Playing Pool

by Madam-Cecilia


Things had finally settled down. It had been a busy Friday night for pizza delivery. The pop cooler in the kitchen was all but bare so I went to the walk-in cooler for pop to re-stock it. I was bent over picking out the ones I needed when I heard the door open. I didn't think anything about it. Everyone was re-stocking so I figured someone had come in to get some meat for the make table or something. I heard the snap of the towel at the same instant I felt the sting on my leg just below my ass. I stood and spun around in a heartbeat ready to rip into whoever had "attacked". There you stood with that smart-ass grin on your face, laughing.

"Very funny bonehead," I growled.

"Yeah it was," you managed to get out between roars. "You should have seen the look on your face as you spun around. It was hysterical."

"You'll think hysterical when I get my hands on you," I barked.

"OOOhhhh, I'm shaking," you teased as I came closer. "What are ya gonna do?"

"I'm gonna take that towel and stuff it down your throat, goofball. What do you think I'm gonna do?'

As I stepped closer you got a really sly grin on your face. I grabbed the end of the towel and you pulled it causing me to fall into you. Our lips met in what you had intended a quick peck to throw me off. We were both surprised by the heat in that simple little kiss.

Backing away I mumbled, "I have to get the pop stocked."

"Yeah, I'm supposed to be sweeping," you stammered as you rushed out of the cooler.

You clocked out when you got the sweeping done and left. I had another delivery shortly afterwards and headed to my car. You were waiting outside.

"Um, about that," you said pointing towards the kitchen.

"Don't worry about it," I said to let you off the hook. "No big deal."

"But it was. Bigger than I expected."

"What are you saying?"

"I want to try it again. For real this time."

"Are you serious? You know I'm married."

"I know. I don't care. I want to do it again."

Not knowing what to say I stepped closer to you. You closed the gap between us and took me into your arms. Our lips met and our tongues danced as you pulled me closer. After a few moments I try to pull away. You hold me tight kissing my neck.

"I have to go. I have a delivery."

"I know. I want to see you after work."

"Steve, you are way too young and I am married."

"I don't care and I am not too young. Does THIS feel too young?" you ask taking my hand and placing it on your raging hard 18-year-old cock. "I NEED you."

"Steve," I whisper as I try again to pull away. "We shouldn't do this." I can feel the heat between my own legs. I want this but I know it is wrong.

"It'll be ok. I'll stop by and pick you up after work." With that you release me and run off to your car. I get into mine and think of you as I drive to my delivery.

The rest of the night goes by slowly even though there is only an hour left. My pussy is on fire from even that one kiss. I need to feel your young cock buried deep in my smooth wet pussy. I have no idea where you think we are going to go so I sneak an extra set of keys from the office.

When closing time FINALLY gets here, I casually walk out with the manager. I watch her lock the door. As we walk to our cars I look around for you. I spot your car in the parking lot across the street. I mention to the manager that I have to make a call on my cell phone so she won't question why I don't leave right away. Once the coast is clear you run across the street and jump into my car. Before I can even get a word out you smother me in kisses.

"I thought she would never leave," you whisper breathlessly between kisses. "Where do you want to go?"

"How about back inside?" I suggest as you nibble my ear and neck.

"It's locked," you moan against my skin as if I didn't know the obvious. I hold up the keys and dangle them in front of you. "You are devious, aren't you? Where will we do it in there?"

"I've always wanted to do it on a pool table. We can use then one in the basement."

"Kinky. I like that," you say releasing me and reaching for your door handle.

We don't turn any lights on inside, letting the emergency exit signs guide our way. Once we are through the kitchen and at the top of the basement stairs we can turn on the light without fear of anyone seeing it. I start down the stairs and feel your breath on my neck. I turn to look at you and you cover my lips in a passionate kiss. "This is going to be great," you say breaking away.

At the bottom of the steps I reach for the next light and you stop me saying, "There is enough light in there." Before I can reply you take my hand, and stepping in front of me, lead the way to our "love nest".

At the side of the pool table your fingers find the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head. Since I never wear a bra my tits fall free only to be caught in your grasp. Your head drops to suck each one and flick the nipple with your tongue as my fingers run through your hair. You knead the tit flesh as you bring your lips back to mine.

We are breathless when our lips part. You are holding me close, still playing with my tits. The pool table lies beside us, welcoming our advance. You reach for the fly of my jeans and once it is undone, help me from them. You take a step back to remove your own clothes as I step out of my jeans and get rid of my panties.

Both naked, we step to the pool table and you assist me in climbing on to it and lying back. You crawl up next to me kissing every inch of my legs and stomach as you make your way on top of me. When you are positioned between my legs with your lips devouring mine, my legs rise and open to allow you access to my dripping, smooth pussy. It takes no effort at all for your young hard cock to slide in, sinking to the hilt with one stroke.

My fingers grasp at your back as the walls of my pussy grasp at your cock. I moan into your mouth as you start to saw in and out. I am glad no one can hear us down here because you are already making me noisy. By the time we are done I am likely to be howling in ecstasy.

My hands work their way to your ass to encourage your strokes. I am thrusting to meet you each time and my pussy muscles pull you back as you pull out. I can feel your balls slapping against my ass. I am getting close when you say, "Are you gonna cum for me?"

"Soon. Very soon!" I manage to squeak out.

"I want to hear you. Make lots of noise for me."

"No worry there," I growl in your ear. I can feel the eruption starting. My muscles are contracting. I am moaning and thrashing my head about. You stretch up on your arms and watch as my orgasm takes over. You can feel the flood sliding between us. I am getting wetter and wetter as I howl and knead your ass.

"YES! YES! YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS" I scream as I peak rocking almost violently against you. It takes several minutes but eventually I calm down and come back to earth.

"THAT was something," you say almost in awe.

"Yes it was," I agree breathless from the exertion.

"I haven't cum yet," you announce with a touch of pride in your voice.

"Good cuz I wanna do it again."

"Again?" you ask unsure of what I mean.

"Oh yes! I want you to make me cum again and again. Then I'll make sure you cum."

"How many times can you cum?" you ask with disbelief.

"LOTS!" I say as I close my eyes to savor the moment.

"Well then let's see how soon we can do it again." You reapply yourself to grinding in and out of my still spasming cunt. It isn't long before you are rewarded yet again with howling, bucking and the warm flood of orgasmic juices. "Too much more of that and I am gonna blow too."

"Good!! I want you to cum for me!"

"Where?" you ask suddenly aware that we have no protection.

"I am snipped so you can cum where ever you want."

In answer to that you speed your rhythm to animalistic rutting and groan from the efforts. I can tell by the look on your face you are close. I whisper in your ear, "Cum for me baby. Fill my pussy with cum. Shoot deep inside." It is too much and I can feel you explode. The force of your seed causes me to cum yet again and we are working through our climaxes together.

Once the moment passes you fall exhausted on top of me. "We HAVE to do this again," you insist.

"Whenever you want," I assure you as I caress your back.

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