Phone Calls at Work Ch. 02

by J.Q. Hack


The morning had dragged on interminably for Brad. Although it was nearly 11:30 the phone had only rang a few times. After nearly reading every article in the school newspaper he noticed the unopened mail icon on his computer’s desktop. Opening Outlook Express he saw an e-mail from Anne. He hadn’t spoken with her since they met last Friday but she was constantly on his mind.

“Hmm … wonder what she wrote,” he thought to himself. Her e-mail nearly made his heart leap from his chest, he read on: “the janitors supervisor is in talking to my boss. I heard him mention my name and something about a Friday.”

Quickly replying, Brad wrote: “what did they say? It’s probably nothing at all.”

“You’re probably right but I’m nervous. I can’t lose this job. Did we lose anything Friday night?”

“Not as far as I know, I had everything when I was at home. Can you hear anything else?” Brad frantically typed, their e-mails coming nearly as quickly as any conversation would in a chat program.

“I don’t hear anything except laughter,” Anne replied.

“It’s time for lunch, I’ll talk to you later. Let me know if anything else happens,” Brad wrote before heading out for a quick bite. All through lunch he tried not to think about it but he couldn’t help but wonder if they had somehow been caught. He knew in the back of his head having sex on school property wasn’t a good idea, but when he was with Anne he wasn’t going to say no. However, just as his lunch hour was nearly over a terrible thought entered his head. What if Anne’s department had installed miniature cameras to catch loafing janitors or the occasional thief. He’d known that a few places in the University had done that with success.

Getting back to his desk Brad didn’t see any new e-mails from Anne. “Anything happen?” he hurriedly wrote to Anne.

“It’s ok, they were talking about having me set up the floor cleaning schedule during spring break next week when there aren’t any students around. The Friday I heard was they need the schedule this Friday,” Anne wrote back.

A wave of relief washed over him. “Great. I won’t tell you about the horrible thoughts that ran through my head at lunch.”

“That’s fine,” came Anne’s reply, “but I think I know how to make you talk.”

“I’m sure you can,” Brad wrote.

“I think you’d enjoy any torture methods I devised in my head for you,” Anne wrote back.


“First I’d strip you totally naked then lay you down on my bed. After your hands were tied to the headboard I’d slowly strip in front of you. I’d bring myself close enough for you to smell my perfume but not close enough to feel me. While I rubbed my wet pussy in front of you …”

“Stop it,” Brad wrote back, “I’m getting too worked up.”

“Sorry about that. Then I won’t finish telling you how I’d rub my firm titties all over your raging hard cock or how my tongue would slither up and down your shaft. I would do this and so much more until you answered every question I had and were begging for me to finish you off with my mouth,” Anne wrote back, loving this new teasing e-mail.

“I think I have more self control than you suspect. I bet your pussy wouldn’t let you tease me that long even if I wasn’t answering your questions,” Brad tauntingly wrote back.

“Damn you have me all figured out,” Anne wrote, “well sorry to cut the fun short but my boss just gave me something to do.”

Before Brad realized it the end of the day had arrived. Secreting Anne’s e-mail in a hidden folder Brad left his office excited at the prospect of seeing Anne again.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully. Anne informed him that she completed the cleaning schedule a day early. Other than that little update and an occasional suggestive e-mail he’d had little contact with her. It was much less than he wanted but he didn’t want to appear overly anxious and scare her off.

Friday morning came and went , Brad was anxious. He wanted to call Anne to talk to her but, he also didn’t want her to think he after one thing, so he tried to be as cool as possible, suppressing the maddening urge to call her. Shortly before lunch he picked up the phone to take one last call before he went out for a while.

“What’s up?” Brad heard over the line.

“Nuthin, what’s up Anne?”

“I’m doing alright. So any plans for the weekend; any wild parties?”

“Nah, how about you?” Brad inquired.

“Same ol’, same ol’. You wanna meet at Jake’s again for a few drinks?” she asked sounding a little nervous, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Sure, I’ll see you in a few hours.”

“Good, I can’t wait to see you again,” Anne added before the phone clicked silent. Brad practically skipped out of the office he was so happy. The rest of the afternoon flew by for him.

Getting to the bar a few minutes after 4:00 Brad looked to see if Anne had arrived yet. Not seeing her yet he grabbed a high table with a few barstools around it. Not more than ten minutes latter Anne walked in. Seeing Brad she waved at him, making her way across the dimly lit bar. Anne looked stunning in her gray top and black pants. Smiling a little nervously she grabbed the stool next to Brad’s and holding onto his arm for support she sat down and leaned over and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Brad blushed a little bit as Anne settled into her stool.

Within a few minutes a bubbly blonde haired waitress rushed over to get their orders. Brad ordered a 7&7 and a glass of wine for Anne. While they waited for their drinks Brad and Anne gazed at each other barely saying a word. A few minutes passed before they had their drinks.

“Wow, I didn’t think that silence would end,” Anne finally said.

“I’m sorry I was at a loss for words. You look very nice today,” Brad said.

“Thank you; you look nice too. Talk about a scare earlier this week, huh?”

“No kidding, I was a nervous wreck during lunch,” Brad said with a little laugh.

“Thank goodness it was nothing,” Anne added, swishing her wine around in the glass.

“We should find a safer place next time,” Brad said.

“Next time? You’re pretty sure there will be a next time, aren’t you?” Anne said with a sly look in her eye.

Brad’s stammered reply clearly showed he was caught off guard. Not realizing that she was joking Brad tried to repair the imaginary damage done.

“I … I … I meant that if there was a next time,” Brad said looking around nervously blushing, feeling very foolish. Despite his talk in their e-mails Brad, which was a proud front he put on, was still shy and nervous around most women especially Anne.

Anne straightened up in her chair unconsciously arching her back to accentuate the size and shape of her breasts. Brad noticed this, licking his lips he allowed his eyes to wander over her full firm breasts which were nicely accentuated by her tight gray v-neck top and the tantalizing glimpse of cleavage which it provided. She smiled at Brad and patted his hand appreciating his not so subtle way of checking her out.

“I think there will be a next time, in fact I can almost guarantee there will be a next time.” With a slight wave of her hand Anne added, “You have to quit taking me so damn seriously.”

With these slightly provocative words Brad’s cock twitched in his pants, stirring a little bit. Feeling a little braver Brad leaned closer to Anne and said, “next time I’ll finish the job that was started. And I don’t care if a damn janitor interrupts us.”

Anne’s laughter sounded like music to his ears. He grinned as she blushed a little and finished the rest of her wine. “Well I see how you are now, acting shy and nervous but a tiger lies underneath.” Leaning towards Brad she whispered to him, “don’t worry I finished last week just fine. I took care of things when I got home.” Standing up Anne smiled and said, “I’ll be back in a minute, nature calls.”

Brad’s mind nearly melted down as he imagined Anne at home laying on her bed sliding her vibrator into her hot pussy. He could hear her in his head moaning and see her writhing around the sheets bringing herself to orgasm. Brad rubbed his cock through his pants as his imagination took over further. Brad hardly noticed the blonde haired woman approaching him from the side.

“You must be Brad. I’m Janice, I work with Anne.” She took a seat on the opposite side of the table and motioned for the waitress. “Bring another round of drinks for them and I’ll have a fuzzy navel.”

“Oh, hi, you’re Anne’s supervisor, right?” Brad asked trying to remember what she had told him.

“I’m one of her supervisors, but she’ll tell you everybody is her boss up there. So it sounds like you two really hit it off last week.”

“Um … yeah we did. I really enjoyed myself last Friday.”

“Anne mentioned you to me a few times. I think she might have a crush on you,” Janice laughed giving Brad a nudge with her elbow.

“Really,” Brad looked incredulous.

“Oh yeah, she’s giddy like a schoolgirl. I’ve never seen her like this,” Janice said.

“Don’t believe a word she says, it’s all lies,” Anne said approaching the table.

“I don’t lie, you should know that by now,” Janice smiled taking a sip of her drink.

“I hope you two weren’t comparing notes on me without me here to defend myself,” Anne said sipping at her wine.

“Don’t worry it was all good,” Brad said, this time reaching out to pat her hand.

“Thanks, but I know how she is,” Anne said laughing, “so I thought you were going to the gym tonight?”

“Nah … I thought I’d get a drink with you two before I headed home,” said Janice.

After a few drinks Janice looked at her watch stunned at the time. The bar that was empty a while ago was now packed with young college students. A thick haze of smoke hung in the air while the DJ’s music drowned out the din of many people talking and drinking in close quarters.

“I hate to be a stick in the mud but I have to get home,” Janice said emptying her glass, “Frank is probably wondering where the hell I am.”

“It’s not too late but I guess I’ll head home too. I’m drained after this week,” Allison said looking at Brad.

“Well I guess my mind is made up too,” Brad shrugged his shoulders and stood up.

Standing in the brisk outside air Brad, Allison and Janice chatted for a few more minutes. Saying their good-byes Janice left, quickly disappearing up the street towards the parking lot. Brad and Allison hugged each other in a deep, close embrace. Looking into her eyes Brad leaned down and kissed Allison on the lips. Their tongues briefly met in each other’s mouths. Breaking their embrace Brad rubbed her upper arms.

“Well I’ll talk to you later. Off to the bus stop for me.” Brad turned to walk away looking back at her.

“It’s Friday, the buses are crowded. I’ll drive you home. After all it really isn’t out of my way,” Anne said motioning him back towards her with her car keys in her hand.

“Are you sure. I don’t want you to go out of your way. I’m used to riding the buses everywhere anyhow,” Brad said.

“Don’t be silly. I’ll just get home five minutes later. After all what is five minutes,” Anne said.

Fifteen minutes and two wrong turns later Anne pulled her car into a spot in front of Brad’s apartment building.

“I had a good time with you at the bar. It was nice meeting your boss, too,” Brad said.

“So did I. But, I enjoyed spending some time with you,” Anne said, moving across the seat towards Brad.

“I really enjoyed those e-mails you wrote to me earlier. I’ve saved them all,” Brad said.

Grabbing his thigh Anne leaned forward and said in a husky voice, “which parts were your favorites then? Don’t leave a girl in suspense like that.”

“Hmm, I liked all the parts but my favorite had to be when you said you’d rub your tits up and down my cock,” Brad said, his cock straining against the confines of his pants; aching to be let out.

Without saying a word Anne leaned in kissing Brad passionately. Their tongues explored the others’ mouth. A slight taste of wine still remained in Anne’s mouth making the kiss more intoxicating to Brad. Anne’s legs opened allowing Brad’s hand to caress the full length of her inner thigh. Pulling away Brad stopped and looked at Anne.

“Would you like to come in for a little bit?” Brad asked, not totally sure of the answer.

Biting her lower lip Anne shook her head “yes.” Hand in hand Brad and Anne walked the last few feet to the front door.

“Wait,” Anne said, placing her hand on his arm, “you’re place isn’t a pigsty is it?”

Laughing at her joke Brad said, “no, no I just cleaned the other day. You don’t have to worry about any half-eaten sandwiches lying around.”

“Good, I’d hate to find anything too disgusting lying around.”

“Don’t worry, it’s clean,” Brad said pushing the door open and reaching to turn on a small lamp. The light revealed a small, clean apartment full of furniture but neatly arranged for the size of the place. Books lined shelves above the TV revealing Brad’s interest in history. A large couch and a CD shelf lined the other wall. Looking around Anne noticed the fresh smell of carpet deodorizer and a carpet free of all debris.

“Let’s see the other room,” Anne suggested.

“It’s not much,” Brad said. In one corner sat Brad’s bed flanked by his computer desk and dresser. A pile of clothes lay in the other corner.

Grabbing Anne’s arm Brad said, “let’s go back to the other room.”

Anne took a seat on the couch. Reclining back she patted the spot next to her. Brad sat next to her and placed his hand on her leg where it had been minutes earlier. Anne’s open arms beckoned for Brad. He leaned in and gently kissed her mouth. His lips were slightly open as he gently sucked on her lower lip. He slowly closed his lips allowing his tongue to gently caress her teeth before pulling away.

Anne sat there breathless with her eyes closed. Slowly opening her eyes she looked at Brad in almost shock. “Wow,” she said, “that was so gentle … yet passionate.”

“I meant it,” Brad said. Leaning in he kissed Anne again. Her tongue pushed into his mouth as Anne sucked Brad in. Brad’s tongue pushed back as he lowered his body on top of hers. Anne moaned as she felt his weight on her. She breathed in heavily as his hard cock dug into her hips.

Taking a natural break Anne put her hand on Brad’s shoulder. “Wait,” she said, “you don’t have any janitors coming by tonight, do you?” Anne broke into laughter; Brad could feel her breasts pushing against his chest with each laugh.

“No … none coming around tonight,” he replied through his own laughter. Putting his head down by her chest Brad started to kiss the nape of her neck. Anne let out a little squeal as his tongue hit a sensitive spot, her hands gently caressing his shoulders. Wiggling comfortably under Brad’s weight Anne became more comfortable and rolled her head to one side, invitingly exposing her soft delicate neck.

Brad ran his left hand through Anne’s brown hair. Grabbing a handful he gently pulled her head further back exposing more of her neck. Anne put up no resistance, allowing her head to move back. Her breathing deepened with every kiss of Brad’s lips and lick of his tongue. Anne pressed her legs and hips into Brad’s full weight. Her movements betrayed her passion. Anne’s moans grew louder as her hands tugged on Brad’s shirt to pull it from his pants.

After several yanks Anne pulled Brad’s shirt from his pants. Her fingers trembled with anticipation as she fumbled with his buttons. Anne smiled as she noticed Brad’s hard cock pushing against his pants. With his shirt now on the floor Anne attacked him. Her hands ran over his chest tugging on his nipples as they kissed. Brad tried also with little success to pull Anne’s shirt from her slacks.

Anne’s hungry mouth moved over Brad’s neck and across his pecs. Her tongue swirled around one of his hard nipples. Waves of pleasure shot through Brad as her lips and tongue worked on his nipples. He felt her fingernails drag across his back causing Brad to wince for a brief moment. Anne moved her hands along the inside of Brad’s waistband heading for the button on his pants.

Grabbing hold of her hands Brad stopped her for a moment. With both his hands he finished taking Anne’s shirt out of her slacks, which soon joined his on the floor. After kicking their shoes off Anne went for Brad’s pants again.

Shaking his finger at her he said, “No, no we have some business to finish from the last time.”

Anne smiled and laid down on the couch without objection. She unbuttoned her pants as Brad slowly pulled them down over her full hips. Raising her hips to help, Anne grunted with satisfaction as Brad discarded her pants on the floor.

Pushing the straps of her bra down Brad kissed her shoulders. Anne left out soft moans, bringing her shoulders up to meet his kisses. Anne was in heaven, never before had any man lavished such attention on her or her body before. Her pussy ached to accept Brad but she would have to be patient, she did not mind waiting one bit.

Brad’s tongue dipped and swirled between the creamy mounds of her breasts. Anne cupped the sides of her breasts pushing them together in a slow gentle motion as Brad buried his face in them. Pulling her bra further down Anne exposed her hard pink nipples. Brad wrapped his lips around her left nipple and gently nibbled on it, sending tiny shivers through Anne’s body. Brad’s right hand caressed her legs. His hand ran a course over her hips, pausing briefly to squeeze her soft ass before he moved his hand across her stomach and up to her left breast.

Brad paused for a second to look at Anne. Her cheeks were flushed bright pink as she wore a huge grin on her face. Reaching up with her hand she stroked Brad’s cheek. In a soft but hoarse voice Anne said, “I can’t wait to feel your cock in me. I wanted it so bad last Friday.”

Without responding Brad began kissing Anne’s stomach. Anne raised her midsection to meet his tongue. Brad continued to gently kiss her while she sucked in deep breaths trying to control herself. Anne laid there; content to feel Brad’s tongue and roaming hands all the while her passion continued to rise to its boiling point.

Gently spreading her legs apart Brad licked Anne’s inner thighs. Brad’s hands stroked and caressed Anne’s ass. Anne’s moans told Brad she was enjoying everything happening to her. Much to Anne’s delight Brad began tugging at the waistband of her panties. Anne’s breathing grew heavier as she trembled in anticipation, her pussy growing wetter from the excitement in the air. She never thought it would get to this moment but it had finally arrived.

Rubbing the back of his head Anne said, “I want you to eat me so bad. My pussy aches for you Brad.”

Kissing the inside of the arm that was rubbing his head he said, “I’ve been waiting for this moment. I want to taste your wetness and drink you all in.”

Laughing out loud Anne said, “where did you get that line from?”

“I don’t know, it sounded good in my head; I guess.”

Brad’s index fingers hooked onto the sides of Anne’s panties. Gently he began to inch them lower exposing more of Anne’s pelvis. Brad ran his tongue along each new inch of newly revealed flesh. Breathing deeply Brad took in the scent of Anne’s arousal. Briefly, as a taste of what is to come, Brad licked her pussy through the quickly dampening fabric of her panties. With one more tug Brad pulled her panties away from her pussy and down over her legs.

Tossing Anne’s panties to the ground Brad kissed the last few inches down to her waiting pussy. “Mmm, totally shaved,” he whispered as his tongue took tentative darts at her swollen pussy.

Brad’s tongue dipped and swirled into the welcoming folds of Anne’s wet pussy. His lips enveloped her clit as his tongue lightly tapped at it. Anne’s loud moans and twitches of her hips told him she was enjoying it immensely. Brad used his tongue to dip deeply into her warm pussy. He hungrily lapped up all of her tangy secretions and at times he seemed to slurp at her.

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