Playing Away

by ThrobbingMan


It had been a long day; endless meetings with contractors, solicitors, architects, planning-officers, it seemed my secretary had arranged meetings with anyone who wanted to talk to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and the salary that goes with it, but getting this new factory built had been a huge pain in the ass. All I wanted was to get back home and spend some time with my wife and kids; but that wasn’t going to happen just yet, there were three more days of meetings and site visits to endure before I could go home.

I could imagine Sharon, my indispensable but cruel PA, arranging my schedule with a kind of perverted glee, but eventually even she must have felt a twinge of sympathy for me; at last, the endless meetings ended and I headed off to the hotel Sharon had booked for me. It was nothing special, identical to countless others I had stayed in, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was that my room had a shower and a bed, which I intended to make immediate use of. It seemed to take forever to check in, but eventually I got to my room, tearing off my clothes as soon as I got in the door and heading straight foot the shower. However, as soon as I had finished showering I realised there was another priority I had to take care of; a cup of coffee for breakfast and a pre-packed plastic sandwich at lunchtime had left me ravenous. When I arrived at the hotel I had noticed the hotel restaurant was open for a couple more hours, so I had plenty of time to give my wife Karen a call, maybe even take a short nap.

I woke up lying across the bed, still naked from the shower, phone in my hand; I must have fallen asleep before I could call Karen. I hadn’t realised quite how tired I was, but the nap had done the trick, I felt more refreshed and wide awake than I had done all day. The clock told me I only had thirty minutes until the hotel restaurant closed, so I quickly dressed and went back downstairs.

The restaurant was pretty much empty by now, only a few tables were occupied with diners lingering over their desserts. I seated myself at a table near the window, and a pretty young waitress came over to take my order. I can’t remember what I ordered, I was more interested in the waitress; she was young, as I said, no more than nineteen or twenty, with long dark hair and luminous brown eyes, slim figure, short skirt, nice legs. I flirted with her, in my usual lumbering way, and she responded pleasantly enough, rewarding my clumsy efforts with a girlish giggle that I found quite arousing.

As I waited for my meal, my mobile rang. I answered it quickly when I saw it was our home number.

“Well, hello”, my wife’s voice always has an effect on me and I felt a tightening in my groin. I glanced up and saw my sexy little waitress chatting to the diners at a nearby table; the sight of her smooth round buttocks in a tight black skirt made my cock stiffen even more.

“Hello yourself,” I replied. “Sorry I didn’t call earlier, but I nodded off.”

“Oh, I thought you’d forgotten all about me” said Karen, a pretend-pout in her voice that put an image in my mind of her soft warm lips. “Anyway,” she continued “where are you?”

“Hotel restaurant,” I replied. “Waiting to be served.”

“Oh, really? Are you expecting a good service?”

“Well, one never knows one’s luck”, I said, my eyes fixed on that delightful rear, jiggling away from me towards the kitchen. I explained to Karen about the waitress, and my dear wife then spent the next five minutes telling me in pornographic detail exactly what she would do with the waitress if she were there instead of me. By the time she had finished, my cock was fully erect, painfully constrained by my clothing. Karen ended the conversation by whispering “Don’t come home until you’ve fucked her.”

I should explain, although Karen and I have a very happy and stable marriage we are not exclusive; if the opportunity for some harmless fun presents itself, we take it. Both of us are happy with this arrangement, in fact the greatest turn on when we are reunited is to snuggle up in bed together and relate our adventures to each other; this always ends in a marathon session of the most passionate and imaginative sex either of us have ever experienced.

So, with my wife’s blessing, I considered how to seduce this pretty waitress, a girl young enough to be my daughter. Imagine my consternation when I saw her, through the open kitchen door, putting her coat on, obviously getting ready to leave! My conversation with Karen had left me incredibly aroused, and my cock was still painfully erect. I knew if I had to relieve myself it would take several orgasms to do so, resulting in a sleepless night, something I didn’t need with another long day ahead of me. I tried to will my erection to subside, but that has never worked and it didn’t work this time.

I hardly noticed the other waitress as she brought my meal; I thanked her distantly, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my trousers. But as she hurried away, I found myself looking at her. Short and plump, with dyed-blonde tightly-permed shoulder-length hair, I couldn’t guess her age as she was facing away from me. No super-model, but I have always had a weakness for ‘curvy’ women; my own dear wife is, shall we say ‘well-rounded’. This waitress, like the other, was wearing a short black skirt, stretched by her ample buttocks; good legs, clad in sheer black hosiery. Stockings or tights, I wondered.

I turned my attention to the meal in front of me. I can’t remember what I ate, but it fulfilled one of my needs; if only my other needs were so easy to satisfy. Once I had finished my meal, I pushed my chair back to stretch my legs. The waitress took that as a sign I had finished and hurried over to clear my table, obviously near the end of her shift and keen to leave.

This time, I could see her face. She was older than I had expected, late forties, old enough to be the other waitress’s mother. Slightly too much make-up covered an otherwise pretty face, and her blouse was undone far enough to reveal an impressive cleavage. The overall impression was tarty, but not cheap; certainly attractive enough to make my cock twitch. As she approached I realised the bulge in my trousers was clearly visible, no longer concealed by the table. She leaned over to pick up my plate, and I found my face only inches from her impressive bosom. As she straightened up again I looked at her face. A big grin spread across her face and I realised she was looking straight at my groin; my erection must have been obvious. I allowed my own gaze to wander over her voluptuous body. How could I have fancied that skinny young girl, when there was a real woman around?

I felt hugely disappointed when she scurried off to the kitchen, but almost immediately she was back.

“Would you like anything else?” she asked, looking directly into my eyes. I almost laughed out loud at the double-entendre, but I just smiled at her and said “What have you got?” trying not to sound like Sid James in a Carry On film.

“Well, the restaurant’s closing now…” she replied, emphasising the word “restaurant”, from which I inferred there was something on offer that no mere restaurant could provide.

Ten minutes later I was in my room; there was a knock at the door and I opened it to find my waitress, Jill, with champagne and glasses. I stood back to let her in, but as soon as she had crossed the threshold I pushed her up against the wall, my hands were all over her, my mouth clamped to hers, tasting breath-mints and cigarettes. Jill could do nothing, her hands were full with the champagne and glasses. We stayed like that for some time, our tongues entwined as I explored her glorious curves. Eventually we realised the door was still open, and I kicked it shut as another guest walked by, doing a quick double-take.

Jill pulled away from me and put the champagne down. Grabbing hold of my shirt, she pulled me after her as she backed towards the bed where we collapsed, Jill giggling uncontrollably. I felt her warm breath in my ear as she pulled me on top of her, my leg sliding between hers, her skirt riding up so that her crotch was pressed against my thigh. Jill started to move her hips, rubbing herself against my leg, clearly becoming aroused. I slid a hand along her thigh and found she was wearing tights; like most men I prefer stockings, but most women seem to choose tights for everyday wear.

Suddenly Jill pushed me off her and sat up; I felt a momentary sensation of panic that she had changed her mind, but she only wanted room to push her panties and tights down to her ankles. Jill rolled me onto my back and quickly unbuckled my belt. Soon my trousers were around my ankles and Jill pulled me back on top of her. My cock had been erect since dinner, so it needed no stimulation, Jill just guided me with her hand and I sank my length into her. There was no finesse in our actions, just the need to satisfy ourselves. I humped Jill mercilessly, but however hard I gave it to her she begged me for more, harder, faster, rougher. After just a few strokes I shot my load, giving a great sigh as I did so. When my orgasm had subsided I withdrew and rolled off of Jill, temporarily drained.

I let Jill take charge then, all I was aware of was her removing my clothes. Soon I was lying naked on my back, Jill straddling me. She was still fully clothed, except for her panties and tights which she had now completely removed. Slowly Jill unbuttoned her blouse, revealing more and more of that magnificent cleavage. Her large tits were supported by a white lacy bra, and Jill began to massage herself through the flimsy material, squeezing her breasts together then spreading them apart. I felt a stirring down below at this amazingly erotic display, and when Jill unclasped her bra and let her breasts swing free I felt my cock stiffening rapidly. Jill reached between her legs and grasped my cock, rubbing it along her pussy lips. I thought I would come again immediately, but Jill had other ideas. Releasing my throbbing member, Jill leaned forward and dangled her pendulous tits in my face, slowly moving backwards, letting her erect nipples scrape across my chest, then my belly, until my penis was safely nestled between her tits.

Jill then started to rock back and forth, her folds of flesh engulfing my cock, her skin so soft and silky. Jill continued until she felt I was about to come, then she started to move back up my body, rubbing those gorgeous breasts all over me. I tried to capture one of those big sensitive nipples in my mouth, but Jill pulled away and positioned herself over my face. I could see her pink lips, flushed with arousal, surrounded by a narrow strip of light brown fuzz. As she lowered herself, I stretched out my tongue to caress Jill’s pussy lips, rubbing the very tip up and down, the taste of her juices making me hornier than I could imagine. As she sank down, impaling herself on my tongue, Jill reached behind and gently allowed her fingertips to brush the head of my cock, so lightly I could hardly feel her touch. Jill used her other hand to rub her clit as I probed ever deeper, bringing a loud sigh from her lips. Jill began to grind her pelvis against my face, her feather-light touch on my cock fading away entirely as her climax approached.”

“Uuh”, Jill gave a great sob, then another and another “uuh, uuh, uuuh.UUUH! UUUH! UUUH!” Finally she came, her juices dribbling out of her onto my face.

Jill collapsed onto the bed beside me, breathless. I turned towards her and let my hands roam over her body, gently brushing her nipples, moving lower across her belly, down between her legs to feel her wetness, forcing a pathetic little mewing sound from her. Then we just held each other for awhile, until at some point I must have nodded off.

When I awoke, Jill had disappeared. I felt hugely disappointed, until I realised she was in the shower. When she came out and saw I was awake, Jill smiled and sat on the end of the bed. Slowly she began to run her fingertips along the inside of my legs, her touch so gentle I could hardly believe she was touching me at all. Gradually she moved higher, stroking my thighs. At the top of each stroke the backs of her hands were brushing against my cock, which by this time was rising again.

Now Jill took my cock in one hand and cradled my balls with the other. Just holding my cock lightly for now, she began to fondle my scrotum, probably the most arousing thing a woman can do to me. Soon I was hard again, and Jill lowered her head to take my balls in her mouth, sucking them in one at a time. Then she moved onto my cock, running the tip of her tongue up and down my shaft, up and down, over and over. When she suddenly stopped, I looked up at her. Gazing directly into my eyes, Jill lowered her soft warm lips over the head of my penis, sliding her mouth lower over my shaft, taking my whole length. Then she withdrew, until her lips were sealed around my helmet, and she began to go to work with her tongue. That was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had, her tongue was like the soft touch of a butterfly’s wings, caressing, licking, flicking, rolling, probing, smearing pre-cum all over the head, all the time maintaining eye-contact. This could have gone on forever as far as I was concerned, but my body had other ideas. Jill realised I was about to come, taking her mouth from me and rolling onto her back. The rush of relatively cold air on my cock, after Jill’s warm mouth, was enough to delay my climax, and I rolled on top of her, intending to slide my cock deep inside her. But Jill had other ideas, grasping my cock she pulled me towards her, wrapping her huge breasts around my shaft. I began to fuck her tits; knowing I couldn’t last long, I reached between her legs and found her clitoris, began to rub it with a fast circular motion. We both came quickly, great gobs of sticky cum all over her breasts, her face, her hair, Jill’s body bucking beneath me as she climaxed.

Exhausted at last, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke to the touch of Jill’s lips on mine; it was morning, and Jill was fully dressed.

“Next time, bring your wife” she whispered, before turning away and walking out of the room. Maybe I would. Who was I kidding, of course I would. I settled back for a final half hour in bed, sinking into a dream of two beautiful, sexy, dirty women. And me.

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