Plumber's Perks Ch. 3

by PlumberNickNZ


The first encounter with Gloria was really hot, and even though I wanted to go and see her everyday I didn't want to lose my job either. So what I did was wait until after the weekend and called her. When Gloria answered her cellphone and she found out it was me, she sounded very relieved and turned on at the same time.

"So glad you called Nicky baby," she softly said into her phone, so softly that I could barely hear her. "Can I call you back later," she asked hesitantly.

"Sure," was all I said.

Now there were some questions from Trish, the admin clerk in our office, about why it took almost two hours to change a tapwasher. So while the little redhead is giving me the third degree, the boss' wife Debbie is listening on with interest from a distance.

When Trish didn't appear to be satisfied with my explanations, Debbie came over and told Trish to cool it. Debbie then turned to me and asked me if I completed the job to the customer's satisfaction, to which I nodded yes. She then continued; "Did the customer know that the bill would include almost two hours labour?"

"Yes M'am," I said politely.

Debbie then turned to the redhead and told her calmly to just bill the job as stated on my jobsheet. It was when Debbie was reading the jobsheet that a smile came across her face, which she wiped off almost immediately. "Can I see you in my office please Nick, now," Debbie requested.

She didn't wait for an answer as she dropped the jobsheet back on Trish's desk and I followed her into her office. "Close the door Nick," she said as sternly as she could muster, more for Trish's benefit than mine I gathered.... Seeing Trish looking at me with a "sorry I got you into trouble" look on her face I closed the door.

Debbie took a seat behind the desk and with a serious look on her face she started on about mixing business with pleasure. "You know Nick, if Trish can read between the lines on a jobsheet it just means you need some more training to hide your indiscretions on the job," Debbie said knowingly.

I figured I better play coy so I just put on my best "what do you mean" face.

Debbie laughed softly; "don't pull that face on me young man, there is no way you took almost two hours to change a tapwasher. And the only way a customer would sign off a jobsheet with this much labour time for such a simple job is if she was thoroughly satisfied with the job you she trailed off her words I could see Debbie's nipples making their presence known."

Still keeping my coy face on I just shrugged my shoulders at her and just said: "Hey, some jobs just take a long time, I had to go and get a new tap insert from the wholesaler, drain the system, then bleed it all again after I done the like you said, the customer was happy with the completion of the job....what's the problem."

Debbie was now looking at me with an unsure look on her face, but still she decided to issue a stern warning: "Nick, I don't believe your story, I think this jobsheet for Mrs Gloria Parker doesn't tell the whole story....all I am going to say here and now is that I do not tolerate unprofessional behaviour from my employees, understood?"

Figuring it best to keep the quizzical look on my face I just said: "I am not sure I follow you, like I said some jobs take longer than expected, so how does unprofessional behaviour fit into that context Mrs Collins?" By the time I finished I must have had an angry look on my face because Debbie now was looking completely unsure what to do or say next....

"OK, so let's leave it at that then Nick," Debbie said and I wasted no time in exiting her office. Trish was sitting at her desk, avoiding my eyes as I made my way into the workshop to replace some kit on my workvan.

Debbie didn't want to say it of course, but she had her suspicions that I had shagged the lady of the house on company time, not that she could prove anything. Since her divorce a year ago she had to deal with everything in the business her father left to her when he died....and she was struggling with some aspects of it.

A week or so later Trish was smiling widely at me as she asked me: "Guess who came in here today Nick?"

Not knowing who I just shrugged my shoulders and replied: "The Pope, or perhaps the Queen of England."

"Haha, funny man," Trish said as she continued to smile. With nobody around she loudly announced that a Mrs Gloria Parker came around in her droptop BMW to pay, in cash mind you, the bill for the tapwasher you replaced at her place a little over a week ago. "Strange don't you think," Trish said as she gave me a big wink.

"Why is that strange then Trish," I countered, figuring out immediately that this was one way for Gloria to keep her husband from finding out the obvious...his wife fucked the plumber... Cheques leave trails....

Now Trish wasn't fooled by any of this, but she still mimicked Debbie's questions to me when Trish first tackled me about this job: "Did you complete the job to the customer's satisfaction, did the customer know there would be a labour charge for almost two hours on this bill??" Trish was having fun with this, but just to kick it up a notch she added: "Phew this Mrs Gloria is a hottie isn't she, I mean for an older woman, older than you I old is she anyway Nick?"

I was struggling here, but I just managed to ask Trish; "so who is Gloria Barker then, purposely getting the surname wrong to throw the little redhead off the scent...."

It didn't work....

"She's the lady you porked on the job after you changed a tapwasher you randy little sod," Trish saucily said as she looked me straight in the eye. "not that I blame you for shagging her, hell a hot young plumber with a well off bored housewife.... can only lead to one thing huh??"

Now Trish and I had often had suggestive banter, but this was going a little beyond the norm. Still, I just laughed loudly and said: "Nice try Red, see ya tomorrow!!"

I walked thru to the workshop before she could see me blush.

A few days later I met up with Gloria for the second encounter. For this one I took the morning off, to avoid any more suspicion at work. I was to be at Gloria's place by 8.30 dressed in business attire, as though I was there on business. Just to keep the nosey neighbours off my back, Gloria explained.

I got a bit of a surprise though, when she opened the door for me wearing her high heels, lacy thong and bra set, with a very sheer teddy over the top of all this....damn this tall lady had a hot body, just like Trish had teased me about a while back....

Gloria seemed hot to trot from the minute the door opened and as soon as the door closed she was in overdrive, getting my jacket off, hanging it on the back of a dining table chair. She kissed me firmly while she unbuttoned my shirt, yanked my tie off, unbuckled my pants and slipped down onto her knees to undo my shoes, tossing them aside as she peeled my socks off. Before long I was butt naked standing in her dining room, with her just taking a step back to take a good look at my naked form. She whistled softly as my cock was just turgid and twitching in anticipation of some action....

Tossing the teddy off and onto the dining table Gloria led me to the couch, where she had me stand in front of her, she took a seat and promptly took my rigid member between her bloodred painted lips. Sucking me firmly into her mouth she cupped my balls as she looked up into my eyes as she kept bobbing up and down my swollen member, taking as much into her mouth as she could handle.

Running my fingers thru her hair I took hold of her head and began slowly fucking her mouth, to which she began moaning with a full mouth... Taking more and more cock into her mouth she was now getting rather frantic in her sucking and I didn't know if I could hold back from spewing a load into her mouth. I just told her I'd be cumming soon, this just brought a increase in her suction on my shaft and she firmly grabbed my arse, pulling me into her mouth....

Well, she wanted it in her mouth alright, so when the point of no return came I just blasted a hot load of cum into her mouth, Gloria sucking and swallowing enthusiastically.....then when the last spurt had gone onto her tongue she took hold of my cock at the base and squeezed my whole length firmly to extract the last few drops from my still rigid member....kissing the head of my dick lovingly and tenderly, just like at the end of our first encounter....

Job done, she slumped back into the couch and patted the seat next to her. Instead, I straddled her hips and sat with one knee either side of her, took her face in my hands and started kissing her softly, first on the lips, then working my way around to her neck, nuzzling her earlobes, gently nibbling on them and slowly worked my way onto her shoulders. Gloria just lapped all this up, just enjoying my mouth working my way over her soft skin....her hands finding their way onto my dick jutting out proudly, once again cupping my nuts and slowly wrapping one hand around my knob. It was when she licked the palm of her hand and slowly wrapped it around my cockhead and started doing 360's around it that my head started to spin a little....damn that was a good feeling, nuts cupped, dick rigid, knob being massaged by a slippery hand, mouth full of tit by now......

I had to move down further to get out of her reach, I wanted to eat her pussy some more before I blew off in her hand. Gloria knew I wanted to tongue her juicy fanny and she seemed torn between teasing my turgid cock and having me tongue her tasty fuckhole....

My tongue lashing at her rockhard nipples soon had her on her way to her first orgasm, when I fingered her clit thru her lacy thong she let go of my cock and just lay back on the leather couch to endure her "punishment". Instead, I pulled her with me onto the floor, slipped her thong off her hips and as I lay back I just urged her to sit her tasty pussy on my mouth....she seemed surprised at first but when I took off her heels and then took hold of her to guide her into position she relented....

As Gloria settled on my face, her juicy cunt right on my lips I breathed in her aroma, a heady mixture of pussy juice, sweat and arousal all mingled together.... that was until I started diving my tongue into her wet muff. She started seeping juices as I tongue fucked her tasty hole, my nose nudging her clit at a steady rhythm, her eyes glued to mine as she ground her cunt back and forth on my mouth, rapidly reaching the point where she just arched her back and almost suffocated me as she came loud and proud, gushing into my mouth as she cried out in pleasure..... Staying put for several seconds as she shuddered her way to heaven, I almost suffocated....

After she partly recovered from this "ordeal" Gloria wasted no time in sliding down my torso to drive her dripping wet snatch onto my rigid shaft, in one go she took my throbbing member into the depths of her tight clam, and she just stayed there, grinding gently back and forth with my dick buried deep inside I watched her she just had her head rolled back, nipples sticking out a long way from her breasts, sweat trickling between them, her bum cheeks pressing down on my nuts....she just sat there grinding gently, then she started shuddering in orgasm...I took hold of her hefty breasts, firmly tweaked her nipples and did my best to hold back from cumming too soon....

I managed to hold back long enough for her orgasm to start, but after several seconds or her thrashing aorund on top of my now oh so sensitive cock I couldn't hold back any longer and arched my back slightly as I thrust into her pelvis, even though I was already balldeep in her delicious cunt, and started cumming....this really sent Gloria over the edge and she wailed gently as my cock twitched and spewed its load of cum deep in her soaking hole....

It took a few seconds more for Gloria to come down, and then she slumped down onto my chest, kissed me gently on the cheek and just said: "Nick, that was make me feel sooooo good," she cooed as her pussy muscles gently massaged my now partly deflated dick...

I just smiled at her and came back with: "You are one hot blooded woman Gloria, I am not worthy to be in your presence....."

She just grinned, clamped her fanny around my dick and said: "And don't you forget it Mister!! I command you to stay put until I've regained my breath," she panted softly as our sweaty bodies stayed glued together for several minutes.

"Right, off to the shower now Mister Nick," Gloria ordered as she got off me. In the shower we kissed, hugged, caressed and cleaned up until the water started to go cold.... Then we climbed into bed for more cuddling and kissing...

It was with Gloria gently stroking my now re-energized cock that she told me that she went around to pay the bill for the tapwasher job in person, "your redheaded girl in the office seemed very amused by that by the way," Gloria added.

"Yes, well, that job did cause some questions Gloria, I got called into the boss' office about that," I told her.

"Oh, and did he give you the third degree," she asked.

"Sort of, and it's a she," I replied.

Gloria just climbed on top of me and as she sank down onto my cock for the second time today she just smiled and told me not to worry. I could always fuck my boss, like I fucked the customers, she said as she began riding me with urgency.

"Is that right Mrs Gloria Parker," I said as I pushed her off me, climbed in between her legs, grabbed her ankles and slung them over my shoulders, cupped her bum as I jammed my pussy reamer into her hot juicy box....

"Ooohhh, hit a nerve have I," she grinned as I continued to drive my cock into her sopping wet hole, her boobs now bouncing on her chest.

For several minutes I pounded her, then when I let her legs down and got into a missionary position and began sucking her breasts, Gloria stopped teasing me about the trouble she got me into at work and just moaned away to her hearts content....urging me on to bite her nipps, suck them into my mouth, fuck harder.....

She came well before I did this time, then took hold of my balls from underneath us and dug her fingernails gently into them, urging me to pump all my spunk into her hungry cunt....come on Nicky baby, give me all your man juice....fill my dirty wet cunt with some more spunk baby.....when I finally started pumping my load into her she clenched her cunt muscles so tight I thought I was going to lose my dick, damn she was strong down there....

"That's a good boy," she said as she patted the back of my head while I rested on her shoulders for a minute or so. "I love having my pussy pumped full of cream, makes me feel sooo sexy," she cooed as her fanny continued gripping my now softening dick.

It was when I was getting dressed that I noticed the lovebite she'd left on my neck...up so high that it was going to be hard to hide. Gloria just grinned when she saw me looking in the mirror, "sorry baby, didn't mean to bite you that hard, it's just that beautiful fat cock of yours was just driving me wild with lust..." As if to emphasise the point she playfully grabbed my crotch and kissed me on the cheek as she put on a robe.

Standing in the hallway she became serious, saying; "now Nick I just love having you make love to me....damn, that big cock of yours just make me weak at the knees she half whispered...but I don't want to cause any problems anywhere. So how do we do this from here on in," she asked with a worried look on her face.

"Let's work on it," I said, "you've got my number, so when you feel the need just ring me."

Gloria smiled broadly at my response and with that I left.

When I got to work it took Trish all of two seconds to notice the big lovebite on my neck and she just pointed at me and wiggled her finger at me, "naughty boy Nick," she said laughing.

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