Plumber's Perks Ch. 10

by PlumberNickNZ


It was when a new manager was appointed that the realisation finally came that we were now just the local branch of a nationwide chain of plumbers.

The staff meeting that Debbie called was well attended nevertheless, all of us wanted to see first hand who the new bossy boots was going to be.

So imagine our surprise when Debbie introduces a late thirties tall dark haired lady, Kaye Evans, as the new branch manager. A few of the guys softly whistled as Kaye flicked her long tresses in preparation for her brief speech.

"Hi team, I know there have been some changes here recently, but let me reassure you that I have no intention of doing anything radical to change the way your firm operates, the way you guys and girls do your job won't change, all the changes necessary to bring you into line with head office requirements have pretty much been dealt with by Debbie, who has done an excellent job of managing the changeover from private company to a national chain. So please just consider it business as usual for everyone. In the next few days I will be asking some key staff to meet with Debbie and myself, but again let me reassure all of you that no jobs are on the line here. OK, that's about it for now, thank you all for your time," Kaye said as she then confidently strode out the lunch room and to her office.

It was Trish who whispered to me; "Damn, that Kaye sure is a looker huh?" As we got back to the office area where Trish worked she added; "Bet you wouldn't mind a closer look at her would you Nick?"

"Hang on a sec Red, she's our new boss, nothing like starting off with a clean slate, much easier that way," I said with as much conviction as I could muster after seeing Kaye's shapely long legs striding away from me. Truth be known she had some fine muscular pins that I would love to have wrapped around me, but at the same time I also preferred a more unencumbered working relationship, at least for starters.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right young fella," Trish giggled as she playfully backed her butt into my crotch as she wriggled past in front of me to the filing cabinet, bending over seductively and looking over her shoulder as she did it. "Better just to stick with ol 'Red huh?" she quipped playfully.

"And you better watch it, otherwise we'll end up in trouble you know," I said as I waved my finger at her and then went to the workshop.

Trish just stuck her tongue out at me and grinned.

A week or so later I was called into the office for a brief meeting with Debbie and Kaye.

Debbie was dressed in what was now a common outfit for her, knee length skirt and blouse, jacket just for going to and from work and for making the look more formal etc. Kaye on the other hand was a lot more casual and sexy in her attire, perhaps her age showing.... In her mid thigh length skirt, complete with rather high heels for business, her sleeveless blouse fitting rather snugly...her whole look just oozed sensuality with a classy way about it.

Anyway, I found it a little difficult to focus on the job with a long legged black haired beauty as a boss....and I think she knew the effect she was having on me.

"OK, Nick, there's just one thing that I need to discuss today, so let's not beat around the bush," Kaye started off, "let's have a quick look at this video that I think you may find interesting."

With that Kaye clicked on the TV in the corner of the office and the minute the images came on screen I knew this wasn't going to be an easy meeting. The screen showed Trish dropping her coat to reveal her skimpy nurses outfit, then me royally shafting her from behind in a frantic manner, tonguing her juicy slot on my knees, then doing her again on a desk, with her legs wrapped around my waist..... I just sat there silently watching the scene in front of me.

Strangely enough, neither Debbie nor Kaye said anything for the ten minute or so duration of the tape. Once Kaye turned off the video and telly I thought her next words would be something along the lines of, you're fired, but that was not to be.

"Interesting, don't you think Nick," Kaye started off, "do you have anything to say about this tape?"

Figuring that the truth was as good as any lie I could conjure up to explain this lewd behaviour, I just explained; "Well, Trish and I have been involved for a while, what you've seen on screen is just her way of convincing me to join her to a fancy dress party...guess we got a little carried away in the wrong place."

"Good, at least you had the sense to tell the same story as Trish, who incidentally was in here just before you," Kaye said with a stern look on her face. "Oh relax, young man, I'm not firing you," she laughed out loud, then turned to Debbie and asked her; "So do you think he'll be up to my proposition Debs?"

I looked at Debbie, who was grinning at Kaye, then just said; "Oh I have a feeling he'll be more than able to rise to the occasion." Debbie smirked as I frowned at the double entendre, she obviously enjoyed the momentary discomfort I was in.

"Righto, what I have in mind is simple, if not exactly ethical, but then I also know about a Mrs Gloria Parker, remember her Nick," Kaye said as she grinned broadly, knowing full well that I would remember that name for some time to come...

"Oh yes, I remember Gloria," I said matter of factly.

"OK, so if you remember Gloria you will no doubt remember that she is just one example of bored housewife looking some hot young stud to seduce and screw silly in her own home, on her terms, right? she asked as I sat there stunned at her bold terms. "In the scheme of things, you are the ideal candidate to play the stud, and dare I say it, looking at how you shafted Trish, more than capable," she said with a slight blush on her face.

"What the," I uttered in disbelief.

Luckily Debbie cut me off: "Hang on Nick, just let Kaye finish before you blow your top."

"Thank you Debbie. What I have in mind Nick is something very discreet, very exclusive and thus also very lucrative for you. Single, divorced or widowed women in their prime, ie 35 to 55ish looking for some discreet action, willing and able to pay but afraid to be found out by their peers. The stigma of a woman paying for sex is holding them back from enjoying their pent up sexual desires. As a happily married woman I enjoy a healthy sex life, and I can sympathise with women my age who are not able to get sexual release on a regular basis. Does that begin to explain where I am going with this?" Kaye said as she laid her hands on the table in front of her.

"Wow, so it's like you'd become my pimp? Or is this the modern business woman using her power to msximise her earnings," I said sarcastically. With that I folded my arms across my chest and looked at Kaye, waiting for her to continue.

"Not exactly, my idea is more to put your intense sex drive together with clientele of ours that obviously call for a plumber when they really only need some good stiff cock. I've seen some of your jobsheets, and frankly even I can read between the lines on them, so don't be so coy! I have seen plenty of video footage from the security cameras in these offices to see that you've got a big cock, stamina and a taste for eating pussy that most women would love to partake in....unless of course you reckon you can't get it up for some of the older gals," she quipped as she winked at Debbie.

Debbie didn't say a word, but she did give Kaye a knowing grin, as if to say, shut the fuck up!

"Oh I think that I can handle that, hasn't been a problem so far, but I just don't know about married women," I said with some concern on my face.

"To be honest, I don't really want to go down that path either, that's why I suggested we only do this for the unattached gals," Kaye explained calmly.

I just couldn't believe this woman could sit across the table from me and Debbie and be proposing that I dick prospective customers and split the proceeds with her! But at the same time there was soemthing intriguing about this prospect....

"Anyway, have a think about it, come back to us once you have dealt with the morals of it, if you need to and then we can discuss details," Kaye said as she then picked up a file and opened it, as if expecting me to get up and walk out.

"Don't need to think much, just lay the rest of this plan on the table and I will give you a verdict here and now," I said as calmly as I could, I couldn't wait to hear the rest of her bold little plan....

"Yep, why not," Kaye says, closing the file. "Here's the basic outline, you go to ladies house for a minor plumbing 'repair', giving you and her a chance to eyeball or ogle each other, call it what you like. If the lady of the house makes a move on you and you respond then it's all on, there and then for all I care, or whatever the two of you work out. The firm gets paid for the callout and the time taken for the 'repair' and the lady of the house slips you a bundle of money to pay for 'services rendered', 20% for me, as an agents fee I suppose we can call it.

The price for your services is something which I am unsure of at this point, but I have several interested ladies who are willing, and able I might add, to pay $300 per hour plus another $250 for each orgasm you give do the math," she says with a knowing smile, once more grinning at Debbie.

"Hhhmmmm, I don't know about all this, seems too businesslike to me," I said in a pensive mood.

Kaye was quick to respond; "Better than going to the ladies' house, shagging her silly and getting stuff all for the effort!"

"Think of it this way, you love to screw and eat pussy, a lot of women would love to be used and abused by you, the way you do it is rather exciting, so why not make the most of the situation. You won't be able to cum over and over forever, so just see it for what it is, striking whil the iron is hot! Hell, when I think of how you make me feel when you screw me, I just get wet thinking of your fat cock reaming my cunt," Debbie enthused, leaving Kaye grinning at this enthusiastic outburst....

"So how about it stud? Kaye asked, "are you up for a bit of serious screwing on the job?"

"Yes M'am, sign me up," I jokingly said.

"Yes, well, about that, nothing in writing, you quit whenever you've had enough," Kaye said seriously. "So I can set you up on your first visit then? Is tomorrow too soon," Kaye asked.

"Tomorrow is fine," I responded.

"OK, the callout will come thru the normal system, that way nobody but us three will know about our special arrangement," Kaye said as she winked at me.

That said I left the office and found Trish hovering in the hallway, she asked; "Still got your job then Nick?"

"Yep, no worries, how about you," I asked Trish.

"Well, Kaye wants to take me home to fuck her husband, in front of her, and I don't think I can do it," she tearfully said.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, heck, he'll probably blow his wad just looking at your fine titties. Then once he's got his pecker in you, just clench up those muscles and milk him dry, might take of all 2 minutes, unless you want it to take longer that is," I said with a devilish smirk....

Trish broke into a grin, saying; "Yeah well, at least I don't have to go out and satisfy any lady of the house, like you have to huh?"

"Oh, I see, been doing a bit of snooping then have we missy," I playfully scorned her.

"Just gotta know which buttons to push on the phone system, makes it work like a one way intercom," Trish said, tapping the side of her nose knowingly.

We both laughed, all secrets out in the open, and both of us excited about our upcoming challenges.

The next morning at 9 I got the call from the young girl in our office to go to an address in the northern suburbs, to attend to a leaking dishwasher, and to hurry up. Moments later a text on my personal phone confirmed that this was assignment number 1, good luck.

Knocking on the door I was pleasantly surprised.

"Hi, I'm Sandra," a medium build tall bottle blonde about forty years young, said to me as she stuck out her hand.

"Nick is the name," I said as I shook her hand and made my way into her house. "Nice spot you have here," I said, taking in the valley views thru the large windows.

Keeping up the pretense for a little while, I asked; "So M'am could you please show me the leaking dishwasher then?"

"Sure, follow me," Sandra said with a slightly puzzled look on her face, leading me into the kitchen. At the sink, overlooking a bushclad hillside she unzipped the front of her knee length housedress and slipped it off her shoulders, tossing it carelessly onto the kitchen bench.

Spreading her legs slightly she ran one hand thru her short pubes, saying; "Been leaking since last night when Kaye rang me to say I'd have a hunky plumber coming around to give me some attention!!"

"Well, I'd better have a closer look then, to see if I can fix it," I said with a wink, dropping my toolbelt to one side and kneeling before this curvy woman.

I hadn't even gotten my face near her moist fanny when she quivered lightly, feeling my breath on her thighs. Thinking how much fun this was going to be I lightly grasped her hips, then kissed the front of her thighs, level with her moist cunny. This lady was hot to trot, she needed no real foreplay, but just to take my time I kissed her legs from thigh to knee, then back up again.

By the time I got my mouth back to within a few inches of her fanny I could see she was now pinching her own nipples, in anticipation of some serious tongue lashing....

Kissing her pubes ever so softly started Sandra moaning, then kissing her engorged lips, tenderly sucking them into my mouth and then letting them slide out again. Delving lower with my tongue I found the entrance to her pleasure canal, seeping with thick lube, ready for a serious shafting which I was really looking forward to!

It was when I'd driven my tongue deep into her cunt that Sandra grabbed me by the head and fair rammed my head into her crotch. I was a little surprised at her sudden confidence, but then she groaned out loud; "Yes!! Stick your tongue into me, lick me, yes yes yes!!

And just like that she came, it was almost as though she was three quartes of the way to an orgasm before I even got there....

Her hands kept my noggin clamped firmly to her quivering fanny, so I just kept on gently licking her tasty little fuckhole, taking my time to also undo my shirt and unbuckle my shorts ready for the next act....

As Sandra regained her breath after the first rather quick arriving orgasm, I began licking her cunt in earnest, this time opening her folds up in long slow wide tongued laps, thus also stroking across her engorged clitoris each time.

As my tongue touched her clit, Sandra squirmed against the kitchen bench, her hands forcing my head into her crotch... It was when she seemed to be approaching another orgasm that I sucked on her clit and began tonguing it rapidly, sending her over the edge much faster than I expected...damn, this girl was on heat with a short fuse!!

In the next ten or so minutes I tongued poor Sandra to several more orgasms, her hands long gone from my head, now holding on to the kitchen bench. Until she couldn't hold on anymore that is, knees beginning to buckle, I quickly got off my knees and took hold of her and led her to the couch, a big leather three seater with very broad cushions.

Letting her luscious body sink into the leather I shed the remainder of my clothing, now both of us stark naked, mid morning on a workday....yummy. As I bent over her to give her hard nipples a leisurely suck, Sandra reached for my stiff prick, gently wrapping her fingers, or trying to anyway, around my fat shaft.

"Ooohhh, shit, that's a nice fat toy you've got there Mr Plumber, are you gonna clean my pipes with that," she saucily said as she began stroking the foreskin back and forth over the big purple helmet. How I hate these stupid cliches people come up with about tradesmen!!

But heck, this customer was stroking my shaft, and she was soon going to be sucking it as she pulled it towards her mouth. Opening her mouth she wrapped her red lips around the knob and slowly sucked me into her mouth, about halfway, gagging slightly, then sucking the rest of me into her throat....fuck me, this gal could suck dick like a pro! It's with my cock in her throat that I get into a proper 69er and begin tonguing her juicy cleft once more.

With Sandra's mouth slurping my dick down feverishly I find it a little more difficult to concentrate on eating her pussy, but even so, for over the next 15 or so minutes she cums another 3 or 4 times, gushing a fair amount of pussy juice onto her nice leather couch. Then comes a point where she seems to step up the sucking another notch and before long I stop eating her cunt and just focused on my dick in between her red lips.

Watching her suck me with a fast and deepthroating action I soon reach the point of no return, saying to her; "Cumming soon babe."

But this makes no difference to her at all, not even when I repeat it, she just sucks me down, drinking my cum when I cum, gushing wave after wave of thick white cream into her hot mouth. Sandra makes yumyum sounds and then pulls my cock from her mouth with a loud pop! sound and then kisses the head oh so gingerly, knowing full well that this is now rather sensitive.

"Nice tasty load there, Nick," she says with a big satisfied smile on her face. She's till holding onto my cock now, softly stroking me and being surprised at the fact it's almost completely erect still....

"OK, let's go into the garage and christen the backseat of my new Beemer," Sandra announced as she jumped up and dragged me by the cock into the three car garage. Opening the backdoor of the 5 series BMW she climbed in backwards, making sure to spread her legs nice and wide as she beckoned me in between if she had to beckon me in between her thighs...

"Loverboy, I want you to fuck me hard and fast, make this car bounce on its springs," Sandra says with lustfilled eyes as I position myself in between this bottle blondes spread legs. With my cock now inches away from her juicy fuckhole she reaches for my cock and just drags me into her, the minute my cock touched her wet cunt she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her...well, let'sjust say my cock almost drowned!

As my balls touch her butt, Sandra wailed; "Oh yes, fill me up, drill me, do me, ram me, fuck me, yes yes yes!!" That is about all she says for the duration I had my throbbing dick inside her dripping wet fuckhole.

We got the car bouncing on its springs a little, then when she'd cum once more she tells me; "Oh Nick, fuck I love that fat cock inside me, how about you do me laying on the bonnet?"

She didn't wait for an answer, she just opened the door behind her and slithered out, leaving a trail of pussy juices on the leather seats. As she got both feet on the ground she then grabs my hand and yanks me from the backseat. At the front of the car she just plants her butt on the fender just over the left front wheel and leans back, draping herself across the bonnet, stretching out and grabbing the edge of the bonnet with her left hand.

Lifting her legs skyhigh, then spreading them a little she beckons me into position; "Do me Nick, ram me with that yummy dick, give me something to remember this car for, everytime I drive it I'll think of your fat cock splaying my poor little pussy open."

Heck, that pussy ain't so innocent, it's dripping and nicely loosened up now I think as I slide into her wet snatch, balls banging nicely against her bum...

Grasping her ankles I begin shafting her in earnest and soon my nuts are banging against the fender of her Beemer, then as I get closer to popping off once more my ballsac tightens and I can feel her cleft clenching tight around me as she approaches orgasm, her body now tensing up rigidly.


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