Plumber's Perks Ch. 6

by PlumberNickNZ


After all the fun with Kim and Gloria, and the trouble it had gotten me into at work, I was a little hesitant when Debbie rang me after work one night.

"Nick, I've got a difficult question for you," Debbie started. "I don't know really whether I should be asking this of you," Debbie hesitantly continued.

Feeling my usual cheeky self I just chipped in, "Well boss, given that we have a rather intense and close working relationship, I don't see what could be difficult to ask."

Seeing that it was only just after 7 o'clock I suggested to Debbie that maybe it would be easier if I just came over to her place so we could have this difficult discussion face-to-face. When I suggested it, Debbie just jumped at the chance, "Yes please come over Nick," she quickly said.

"See you in about twenty minutes then Debbie," I said before hanging up the phone. By this point Debbie and I had made love at least a dozen times. Now even though I had a feeling that I'd be making love to Debbie again tonight I didn't want to go over there underdressed, just in case I had the wrong idea.

So given that it was still the middle of summer and I was a regular gym goer I figured I'd be able to get away with wearing some gym shorts and a polo top, along with my cross trainers. Really casual, but then I was doing it on the pretense of heading from Debbie's to the gym.....

I knocked on Debbie's door and she opened it within seconds, as if she'd been standing behind the door, waiting for her young lover/employee to come to her lair. "Hey there young man, nice to see you again so soon," Debbie jokingly said as she led me thru to the lounge.

"Care for a drink Nick," Deb asked as she refilled her own G & T.

"How about a mild bourbon and coke," I asked as Debbie nodded and said, "Coming right up."

With drinks in hand Debbie then led us out onto her patio, which was now enjoying the last couple of hours of afternoon sun. This backyard was rather spectacular, in that it had a harbour view in the distance, but it was also completely private. The driveway coming up to the house from the road was on the other side of the house, completely closed in by dense foliage. The neighbours were at least 100 metres either side and again obscured by dense bush. So on a large section, Debbie had a really nice big bungalow with a decent sized lawn which really was the ideal adults playground.....

Not having been to Debbie's place in daylight before I took in the view and surroundings with interest. Debbie saw me looking around and asked, "Like what you see then Nick, completely private," smiling and then adding, "I usually sunbathe in the nude up here, I just love the sun and wind on my naked skin."

Forgetting the reason for me coming over for a second I let my mind drift to being naked with Debbie on her back cock started stirring a little and I had thoughts of taking Debbie right now... but I thought better of it.

As Debbie lay back on her sunlounger she sipped her drink, then started, "Nick, I have something to ask you, which is difficult for me even though you've been making love to this old bird for a while now."

Staying silent I just waited for Deb to state her case, so just taking a sip from my drink I leaned over to her side and nodded with a big smile on my face.

"OK, I know I am being silly here, but I just feel funny asking you this," Debbie squirmed.

Still remaining silent I couldn't think what it was she wanted, but to reassure her I said, "Well Debbie, I don't offend easily, so how about you just lay your cards on the table?. And by the way you look oh so sexy when you're in doubt."

Taking another sip of my drink I then lay back in my own lounger and closed my eyes, just letting Debbie mull over her dilemma for a few seconds. "How about I just listen while you work your way around this little problem," I said when it seemed like Debbie wasn't going to come out with it.

After what seemed like an eternity, Debbie started, "Well, alright then, if you're sure you won't get mad. You see the last couple of months have been amazing for me. Starting when I caught you and Trish doing the naughty on the reception desk, to when you gave me a quick screw in my office last week, while a supplier's rep was waiting in reception, only a couple of metres away.....damn, that was hot," she said dreamily. Continuing, she went, "Now I am wondering how you would feel about joining me at a little party I am looking to throw for a couple of really good friends from the tennis club. Connie is a young widow, she'll be 47 next month and then there's Samantha who is divorced and she's 51."

I was listening with intent, my cock was slowly swelling at the thought of a group session with three older horny women....wondering if I could handle such a prospect...

Debbie was now on a roll, carrying on, "Now the idea that I had, Nick, was to see if you felt up to doing the barbecue for us, here, on a Saturday afternoon. By the time the girls have had a few drinks then they'll no doubt be ogling you and suggesting you do some stripping for them. They don't know that I've been on the receiving end of your beautiful cock for some time, and I don't want to let them in on that either."

As I smiled at the thought of this, I looked across at Debbie, who by now had her nipples proudly standing erect and pointing thru her bra and top. Her face looked flushed and to me Debbie looked as if she was expecting me to freak out. Instead I got up from my lounger and took a few steps out onto the lawn, did a little twirl as I peeled my polo shirt off....then began fiddling with my gym shorts...

Debbie put her drink down and got up to join me, she called out, "Yes, that's kind of the idea, but let's work on the finer points a little later. Right now I can't think of anything other than getting naked with you on this lawn!"

Taking me by the waist, Deb kissed me firmly on the lips, taking hold of my bum and giving it a good solid squeeze as I ran my hands up and down her back. Deb was now overdressed so I peeled her cotton T-shirt up her torso and in doing so also flicked her bra open. In short order she was topless, just like me.

Feeling her hard nipples poking into my chest, I said, "Now that is what I like to see on a warm summer evening, a sexy lady who is intent on following her instincts...."

Debbie ran a hand from my bum around to my crotch and grasped my stiff member, saying, "I don't know about instincts, but I know that this is an interesting about I focus some of my attention on this gorgeous hot cock of yours then Nick?"

"You just do what you want with me boss, I love being your toyboy," I said demurely as Debbie's hand found her way into the top of my shorts and was now gripping my rigid prick.

"Is that right, so I can order you around and you'll obey my every command then," Deb enquired as she stroked my cock and my neck at the same time.

"Try it, you'll never know how much control you have, I will do my utmost to tease and please you," I continued as my cock twitched forcefully in her hand, causing Debbie to break out into a lasvicious smile.

For several minutes Deb continued stroking my prick, as I busied myself running my hands all over her mature tanned body, caressing her firm sensitive nipples, squeezing her ample butt and unbuttoning her 3/4 pants and letting them slide to the floor.

"Oh I see, trying to get ahead of me huh," Deb said as she deftly janked my shorts to my ankles, then taking my knob into her mouth and sucking me briefly.

It was when Debbie stepped out of her pants, now naked except her cotton knickers, and walked behind me to sharply slap my bum that it became obvious she was comfortable taking charge. "Righto, here's what I do with someone who thinks he can pull my pants off me," Debbie said with a sharp tone in her voice, slapping my butt with the palm of her hand, leaving a stinging warm sensation.

My cock was just straining by now, the slaps really turning me on beyond the norm. "Nice cock, young man, can I ride it," Deb asked in a mock serious voice. "So how about you get on your back, let me slide my hungry pussy onto that hunk of meat," Debbie said as she came around to my front again, now taking hold of my balls as well as stroking my rampant cock slowly...

As I got onto the grass, I was barely flat on my back when I saw Deb peeling off her damp knickers and kneel either side of my hips, trapping my balls with her hot pussy. Feeling the heat of her sex on the base of my shaft and balls, I couldn't wait for this hot blooded older woman to sink her cunt onto my throbbing dick.

Instead, she just sat there for a few seconds, smiling and looking at me. Then she said, "You know how hot I get, knowing that you want to stick that big cock into my old cunt? How everytime I see you at work my pussy tingles at the thought of you eating me out? How I just love the feeling of that fat cock sliding into me for ages....damn, you make this old bird young again!!"

I reached up for her breasts and just said, "Please stop teasing me and let me slide into your tight little pussy, please don't make me wait any longer," almost begging my boss to fuck me.

"Alright then, if it will shut you up for a bit," Debbie said as she moved up a little to let my knob find the entrance to her pleasure hole.

As my cock slid partly into her luscious pussy, Debbie's mouth opened partly and as she rolled her head back she just let her body drop down onto mine, my whole prick sliding into her juicy slot.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, I love that glorious cock reaming my snatch! Oh fuck you're so hard Nick, I can feel you twitch inside my cunt! Fuck that feels good," Debbie moaned as she rode my throbbing fuckstick.

When Deb leaned over me I could tongue her breasts and suck her big nipples, causing her to moan louder as she kept furiously pumping her pelvis up and down on my cock. The situation, outdoors in Deb's backyard in the fading sunlight was a real turn on, the free and easy feeling Debbie had now developed towards me and our lovemaking was also a tremendous turn on.

For a long time Debbie just continued riding me, sitting up and grinding herself down onto me, then sliding back and forth. Every few minutes she'd stay still on my cock and cum, first up gently, getting more intense with each subsequent orgasm.

"Oh damn, it's time for you to get on top young man, these old legs need a rest," Deb announced as she rolled off me and beckoned me to jump on top.

"That's it, get that yummy dick back into my hungry pussy, don't muck around so much, I NEED that cock inside me," Debbie groaned as I apparently took half a second too long in the transition to the missionary position.

"Spread 'em nice and wide, make some room for a horny young dick," I huskily said as I nudged her thighs apart with my knees, splaying her wide as I aimed my dick back to its heavenly hiding place.

For an older woman with curves she sure could move once she had a stiff penis inserted at the base of her spine.....wriggling and squirming every which way, then cumming with abandon and urging me to fuck her some more, harder and deeper.

"Go harder, go deeper, harder, don't be gentle with me, FUCK ME HARD Nick! Oh yes, fuck me hard, please Nicky baby," she pleaded as my balls began banging against her butt. "Oooohhh, I love to feel your nuts slapping into me, oohh yeahhhh, ram that fat donger into me, keep giving it to me....yeah fuck me good," Debbie breathed and moaned. I just love to see a classy woman go all primal when in the heat of a sexual encounter.....

I love a vocal woman, giving me a running commentary of what she wants, how much she's enjoying the current action etc. Debbie certainly could give a commentary when she was impaled on my young cock!!

When Debbie's pussy started clenching tight around my dick I just lot it and she knew I was about to fill her cunt....instead she ordered, "Pull out and spray it onto my tummy Nick, I want to see your cock spew out it's load!

So as I pulled out of her juicy slot I took hold of my cock and began tugging rapidly, then the first shot went right up and over her ample breasts, hitting her on the underside of her chin. Debbie just freaked and moaned, "Oh fuck you're spraying me in the face!"

There were several more spurts of thick spunk, each subsequent shot landing lower on her torso. In the end she had a spunk trail from chin to pussy, with the last dribbles just milked onto her clit, matting her short clipped pussy hair with a nice dollop of man juice.....

"Fuck that was hot, seeing you pull that beautiful cock and spraying me with your spunk! Oh, I love to feel your spunk on my body," Deb said as she began rubbing it into her.

I couldn't resist, going down on her pussy as she rubbed my spunk into her skin. Debbie was a little slow, she didn't see what I was up to until my tongue was almost on her clit, but almost instantly she shrieked, "Oh damn, yes! Lick my pearl, suck it into your mouth and flick it, YYYEEEESSSSSS! Oh shit, oh shit, oh damn," she kept saying as she was hit by a savage orgasm, shaking her whole body in response to a gently sucking and licking action on her overheated clit.... yummy!!!!

Laying my head down on her thigh I looked up at Debbie, who was looking down at me with a red flush all over her face and torso, so I asked, "Now what was that about Connie and Samantha?'

Debbie just grinned like the cat that got the cream and lay back, breathing rapidly and saying, "Oh fuck, let me catch my breath first would you Nick!

With my dick back at full attention I climbed between her still spread legs, with Deb looking at me with disbelief, "Please no more," Deb said as I then lay down alongside her.

"Oh damn, that was awesome," Deb said as we cuddled up together, enjoying the fading sunlight. "Now, about Connie and Samantha, what I had in mind was you doing the barbie, then as the alcohol loosens the girls up they'll want you to show more and more of your firm young body," Deb went, "then just see how far they're willing to go. Both of them are always saying how they'd love to have a young fella take them, so I was just looking to play up to that desire."

"Like a lamb to the slaughter I guess," I said laughingly. "That's gotta be dodgy, a young fella like me with three horny older women," I mused as Debbie was looking at me with wide eyes.

"If you're too chicken to be in that situation...then I guess it's not gonna happen," Deb said with a sulk.

"Hell, just set the scene and I'll be there," I finally said and Debbie just broke into another of her lusty grins...

"Alright, atta cowboy," Deb howled as she then cupped my heavy balls and stroked my still rigid cock, giving me a quick handjob to finish off an impromptu get together...

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