Plumber's Perks Ch. 5

by PlumberNickNZ



The day after I screwed Trish on the reception desk I came into work the normal time and I swear I could smell the aroma of sex still hanging in the air....

Anyway, got into my van and went off to my first call of the day before Trish even got in. It was about 9am when my cellphone rang and it was Trish just checking if everything was fine with me, just touching base to say thanks for a great time last night and so forth.

It made me smile the way women always make such a big deal out of getting fucked good and proper, and then how much effort they go to in order to get a repeat performance....when all they have to do is pretty much give us a booty call...hell, most guys would come a runnin....

Around lunchtime I called into the office/workshop to get some parts for my afternoon appointments and it was at this point that things got a little tricky. You see, I think Debbie is pretty clever in her own way and even though she is in her early fifties she's still a hot blooded woman with needs that only a man can deal to... Now with Trish walking around with this big shit eating grin and being all friendly and affectionate towards me it didn't take Debbie long to put two and two together...

Debbie didn't make a fuss just yet, but when she caught me shagging Trish one night after she came back into the office unexpectedly she sure didn't waste any time showing who was boss around there.... She must have been standing there watching us for some time, hell knows I'd had my cock inside Trish for maybe 15 minutes before I heard Debbie's voice from the shadows: "Damn you two should be fired for this!!"

Neither Trish nor I said anything, we didn't know what to do or say right at that instant...I pulled out of Trish's juicy hole and we stayed silent for a few seconds, then Debbie started off again: "I know I should fire you both, right now, but then I haven't seen a guy go at a woman for as long as you Nick....and damn Trish, you are one lucky bitch to be getting shafted by that heavy prong...." It was when Debbie came out of the shadows, with one hand on her breast, the other in her slacks, obviously tweaking her clit...that I knew we wouldn't be fired right then and there.....

"Now come on Nick, don't stop feeding Trish's pussy just yet, she hasn't cum yet," Debbie said, as Trish looked at me with a beetroot red face. "Go on," Debbie urged, "stuff that hunk of meat back into her wet fuckhole, she seems to enjoy it!"

It was when I hesitantly put my knob back in between Trish's wet lips that she screamed: "No, I can't do this with Deb watching," leapt off the desk and ran out of the office, leaving just Debbie and me standing there.

"And then there were two," Debbie said with a dramatic voice, "or are you running off as well Nick?"

"No M'am I am not about to run off, after all you haven't dismissed me yet," I said with as much subservience as I could muster.

"Good choice young man," Deb said quietly, then she dropped her slacks and knickers on the floor, stepped out of them and sat back in Trish's office chair. As she spread her legs I saw her bushy cunt, with her cuntlips swollen and pink, protruding from the dense forest of dark curls....the aroma of her hot pussy was wafting towards my nostrils...I didn't wait to be told what to do, I just kneeled in front of Madam and buried my face in her pussy.

"Oh yes, I just love a young man who knows what to do without being told," Debbie said appreciatively as I let my tongue slither into her wet grotto, slurping up the thick juicy lube that was gathering at the entrance to her mature bushy snatch.

I said nothing, I just let my mouth do the work that Debbie so obviously wanted and now enjoyed immensely, judging by her moaning and groaning.

"Yes, that's it," she cooed, "stick that tongue up my old cunt, lick my snatch." Then when I moved up towards her clitoris she caught her breath sharply, cursing briefly: "holy shit that's great, yeah, do that again young man, tickle the clit, suck it and lick it.....oohhh yeah, that's the way, keep giving an old girl some tongue loving.....oooohhhhh, that's fantastic," she cried out as I then inserted first one, then two fingers into her juicy slot, slowly finger fucking her at the same time as I was caressing her clit.

For the moment I was convinced that if I serviced Debbie well then she would at least give me a decent reference, holding on to my job was a distant hope at this on this notion I just kept licking and tonguing her very appreciative fanny.

It was after a few orgasms that Debbie finally told me to stand up, "let me have a good look at that hunk of meat you've got there Nick." Once on my feet she told me to take off my shirt and so here I was standing in the office with just my workboots and socks on, my prick standing rigidly at attention, within Debbie's reach. She licked her lips, grabbed hold of me and promptly plonked my knob into her mouth, sucking my knob several times before spitting it out and announcing boldly; "right that's enough foreplay, shove it up my hungry snatch, NOW!!"

OK, a lady in heat shall be obeyed so when Debbie put her bum on the reception desk I didn't hesitate at all, she just took hold of my fat shaft and leaned back as she guided me to her hot box. "Righto, let's have it," she confidently said, "no mucking around here, shove it all in, in one go, or I WILL fire you Nick."

Oh well I thought, here goes nothing, and with one forceful thrust I plunged all ten inches into Deb's old but also very experienced fuckhole, immediately causing her to tilt her head back and moan loudly: "Oh fuck, now that's a COCK!! Oh yeah, fuck me good young man...."

For as long as I could hold back I shafted my boss, she actually was a pretty decent fuck, given that she was old enough to be my mother. Her pussy liked clenching tight around my cock from time to time, and when I managed to get her boobs out in the open she also enjoyed me tweaking her nipples, then sucking them into my mouth.

After a few minutes of giving Deb a gentle but thorough shafting she came noisily, then she told me to give her a hard and fast shag; "don't hold back now, I want you to splatter my cunt with spunk, on the inside young man....don't you dare pull out and spray it into my pubes....I want to feel your young fat cock twitch and jerk as you cum deep in my fuckhole...I love getting my cunny pumped full of young spunk!!"

Oh hell, she was enjoying it as much as I was, so I just gave this mature lady on heat all I had, ramming my knob deep into her slippery slot, banging my nuts against her flabby butt, groping her sagging titties and just getting into it all round.

After what seemed like an eternity, but would have only been minutes in reality, she wailed out louder than before and her cunt started twitching around my cock in earnest....her breathing went off the charts and she just started ranting and raving: "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh yeah fuck me, drill me, do me, ream me, cream me, oh yeah, just fuck me," and so she kept going until shortly thereafter my balls clenched up tight and my dick spewed a nice load of young cum deep into old Debbie....keeping my dick planted firmly in her fanny, right to the balls, I cuddled her tight as we both regained our breath.

Finally Debbie lovingly kissed me, the first time since we started getting hot and heavy. It was when her pussy clamped tight that she realised my cock was still rockhard and buried to the hilt in her snatch, she stuck her tongue into my mouth and kept clenching her cunny around my dick.

So figuring I might as well go the whole hog I started shagging Debbie once more, by now her cunt had loosened up a fair bit and the movement of my dick in and out of her made some interesting squelching noises...she laughed at the noises our coupling made, but she kept coming back to kiss me over and over and I just kept plowing her hungry cunt with my fuckstick.

Her eyes were glazed over by now as she kept kissing me, looking down at my big dick sliding into her hairy old snatch, my hands fondling her tits and tweaking her nipples....she was really getting into this in a way that I never expected....right there I found that there's a whole lot of truth in the old saying about older women making beautiful lovers....

After I pumped the second load into her hungry box she just lay back on the reception desk in exhaustion, even though I had done the majority of the work.... "Damn, that was some workout," she panted as I let my cock slide from her well used pussy.

Thinking about my reference I got on my knees and started kissing her well spunked cunt and when I drove my tongue deep into her fuckhole I could taste my own spunk oozing back down to meet me. Debbie went frantic as I then sucked her clit gently between my lips and hummed and licked at the same time.... "Ooooohhhhh yyeeeessss," she screamed practically at the top of her voice.

After she started cumming she pushed my head away, "please Nick no more, I can't handle anymore, PLEASE Nick, no more.....that was just fantastic man, I can't believe I could go off like that," she said to herself as we just caught our breath for a little while, in silence.

Debbie spoke first, saying: "I think I might have to change your job description to personal assistant, if you are up to it that is," leering at me with this big grin and a wink on her face...

"Actually, I was thinking you'd fire me Debbie," I said, unsure of myself at this point.

"Fire you," Debbie exclaimed, "fire you!! Damn, I haven't cum like that since....fuck I can't remember when, the LAST thing I would do is fire you, hell I'd keep you on and beg you to do this to me once a year and even pay you for it....fuck me, I haven't been shafted like that since before I was married." Again it was almost as though she was talking to herself, "I love that big cock, and when you didn't pull out after cumming in me, then stayed hard and started all over....damn, I am pleased I didn't faint!!!"

That sorted we got back into our clothes and said our goodnight.

Later that night Debbie rang me to say she'd been over to Trish's and that all was well there, she wasn't mad at me or her and she'd be back at work in the morning.

But the next morning things were far from normal, both women were in the office alright, both of them giggling like schoolgirls when I said good morning to them...and looking at me like I was naked, unashamedly looking at my crotch, telling me I should wear tighter shorts to show off the hunk of meat hiding in there.

From here on in both Debbie and Trish felt free and easy enough around me to grope my bum but more often than not my crotch, always when no one else was around of course. The reverse was also open though, I could grope their big titties whenever I wanted, take their buns into my hand, and Trish in particular made a great show out of wearing the highest heels she could manage along with some really short skirts, taking every opportunity to give me a view up between her hungry thighs at her tasty snatch.

How would I ever get any paperwork done around these two women on heat??

For some reason Debbie usually had the upper hand though, as she had a private office with a lockable door.... many a time she'd ring me and ask me to "drop by her office" for a "chat" and as soon as I'd closed the door behind me she'd stand up, hike her dress or skirt up and pretty much let me do as I wanted with her. She just loved calling me into her office and have me stuff my fat cock into her pussy without any real foreplay, then at other times I'd do a long slow licking session before driving my pole into her grotto.

But for the most part Debbie just loved being shafted, and she enjoyed being shafted hard and fast, and as long as possible. She would tell me that the feeling of my nuts banging against her clit, when I'd take her from behind, were just about enough to make her cum...but the feeling of my fat pussy reamer driving into her folds...well, she'd say with love...that cock of yours is what I worship...

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