Plumber's Perks Ch. 4

by PlumberNickNZ


Now after the initial problem with Trish and Debbie asking questions about the tapwasher job I did at Mrs Gloria Parker's house I thought I was in the clear.

Trish kept teasing me about older women, giving good "customer service" and all that. So when Kim rang a second time to request a return visit by young Nick, Trish's radar locked onto this immediately.

Like I said earlier at some point, a return visit means either you cocked the job up, or as it was in this case the lady of the house wants your cock up her....and these were pretty much the words Trish used, now feeling much bolder in her interaction with me.

It was when I got back from the second job at Kim's place, and spending a good bit of time making love to her, that Trish decided to up the ante.

"So Nick," she started late that afternoon, "how was this job at Ms Kim Jacobsen's house then. Blocked drain one day, then a return call for something else, what was it this time young man? Perhaps a leaking dishwasher connection, or was it simply a case of she needed her flange screwed huh??"

Trish was always pretty direct but she seemed to be gaining in confidence when it came to me, using more filthy lingo towards me, perhaps she saw thru me, cause she ended with this warning: "If Debbie finds out you are screwing customers on company time she's gonna fire you!!"

"Who is gonna fire who," Debbie asked as she came within earshot. Trish looked at me with some concern, then turned to Debbie and calmly said; "oh, nothing boss, we're just screwing around here."

"Well, as long as any screwing is done outside company time I don't care," Debbie grinned, as she walked out for the day, leaving Trish and me alone.

This made me feel uneasy, as usually Debbie was somewhat uptight about sexual innuendo, almost as though both Trish and Debbie knew fulwell what I had been up to.

It was when Trish walked to the front door and locked it that she jokingly said: "Just locking the door so nobody will find us doing it on the reception desk....clicking her heels together and sashaying back to her desk for good measure....unless you're too chicken that is Nicky baby"... leaving the words hanging in the air....

"Too chicken for what," I said, pretending to be engrossed in finishing off my paperwork for the day.

Trish wasn't annoyed at this at all, she just calmly stated: "Yeah, that's what I thought, too chicken to give old Red a quick screw on the reception desk huh?"

Now I should perhaps describe old Red, she's in here late thirties, stands only 5 foot 2 and has a really petite build, except for her chest being about a 36D which looks a little oversized on her small frame. She normally wore really high heels to compensate for her lack of height, short skirts to make her slender legs look longer and she loved showing off her ample chest. Normally quite reserved in the way she talked with the guys, but she'd been giving me some dirty lingo recently.....

"No, not chicken at all, just waiting for you to get into position," I said without looking up from my paperwork. My cock was awake by now, growing to half mast....

"OK, let's go then," I heard from behind me as it sounded as though Trish had hopped onto the reception desk.

As I got up and turned around she had indeed hopped up onto the reception desk, putting her crotch at the perfect height for my cock. "Oh, I see you are ready, well then let me get on with it," I said boldly as I walked around in front of her. Nudging her knees apart I ran a hand up her thigh as I kissed her lips at the same time.

As my fingers found her naked pussy already slightly damp, her tongue snaked its way into my mouth. With my other hand I undid my cargo shorts and dropped my underwear at the same time, letting my now rigid prick spring against her thigh. Trish gasped when she felt my cock touch her thighs, then as I placed my knob at the entrance to her pussy she gasped; "ooohhh shit, you weren't kidding!!"

With a gentle nudge my knob slipped between her lips and Trish gasped again; "oooohhhh yesss, that's yummy!!" On the next stroke I pushed about three quarters into her, then on the third stroke I drove my whole cock into old Red, causing her head to roll back as she seemed surprised to feel so much cock sliding into her....

"Oooohhh damn, that's some cock you got there Nicky baby," she cooed as I continued driving in and out of her now nicely lubed puss, unbuttoning her blouse and freeing her ample chest from its confines.

It was when I undid her bra that I got my surprise, her boobs were real, not plastic as I suspected. Feeling the heavy fleshy orbs in my hands while her tight hot box was wrapped around my cock was delicious.

When Trish wrapped her legs around my bum and locked her high heeled feet together to pull me into her I started shafting her pussy in earnest. She seemed eager to be fucked hard and fast, holding onto my shoulders while I tweaked her huge nipples. Trish's breathing became shallow as she approached her first orgasm, her yummy pussy convulsing around my shaft as she she came down she lay back on the reception desk, her ankles still locked together behind my arse, still pulling me into her.

Taking hold of her waist I now began shafting Trish in a random pattern, slow, shallow, deep, fast, and her breathing became more erratic.... There is something tremendously exciting about fucking a lady you work with, at work, while she's laying back on the reception desk, skirt around her waist, my cock up her pussy, blouse open, boobs out with her stiff nipples still wet from me sucking on them....

It was when Trish started to cum a second time that I lost it, pumping her pussy full of spunk, or all that I had left after drilling Kim that morning, leaving her pussy nice and sticky for me to lick clean...which I started on as soon as I had finished cumming inside her.

The fact I slipped down to lick her pussy had taken Trish completely by surprise, not that she complained at all, she just moaned away freely as I licked her from arsehole to clit, letting my tongue slither into her juicy hole, then sucking her meaty cuntlips into my mouth....yummy....

It was when I buried my tongue deep in her hole and started sucking my cum out of her, whilst nudging her clit with my nose that Trish started off into orbit again....mouthing: "Yeah, tongue my box, ream my hole, ooohhh that's sooo good," she just kept up a commentary as I slurped her fanny all over. Taking her clit in between my lips brought a sudden silence to Trish, marked only by a sharp intake of breath....

This silence didn't last long, for when I then started tonguing her stiff clit whilst holding it between my lips, Trish's breathing became very intense, slidng two fingers into her wet hole only intensified less than a minute she moaned out loud, creamed my fingers, bucked her pelvis into my mouth forcefully several times as she came with gusto.....taking half a minute or so to come down while I softly kept kissing her pussylips.....

After she'd regained her composure somewhat I took her clit between my lips again, this time she took only seconds to scream out again.....then a third attempt brought the same response...I just kept going back for more tonguing of her delightful pussy.....relishing the giving of so much intense pleasure...Hey it's true that giving is much better than receiving, it's like money in the bank, it will come back to you many times over.....

After a few more orgasms on Trish's part my cock was ready for a second dive into old Red's juicy snatch. As I got up and aimed my dick at Red's fanny she saw my cock and exclaimed: "damn that's a nice fat cock you've got there Nicky baby, oh yeah, just ram it into me, I am so wet I could take on a horse....yeah, that feels so good," she practically screamed out as I slid into her balldeep in one swift stroke. Damn this girl was wet, I love sliding into a horny wet pussy, anytime anyplace.....

Trish was still just laying back on the reception desk, mouth wide open as I shafted her a second time. When I was getting close to cumming she aid she wanted it in her mouth so I pulled out and she kneeled in front of me in a flash, taking my cock into her mouth before she was even settled on her knees. She sucked and slurped with enthusiasm, groping my nuts firmly as she bobbed her mouth up and down on my shaft.

Seeing her big white tits bouncing along in rhythm was a real turnon, Trish caught on to me watching her big beauties and she promptly spat out my cock and wrapped her alabaster boulders around my throbbing dick, doing me spanish style, taking the knob into her mouth each time it popped out from between her beauties..... Before long I was blowing off into her mouth, Trish letting me blow onto her tongue, then letting my spunk run onto her big titties and rubbing the spunk into them. "Good moisturiser," she explained as I watched in wonderment.

I helped her up off the floor and she wrapped her arms around me, kissed me and then told me she never thought I'd be game to do what I had just done.....

"Hey, I love older women," I just calmly said, "especially if they're hot for sex.... like you."

"Well," Trish said, "I was hoping you'd be up for it, that's why I took my knickers off earlier." She reached into her handbag sitting on her desk and gave me her still damp knickers, putting them into my cargo shorts as I was doing them up.

"So when can I have some more of that delicious cock babe," she asked.

"You can have as much as you want, anytime," I said, before kissing her tenderly on the lips. I helped her with her bra, taking some time to gently cup her impressive breasts thru the bra and softly running my fingers over her nipples, bringing a smile to Trish's face as she flinched with excitement as her nipps grew hard at my touch.

"OK, best I leave you to finish up then, see ya tomorrow lover, I mean Trish," I said as I waved to her and went out thru the workshop.

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