Pickup's Pickup

by TxBoots


I was planning a business trip to another city so I decided it might be worth putting a note on a bulletin board requesting a meeting with a woman for evening entertainment. No promises, no requirements, either could go their own way after a drink and hello. To my surprise, I received a positive reply the next evening and we made plans to meet at a certain bar in the city.

I arrived and finished my work and drove to the bar. I entered, looked around, saw a woman who fit the description my date had given me and went over and introduced myself. She introduced herself and her daughter, in her early 30s and very pretty also, whom she had brought for protection, I expected. Strange…we were both the same age (early 50s) and had almost the same names, I, the male spelling and she, the female spelling.

We sat at a table and talked a little while; then I asked her to dance. Wow!! What a wonderful dancer she was. We both enjoyed the slow dances the best. I enjoyed having her warm small body close against mine, putting my hand on the small of her back and then sliding it down to feel her very nice ass. I pulled her closer to me. I know she could feel my hard cock between us. She was sure rubbing hard against it. I was a bit embarrassed as we walked back to the table since I was so obviously hard. There was no way for her daughter to miss it. We sat and ordered another beer and continued to talk, dance and drink for another hour. We really enjoyed each other's company.

Her daughter left and she asked if I'd like to see a bit of the city. I said sure. We decided to take her pickup truck since she knew the town and my car had bucket seats. We drove a bit and she showed me some historical sites. Eventually we found ourselves in the city park. She pulled over to a deserted location, turned the truck off and I leaned over and kissed her.

Her lips were open and wet and our tongues were quickly exploring each other's mouths and caressing one another's. As we kissed I moved my hand to her breasts. She sighed. They were small and I could feel her hardened nipples. She pressed her body toward me and I began unbuttoning her blouse. I laid my hand over her bra feeling the warm flesh of her upper breast. I felt her breast rise and fall as she took her breaths. I felt the beating of her heart. She was so alive and it was greatly effecting me.

Continuing to kiss deep and passionately, I slid my hand around to her back and undid her bra. Now my hand could completely cup her small womanly breast. I saw her hard dark nipple just before I put my lips over it. I caressed it with my tongue. I squeezed it with my lips and nipped it with my teeth. I was thoroughly enjoying her and she was enjoying the attention I was giving her. She told me how she loved having her breasts sucked and her nipples nibbled. She was sighing with pleasure.

And as she sighed, the next thing I knew she had her hand on the growing bulge in my pants. She was rubbing her hand up and down my hardened cock. Now I was sighing. She unzipped me, reached inside my jeans and grabbed my cock through my underwear and squeezed. My cock jumped. I loved her attention between my legs.

Now I moved my hand down between her legs and rubbed her cunt through her jeans and felt her heat. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She raised her hips and I pulled them down. I could smell her sweetness. When I touched her panties, they were already soaked. I reached inside them, running my fingers over her cunt hairs. (I love doing that, feeling their special stiff curls.) When I reached her sex, it was wet with her juices. I stuck my finger between her wet love lips and spread her wetness over her lips and around her clit. Her hips rose and pressed she pressed her clit hard against my finger.

I though she was going to suck my breath from me. My fingers played her clit, moving around and around it, over it, pressing it. I moved my thumb over her clit and slid my finger in between her love lips slowly. I let my finger slide over her inner lips and onto her outer folds and found her cunt hairs again. Then quickly back into her slit and with one of her hip thrust, I found my finger buried deep in her cunt. Her juices were flowing freely as she had her fist orgasm of the night.

She had my cock out now, stroking and fingering it. How I enjoyed her knowing caresses of my cock. The she leaned over and took my manhood in her mouth, moving it up and down my shaft. Then licking its head, now sucking it. It had been such a long time since that had last been done to me. We were both in heaven, she sucking me and me fingering her. We continued at this for a long time, just enjoying pleasuring each other.

She knew I was getting close to cumming. She raised her head and we again kissed. We sat up on the seat and I took in the sight of her naked beauty. I reached out and touched each breast, playing with each nipple. It was then she shifted and lifted one leg over me, grabbing my cock and positioning it beneath her. She slowly lowered herself onto me. I felt my cock slide into her wet pussy. Her lips clasping me like a glove, a slippery wet glove. I slid deep inside her as she settled onto me. Sitting facing each other we kissed, I caressed her breasts, and she began to rotate on me.

I could feel the hot well walls of her cunt. The tip of my cock could feel her cervix. We ground our hips and she moved to make me touch everywhere inside her. Then she began riding up and down on me. I head the slurping of our love making as she rose and fell. I nibbled a nipple. I could barely hold onto any control. And then I was past control. I heard her moan and felt her orgasm grab my cock and I lost it. I felt the cum gather in my balls and rise up my shaft and explode past its end into her pulsating cunt.

We held onto each other for several minutes as our climaxes shuttered to an end and we sat there kissing and holding each other. Our mixed cum was leaking out and running down my cock. It was wonderful wet.

We talked about ourselves and our fantasies for awhile longer. She opened the truck door, stepped out and began putting on her panties, bra, shirt and jeans. I was awed just watching her. Then I pulled up my pants and she drove me back to my car. We kissed goodbye and promised to keep in touch by email and chat, which we did. You can be sure that it led to another encounter.

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