially, saying to Red; "Oh well, can't do anything about that, and anyway, why would she want to blackmail us in any way?"

"Oh fuck, I don't know, I just don't like the way she has been using you for her own gains recently," Trish added, almost tearfully.

"So what do you propose then, Trish, do you want to get hold of some footage showing Debbie forcing me to fuck her in the office," I jokingly asked.

"Yeah, something that shows she has been using her power over you to force you into screwing her," Trish enthused. "Mind you, now that I know you well enough, I wouldn't bloody believe that anybody would have to force you to fuck, you're always randy anyway," Trish laughingly added.

So on this premise Trish made sure to get some footage of the next few session of office sex I had with Debbie. Our little office playtime had been becoming more bossy bitch demanding this and that anyhow, so that worked out handily. To be perfectly honest, I didn't think this footage would be necessary, but I suppose a little insurance never hurts?

Trish seemed more at ease with this little insurance in our possession. Then out of the blue she invited me to a fancy dress party that was being thrown by one of her girlfriends. "Hey Nick, how about being my date for the fancy dress party at Nicole's next month," she asked me one night at the end of work.

"OK, but tell me a little more Red," I came back, mind filled with all manner of thoughts of being dressed up like some medieval knight or something.

"Yes, aahhhh, it's actually like an adults fancy dress theme evening, you know like, doctors and nurses, cop and prisoner, boss and secretary, that type of thing," Trish timidly explained.

"Sounds more like a sex party if you ask me," I said with a look of disdain, even if secretly I quite liked the thought of Trish being dished up like a naughty nurse with me giving her a thorough physical.....

"Well, yes it will probably turn out that way, but I haven't been to one of Nicole's parties before," Trish says, "but now that there's a dishy plumber lurking around perhaps I should just give it a try?"

"Oh I see, you just wanna show me off to your girlfriend huh," I mockingly asked Red.

"Well, you know, you've got a nice muscley bod, not to mention a beauty of a cock, along with some hefty balls, I know they'd fill up a pair of tights rather nicely, would get a lot of the girls wondering if it's all for real, then when the chance comes up to give that monster cock some air...well, they'll all be so envious of me," Trish said, now almost swooning at the thought of being 'little miss showoff'....

"How the truth comes out," I just mused quietly, "and you talk about Debbie using me, when all you wanna do is parade my cock in front of your girls..." I left the words hanging in the air and walked out. It was one thing to be the office toyboy, but another to become the stripper in front of a group of chicks I didn't know at all....

The next few days went by without any further mention of Nicole's fancy dress party, Trish was careful not to refer to it, as she wasn't sure how offended I'd been by her suggestion. In truth I was pretty turned on by the thought of this, but I didn't want to seem too eager to admit it.

So imagine my surprise come Friday night, when Red comes out of the ladies toilets wearing a knee length coat, tied around the middle with a belt, oh yes and a huge naughty grin on her face!

By now we're the only people in the office and as Trish approaches me, she does this twirl and announces a proud; "Tada, and here is nurse Trish, ready to give doctor Nick a thrill." With that she undoes the belt and drops the coat, revealing at once her very dishy nurses outfit....

"Hot damn," I muttered as I took in the garter belt holding up the sheer black stockings atop black high heels, the dress ending about 1/4 of an inch below her crotch, her already hefty boobs seemed even bigger, popping almost completely out thru the vee neck, buttons straining to hold her shapely body in this one word: HOT!!

As Trish did another little twirl, this time in just her nurses outfit I could feel my cock straining in my shorts, I just couldn't wait to fuck this little hottie, and she knew it too!!

Right on cue, Trish bent over at the waist, showing me her arse and then her glorious naked fanny, lips already puffed up ready for action....glistening with moisture down her cleft, ready for my rigid prick, right now!!

I didn't need any encouragement at all, but just to make sure Trish turned her head and saucily said; "Come on doctor Nick, can you please take my temperature with your big thermometer, please, pretty please?"

She had barely finished the saucy request when my knob touched her wet folds and began sliding into her seemingly constantly wet pussy.

"Oh yes, doctor Nick, I love your big thermometer," she squealed with a little girls voice as I was driving my full length into her. In this situation I knew I was never going to last long. This hot little minx knew I liked high heels, skirts without knickers, garter belts, suspenders and stockings, and especially her hefty boobs threatening to pop free....the whole package she wrapped herself up in was just tailormade to make me pop my load in recordtime....

And pop I did, maybe four of five minutes of shafting this hot blooded lady had me blowing my wad into her tight juicy slot, out of breath at the urgent and rampant shafting I'd just given her I pulled out and dropped to my knees.

Burying my face in her soaking folds I soon found her rigid clit and sucked it in between my lips then began flicking my tongue across it at a rapid rate, thus bringing ol' Red off as well....fuck me, talk about quickie!!

In less than ten minutes I'd creamed her cunt then tongued her over the damn alright!

"Alright doctor Nick," Trish exclaimed as my face emerged from being buried in her crack, "perhaps I can convince you to come along to the fancy dress party after all huh?"

As if to emphasise the point she lifted a high heeled foot up underneath my partly deflated cock and playfully wriggled it around, massaging my balls in the process, then saying; "You know, pussy smoo looks really good on your chin doctor Nick."

I was just horny as hell and didn't care one bit about her fanny juice on my face at all. I got up, took Trish by the waist, quickly guiding her bum onto the edge of a desk. "Ooohhh," she squealed as I placed my cock at the entrance to her deliciously juicy pussy once more, then thrust forcefully into her in long swift stroke.

The feeling of lust was intense, almost as if I was being taken to a higher plane....I know it sounds weird but Trish just had me going out of my mind with lust at this moment...her spunky little nurses outfit, her naughty playful nature in all things revolving around sex....damn she was just such a hottie!! And yet to the outside world she looked like just another 40 something office lady....

"Hey doctor Nick, that thermometer is going to pop," Trish saucily said with a voice now quivering, as I continued to ram her juicy snatch with my throbbing fuckstick.

I have no idea how long I shafted ol' Red but I do know that when I popped my balls ached soon after.... Withdrawing my spent cock from Trish' fanny, the loud squelching sound it made as it popped free brought me back to reality...feeling the sweat running down my back and off my forehead brought the realisation that this was just more than another little tryst, this was pure animal lust!

We embraced for what seemed like an eternity, tenderly holding and kissing each other, Trish looking into my eyes with such tenderness....damn, it felt like I was falling in love with this woman, or was I imagining it?

"Righto young fella, that's enough hugging for one day," Trish announced as she pushed me off and got her coat wrapped around her. "Let's get out of here," she then urged as she headed for the door. No invitation to join her at her place or any other question, she was just leaving it up to me, perhaps trying to be indifferent?

"Wanna meet up later on Red," I asked as Trish locked the office front door.

"Thought you'd never ask," Trish said as she turned to me and kissed me smack on the lips."My place? she asked, "come over whenever you're ready, but don't leave it too late, I might have to start without ya," she laughingly added, flipping her coat open at the bottom to tease me some more....

Well that was one interesting weekend, and we settled on our costumes for the fancy dress party as well.

The final decision went to me being a lifeguard and Trish being a beachbabe. Now her curvy body wasn't exactly model material, but I so loved her audacity for wearing a bright red wicked weasel bikini, along with some serious red high heels....and she got her wish of seeing me displaying my cock to good effect in a snug pair of Speedos.

The fancy dress party itself was a dud really, as we were one of only two couples who had the nerve to show off a little, OK, a lot perhaps, especially after a few drinks when Trish's hefty boobs seemed to accidentally pop out of her flimsy bikini top on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, Trish made a good show out of giving my cock a bit of rub towards the end of the night, thus gaining some pretty jealous stares from some of the girls there. Nicole herself was rather prim and proper, almost as though she threw the fancy dress party as a way of showing she wasn't a goody two shoes??

Perhaps we shocked Nicole, when she caught us in the backyard, Trish on all fours with my cock up her juicy slot? Heck, it was dark corner of the garden, it was a hot night and Trish had been rubbing my dick for hours....what did she expect? Funny really, 'cause she never said anything, she just turned on her heel and went back inside the house. When we rejoined the party just before it all wound down, or more like fizzled out, she just kept giving Trish this evil little look, but who cares really?

It did take Trish and I to another level though, going out in public as a couple. I didn't think that Trish was too keen to be seen in this manner, but then given the opportunity to flaunt her body and her lover at the same time may have been too good to pass up...

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