Pleasing the Preacher

by jenny5


It was nearly seven o'clock in the evening, but the summer sun was still high up, making it look closer to four. I was in my bedroom, standing by my bed. I stared at myself through the full length mirror across from me. I had on a red corset that exposed my pussy and my 34-D tits. I had one leg on the floor and the other one on my bed. A vibrator was buried in my cunt, and I was nearing an orgasm when I heard a sharp rap on my door.

I tried to ignore it, working the vibrator, but the knocking continued, and reluctantly I removed the vibrator and set it on dresser drawer next to my bed. I grabbed my robe which only covered half my ass and tied it loosely, half my breasts exposed.

I was surprised by the person who was waiting at my door. It was Larry Anders, the southern Baptist preacher in my little red neck town. He was tall, and was probably around his mid sixties. He had a big gut, and snow white hair, and the kind of stern face you would find on a southern preacher.

"We need to talk, Candy." He said pushing past me.

"What is this about, Larry?" I asked, not even trying to hide my disappointment. So damn close to an orgasm, and ruined by this idiot.

"You know what this is about!" Larry turned and faced me, his face red with indignation. "You whorin' around this town to anyone who would give you a minute. You're a disgrace to the community and something has to be done about it!"

"Well I don't have a clue what you're talking about, Larry." I said innocently.

"You know exactly what I'm talkin' about! Look at you, standing there, half naked. Don't you have any decency?"

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I demanded defensively.

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?" Larry repeated incredulously. He spun around and ran into my room.

"HEY!" I followed angrily. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Look at all this junk!" he hollered, ripping open drawers and scattering my panties and miniskirts. "These aren't clothes these are pieces of fabric!" He turned, to my dresser drawer and stopped short, his eyes on the vibrator.

He slowly turned to me, his face still beet red. "Oh, you're a real slut, aren't you, Candy?" he asked. He suddenly grabbed me and ripped off my robe, exposing my pussy and tits. He looked me up and down, and I could see the lust start to swell in his eyes. I was surprised at my own sudden wetness.

"Yeah, a real slut." he said to himself. He raised his hands and starting to knead my breasts. I moaned, and pushed forward.

"Just a little suck, hmm, Pastor Larry?" I teased. "It'll be our little secret." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lowered his head and started to suck my titties. I was surprised at the ferocity. I cried out in pain, but it quickly turned to pleasure.

Larry wasted no time in removing the corset from my body. As he sucked and chewed one arm wrapped around my waist and cupped my ass cheek while the other searched out my wet pussy.

He spun me around and tossed me down on the bed with surprising force.

"I hear you're a real good dick sucker." Larry said as he removed his shirt and undid his buckle. He was a hairy man. His arms and legs were skinny, but his gut was large. His dick was also big, a good 8 inches, and standing fully erected, glistening with pre-cum. "I need to see for myself." He grabbed the vibrator and climbing on the bed he turned around so that his ass was to my face. He lowered himself, shoving his dick into my mouth.

I moaned. This was turning out not to be such a bad day. I took in all 8 inches, gagging slightly. I sucked away joyfully. I enjoy nothing more than a tasty dick in my mouth, and this was extra yummy coming from the preacher.

I felt his lips and tongue on my cunt and I gasped.I moaned long and loud as he licked my pussy, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

I heard a click and the sound of the vibrator coming to life. "Since you enjoy this so much, bitch." Larry said as he inserted the vibrator into my pussy.

He flicked my clit with his tongue as he pushed the vibrator in and out.

I couldn't help it. I spit out his dick and moaned loudly. "Oh, Larry, Ooooohhh! That feels so good, ohhhh!"

With the vibrator still moving in and out of me Larry climbed off of me and turned himself around. With one hand he grabbed my leg and pushed it back so that both my legs were resting by my head.

He removed the vibrator and stuck his dick in my pussy, pumped me a couple of times, and removed it sticking the vibrator back in.

"Nice ass," he said. I could feel the head of his dick at my ass hole, and all of a sudden it was rammed as far up me as it could go.

I screamed, the pain overriding the pleasure from the vibrator, but as he pumped me with the vibrator and his dick now the pleasure started to build again.

"How do you like that, whore? Like being fucked from both ends?" Larry grunted.

"OH YES! YES, YOU FEEL SO GOOD! FUCK ME HARD!" I cried. An orgasm was starting to build.

Larry wsa more than happy to oblige and as he worked the vibrator he started pounding me harder. I knew I was going to leave with bruises on my ass.

"MAKE ME CUM, YOU WHORE! MAKE ME CUM!" Larry cried through gritted teeth. I screamed my orgasm, my toes pointed to the ceiling just as he shot his load all up my ass.

He gave me a few more good pounds, then reluctantly withdrew himself and the vibrator.

He fell back onto my bed, breathing heavily.

I scrambled up, climbed on top of him, and licked his hairy chest and gut, making my way down to his dick that I gingerly kissed, and finally his balls that I lapped up greedily like a dog drinking water.

"That was so good, Pastor Larry." I moaned between licks.

"Oh, honey, that ain't even the end." Larry promised.

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