Plumber's Perks Ch. 13

by PlumberNickNZ


A week or two after my session with Rachel, Becky started giving me grief about not having called Rachel for a repeat performance.

"Hey, she just fucked me and then ran off, saying she'd wanna bone me again sometime," I explained to Becks, whose mouth dropped at my matter of fact explanation.

"Well I think she might be ready for a rerun of that hot first date you guys had," Becky said with a grin on her face. "Oh, by the way, Rachel keeps raving about your big fat cock, saying how she can't believe I haven't jumped you yet," Becky said with a strange look on her face.

"Relax roomie, best we keep it on the level between us huh," I laughed. Judging by Becky's sulking face this wasn't the reaction she was expecting....but then she didn't know that in the past year I'd banged a couple of dozen women on the job?? Many of them repeatedly....

On the workfront, Debbie seemed to be in town regularly now, and yes I did enjoy having hot passionate sex with her. Trish on the other hand had gotten into her new job since leaving the firm. Even though she regularly rode my cock, it seemed as though she was not happy with a purely physical relationship....and I wasn't in a position to give her much more, at least not at the moment.

Kaye on the other hand was pimping me out to fewer clients, but ones who were wealthier mind you. Almost as though thumbing her nose at Andrea, the auditor I drilled up the arse in our boardroom. I have to admit, even I thought that we had her sussed, so went back to more or less doing what I had been before Andrea's interrogation of us.

So imagine my surprise how one Monday morning I come into work, business as usual, but before any of us go out onto the job we're called to a staff meeting,like in NOW!

Fronting this meeting is Debbie, who I'd fucked less than two hours ago....and no, she didn't warn me about the staff meeting that was called at a moments notice.

"Morning all," Debbie started off on an even tone, "sorry to frighten everyone by calling a meeting at a moments notice. So I'll get right to the point, Kaye has been fired, as of this morning. The reason for her dismissal is confidential, rest assured that no jobs are in jeopardy. In the interim, I have been asked to take her post, until such time as a replacement can be appointed. That's all I can share with you at the moment. Any questions?"

There were no questions, only blank stares at the surprise of this announcement. Most of the staff liked Kaye, some of us, including me, had secret thoughts of getting naked with the raven haired beauty....but to my knowledge no one ever got into her knickers....shame.

Within minutes we were all back to work and I was about to do the same, when Debbie called me into her old office...or was that Kaye's old office??

"Have a seat Nick," Deb said. "Sorry about keeping the surprise of this meeting from you, but it would seem that Andrea has got it in for Kaye, you and anyone else involved in our little scheme. Keep your wits about you, I haven't heard whether Andrea has got enough to ditch you, and frankly I am not sure if I would find out in time," Debbie sighed as she looked into my eyes.

"So what's the plan then boss," I asked, wondering to myself whether suddenly pulling the pin on my 'customer satisfaction scheme' would be such a hot idea. "Do I stop providing my special service, risking several annoyed ladies, or do I risk getting caught out by Andrea?" I said almost to myself, for Debbie was now staring out the window.

"Hhhhmmmm, let's see....I reckon if you keep doing what you're doing, but find another way to move the money for services rendered...then you might get away with it," Debbie mused. "At least if you're not getting loads of cash then it's just a case of plumber laying the lady of the house, and it's not like that is such a rare event in this industry huh?" Debbie grinned at me.

"I guess you're right boss, most of us have been taken advantage of by the poor little horny lady of the house," I laughed out loud.

"That's a two way street, you little randy prick," Debbie spat back at me, "I'll never forget the day I caught my husband banging this innocent looking customer. Mrs Bowles sure could spread her legs wide when she was about to be speared by my hubby's dick!"

"Wow Debs, we're getting off the subject here. The way I see it most of these ladies are members of the tennis club right? So let's find a way to combine their two passions, maybe you can get me to be a staff member" I brightly said, Debbie's eyes now darting around the place.

"Yep, that's a fair call," Debbie smiled, "best of all you'll get to meet Connie and Samantha at the club too. Oh, you do remember about Con and Sam don't you Nick? I think Sam is okay, but Connie has been so lonely and in need of some TLC. She's just not sure she's sexy anymore after her husband died. If you ask me she could do any bloke she wanted," Debbie said with a growing grin.

A lenghty pause while Debbie mulled over the tennis club idea was broken by a phonecall. "Morning, Debbie speaking," she started, "oh Andrea is here already...sure thing, show her in please." The raised eyebrow and a finger pointing for me to get under her desk showed Debbie meant business.

As I crawled under the sizeable desk and got comfy at Debbie's feet I heard Andrea's voice, the women exchanged brief greetings and were soon engrossed in shop talk. Bored as I was with listening to this I nevertheless resisted running my hands over Debbie's legs....

"You know Debbie," Andrea said at one point, "Kaye got on my nerves from the day she joined, her figure had guys drooling all over themselves to help her. I am sure she slept her way to the position of branch manager, and that little horny punk Nick, well....he's next on my list. That little redheaded bimbo pissed off before we caught up with her, so now I can just focus all my attention on Nicky baby...." she trailed off.

"Are you sure Nick has done anything wrong Andrea, apart from give you a thorough shafting in the boardroom," Debbie asked calmly.

I swear I could hear Andrea gasp...."You know about that....but how, I thought he was just bluffing....ooowwww shittt!

Right on cue, Debbie clicked the mouse on her computer and within seconds the moaning of Andrea getting my dick stuffed up her butt could be heard. "Wanna have another look, you might like to see Nick's yummy fat cock probing into your backdoor....Andrea," Debbie managed to state without any hint of sarcasm in her voice. "If you ask me, I like the look of that big cock, wouldn't mind a bit of that myself, perhaps you can tell me how it felt Andrea," Debbie grinned, "so go on, did it fill you up, did it spread you open nice and tell," Debs laughed.

Andrea had been silent for a long time, but when she spoke her voice wavered; "I think I better leave you to run this place Debbie." With that I heard her get up and leave. Once the door closed, Debbie slid her chair back and beckoned me to come out from underneath her desk.

Feeling mischievous, I now ran my hands up her legs, sliding her skirt up her thighs and feeling Debbie spread her legs I peeled the crotch of her knickers aside.

"You devil," Debs moaned as I brought my mouth onto her pussy. Once my tongue slid into her moist canal she soon shut up, moaning softly instead as I rapidly licked her swelling lips and then drove two fingers into her. Now moving my mouth onto her clit, I sucked her clit in between my lips and began flicking it with just the very tip of my tongue....just the way Deb likes it....and in minutes Debbie squirmed in her seat, head thrown back in the onset of orgasm.

Right at that minute, Sandy, our receptionist who took over after Trish left, walked in without knocking and started to ask a question....her eyes probably took in the scene in front of her...and she promptly left, softly closing the door behind her.

I don't know if Debbie even noticed, for she was holding my head onto her crotch with both hands as I drove her over the edge....

"Did you see Sandy come in," I asked Debbie as I got up and she smoothed out her skirt.

Debbie just smiled and said; "Yes I did, but I was beyond caring, anyway, gives her something to obsess about. She probably wants you and here she's found you sucking up to the boss...."

We both laughed and with that we got back to our tennis club idea. Debbie suggested I join the club, get some lessons and leave the rest to her.

OK, let's see what she can come up with I thought to myself.

Joining the club was easy enough, the lady who signed me up was classy and calm, yet she still looked me over with hungry eyes. Perhaps it had something to do with the snug fitting tennis shorts Debbie had given me, combined with having to pack a hefty set of nuts and a decent sized cock in there...?

On the morning of my first lesson it seemed like this was a planet of women, me and the instructor were the only guys on court. Much to my delight, most of the ladies were well kept, well groomed and by the looks of it, not ashamed to perve at the new

A pleasant surprise came when Debbie showed up towards the end of my first lesson, with Connie in tow.

"Hiya Nick, meet Connie, Connie meet Nick," Deb said quickly as she introduced us.

Shaking Connies hand she seemed unsure of herself, but nevertheless said; "Nice to meet you Nick, have heard a lot about you from Debbie."

"Don't believe all you hear Connie, nice to meet you too finally. Debbie has told me a lot about you as well, and I can she was telling the truth when she told me you were one good looking woman," I enthusiastically said while still holding Connies hand.

Connie blushed as I let go of her hand, saying; "Thanks Nick." Her eyes tilted down at my crotch, lingering for a second or so and then looking me in the eye again; "Debbie told the truth about you too, I am pleased to say," she managed to say whilst once more looking down at my crotch briefly.

Debbie was grinning from ear to ear, taking in the view....Connie blushing as my cock stiffened somewhat in the snug tennis shorts. With my balls showing clearly already, my cock was outlined as it began growing harder....

A year ago I would have been embarrassed to be standing on the edge of a tennis court with two women looking at my growing cock...but now I was relishing in it!

"How about we have lunch together," Debbie interrupted at just the right moment.

Connie and I grinned at each other, then we all nodded in agreement. Debbie sealed the deal by announcing; "Righto, lunch at my place it is then, let's go."

"Hello ladies," Ms Nguyen said, "and Nick Hartman I believe it is," shaking my hand. "Hi, I'm Alex Nguyen, club vice president," she said as she unashamedly looked me up and down, looked me in the eye and then looked at my crotch for several seconds. "It's the norm for me to welcome all new members, so if you need any help, just call into my office, I'm here every morning," Alex said as she bid us all goodbye. Watching her tall and slender body moving away I was at once turned on by her mixed Asian/European features....but mostly her long muscular legs....yum!!

"The size queen was looking you over Nick," Debbie said as Connie was out of earshot, "she'll just want to get a look at your tool buddy. Heck, with your size dick she'll only need one session to get hooked."

Arriving at Debbie's place we all settled down on the patio and enjoyed a leisurely lunch, along with some nice wine to follow...

We all had a great time chatting away freely, talking about all sorts....then Debbie turned the subject onto sex; "You know I think there's nothing wrong with men having younger long as older women can also have younger that's more my kinda style!"

Debbie left this statement hanging in the air, waiting for Connie or myself to respond. Connie seemed coy though, so Debbie elaborated; "Come on, don't tell me this is a taboo subject guys, what's wrong with a women say, my age, wanting a guy say, Nick's age to fuck her?"

Connie was beginning to smile but she nevertheless remained silent for now.

"Nothing wrong with younger men liking mature women I reckon, a mature woman is usually more assertive and liberated I reckon," I said before taking another sip of wine.

"Assertive," Debbie mused, "like in telling a guy what to do, how to please her you mean?"

"Yep, there's no way a 19 year old gal knows what turns her on, but once a woman has been around a bit she'll know what works for her and most of all she won't be shy to ask for it either," I simply said, looking at Debbie, who was now glowing in the, warm sunny afternoon in her secluded backyard, the prospect of some hot action coming up...her face said it all....

"So let me get this right," Connie asked, "you're turned on by older women Nick?"

"Very much so," I replied.

"Even though older gals will often have, shall we say, less than perfect bodies?" Connie quizzed.

"The thing you need to bear in mind is sex appeal, and that is more than just a perfect body. Great body doesn't always make for a sexy person, heck most models are so friggin thin you'd be afraid to break them in half if you went for a roll in the hay with them. And let's not event talk about the hideous 'model pout' and the bad attitude they seem to have," I laughed.

"So you're saying you like older women, with a real woman's body then Nick? Debbie asked, knowng full well that this was the case.

"No I don't like them, I LOVE them," I exclaimed. "Give me a hot blooded mature woman over your average S.Y.T. anyday," I sighed.

"So what's an S.Y.T. then Nick," Connie asked.

"Oh that's just an expression for 'sweet young thing' which I have to admit is a bit outdated really," I sheepishly admitted. "Young gals lack the confidence, older women vare just so sexy because they have it, and that in itself is a turn-on," I grinned.

Debbie was laughing now and said; "OK, so let's put this confidence thing to the test then, see if Connie has the confidence to tell you to get naked, right here, right now."

Connie spluttered at Debbie; "Hold on a sec Deb, what's the go here?"

"Oh come on now Connie, I saw the way you were staring at Nick's crotch on the tennis court, you were practically drooling at the mouth. Nick is an older woman lover, he's already told us that, so now all we gotta do is take charge," Debbie grinned.

Connie seemed to mull this over for a few seconds, then she pointed her finger at me and said; "OK, young man, get up and get rid of those clothes, NOW! Let's see you get naked for us old birds huh!"

Debbie just added; "No mucking around Nick, get your gear off, let's see your wares young man!"

With my cock already swelling nicely within the confines of my tennis shorts I proudly stood up, did a little twirl in front of the ladies and began taking off my polo shirt.

"Woohoo, look at that bod, yeah, take it all off, let's see yer cock! Debbie growled, with Connie soon getting into it.

"Yeah, let's have a good look at your dick....Nick," Connie snarled.

Once my shirt was off I bent over and began unlacing my tennis shoes, then kicked them off. By now my cock was straining to get out of them tennis shorts....the girls whooping it up as they saw my cock throbbing away against the fabric.

"Watch out Connie, reckon there's a monster in Nick's shorts," Debbie cooed loudly.

Just then I slid down the zipper and undid the button at the top of the shorts, letting them fall open my cock sprang free into the warm summer afternoon air...and Connie gasped once she saw my thick shaft for the first time. Peeling the tennis shorts off, I kicked them aside and put my hands on my hips, letting the girls ogle my now proudly erect and throbbing cock.....

"OK, anything else I can do for you ladies today," I asked whilst Connie just sat there staring at my turgid prick, "or can I get dressed again now?" I knew by now that Debbie would offer me her juicy pussy, but Connie was not a certainty...yet.

"Don't you fuckin' dare getting dressed again, you don't really think we're just gonna look at a beauty like that huh? Debbie scoffed as she got up and started stripping off in record time. "Come on Connie, get your gear off and let Nick here treat your pussy to some serious cock! Debbie urged.

This seemed to startle Connie into action, and she got up and fair ripped her clothes off, soon joining Debbie on her knees in front of my cock. With both women now licking and sucking my cock, fondling my hefty nuts and just generally teasing me....I was in heaven, or so I thought.

It was when I got flat on my back on the lawn and Connie got into a 69'er with me that things moved to a new level. Her hairy pussy was fair oozing lube, each time I thrust my tongue into her fuckhole she squirmend and once her clit came under relentless attack I was worried her thighs might crush my head....

"Yeah, that's the way Connie, suck that cock hard, don't let his tongue distract you babe," Debbie urged.

Connie didn't respond, she just kept sucking my shaft harder and seemed each time I picked up the speed on her pussy she responded, trying to make the other cum first.

I won, but only by Connie started cumming, squirming and groaning on my face, I felt the familiar tingle in my balls and a load of spunk shot out of my fuckstick right into Connie's mouth. It was apparent she wasn't used to copping a big load in the mouth for she couldn't swallow it all and ended up drooling cum from her mouth and chin...all onto my belly and back onto my cock and balls.

"Wowee, you two are hot to watch," Debbie growled from a few feet away.

Connie rolled off my face and I slid down between her legs to lick her tasty snatch some more. As I began sucking her clit and flicking it furiously I felt my nuts being held from behind, then Deb clamped her mouth onto my cock. In half a minute my dick was ready to go again, Deb's sensual sucking and fondling having me raring to drive into Connie dripping wet hole.

Connie was taken aback as I nudged her thighs apart, she watched in shock as my cock came closer to her hot little my knob touched her juicy slot her head dropped back...easing slowly into her tasty hole I began fucking her at a slow and steady rhythm...

"Go on Nick, hammer that juicy little twat, give Connie a good serve of cock," Debbie was howling almost as she cheered us on, "oh fuck, this is so good to watch...that fuckin' fat cock opening up Connie's juicy box....oh yeah, I can't wait to have a go myself..."

The almost constant commentary from Debbie was initially distracting, but soon Connie and I got into a deliciously sensual rhythm....6 slow shallow strokes into her hungry pussy...then one hard and deep stroke....repeating this pattern for maybe ten minutes....then reversing it to 6 hard and deep strokes and one slow and shallow one....damn I love juicy mature horny women!!

For the first few minutes I had my cock inside Connie she flinched each time my balls touched her arse, having my full length inside her hurting her slightly....after a while though she began thrusting back with vigour, her head arching back as my nuts tapped her arse.

It was when Connie began cumming at regular intervals that Debbie got quieter and instead was just sitting there, fingering her pussy and giving me the thumbs up as I drilled her friend. This has never ceased to amaze me, women sharing me around with each other.

After a good twenty minutes of shafting Connie, she'd cum a number of times and her pussy started going dry....she bit my earlobe and said; "Please pump your cum deep into me Nick, I wanna feel you blow your wad inside my cunny babe, please," begging me to cream her rapidly drying fuckhole.

Debbie heard this and it was her cue to get back into the action; "Go on Nicky baby, spew your balls empty into hot little Connie here, you know she's gonna wanna feel your goo oozing out of her later!" And just to make sure I got the message Debs slapped my arse rather firmly, stinging sharply as she repeatedly whacked me with the palm of her hand.


End of part 1

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