Phone Calls at Work

by J.Q. Hack


Brad’s ringing phone annoyed him as he put down the latest school newspaper. “Hello building management, this is Brad” he mumbled into the receiver.

“Hi Brad, this is Anne. How are you?” Brad immediately recognized the sweet tone of her voice. They had begun talking about two weeks earlier when Brad kept her up to date and her bosses happy concerning an a/c problem in their office.

“Oh, I’m doing fine … nothing exciting happening here. How about you?”

“Well Brad I’m glad its Friday and I can’t wait to get out of here.”

“Me too,” replied Brad “ … so what’s going on in your building today?”

“Actually nothing, nobody has really complained since we got the a/c fixed. But, I was looking at your department’s web page today. So that is what you like? I was kinda curious.”

Brad’s heart raced and a slight sweat beaded up on him as he ran his hand over his bald head. He had always thought of himself as average looking at best and usually below average. It certainly didn’t help that most of his hair was gone by the time he turned 21. “Um, yeah that’s me in all my glory” he nervously laughed.

“You’re a good looking kid, not to mention that sweet voice of yours” Anne giggled.

Brad half seriously shot back “I’m not a kid Anne! Thank you though for the compliment on my voice. You’re not the first person to tell me that.” At 41 Anne was twelve years Brad’s senior, so her use of kid was mostly unconscious but grated on Brad nonetheless.

“Oh calm down, you know I wasn’t serious. But seriously you are a good looking guy; and ohhh that voice! You know at my age women find a whole bunch of things attractive that women your age won’t even consider.”

“Thank you very much Anne. Actually I checked your department’s page and there isn’t anything on it.”

“I know, I wish I had a pic to show you. Oh shit I have to go my boss is here. Bye.” The other end of the line clicked as Anne hung up her phone. Brad was used to it since he knew what it was like to have bosses pop in and out unexpectedly.

The weekend came and went and the following work week was half over before Brad heard from Anne again. He resisted the urge to call her so he didn’t sound desperate but he missed talking to her.

Late Wednesday afternoon Brad’s phone rang. He noticed the caller id displayed Anne’s extension. “So did you do anything exciting this weekend Anne?”

“Mmmm … the most exciting thing this weekend would have to be my bath I took.”

Brad laughed replying “mine wasn’t much more exciting either. But I’d like to hear about that bath.”

Laughing loudly Anne slyly replied “You naughty boy. Well I bought some new body wash and shampoo that smells like apples. You wouldn’t believe how good that stuff is.”

“That’s nice but what about this bath?”

“Oh you really wanna know … ok then. I spent all day working around the house, cleaning stuff up and throwing things out so I decided to take it easy that night. After I got the water nice and sudsy I climbed in and relaxed. Using my big blue sponge I washed my legs and gently scrubbed my arms. That warm water felt so good on my skin.”

“Ooh I bet it did, and what else?” Brad prodded.

“I took the sponge and then gently rubbed my … damn I have to go. I’ll finish this story for you later.” The last thing he heard was Anne’s melodic giggle.

Brad’s hard cock strained against his khaki pants for release. Anne’s little story was by far the most explicit things she had ever said to him. He wanted to meet her so bad and to drink in her sensuality that exuded from her even over the phone.

Thursday was nearly gone before Anne called Brad again. Brad was a little disappointed she wouldn’t finish the story for him. But before she hung he timidly asked Anne if she would meet him at Jake’s Pub on Friday after work for a beer. He of course would buy. Anne agreed after a pause that felt like an eternity but she wasn’t sure how long she could stay. It felt like he was on Cloud 9 but soon is own insecurities crept up and Brad became a nervous wreck.

Work on Friday took forever. Brad spruced himself up a little before leaving work, even bringing his toothbrush and some cologne with him. He certainly didn’t know what to expect when he met Anne, all he knew was she had black framed glasses and shoulder length brown hair. She also said she worked out and was in good shape.

Brad walked into Jake’s Pub nervously looking around to see how many women matched Anne’s vague description of herself. After his eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw her sitting alone in a corner booth. She waved and motioned for him to come over. Brad took as much of her in as possible on his way over. He thought that time had certainly been kind to her. Even in the dimly lit bar and through the smoky haze her skin seemed to glow with pink hue and hardly a wrinkle was evident. He glanced down at her breasts and appreciated their shape under her beige sweater. Her glasses perfectly framed her face and showed off her soft brown eyes. Her chestnut brown hair showed streaks of gray but it was barely noticeable and looked more like highlights in her hair.

“You must be Brad” Anne said motioning for him to join her at the table. Brad joined her at the table as he extended his hand.

“It’s certainly nice to meet you Anne” replied Brad. He suddenly became more self-conscious as he thought what is a bald slightly overweight guy doing with this very attractive woman. All these thoughts and many more flooded his mind and somewhat dampened their conversation. After two glasses of wine Anne excused herself to the restroom. Brad noticed the rest of her curvy figure and he drinked in the way her hips swayed back and forth on her way to the restroom. Despite carrying a little extra weight in her hips she still had a fantastic ass. Noticing her one flaw he felt made him feel a little better but not much.

“Let’s get out of this dingy place. We’ll find someplace a little quieter to talk.” Anne was right the bar definitely had a dingy quality to it and it had become much more crowded and smoke filled since their arrival. Their table was taken even before they reached the front door. Once they got outside the cold breeze slapped them in their faces.

“Let’s walk up the street here a little bit” suggested Brad.

“Sounds good. It’s much quieter out here; I like this a lot better.” Nervously Brad grabbed Anne’s hand. Much to his relief she didn’t pull it away but only gently squeezed it.

Halfway down the block Anne asked: “do you think we could swing by my office I forgot my cell phone?” Brad thought the request a little strange but nodded his head.

Once inside her darkened office Anne shoved Brad against the door and madly kissed him. Her tongue pushed hardly into his mouth as she sucked on his lower lip. Brad’s cock immediately hardened and pushed against his khakis. Anne gently pushed her pelvis into Brad’s erection and gently swiveled her hips to let him know she felt and liked his erection pushing into her.

Anne pulled away flush with excitement. Her hard nipples were visible through her beige top. “I knew you were to shy to make a move; but I want to fuck you so bad I couldn’t wait.” Brad pulled her roughly to him and passionately kissed her mouth and neck. Anne squeezed her arms tightly around his neck and cooed with pleasure as Brad’s tongue and lips found the sensitive areas on her neck right above her shoulder.

“Let’s go into the student lounge, they have a couch in there.” After fumbling with the key they stumbled into the lounge with their only light the glow of the fluorescent bulb in the hallway.

Anne pushed Brad onto the couch and straddled his crotch and slowly gyrated her pussy against his hard on through their clothes. Brad pushed his hands under her top as she pulled it off and threw it on the floor.

“Your breasts are fantastic” Brad mumbled. Her breasts were at least a B cup, they were soft and surprisingly firm without a hint of any sagging. Anne giggled and lowered her breasts to his face. With his right thumb and forefinger Brad gently twisted Anne’s left nipple. Brad’s tongue flicked quickly against her other nipple sending ripples of pleasure pulsing through her body.

Through soft, quick moans Anne panted “I haven’t been touched like this in ages; this feels so good.”

Anne’s tight pink nipples stood proudly erect on the ends of her breasts, covered in Brad’s saliva. She sat up astride Brad’s pelvis and roughly pushed up his shirt from his pants. “I’m going to suck your cock now. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She quickly undid his belt and yanked his pants around his knees as his hard cock sprung out of his underwear at full attention with plenty of precum on the tip. Anne grabbed his cock and started gently stroking it. She wrapped her large breasts around his cock and Brad reflexively began to fuck her breasts.

After a few brief strokes Anne moved down so her mouth was even with his cock. Her left hand gently stroked his balls as her tongue flicked across the head of his cock. Her full lips parted and enveloped his swollen cock fully. Her hand movements on his balls became quicker and stronger; her tongue wrapped around his cock. As Anne’s head bobbed up and down he could see his cock glisten with her saliva and he could fill his thighs dampen from the large amounts saliva running off his cock and down his balls onto Anne’s hand.

Brad could only take Anne’s expert tongue work for so long. With a grunt Brad thrust his pelvis towards Anne’s head and felt three strong jets of seed spewed from his cock. Anne didn’t miss a beat, she swallowed all of his spunk and continued to suck on his cock until he briefly went flaccid.

She knelt up and Brad could see beads of sweat on her forehead and a little bit of jizz on her chin. Brad wiped it up and let her suck it off his finger. She leaned forward and gave Brad a deep tongue kiss. Brad’s cock immediately stiffened again as his hands ran down her back to soft, round ass. He could feel heat emanating from her pussy as he squeezed her ass. She whispered in his ear “I wanna feel your cock in my pussy. Fuck me now.”

Brad eased her onto her back. He kissed is way down from her swollen nipples and over her soft tummy. Anne rhythmically moved her hips pushing into his chest, inviting him to taste and feel her wetness. Brad started to gently tug the waistband of her pants down when all of the sudden Anne put a hand on his head. She quickly sat up, her eyes wide with fear and her head cocked straining to hear something.

“What’s wrong?” Brad had no clue why she suddenly stopped.

“Shhh! I hear something.” Soon Brad heard the clanking of keys and the sound of a vacuum cleaner being dragged across the floor. A minute later the vacuum roared to life. “Shit we have to get out of here,” Anne yelled in a whisper.

Brad jumped up and shoved his shirt into his pants, his underwear twisted uncomfortably around him. Anne hurriedly pulled her shirt on, her hard nipples poking prominently through her shirt, she tossed her tan bra into her purse without a second thought.

“Fuck! How are we going to get out of here? We could both lose our jobs!” Anne panicked.

“Simple, we walk out and if the janitor asks; you tell him you work here and you forgot something. Your staff id says you belong here and your keys work. What do the janitors care. Don’t worry we won’t lose our jobs” Brad quickly replied.

She took a moment to calm herself. Together they walked down the hall to where their coats lay carelessly strewn on the floor.

“Evening” the janitor intoned barely looking up from his work.

“Good evening. I forgot my cell phone here;” Anne produced it from her purse “we were just leaving.”

“Good night and have fun kids” the janitor shrugged and wondered why a woman would have a tan bra hanging out of her purse.

Once out on the street Brad and Anne broke into loud laughter eliciting stares from passersby. She leaned into Brad and kissed him on the lips.

“I had such a wonderful time tonight. I really want to see you again, Brad.”

“I did too Anne and I want to see you too. But, I think we should go somewhere a little more private next time. Next time we might not hear the janitor.” They both broke into loud, giddy peals of laughter. They hugged each other and Anne walked to her car looking back several times and Brad made his way to the bus stop, catching glimpses of Anne looking back. Brad could hardly wipe the grin off of his face. He was positive he looked stupid standing there with a big smile. He couldn’t believe his luck to have such a beautiful, sexual lady obviously interested in him but, always self-conscious, Brad wandered how long this would last for him. He thought to himself it isn’t easy being young and bald.

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