Plumber's Perks Ch. 11

by PlumberNickNZ


My first 'job' as a paid gigolo with Sandra broke the ice I guess, for I soon felt comfortable with the thought of being paid for providing some special attention.

So everything seemed to going swimmingly, after about six months of my unusual efforts, only one serious problem reared its head. What to do about the large amount of money that was accumulating, but Kaye helped out solving this one for me.

Trish seemed ill at ease at times, being aware that I went out as a plumber, yet knowing full well that some woman was paying me to take a ride on my cock.... even though she insisted she was OK with it.

Debbie was pretty much out of the picture by now, having moved from looking after the branch to now occupying what was essentially a semi-retirement post at head office in Wellington. Hadn't seen her for months, nor did I expect to hear from her on a regular basis....

With my focus on screwing lots of women, as arranged thru Kaye, I must admit that Trish was at times neglected. Kaye was the one who tried to put me on the right track, obviously she knew the special bond the two of us had, and in order to keep things moving along smoothly she felt it necessary to intervene.

So it came to be at Kaye's suggestion that Trish and I went on a little holiday together. I guess we could have gone to an exotic overseas location, instead Trish wanted to see the winterless Far North. I didn't argue with her choice, nor did I mind a bit of a driving holiday with Red.

We planned the rough outline of our holiday, starting off with a couple of nights in the Whangarei region at a hotel overlooking the harbour, doing a bit of sailing but mostly just lazing about....

After a week and a half of being in each others company Trish and I talked thru a lot of our concerns, Trish saying she really enjoyed Kaye's husband giving her a thorough going over once a month, while Kaye watched. Even so we agreed that the current course of deviant behaviour couldn't go on forever....but to just enjoy it while it felt good.

Once back into the swing of work, Kaye changed tack slightly as well, setting up an appointment for me with Trish, at one of her friends' houses. I was completely in the dark, until I walked in the door that is. Trish on the other hand, was fully aware of Kaye's plans, and boy was she ready!!

The minute I walked in the door, here is Trish in a french maids outfit, high heels, boobs busting out over the top, grinning from ear to ear....just taking in my reaction to seeing my lover dolled up for a fucking session...yum!!

My dick took two seconds to reach full tilt, the door had barely closed before I had Trish bent over and I just unzipped my shorts, whipped my fuckstick out and just rammed it up her juicy snatch....fuck she made me horny!! The way she kept humping back at me sure was a turn on too, I can't recall us talking for the first ten minutes or so while she kept impaling herself forcefully on my prick.

The only sounds were heavy breathing and a collection of uuuhhhh, aaaahhhh, gggrrrrr sounds, along with the squelching sound of cock pistoning in and out of rather well lubed up pussy.... And Red sure got wet in liberal doses.

This particular session marked a change in direction for Trish and myself, as for the first time we talked about becoming weary of being overly controlled by the raven haired beauty Kaye. Unfortunately for us, things had to reach a crisis point before we really made a move to extract ourselves from the predicament we'd gotten in to.

OK, try this. For the better part of 8 months I had been filing bogus jobsheets, charging customers up to 2.5 hours labour for a simple job. Kaye's initial plan was OK for small numbers, but there were now 2 or 3 of these a week and even though I was beginning to think about it, I didn't voice my concerns to Kaye.

Then comes an unannounced audit, two bods turned up from head office to snoop thru the accounts to see if all was above board. They were around for almost a whole week, asking questions here and there, but not focusing too intently on any one issue. But....they did pick up the trail of my bogus jobsheets, not too difficult since there was bit of a pattern there, repeat visits to the same addresses etc.

So enter the private eye. I became aware of being followed, but instead of changing the routine I kept to my normal pattern. This is where I got worried though, 'cause if you're inside a house, banging the arse of the lady of the the private dick taking snapshots thru the windows??

Pretty dumb to continue I know, but hindsight is beautiful ain't it??

Almost a month after the auditors had done their thing they returned, this time armed with some PI reports supporting their original suspicions.

Now it's meeting time. So I was called into the boardroom for a meeting with the auditors and Kaye. So in the boardroom we have the raven haired beauty Kaye, Mr Phil Samuels, assistant auditor and his boss Miss Andrea Bowers, senior auditor and a veteran at the game of auditing. Now Phil was perhaps late thirties, about the same age as Kaye, but Andrea would have been close to fifty. Phil being a skinny pasty looking office dude, whereas Andrea was a full figured, well tanned, horse riding woman.

Andrea gave me a weird look as I entered the boardroom, one that Kaye picked up on, shrugging her shoulder slightly at me. Shit! At that instant I knew there was no way I was getting off lightly.....

Phil took the lead after Andrea gave a brief outline of the purpose of this meeting, being to clarify a number of jobsheets I'd written.

Phil started off; "OK Nick, we're not on a witch hunt here, just need to verify some erroneous jobsheets which are of concern to us. Let's start with this one here, Mrs Gloria Parker, showing 2 hours of labour for a simple job. Can you explain?"

As Phil waited for me to reply I figured the approach was best kept simple, so like when Debbie grilled me about this issue I just stated; "Basically it's a simple case of a basic repair taking some time to complete, gotta shut off the main water supply, pull a tap assy apart, go to the wholesaler to get a part which we don't carry in our vans, then re-assemble everything, turn on the mains and bleed the system of air and check all is well. Perhaps I should be charging even more hours?"

"Huh, I don't know about that young man, so how about Kim Jacobsen and a return visit a few days later, totalling 4.5 hours in labour?" Phil quizzed.

Andrea by now was grinning a little, she obviously knew damn well what the go was.

"Kim Jacobsen, OK, I can't recall exactly, heck it's almost a year ago now, but it was something similar," I said, looking Phil right in the eye.

He just grinned and deferred to Andrea. It was when Andrea began that I knew they had a good handle on the situation; "Haha, nice try you little punk, let me just lay the cards on the table for you, you know, spell it out in plain English! Here's how I see it, you go out on company time, if the customer is an interesting or attractive little housewife then you try to seduce her and get paid by the company to get your rocks off....."

Andrea paused briefly, but I felt no need to interrupt her or protest my innocence.

Andrea continued; "Now that's one aspect, here's a more disturbing one. The same month Kaye here becomes branch manager all of a sudden she's dishing out jobsheets, these same jobsheets show the same bogus charges as before, except now the addresses are all for what's best called affluent single rich women. Now I am no genius, but even I can see that Madam Kaye here is not just your branch manager!"

Crap! In the space of ten minutes the cards were laid out on the table and I saw Kaye looking very worried. At the same time I sent a text to Trish on my cellphone 'turn on video for boardroom cameras' and got a reply in short order reading 'done'. Now was the time for me to put my gameface on and play some poker I guess....see how far this is gonna go.

"So what have you got to say for yourself then Nick," spat Andrea with a vicious tone of voice.

"Oh, I could say a few things alright," I said as calmly as I could under the circumstances, looking at Kaye briefly who smiled a little as I winked at her. "Here's how I see it, you suspect something is not all what it seems in this branch, yet instead of reporting it like you come back here to challenge the suspect. So to me that means you're just wasting company time, 'cause if you were simply doing your job you'd have reported it. PLUS to me it also means two more things...." I said, purposely trailing off, giving Andrea or Phil a chance to butt in, which Andrea promptly did.

"Who do you think you are," Andrea spluttered, now a little less sure of herself.

"Shut up when I am talking to you," I snapped firmly as I got up and began walking around the boardroom table in slow steps. "OK, here's what I think, you've found something which you can't explain, you've got no evidence and you think you can bring me in here like it's an interrogation room and expect me to confess all my sins? Is that about right Ms Bowers?" I said calmly but forcefully.

"You know damn well we've got you over a barrel," Andrea barked at me, "you're a tradesman fucking our customers, and I think you're getting paid twice for it."

Before Andrea could continue I cut her off; "Prove it, show me your evidence!!"

"Well, right at this moment I choose not to reveal everything," Andrea bluffed, staring right at me, her face flushed in frustration.

"So are we done here then?" Kaye piped up after staying silent for a long time, "or do we have to listen to more of this nonsense?"

"SIT!" barked Andrea. Taking her briefcase from the floor she laid it on the table and opened it, tossing a bundle of photos on the large boardroom table, showing, ironically, Sandra getting shafted by me in her backyard, in her garage, her lounge, her kitchen. There must have been fifty photos, taken on several different days, showing the company van in the driveway, me getting out, me going into the house, then various sexual acts, each time showing Sandra and me thoroughly enjoying each others bodies....

"Phil and Kaye, out!" ordered Andrea, pointing to the door for added emphasis. "I need to have a little heart to heart with this randy little fuck."

I just nodded calmly at Kaye as she began to protest, me just saying; "It's OK, I will take my punishment, I've had it coming anyway."

As Andrea closed the door behind them, locked it and then came back to the table, placing her hands on the table and leaning towards me she began once more; "You know damn well this is the end for you at this firm!"

"Oh cut the crap, all you want is a ride on my joystick," I said sarcastically, seeing her face flushed at the intensity of the last few minutes. She'd been taken by surprise when I had told her to shut up and listen, now she seemed equally surprised when I just boldly stated what I thought....

"I object to your rude suggestion...." she spluttered half heartedly. Even so, her nipples had been protruding for minutes and her breathing had quickened since closing and locking the door...

"You object, ohhh give me a break...." I laughed, getting up from my seat and climbing onto the table.

"What do you think you're doing," she said as I dropped my shorts to my ankles, kicked off my boots at the same time and then peeled off my shirt. In a few seconds time I was standing before her stark naked and firmly erect.

"Right, you were saying," I challenged, as Andrea seemed lost for words, staring at my throbbing cock. "What's the problem Miss Bowers, cat got your tongue?" I teased.

"You, you, you, you cheeky beggar," Andrea stammered, eyes firmly glued to my throbbing cock and my heavy balls, hanging low in their sac.

Enjoying the moment, I teased her some more by doing a little twirl, then standing in front of her some more, this time taking hold of my cock and slowly stroking the foreskin back and forth across my purple helmet.

This caught Andrea's breath, and she gasped when I took a step towards her, now bringing my knob to within 6 inches of her face. Just as she leaned forward to take it into her mouth I stepped sideways and jumped off the table.

Her face took on a pained look of disappointment, but when I then went behind her to slap her bum firmly she just leaned over more, now gasping; "Oh yes, slap my arse, I've been soooo bad!"

Slapping her butt a few times I then moved forward, letting my cock slide between her thighs. She could feel my hot shaft thru her slacks and clenched her thighs together instantly, breathing deep several times when I followed this up by cupping her small breasts firmly through the white blouse she had on. It was while I was pinching her nipples that she undid her slacks.

Feeling her nipples rockhard under my touch, I unbuttoned her blouse and in short order peeled it off her shoulders. Tossing it aside on the big boardroom table I hiked up her camisole and then unclasped her bra and tossed them both aside as well. Now Andrea is standing there with my dick between her thighs, topless and her slacks still hanging around her thighs as they're caught on my turgid prick.

Taking a step back to let her slacks drop, I then slap her butt again, this time much firmer than before, leaving a nice red mark. Then without any drama Andrea is peeling her lace knickers off, bending over until her boobs are flat on the table. It's when she's bent over in this position that I moved forward quickly, bringing my knob in touch with her hairy snatch. Hearing her gasp in surprise, then groan with a heavy breath as I slipped my knob easily into her moist fuckhole.

Her next move really surprised me. With just my knob stuck between her wet cuntlips, Andrea fair reared back onto my cock, impaling herself almost completely on my throbbing dick. It takes her two more thrusts to get my nuts touching her hairy box, but by then she's groaning a little louder, taking my nuts in her hand between her thighs and giving them a good solid grope.

For several minutes I just stood there, letting Andrea use me as her own dildo, watching her bum push back onto my cock over and over. It was when she started moaning louder that I leaned forward and stuck a finger into her mouth to suck on and stifle her moans that I began ramming myself into her wet yet surprisingly snug cunt. It took only another 30 seconds of thrusting before she came, body convulsing and her mouth biting down on my fingers....

I guess her research hadn't prepared her for what was coming next, for my cock stayed inside the auditors juicy fuckhole and I started shafting her again.

"Holy shit," Andrea exclaimed as she reached for my shaft between her thighs, pinching if a few times with her fingers to make sure it was still nice and hard. By now her juices and my first load of spunk were making her cunt squish and squelch with each subsequent thrust.

Now I've not come across many women who really enjoy anal, but when I ran a finger across Andrea's puckered up bumhole she just said; "Oh yes, please Nick, please do me up my bum, please Nick, I wanna feel that big shaft opening my arse up...."

Heck, why not I thought, so I just pulled out of her hot juicy slot and placed my knob at her bum. Slowly easing forward my knob soon popped into her sphincter, and once more Andrea began pushing back onto my cock, urging me to push it into her, faster and deeper.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, that's so big, it's soooo gooooddd," she cooed as my shaft plowed her arsehole. "Harder, deeper, more, just give it to me, ram me, drill me, fill me, oooohhhhhh ssshhhiitttt, cumming, cumming," she half wailed, half moaned as I could feel her body tremble in another orgasm. I still have a little way to go for my next load and with this Andrea pipes up once more: "On my tits please, please cum on my tits Nick."

So I pull out, Andrea gets on her knees and takes my cock into her hands and furiously wanks me off, groping my nuts some more....raking a finger over my butthole is soon sending me over the edge, spurting several shots of white goo onto her neck and boobs. "Mmmmmm, aaahhhh yeah," Andrea moans as she rubs my cum into her skin.

It's as we're getting dressed that Andrea boldly announces that she's still gonna see to it that I get fired for what I've been doing....I just smiled and nodded my head side to side.....

"Ha, so you think just because you poked me once I will forget all about your escapades huh," Andrea scoffed.

"No, I kinda figured it would take more than that," I softly said as I zipped up my shorts.

Andrea looked puzzled and asked; "Yeah so?"

"Look in the corner, over there, there and there," I said, pointing out the surveillance cameras, put there to record meetings on the sly. One of Debbie's doings admittedly, but it sure came in handy today.

"You're just bluffing stud," Andrea laughed, half heartedly mind you.

"Let's see if the quality is any good," I said, turning on the big screen along the backwall. Taking my phone and calling Trish I asked her to rewind a few minutes. Soon the big screen came to life, complete with sound, at the point where Andrea was urging me to fuck her arse harder, deeper, faster....I could only smile politely as I turned to her and said: "Guess you're gonna have to keep your mouth shut, unless you want the big boss to know you love it up the arse, and that you blackmail company employees to do it to you....."

Andrea just broke into a big grin, saying; "Touche, I guess I didn't do enough snooping after all huh? You win, stud," she said, patting my groin gently as she unlocked the door and toted her briefcase out the boardroom.

Phil and Andrea were gone in minutes, then Kaye and Trish joined me in the boardroom for another look at the home movie that we'd just recorded. Kaye was transfixed; "Damn Nick, you really shafted her poor bumhole good, ggrrrr!" she thrilled as we all broke into a loud laugh.

It was Kaye who became serious the first, saying; "Well Nick, I guess we better tone down our activities a bit huh?"

"Yes M'am, as you wish," I said in mock subservient tones, saluting her sharply, before breaking into another fit of laughter.

Trish hugged me tight and said; "Come on stud, I better take you home so we can wash that auditor smell off you."

With that close call behind us life began to change direction a little.....



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