Plumber's Perks Ch. 8

by PlumberNickNZ


The strange episode with Sarah had me feeling used, yet it was also tremendously exciting... If nothing else it boosted my confidence when it came to pleasing women, at least in a sexual sense.

Debbie had been talking about setting up a get together with her friends Connie and Samantha, but so far this hadn't happened. It seemed to be a problem to get all three ladies together at the same time and place....still, something to look forward to I guess??

In the meantime work progressed as normal, Trish occasionally asked me to spend the night in her bed, much to my delight...she was a hot blooded lover, yet she had the ability to remain cool and detached most of the time when we were in the work environment together.

Sarah had been in town a couple of times overnight, and she had asked me to accompany her on the most recent occasion. It just wasn't the same as the first spontaneous encounter we had in the hotel room, don't get me wrong, she still enjoyed getting her pussy stuffed, but it was as though I was now just a servant....nothing like being a lover like it was with the likes of Trish and Debbie....shame!

What was also a little disappointing was Sarah's vulgar manner, she had this need to grab my crotch in the public domain, as if to show other people (especially women) that I was her plaything....too possessive for my liking....not playful enough I reckon.

But playful is what I got at a job I was doing next. In the eastern suburbs once more, a broken drainpipe from the spapool shower. This was a straightforward enough job, involving locating the breach, digging it all up and then replacing the broken pipe then covering it all in again.

The quote for this job called for about 15-18 manhours labour, so with me doing it on my own due to us being pretty busy it would mean being on this job for two days minimum. Lady of the house seemed pleasant enough, once I'd explained what was involved she just let me get to it.

The first day went by pretty quick, located the broken section of pipe and had it basically cleared ready to replace the following morning. I was pleased the first day had been overcast, as being in late summer, the heat from the sun would have been unpleasant. No such luck on day two however, it dawned a clear blue sky and by all predictions it would be a scorcher.

On the first day the lady of the house, Jane, had offered me some cold drinks at each break I took, which I gladly accepted, she also seemed keen to have a bit of a chat, nothing suggestive or untoward at all. Jane warned me that on day two her daughter would be home from University, joking that it might be midday before Emma would even get her butt out of bed....teenagers was Jane's comment.

So on the second day I arrived onsite a little before 8am and got stuck into the task at hand, hoping to get the hardest work out of the way before the heat got to its worst. Little chance of that as by 9am the temperature was already at the days' peak and still rising. Feeling the heat I peeled off my shirt, now working in just my shorts and boots. I know it sounds weird, but you know how you get this feeling you're being watched?

Well, I was being watched alright! Not just by one pair of eyes but two, both mother and daughter were looking at my sweaty physique, mother from behind the curtains in the dining room and daughter from her bedroom.... Pretending nothing was amiss I just carried on, hey I've got a nice physique so why should it bother me if women want to look?

Funny thing though, when I stopped for my mid morning break under the shade of a tree, Jane was promptly out with a small jug of cold lemonade, just like yesterday.

Up close, Jane looked me up and down without any shame, even commenting; "Better watch out working without your shirt on in this neighbourhood, all the young girls will be over you."

"I hope not, for I prefer women, not girls," I replied matter of factly, not thinking anything of it at the time. Jane did grin broadly at this remark though.

Once I was back at work, Emma came out for a look, introducing herself politely; "Hi Mr Plumber, I'm Emma." She was a little more coy about looking me up and down, although she spent a few minutes asking some questions about what it was that I was doing and so on, thus giving her ample opportunity to look me over....

As she left to get into some study I was betting myself that she'd look back when she thought I was no longer looking....yep, she did, and no I didn't mind, I just caught her looking back in the reflection of a window. Now both mum and daughter had been out to have a good perve at the half naked plumber sweating away in the backyard....I had no intention of making anything of this, but it would be interesting to see who would do what next!

What followed was a fairly standard response in these sort of circumstances, both mum and daughter did the fashion parade over the space of about 4 hours....wearing a different outfit each time they came into view. Jane started the day in trackpants and polo shirt, then came out wearing skirt and blouse, went out for some shopping, changed into another skirt matched with sleeveless tee then finally she came out wearing a pair of cutoff jeans with another sleeveless tee....funny how she made a real show of it too, each time she'd be in another outfit she'd come out offering me another cold drink or ask something....

Her daughter Emma on the other hand had a more aggressive way about her, she started the day off in trackies and tee just like mummy, but she went for a short skirt and tight fitting strappy top next, with a pair high heels on she came out, squatting at the edge of the trench, showing me her flimsy lace G-string in the process. She ended up wearing a bikini and began sunning herself in the backyard, making sure I could see her nubile body as she tossed and turned in the hot sun.....

Now up until this point I had refrained from making any comments about these two women's obvious attempts at getting me hot and bothered...heck, the sun had this well and truly sorted already. But it was when Emma came over, asking me to rub some oil into her back that things got a little difficult.

With her mum looking from behind the dining room curtain once more, Emma approached me in her bikini, and standing upright at the edge of the trench she pretty much expected me to jump when she asked; "So Mr Plumber, how about rubbing some oil into my back?"

She didn't like my response; "Sorry young lady, got my hands full already here, gotta get stuck into it just ot finish this jobbie today, and anyway, my hands are all covered in muck."

Emma was not easily dissuaded however, coming back with; "Now, I know you want to run your hands over my young hot body, hell, I want you to, so how about taking a break from your mucky job?"

"Sorry," was all I said as I continued shovelling sand onto the repaired section of pipe. From the corner of my eye I saw Jane coming towards me and Emma, who was still standing there, now sulking somewhat at my refusal to rub oil into her back.

"Everything OK here," Jane asked as she came within a few steps.

"He won't rub oil into my back," Emma snapped immediately at both of us.

I just shrugged my shoulders as I continued shovelling, Jane smiled slightly in my direction, then changed her face to more of a frown as she then said to Emma; "Nick isn't here just to look after you young lady, he's got a lot of work ahead of him, so how about letting him finish."

With this Emma stomped off, not to her sunlounger, but inside. Jane squatted down in her cutoff jeans, her now braless breasts shifting freely under the sleeveless tee, then she said; "So good to see you can keep your mind on the job with such a spunky distraction tempting you."

"Heck, just imagine what your husband would say if he found me rubbing oil into his young daughter's back, all while I am supposed to be doing my job," I said calmly.

Jane smiled, then broke into a bit of a giggle, saying; "My husband hasn't been around for years, but yes I guess you're right, he wouldn't like to find the plumber rubbing his daughter."

"But didn't you say that you prefer women not girls, so perhaps I will have more luck in distracting you from your task," Jane saucily inquired.

"Yes M'am, you are far more distracting than your young daughter, but even so, I still gotta get this job done today," I said as politely as I could.

"OK, I will leave you to the dirty work then young man," Jane grinned as she wiggled her breasts a little more, her nipples now protruding thru the cotton of her tee....and she seemed to be enjoying my eyes roaming over her whole voluptuous body.

With her butt jiggling a little in the cutoffs, she sauntered away from me, taking the time to turn around and wave suggestively as she was about to go into the house, making sure that I watched her well tanned curves all the way....she grinned oh so saucily as she went into the house....damn!

At about 4 in the afternoon I had the job done, my tools packed up in my van, as I knocked on the open door Jane came scurrying out onto the back deck in a hurry, her full boobs now fair swaying under the thin fabric. Once more her nipples were poking out, waiting for some attention, Jane smiling as she watched me watching her form....

Signing off my jobsheet Jane made sure to brush one of her breasts along my arm, I am sure she looked me right in the eye as she did it, gauging my response.

I just smiled at her, then told her; "It would pay to not run any water thru the spapool drain until tomorrow afternoon, just to make sure the glue has time to set properly."

"Oh, OK, that's not a problem, but can I ask your advice on something else while you're still here," Jane asked. Initially I thought this was just a ploy but when she showed me her ensuite shower, complete with a leaking handset hose it was obvious there was a real reason for her request. "Is that something you've got in the van or will you need to get a new hose elsewhere," Jane asked as she showed me her minor problem.

"Yeah, I don't have one in the van, but if you like I can call around tomorrow with a new one, any particular time suit you," I asked Jane, who now was looking rather pleased with herself.

"Best first thing in the morning, if possible," Jane said with a hopeful look on her face.

"I'm sure we've got a hose to suit these fittings," I said as I undid one end just to make sure I knew what I was looking for. "So around 8 is OK by you then," I asked Jane.

"Yeah, eight is great," Jane replied with a big grin, her expression now changing to a more devious one. I like facial expressions, and now looking at Jane, with her stiff nipples and naughty smirk on her face was enough to make me go hard....but not fast enough for Jane to notice.

Next morning I knocked on Jane's door around 7.45am, purposely turning up a little earlier than planned. Jane swung open the door shortly after my knock, indicating she'd been spying on the driveway.... As she stood there in a short dressing gown I was immediately distracted by her full breasts, once more she had those puppies swinging free, nipples already at attention. How is a guy supposed to focus on the job at hand when the lady of the house opens the door for you wearing nothing but a flimsy gown, a come fuck me smile and the first thing she says is: "Just in case you were wondering, Emma is at Uni all day today, so come on in Mr Plumber!"

With the replacement hose in hand I undid my boots on the porch, giving me a few seconds to take in Jane's well tanned legs. The very next sensation was an aroma of hot pussy wafting towards me, damn this girl was primed and ready to go!

Let's just say that I made it into the house, but I didn't make it to her shower to replace the leaking hose, not for a while anyway.....

Once the door closed I took Jane in my arms and drew her to me, her lips found mine and in short order she was ramming her tongue into my mouth. Her pelvis now began pushing into my rigid dick, Jane enjoying rubbing herself up and down my protruding dick and just breathing heavy at the way her pussy was being nudged by my rigid prong.

As I peeled the robe off her shoulders Jane gasped slightly, my hands cupping her large breasts firmly, then as I began kissing my way down her neck towards her big nipples she reached for my crotch to cop a feel of my heavy dick.

Jane wrapped her fingers around my dick, still encased in my shorts and her only words were; "Nice package young man, how about you let me unwrap it, NOW!"

Letting her nipple escape from between my lips I just watched as Jane urgently undid my shorts, then yanked my underwear down together with my shorts. At once my cock sprang free, pointing up to the ceiling proudly. Jane was now breathing more rapidly and as she once again wrapped her fingers around my throbbing dick she grinned at me with a big 'cat got the cream' grin...but she didn't say anything, she just got on her knees and without any fanfare or preparation she just opened her mouth and sucked me in between her lips....

For several minutes she sucked and slurped on my heavy dick, cupping my full balls at the same time, occasionally running a fingernail from my arsecrack down over my balls and then up my shaft...she really knew how to treat a stiff prick!!

I didn't want to cum in her mouth, not yet anyway, so I made my way to the floor and got us into a 69'er position. This lady had no qualms spreading her thighs for me, readily offering me her hairy wet pussy to devour.... As my tongue probed into her pubes, she took the opportunity to suck one of my balls into her mouth, thus causing me to momentarily stop tonguing her snatch....

But the arome of her hot pussy was beckoning me forward, into her juicy cleft, and before long I had my face buried in her tasty puss....tongue delving into her juicy hole and chin rubbing on her clit. It was when I felt like I was going to blow off into her mouth that I focused on her rigid clit without mercy, sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue alternately....her breathing was now becoming shallow, I was hoping to bring her off before I blew a load down her throat...and I did it, if only just, Jane squirmed in orgasm, her pelvis thrusting at my tongue forcefully several times....

It was after she'd had a few seconds to come to terms with this orgasm that she went at sucking my cock with renewed vigour....her action and urgency making it clear I wasn't going to hold back, nor did she want me to!

Just as I was about to cum, Jane spat out my dick and wanked me off on her big tits, one ball in her mouth at the same time....damn that was good! As she tenderly milked the last few drops onto her bosom she nipped my balls with her teeth, causing me to jump off her in a hurry...not that I was worried about it, I just wasn't expecting it!

"Righto, let's hit the shower," Jane ordered. "Oh, and don't worry about the leaking hose just yet, just bring yourself," Jane saucily remarked as we got up off the hallway floor. She led me to her bedroom ensuite, ran the water and soon we were rubbing into each other once more, the soap and hot water making our bodies all slippery and sensual....

Once Jane was satisfied we were both clean, she put her back up against the wall, grabbed my stiff prick and drew me towards her. As she hiked up one leg, she said; "No discussion here, just drive that yummy prick into me!"

I just looked into her lustfilled eyes and let Jane maneuver my cock into position, then thrust forward gently, my knob sliding into her tight fanny on the second thrust.

"Yeah, that's it," Jane egged me on, "now push it all into me, let me have all of that big cock in my cunt!"

No more words were spoken for a few minutes as I shafted Jane deep and slow against the shower wall of her ensuite....damn, how I love hot and willing women who just grab what they want.

By now I had Jane's legs wrapped around my waist,a nd holding this yummy mummy up against the shower wall was getting to be an exhausting task, her being such a lovely curvy specimen and all.... But luckily she clenched her clam tight around my fuckstick and almost silently came again... Then she opened her eyes and the animal in her just seemed to tell me to fill her juicy slot with I did just that, slamming deep into her tight little slot and draining my balls.

It was as she unwrapped her legs from my waist that we nearly fell over in the shower, making us both laugh out loud...

"Just imagine what would happen if we got into trouble in this position," Jane quipped, "your boss might fire your ass."

I didn't say anything to this, knowing full well that Debbie would just demand my cock up her almost always willing pussy, but instead of sharing this detail I just laughed at Jane's remark.

It was while we were laughing that my cellphone rang, causing Jane to giggle; "That's your work, just checking whether the hose fitted at my place....just tell them my pussy could just make your big hose fit....gggrrrrr," Jane winking and carrying on as I ignored the phone for the moment.

Unfortunately the phone rang again, and this time Jane mimicked the cracking of the whip, then adding; "Best you answer that young man, or they'll send a search party and find you in my bedroom...naked and fully erect!" Jane was having a great laugh at this...

"Nick speaking," I said as I answered the phone, getting Trish on the other end.

"What the hell is going on young fella, shafting old ladies again huh," Trish laughingly remarked.

"As a matter of fact....." I said, leaving the best pair unspoken.

"Well, get your pants back on and get to your next job," Trish said with an unsure tone in her voice.

As I hung up, Jane and I got dressed and yes, I did even replace her leaking shower hose.

"Better come back on the weekend to test this shower hose Nick," Jane asked hopefully. "If you are free that is," she added after thinking about her request briefly.

"Sure, would love to," I said before I took Jane in my arms once more and kissed her softly. Her tongue quickly naked its way into my mouth and my cock began rising up in between her thighs, soon nudging at her juicy cleft once more....

"But right now I better get back to doing some work," I said as I withdrew from our embrace and quickly got dressed.

Leaving Jane my card with all my numbers I urged her to give me a call later in the week with a time, then bid her farewell, leaving a yummy mummy with a pussy full of my, I do have some good days on the job!

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