Plumber's Perks Ch. 1

by PlumberNickNZ


The week had been a busy one, the last thing I needed on a Friday afternoon was a lengthy callout on someone's blocked drain or toilet.... but when the call came thru at around 3pm to go to a blocked sink the only positive thing I could think of was; at least it's on my way home.

In the eastern suburbs the majority of houses were of the rather posh kind, complete with posh or snobby occupiers. But I got a pleasant surprise when I knocked on the door of this one, a big home with a double garage out the front of it. The lady who opened the door smiled and introduced herself as Kim.

"Hi, problem's with the laundry tub in the garage," she told me as she led me to the garage.

As I followed this tall brunette to the garage I couldn't help but notice her firm buns moving freely under the thin fabric of her cotton shorts, complete with pantyline. The sleeveless T-shirt she had on fitted her trim form nicely, just a shame it showed too much of the bra she was wearing.... I just love T-shirts on women without a bra on.... Her shoulder length dark brown hair framed her face nicely and if I was to guess her age she'd have been 35 or so.

In the garage she showed me the laundry setup and left me to it, disappearing within a minute or so of me getting into my work. Kim returned a few minutes later, this time she was wearing the same shorts and tee, but it was immediately obvious that her bra was gone. The gentle sag of her breasts, the fabric clinging to the fullness of her womanly form and the nipples protruding was a real turn on for me.

"How is it going," Kim asked as she moved around in the garage, making it look as though she was doing some tidying when in reality all she was doing was making her breasts jiggle underneath her thin t-shirt.

"Yeah fine, looks like it's just the p-trap that's blocked so it shouldn't be too long M'am," I replied. As I was lying under the sink I could see her looking at my crotch, my cock at halfmast making for a nice show thru the cargo pants I was wearing.

"Oh, OK then," she replied. I swear she sounded disappointed.

As I was tidying up my tools I saw Kim come into the garage again, this time she bent over with her firm bum towards me. I looked and then looked again, the pantyline had definitely gone. Oh, and she stayed bent over for far longer than was necessary, as if to make sure I would get a good look at her firm posterior.

This in itself is not that unusual in my job, women sometimes will flirt and carry on like this, but unless it's obvious the woman is single AND the woman makes the first move I will just leave it at that. And hey, Kim was wearing a wedding ring.

So as I wrote up the jobsheet and asked Kim to sign it off I swear she looked disappointed. I wished her a nice weekend and with that I was off.

The following week I had almost forgotten about Kim when I got a call to go to her house yet again, this time around 10 on the Tuesday morning. Our despatcher made a joke over the phone that I had left the lady of the house unsatisfied, better make a good job of it this time.

Now getting a repeat call either means you've cocked up the repair job or there is an ulterior motive on the part of the customer.... As soon as Kim opened the door I could see her ulterior motives...both her nipples were making an impression on the flimsy dressing gown she was wearing.

As I walked in she smiled broadly, and started off, "Last week I didn't have the nerve to tell you about my friend Gloria, she told me about the special service you provided for her last month, I want the same, right now."

With that she simply dropped the gown off her shoulders and so she was standing there in just a pair of high heels.

"Gloria told me about your tongue pleasuring her, your big long dick probing her, your repeat performances leaving her sore and fulfilled...that's what I want, please Nick," Kim asked with a pleading look on her face.

"What about your husband," I asked.

"I am divorced she said, just wear the ring when I choose. By the look of your cock tenting your pants I'd say you are keen to get on the job Nick," Kim said as she grinned lustily at me.

Looking her over from head to toe I had to admit I was looking forward to ravishing this woman. So when I put my toolbag down and pulled my polo shirt off, Kim took that as the go-signal and she was promptly undoing my pants, then dropped to her knees to unlace my workboots.

Once my workboots were off and my cargo pants were on the floor as well, Kim stayed on her knees in front of me. As she kissed my growing cock thru my boxer shorts I saw a camera in the corner of the room, with the red light on. "Hey, are you taping this," I asked Kim.

"Yeah, for when I get old and wrinkly, will give me something to masturbate to," Kim explained.

"Oh OK, better we put in a good performance then huh," I replied.

"Yes, please young man," Kim saucily said as she peeled my boxers down and got her fingers wrapped around my now almost completely stiff prick. Kim lifted my shaft out of the way and started sucking one of my balls into her mouth, lovingly and tenderly lapping and sucking.

After doing this to both my nuts for a minute or two she licked the underside of my cock from root to tip, before softly taking my helmet into her mouth and sucking on it sensuously.

She started stroking my shaft slowly and took my cock from her mouth long enough to tell me, "I am so pleased that Gloria wasn't exaggerating about your dick young man, I so love a big dick in my mouth and pussy!" OK, at around 10 inches long and almost 2 inches wide I have long known that I am priviliged but it's not been much of a talking point for me....

Moving to the rug in front of the bay window Kim lays down on her back and pulls me on top of her, my cock now inches away from her pussy. Feeling the firmness of her nipples poking into my chest causes my cock to twitch, I just have to suck on her nipps.... So as I move down to take her nipples into my mouth in turn she pushes my head down towards her pussy, the aroma wafting in the air had me going this way anyway, but Kim was rather urgent and insistent.

Once I moved in between her legs I could see why, her pussy was seeping juices and her lips were swollen. With her inner lips poking out and her clit standing proudly erect it was as though Kim had been primed and ready for my arrival.

"Oh please lick me Nick, eat my pussy and stick your tongue into me," she urged in a low voice. As soon as my tongue slid into her lovecanal Kim shuddered lightly, her hands gripping the back of my head and driving me into her sex forcefully, her pelvis bucking up into my face....all the while she's softly moaning....

OK, I am a pussy eating addict by my own admission and I happily slurped on her tasty juicy clam until she asked me to stop licking and to stick my fat prong into her juicy box. By now Kim has been moaning away for a while and she's not ladylike anymore. Instead she's pretty much ordering me what to do, "Go on Nick, stop mucking around and shove your fat prick into my juicy slot, ram it into me all the way till your heavy balls are banging against my arse!"

She kept up the tirade of foul lingo until I had my knob inside her tight lovecanal, she was surprisingly tight and it shut her up as I slowly forced my fat fuckstick into her slippery cavern. She was looking at me with glazed over eyes as I slowly worked my way in and out of her delightfully tight pussy, squishing and squelching as I partly withdrew my fat prong from time to time.

After a few minutes her pussy seemed to loosen up a bit and it became easier to drive into her forbidden depths. It's always a pleasure to feel a new pussy wrapped around your cock, the reactions are always different and by the feel of it this lovely lady had been neglected in this department for too long.....

Once Kim got used to feeling full of my pole she became more vocal again, groaning out loud, "Oh yes, fill me up young man, ram that beautiful prick into me, bang those nuts on my bum.....and please fill me with loads of spunk.... I want to feel your cum oozing out of me after you've gone young fella....I love the feeling of spunk dribbling from my freshly fucked make sure you pump it in deep," she moaned and groaned between deep heaving breaths....

So when I was about to cum I told Kim that I was getting near and she just clamped her legs around my back and urged me once again to just come inside her....please. As I let go in her cunt it was almost as though her cunt clenched up tight around my shaft, she didn't want to spill a drop.

After I'd pumped my load into her Kim became very mellow, saying that she'd heard from Gloria how she'd seduced me and how I had given in to her womanly attractions, how big and hard my cock had been, how long I had licked her fanny and so forth.

"So did you ask for me by name did you," I asked.

"Yes, I just asked for young Nick and the lady at your office said no problem," Kim says as she softly kisses me. I was mildly surprised at this as Trish in the office was a nosey little redhead who usually wanted to know everything that was even slightly suspicious.

As my cock was still in Kim's juicy hole, she could feel my cock grow back to full hardness and she responded by clenching her fanny tight around me, giving me a cunt massage. When I leaned onto my elbows properly and started shafting Kim's yummy snatch once more she just groaned in delight, "Oh yes, that's more like it, a young man who can do me, then do me again!"

This time Kim thrashed around more vigorously than before, pelvis tilting as I thrust into her now sopping wet slot and telling me give it to her good. "Oh yeah, you drill that yummy fat cock into me, yeah spunk me again," Kim orders....

Before too long I creamed her pussy again, this time I could feel our combined juices oozing out of her cunt before I had even pulled out, much to Kim's delight, "Oh yes, that's what I love, feeling our juices running out of my pussy...yummy!"

As I withdrew from Kim's hot pussy my cellphone started ringing and she urged me to answer it. So as I retrieve the phone from my cargo shorts and answer it, Kim is kneeling in front of me sucking my now softening cock into her mouth, cleaning off our combined juices with enthusiasm.

It was Trish from the office asking whether I was free to go to my next job yet, little did I realise it had been over an hour since getting to Kim's house. "Yeah, just about done here Trish," I managed to say as I looked down at Kim giving my cock long slow licks....

"You tease," I said to Kim, as I put my phone down.

"Who me," Kim answered playfully. "Better fill in your jobsheet and bill me for this job you did young man," Kim urged, "mustn't raise any suspicion in the office that you've been screwing around on company time huh??"

"That was worth every cent anyway, so please call on me again when you have some time on your hands in the evening would you Nick, you've got my phone number and address," Kim said as I got dressed. As Kim pulled on her dressing gown I saw my cum oozing from her pussy, and we both laughed as we both watched a thick glob of cum slowly slide from her pussy lips onto her thigh.

"Till next time then lover," she said dreamily, kissed me on the cheek and closed the door behind me.....

Phew, like I said, blue collar men have perks too.....

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