Phantom Reunion Ch. 04

R. Richard


Carla and George are the next couple to perform for the group.

George does not immediately mount Carla but kneels next to the chaise lounge and sucks on Carla's big tits. While he is sucking Carla's tits, he is also massaging his own cock. George finally gets on the chaise lounge, but is not yet ready. So, he begins to eat Carla's pussy while continuing to try to get himself hard.

Amanda waves me over to her and I join her. Amanda tells me that she is pretty sure that George is not going to bring Carla to climax and that Amanda will have to use her strap on dildo again. She said that one more dildo job will leave her exhausted and needing a nap. Amanda says that I am to keep everyone busy, preferably with sex, while she naps.

I tell her that I think that most of the men are pretty well fucked out and that there is little chance of that kind of action.

Amanda then tells me that I should organize a pussy eating event.

George continues to lick Carla, but not to any real effect. Finally, George gets his wee-wee up and manages to cum in Carla after no more than a dozen strokes. George then dismounts with a little grin of triumph.

Carla lies on the chaise lounge, obviously strung out. However, she does not wait for long. Amanda has strapped on her trusty dildo and Amanda mounts Carla.

The two women go at it tit to tit and dildo to pussy! Carla is desperate for a climax and Amanda seems to want to give her what she wants.

The two women writhe on the chaise lounge, with Carla begging Amanda "Fuck me hard! Fuck me until I cum!"

Amanda does as Carla requests. Carla responds by wrapping her legs around Amanda and letting the dildo penetrate full length. Carla is thrusting back against Amanda's dildo thrusts and I am quite certain that neither woman is even conscious that their sex act is being witnessed by a room full of people.

The dildo finally does its job and Carla announces to the room that she has just climaxed. Actually I would not have been surprised if the people in the next county know! Amanda dismounts and stands over Carla, the victor over the conquered.

I can imagine that Amanda now owns Carla.

Carl and Fran are next. They have not just been watching but are working on each other.

Carl has a raging hard on and Fran is so hot she is dripping lube down her legs.

Fran lies down on a chaise lounge and Carl mounts her. He starts pumping, way too fast. There is no damn way he is going to last any time at all. Carla is enthusiastic at first, but soon realizes that Carl is going way too fast. All too quickly, Carl shoots his cum inside Fran and then dismounts.

Fran is really hung up and begins to work her own pussy with her fingers.

Suddenly Ed appears! He has recovered from whatever his problem is and he is now hard.

Ed takes his time and begins to fuck a most willing Fran. Ed does not try to be superman, he just works at a measured pace and seems to take advantage of any help Fran gives him.

The two of them work for a while with Fran pleading for harder and deeper. Ed seemingly does his best and, after a while, the writhing seemed to speed up and then Fran announces that she has climaxed while Ed grunts as he shoots his cum inside Fran's pussy.

Ed then dismounts and offers his hand to Fran.

Fran does not take the hand, but announces that she will fuck any man who is ready!

Nobody seems to be ready and Fran finally takes Ed's hand and they go off to get cleaned up.

The action around the pool is apparently finished and the group is now back inside the house. I go inside and join the rest.

Carla and Bea promptly corner me. They want to know if I am ‘with Amanda' in her damn plan for forcing people to have sex?

I think very carefully. I tell them that they apparently tried to write some sort of a kiss and tell book about Amanda's supposed sexual escapades. I tell them that their plan is, presumably, to blackmail Amanda, possibly for money, possibly for help with the ladies struggling businesses. I then ask if I am right? The ladies look at each other and Bea finally aks, "What if we do plan to write a book?"

I tell them that I will not provoke Amanda. It might cause trouble between Amanda and me. If Amanda and I fight, maybe she wins, maybe I win, but we both lose a lot of money.

If any of the rest of the Northside crew try to fight Amanda, they lose. Since the book is an attack on Amanda's sex life, Amanda defends herself by an attack on the sex lives of the others. I look at both ladies and ask what they expected?

Carla blurts out that she does not expect to have to have sex in front of others and she does not expect that Amanda will almost certainly force at least Carla, Bea and Fran to screw Amanda's customers.

Carla pauses with her foot in her mouth and then shoves it in up to the knee. She asks what do I think will happen if Carl finds out that Carla is going to have to screw Amanda's customers.

I carefully point out that we already know what will happen if the ladies screw other men. The question that Carla, Bea and Fran need to ask is what if they have to have sex with a woman customer?

Carla and Bea look at each other. They look back at me and both shake their heads. Bea slowly says that she just could not have another woman make love to her.

I tell Bea that she might not have a choice. I tell her to ask Carla.

Carla gulps and says that what Amanda did to her with the strap on dildo was not all that much different from what the men did to her. She then mentions that Bea did the same thing.

Bea does not say anything, but starts crying and turns and runs for the bathroom.

Carla watches Bea and then turns to me. She tells me that Amanda wants to destroy all of us. She shakes her head and then tells me that Bea is damn near the edge and may go over at any time.

I tell her to go talk to Bea and either get Bea to face her situation or get Bea drunk.

The rest of the people are a dazed and confused bunch. They sense that something is going to happen, something bad. However, they have no idea exactly what is going to happen.

I tell them that Amanda has set up the next event.

They look at me with a sort of dread fascination. They are going to be forced into some sort of sexual activity which they must perform. The reactions range from anticipation in Fran and Dani through a sort of stoic acceptance from Ed and George to anger in Bill and Carl.

I then tell them that the next event will be a pussy eating demonstration. The first couple will be Bill and Bea.

Despite all of the sex of the recent past, Bill is on the verge of refusal, but Bea drags him to the big couch in the center of the room. Bea sits on the couch and spreads her legs. Bill slowly gets on his knees as Bea speaks to him in low tones that the rest of us cannot really hear.

Bill begins to lap Bea's pussy in a sort of awkward, hesitant manner. Clearly pussy eating is not a standard activity for Bill and Bea. Bea does not really react, but sits like a statue as Bill continues to lick her pussy. After a time, an obviously embarrassed Bea fakes an orgasm and Bill stops his pussy eating. It is obvious that the sex was not what either Bill or Bea wanted, but they are too afraid of Amanda to complain publically.

Carla and I clean the couch, giving Carl the impression that he will not have to eat his own wife's pussy in front of the group.

However, once the couch is clean, I point to Carl and tell him that this pussy is for you!

Carl is not at all thrilled. However, he comes forward and approaches a seated Carla. He puts Carla's legs over his shoulders and settles down to some serious pussy eating.

Unlike Bea, Carla is apparently used to having her pussy eaten. She works on her own nipples as Carl applies his tongue to Carla's labia. It is not too long before Carla climaxes. However, the action does not stop! Carl continues to tongue her pussy and Carla prepares for a second orgasm.

Carla has her second orgasm and then another and another. At first, Carla is working her nipples actively as Carl works her labia. However, Carla becomes less active with her nipples and slowly begins to sink into exhaustion. Finally, Carl stops licking Carla's pussy and gets out from under. He has to more or less lift and carry a truly exhausted Carla off to the bathroom.

Dani and I then clean the couch. Once the couch is again clean, I point to Ed.

Ed comes forward and begins to eat Dani's pussy. Ed is willing, but apparently not too skilled despite the apparent success of his earlier session with Amanda. Dani gives Ed directions and he either brings Dani to orgasm or she fakes it pretty well. Ed does not continue past Dani's first orgasm and he rises and helps Dani up. Dani walks toward the bathroom without even a backward glance at Ed.

Fran and I clean the couch, once again. I then motion George forward.

George walks forward and approaches Fran. Fran puts her own legs over Georges shoulders and pulls his head into her wet, shiny pussy lips.

George apparently begins to lick Fran, but Fran wants more and different. It seems a little strange, but after watching three ladies have their pussies eaten, I am more aware of Fran's urging of George than I am of the fact that she is getting her pussy eaten. Fran uses her fingers on her nipples and also lets those same fingers stray down to the top of her pussy.

Fran finally climaxes noisily, but it is unclear if it was due to George's efforts or her own, busy fingers. After her climax, she pushes George away. Then, after a bit, she heaves herself up and walks angrily to the bathroom.

After the pussy eating, we get cleaned up. During the clean up process, Amanda appears from upstairs and apparently has a talk with the ladies. She than gives me a few directions and I relay the information to the men.

The ladies reappear with see through nighties on. The men wear only boxers or tight whites.

We have a rather subdued supper.

Amanda circulates during the supper and talks to everyone except me, individually. The talks are fairly short and obviously consist of Amanda issuing orders to each of the others. From the reactions of the others, the orders are not to their liking. However, each of them finally nod in acceptance.

With the exception of Amanda and myself, each of the others is drinking heavily. The Everclear is gone and the people are drinking from booze stocked by the house cleaning people.

Amanda finally addresses the whole group, like a queen addressing her subjects. Each of the women is paired with a man. For the most part, the pairings finish the fucking of each woman by each man.

Amanda assigns me to her for what is clearly the final night.

The assigned couples begin to climb up the stairs to their bedrooms. Bea and George are essentially passed out and just lie on the furniture in a sort of comatose state.

I look at Amanda, but she just says to leave them, that it will be simpler.

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