Phantom Reunion Ch. 03

R. Richard


I wait for Carla and direct her to the intercom to talk to Amanda. I then go downstairs to see what the new morning holds.

Bea is waiting for me in the kitchen. She has some kind of plastic cartons of scrambled eggs and sausage from out of the refrigerator. She has also extracted a loaf of bread. I am to make toast.

Making toast is close to the outer edge of my cooking talents, but I can do it. I pop slices of bread in and start the toaster.

Bea wants information from me. She wants to know what I know about "A literary effort."

I tell her that the only information I have is what Fran and Carla have told me about some sort of story or book that they plan to write. Apparently the story or book involves Amanda's supposed activities.

Bea wants to know what I think of the idea.

I tell Bea it is a suicidal idea and that she and the other ladies should abandon it immediately. I also tell her that I had earlier said the same thing to Fran and Carla.

Bea is wearing only a little see-through nightie and she slowly walks up to me so that I can get the full effect. She then asks me what my relationship is with Amanda.

I tell her that Amanda and I are business friends. Amanda and I do business with some of the same people and I want Amanda on my side and not against me. I do not reach for Bea or otherwise respond physically.

Bea backs off and the tension is broken. We begin setting the table and finishing the breakfast preparations.

The others wander downstairs, perhaps lured by the scent of fresh coffee brewing.

Each of the ladies, except Amanda, has been fucked by two men, other than her husband. Of course, each husband has also fucked a couple of ladies other than his wife. However, it is not a very happy crew who gathered around the breakfast table.

Each of the ladies is dressed in a nightie that promises only more sex. The husbands are obviously not used to watching their wife preparing to fuck yet another strange man. The wives are maybe a bit worried about their husband getting some strange pussy.

I proudly serve the toast that I made and also help Bea load plates with scrambled eggs and sausage. I serve the breakfast but do not get any sort of reaction from Fran, Dani or Carla, the ladies I have recently fucked.

After a night of presumably heavy exercise, most of the people dig into the breakfast and there is not a lot of conversation. I suspect that there is not too much to talk about since our principal activity has been fucking other than our own partners, at least for those who have partners.

Amanda and Ed are not among the breakfast eaters and I suspect that they are upstairs talking business.

Amanda and Ed finally came downstairs and grab plates of food. Amanda talks very little. However, she looks very meaningfully at each of the ladies. The ladies do not want to meet her gaze.

By now, I am puzzled. Amanda is forcing the people to fuck each other. Presumably she has video tape of the fucking. Thus, if someone tries to blackmail Amanda, Amanda has better evidence of the blackmailer's misdeeds. Amanda, for any faults she has, is not a wanton destroyer of other people's lives. From what I have learned, the blackmail attempt was out of desperation and could have been quashed without the forced sex. There has to be something else on Amanda's mind.

We adjourn out to a swimming pool in the back. Shortly after that, a crew of house cleaners showed up and they do their thing while we listen to what Amanda has to say.

What Amanda has to say was some sort of girl thing about ‘our high school experiences.' It is a total waste of time, but then it occurred to me that it was supposed to be a total waste of time until the cleaning crew left.

Each person has to get up and think of some trivial little incident or incidents in their high school life that defined something; the something was, in many cases, pretty much undefined. As the recitations droned on, it again occurs to me that Amanda had all of this on at least audio tape, possibly on video tape as well. If someone tries to publish a kiss and tell book, then Amanda has evidence that what was written was either made up or not important.

The cleaning crew phones Amanda and then they leave. Just to make sure, I am dispatched to do a sweep of the house. The house is empty and nice and clean. I go back out to the pool area and gave Amanda the high sign.

Amanda then switches the tone of the meeting. She has fucked Bill in front of the group. Why are the rest of the girls such little sissy cowards?

By now, everyone has switched from coffee to booze. Everyone, with the possible exception of Amanda and me, is drunk. There are several semi-nasty comments from the crowd, indicating that they are as ready for action as Amanda. The comments come mainly from the women and I suspect that Amanda has talked with the ladies about the consequences for anyone who does not play her game.

I am little surprised at the control Amanda has over the intimate lives of the group. Suddenly I see what Amanda must have in mind. I wait to be sure.

Amanda produces the decks of cards she has used before. She deals a new list of assignments. Once the assignments are made, Amanda said that she will start things off.

Amanda has drawn Ed. Amanda strips off her little see-through nightie and invites Ed to "Come over here and fuck my brains out!" Ed walks over and strips off, but he is still limp. Thus, Amanda has Ed eat her pussy to generate a little excitement. Ed gets his head between Amanda's legs and starts to tongue her pussy. Amanda apparently surrenders herself completely to Ed and lets him bring her to noisy orgasm after noisy orgasm.

Everything seems realistic, but I suspect that most of it is fake. Amanda needs to remain in complete charge and she does not need to be dominated by any man.

The public pussy eating continues for some time, with Ed getting lots of encouragement from Amanda. Ed gets encouragement, he does not get hard. It occurs to me that Amanda had gotten Ed off during their pre-breakfast conference and Ed cannot get it back up again so soon.

Eventually Amanda acts as if she has run down and where the hell is the hard cock she needs? Ed is still limp and embarrassed in front of the whole group. Finally Amanda pushes Ed away and tells him that she might be willing to try again when Ed is more willing.

Bea and I are next. Bea does not just strip, she does a very mini strip tease and a little nude dance to work me up. Of course, Bea is also performing for the whole group and I think she likes the attention.

I am already a little worked up from Ed and Amanda's pussy eating and Bea's little act gets me really hard and ready.

I lay Bea on a chaise lounge and fuck her in front of all the others. I put Bea's legs over my shoulders and enter her. She makes all the right responses, although I suspect that much of it is fake. I take my time and get deep inside of Bea as she surrenders her body to me completely. She is too drunk to really give it her best, but she does move a little for her part of the action.

I use every trick I know. I move my hips to create slightly different angles with every stroke. I get all the way up to my balls in Bea on every stroke. I vary the rhythm of my stroke slightly and I use every motion that Bea makes to increase the intensity of the fuck. It takes a while, but drunk (but probably sobering) Bea begins to respond for real. She begins to beg me to fuck her. The pleading is not show pleading but the need of a mature woman to be completely dominated in a way that night by night marital sex never can.

Bea climaxes, but I do not feel her body actually respond and I know it was fake. However, I continue and Bea fakes a second climax. The familiar action and situation finally begin to get to Bea and her third climax is real! I can feel her whole body respond to me and she loses everything to me as I continue to pump my cock into her, Bea climaxes for real again and by now she is my fuck slave. She exists only to let me bring her to climax after climax.

However, it is not too long before Bea is totally exhausted and really unable to respond to me. I let myself join her in a final climax and then pump my cum into her over several strokes before I dismount.

There is no room for me to lie alongside Bea on the narrow chaise lounge. Thus, I get up and stagger off to the bathroom with the final traces of cum streaming from my cock. I am a little self conscious, since I do not normally fuck in front of an audience and I do not notice anything as I leave the room.

I get cleaned up in my bathroom and return to the scene of the crime. Since I had left my slacks downstairs, I decided to just return in the nude.

Sometime after I had finished, Amanda had strapped on a dildo and had mounted an exhausted Bea. She is pumping the big artificial penis in and out of Bea with abandon. Bea is too tired to even fight and she just accepts her ravishing.

I realized that Amanda now owns the women at the reunion. The other women have no real defense against her and will pretty much take what Amanda dishes out. Hell, for that matter, most of the men had no real defense against Amanda and desperately want to avoid becoming the spectacle that Ed had become.

Bill and Dani were to be the next couple. They have been working furiously on each other. Perhaps to avoid any embarrassment due to lack of ability to perform. Perhaps to keep Bill's mind off the fact that his wife Bea was fucked in public.

Due to the preparation, Bill is hard as he and Dani walk to the chaise lounge, but by the time he and Dani reach the one they planned to use, Bill is beginning to droop a bit. Dani gets on her knees and sucks on Bill's cock until it again stands in a raging erection.

Dani then gets on the chaise lounge and Bill mounts her. They have a fast and furious fuck. Dani takes Bill as deep within her as she can and writhes like a mad woman as Bill does his very best to nail her to the chaise lounge. Dani does not just accept her public fucking, she is moaning: "Fuck me hard, big dick!"

Bill is giving it everything he has and Dani finally stops speaking and starts moaning. The moaning is enough to raise the dead, including my recently overworked cock! The moaning apparently has the same effect on Dani and Bill, as they arrive at a noisy, mutual climax.

I think Dani's climax is real and the cum trailing from Bill's cock, after he dismounts, showed that his climax was also real.

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