Planning for the Party

by Solid_Reality


It all started one Sunday afternoon, 6 days before Byron's girlfriend, Candice's birthday. Candice was going to turn 20 and she was excited to finally reach that age. Byron didn't care how old she was though. He just wanted what was between those luscious thighs.

Candice was about 5'6, 120 with a booty that just makes you want to bow down and worship it. She was absolutely a gorgeous woman. Her hair was long and smooth. Her brown skin was flawless as if she was born yesterday. Her breasts were smallish, but Byron didn't care, he loved that ass too much. She had one of those video booties if you know what I mean.

Church ended pretty uneventfully and everyone kinda scattered their own separate ways. Byron was checking out the asses on several of the young girls throughout the crowd when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Candice's mother Sandra was standing behind him. "Hi Byron, how are you this afternoon?"

"I'm straight, just looking for Candice..." Byron says nonchalantly. "Listen, I need your help with something. Candice has to work today, and this is a perfect time to plan her birthday party for Saturday."

"OK, what time do you want me to stop in?"

"Come by around 5, she'll be gone to work by then." replied Sandra. "Alright, I'll be there." Byron said looking at a plump behind walking by him.

Then Byron turned just in time to see Sandra walk away from him. "Damn, I see where Candice got it..." thought Byron checking out the 38 year old mother of his girl. Sandra had long legs that led up to her wide flaring hips. Her ass, was juicy and jiggled through her black skirt. Her flat stomach was unbelievable for a woman with two children. But her big breasts bounce gracefully as she walked away. Byron couldn't peel his eyes off of those tits.

He felt his dick twitch in his boxers. Byron knew he had to relieve himself some way. Just as he had decided to walk to his car and jerk off, he felt another hand on his shoulder. It was Candice. She kissed him on his cheek and said, "Hey baby, what's up? Why were you talking to my mom?" Byron, looking surprised, said "I was just telling her what I got you for your birthday..."

"What did you get me?" Byron smiled slyly and asked, "Do you really wanna know?" Candice cheered like a little kid, "Yes, yes, show me!"

"Aight, come to the car."

Byron was tripping in his head because he knew what he was going to give her. His 8 inch dick was throbbing and begging for attention. They arrived at the car and Byron immediately started kissing Candice passionately. She kissed him back, but after a couple seconds, she pulled away. "Is this my present?"

"Part of it, just relax..." Byron said smoothly. Byron placed his hand on her left thigh and pulled her towards him.

He loved the feeling of her legs in those stockings. Slowly raising up her skirt, he seen her pantiless pussy. He loved the way she trimmed her bush. Candice reached for his belt and unbuckled it and then slid his khakis down. She opened the slit in his boxers and pulled out his big black dick.

She straddled him in the drivers seat of his car and slid herself down on his rod. They both moaned with pleasure. What made this more exciting is that they were in the parking lot of a church. She started off slowly and then she built up speed. Byron's cock was dripping with pre cum and he was humping his ass up and down in rhythm with her. Byron grabbed her tits and squeezed them tightly. He felt his cum boiling in his balls. Suddenly, he heard a knock at his tented window.

"Damn!!" Byron cracked his window slightly, "Yeah, what's up?" Outside of his window, was a 10 year old boy. "Why is your car shaking?" asked the little boy? "I'm doing something man, go away!" Candice laughingly, began to put back on her clothes. "Byron, I gotta go to work, we'll finish this later."

"Aight, damn..." Candice kissed Byron softly and got out of the car and went to her car and sped off hastily to work.

"Shit, it's 4:30! How long was we fucking!" Byron pulled up his pants and drove off towards Sandra's house. His cock was so hard and it wouldn't take much for him to shoot his load. Byron was on edge. He thought about jacking off in the car and just getting it over, but he didn't want to get cum everywhere and plus he was driving so he didn't want to kill nobody because his brain was temporarily out of order.

He pulled up to Sandra's driveway and sat in the car hoping his cock wouldn't stay hard for much longer. It didn't matter, his dick was hard and there was only one thing that would fix it. Byron got out of his car and walked to the doorway. Before he knocked, Sandra came to the door. She had changed clothes. She was wearing a tight black shirt that showed a lot of cleavage. She had on a black skirt, much shorter than the one from earlier, that accented her ass even more than the first one. Of course this didn't help his hardon.

She invited him in and told him to sit at the couch while she got drinks for them. She brought him a can of Mt Dew and she drank a sprite. Byron was pretty comfortable like this, his cock was still hard, but it wasn't as noticeable since he was sitting. It was rather chilly in the room, and with Sandra sitting next to him, he could easily see her nipples were hard through the thin material.

As they continued listing ideas for the party, Sandra got closer and closer to Byron. His cock hadn't gone limp, but after about an hour it had lost a little of it's power. Byron thought that she was just kinda cold so he didn't mind a beautiful woman leaning closer to him. And neither did his dick. It started getting hard again as she got closer.

Suddenly, Sandra got up. "I've got to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." Byron was kinda relieved because his hardon was huge and could have easily been seen had she looked. He got up, knowing she wasn't in the room, and stretched a little. His big cock pointed out against his pants. Just as he finished his stretch Sandra walked back in. She was astonished. "Jesus, what do you have in your pants?" Byron was speechless, his mouth just dropped. Then he began to smile. "I can get some relief can't I" he thought. "It's my big dick, your daughter loves it, you want to try?" Byron said faking total confidence. Sandra looked appalled, but then she smiled evilly and licked her lips seductively.

She walked towards him and unzipped his pants and pulled out his big dick. She pushed him down to the couch and slick his dick in her mouth. She moaned, and groaned with his big dick in her mouth. He loved the feeling of her tight mouth around his dick. She couldn't get it all in, but what she got in she loved. Byron felt the burning again, "I'm gonna fuckin cum!!!"

"Oh shit, oh shit!" Sandra just bobbed up and down with her head and jerked him off hard and quick. Byron shot a load that should have blown her head off. Cum dripped from her mouth and all over his balls and dick.

Sandra raised her skirt and pulled her panties off. Byron, turned her around and said, "I'm gonna fuck you doggy style bitch..." She bent over the seat of the couch with her phat ass in the air. Byron's dick throbbed with delight. Her pussy was sopping wet. Byron put his dick at her entrance and slowly slid it in. Her pussy was virgin tight, but she slowly took it all in. Byron grabbed her hips and started humping away at her. She was screaming in ecstasy. Byron pumped harder and faster. He knew he wouldn't last long in that hot pussy. Sandra was cumming, and she didn't care about another thing in the world. Byron asked, "In your pussy or on your ass?" Sandra couldn't answer, her pleasure was so intense. Byron pulled his big slippery cock out and came all over her phat ass.

Byron wasn't finished yet. He knew he had at least one more in him. "I want to titty fuck you!" Byron said. "Anything, I just want more cum!" Byron ripped off her shirt. Sandra grabbed her bra quickly and just pulled it up over her big tits. She didn't even want to unsnap it. All she knew is she wanted his cum. "Shit" Byron thought, "She love's cum!" Byron straddled her stomach and dropped his big dick between her juicy tits. His dick was totally lubricated from all the fucking they had done. Sandra squeezed her tits together and Byron fucked away. Every time his dick her came through her tits, she would lick it lick candy.

Byron was fucking the hell out of her tits. He was yelling like a madman. His dick was out of his control and all he could do was let it go. He grabbed her tits and her hands and held them together even tighter. He felt the end coming. "Oh shit, baby here it cums!"

Wad after wad of cum shot all over her face and her neck. Streams of cum covered her tits and in her hair. She took his dick in her mouth and sucked the last of his juice out.

They cleaned up the cum, and they took a shower together and fucked two more times that evening before Candice got home. Byron left around 9:30 knowing Candice would be in around 10, he didn't want to get caught there. "Damn, I can't wait till the party!" thought Byron.

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