Phantom Reunion Ch. 02

R. Richard


I follow a cautious Fran downstairs. Fran is not used to walking around in public nude and she is apprehensive.
Fran, however, notices that Bea and Dani are also back downstairs and also both nude. Before anyone can think of anything to say, Bill and Carla also return from upstairs. Of course, Bill, who had just fucked Carla, and Bea, who had just been fucked by Ed, are married. Then again, Carla and Carl who had just fucked Dani are also married. For that matter, Dani is also married, although her husband is not here.

Suddenly, lots of people need another drink!

Amanda serves the drinks, remarking that she hopes everyone had as good a time as she did when George ate her pussy. Amanda, like the rest of the ladies, is nude. Amanda, unlike the rest of the ladies still looks as good as she did at 18-years-old. Of course, the men notice. However, the reaction of the roomful of very attractive late-thirties women has to be seen to be believed.

Since there is not going to be any more fucking for a while, Amanda has each person tell about what has happened to them since they left Northside.

Amanda starts things off, the better to flaunt her still tight and toned body.

While Amanda talks, I use the time to scan the room. There is a ‘security camera' mounted high on one wall of the living room, covering almost all of the room. Strange that there was no security panel just inside the door as is normal in such cases. There are also two ventilation grills in the walls. From where I sit, I can see that one grill has what might just be a lens mounted inside the grill. I cannot see inside the other grill from my angle, but I will bet that there is also a lens within that grill. There is no doubt that our weekend of fun and frolic is being taped for posterior. Make waves and they use the nude tapes to ram the trouble up your posterior.

Amanda finishes and Bea gets up. Bea starts to tell about their chain of franchise operations. Bill glares at Ed, the guy who just fucked Bea. Ed stares at Bea who seems to actually like the attention. Along with her spiel, she begins to do a sort of strut back and forth, the better to jiggle her tits. Carl begins to sit up and take notice, much to the annoyance of Carla. Bea finishes and Bill gets up and adds a little bit more to what Bea has already said. I notice that, when Bea sits down, she makes no effort to close her legs or hide any of the view.

When Bill is finished, Carl is going to get up, but Carla beats him to it. Carla picks up where Bea left off. Carla has the biggest tits of any of the ladies and she clearly wants to make damn sure that everyone notices. I think that her specific target is her husband Carl who has apparently paid too much attention to Bea. Carla again struts back and forth with even more tit jiggle than Bea. Carl does not like the exhibition one bit and seems as if he might get nasty. However, Carla must have seen the situation and she then lets Carl take the floor. Carla again sits as Bea had before her, with her pussy completely exposed.

As Carl continues the spiel, I find Amanda next to me.

Amanda tells me that Dani needs a lesson and I am going to get involved. I look at Amanda and all I get back was the ‘I know the Governor' stare. I try to recover by asking when I will get to try the very best? Amanda just says, "Maybe I will and maybe I won't."

Carl finishes up and Amanda has to prompt Dani.

Dani staggers up and tries to either give a presentation or show herself off. She is so drunk that she does neither. Amanda whispers to me, "See that you cum in her."

Amanda gets up and grabs Dani by the arm and leads her over to me. Amanda says, "If you don't want to talk, then suck!"

Amanda then helps Dani to her knees and Dani begins to suck on my cock. However, Dani is so drunk that she keeps losing my cock out of her mouth.

I grab Dani and get her up and place her on the leather love seat on which I have been sitting. I get Dani's legs over my shoulders and begin to fuck her in front of the entire room!

Dani is so drunk that I cannot really work her up. She lies back in the love seat like a corpse and does nothing to help. Well, after a bit I think Dani begins to realize that we are the floor show for the rest of the people and she makes some noises like she is all excited. It is not even good fake.

I work her as hard and fast as I can and finally shoot my cum inside her. She fakes an orgasm of her own, but it is another pathetic fake.

I then have to carry Dani into the bathroom.

A furious Amanda follows us in and verbally abuses Dani. She tells Dani that she was a disgrace and that she will have to be punished.

Dani slurs a drunken "Go to Hell!" at Amanda. Amanda sneers at Dani and says "I have tape of your little fuck. How would you like your husband to see that?"

I leave a terrified Dani and a very nasty, overbearing Amanda and get into the shower. When I get out and dry off, Amanda is feeding Dani hot coffee and pills. I go back into the living room.

Ed has apparently finished his spiel and Fran is telling about her writing and her latest book. She is playing to the audience and, despite her rather small tits, is attracting a lot of attention from at least the men.

Fran finishes her spiel and sits down, exposing herself just as the previous two ladies have.

George gets up and manages to tell a drunken story about his Internet operation. Apparently it is a porno and sex toys site and he features ‘barely legal' girls. He then tries to compliment the ladies by telling them that he would do much better if his girls looked as good as the ladies here.

By now, it has gotten to be supper time. We go into another room and sit down to a pre-prepared meal that the ladies heat up in microwave ovens. The food manages to capture all of the taste of the cardboard cartons in which the food came. It is better than starving to death, but not much.

The meal does a bit to sober everyone up, but then Amanda had some sort of after dinner drink ready. The after dinner drink is loaded with alcohol and everyone goes back to being drunk again.

The drunk ladies begin to get a little mean and they start in on Amanda, since she is the only lady who has not yet fucked.

Amanda notes that it is getting a bit late and that we are probably tired from our trips. Then she slyly suggests that we draw cards for our partner for the night, "if you have the guts."

The room full of drunk, nude people has the guts, of course. However, if you think the draw is a random one, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can let you have for an amazingly low cash price.

Amanda deals the cards and she and Bill are to be paired. Bea is mad as hell, but what can she say? Bea then draws Carl, Carla draws me, Jack, Dani draws Ed and Fran draws George.

Amanda then ‘graciously' tells the room that she will fuck Bill in front of the group, "to get things started."
Well, it seems that Amanda is dry and needs a little help. So Bill eats Amanda's pussy until she orgasms (Fake, I am sure. But damn good fake!) Then Bill climbs on and he and Amanda writhe in front of us; for maybe 20 seconds. From what I later learned, Amanda clamps down on Bill and brings him off way early.

By now, the drunks are both tired and heated up. They stumble off to bed, with their assigned partners.

I grab Carla and take her to her room. When we get there, she coyly closes the door behind us and then takes a deep breath, the better to show off her big tits.

Carla asks me, "After two fucks already, are you gonna be able to take care of little Carla?" She jiggles her tits to show that the ‘little' reference was a clever joke.

I tell Carla that I will give her the ride of her life, right after she sucks me up hard.

Carla is shocked and reaches to wrap her nightie around her to show that she is not the type of girl who does such evil things. Unfortunately for the act, Carla is butt naked and she only looks ridiculous.

I grab her by the hand and walk us over to the bed. I sit on the bed and Carla falls to her knees almost as if she did this sort of thing all the time. She expertly uses her lips, her tongue and even her hand to bring me to a raging erection.

We jump into bed and I mount Carla legs over shoulders. Carla is wet and heated up from the mini blow job and I am able to get all the way inside her on the very first stroke.

Carla is pleased with what is apparently unusual penetration and starts to react. However, she is drunk and tired.

I do not waste tine trying to use technique on Carla, I make it a savage fuck with my pleasure the only real consideration. Strangely, the action does get through to Carla and she is trying to orgasm, when I start to shoot my cum inside her. I don't know if she actually climaxes and I don't think she does either. I dismount and we immediately fall into sleep.

Since we got to bed early, we wake up early. Carla has to make a beeline for the bathroom due to the booze of the night before. Then I use the bathroom. I do not climb back into bed, but sit on the edge.

I ask Carla how she is. She tells me that she is a bit hung over and a bit bruised.

I start by telling her that she probably does not normally drink that much and then screw two men in one day. I then ask, "Why?"

Carla sighs and then admits to me that the business she and her husband run is not doing all that well anymore. Hence, she got in touch with Fran, whose writing is not doing all that well. Carla knew something about Amanda's supposed activities from Carl. She and Fran decided to see if they could not just write a kiss and tell book about Amanda. One thing led to another and Bea got into the project.

I gently point out that the girls were stupid and that Amanda cannot be bullied or blackmailed. If they try to continue, they can achieve the same effect by each slitting their own throat with a dull table knife.

Carla begins to cry and then makes a mad dash for the bathroom.

As if on cue, the intercom I had not noticed goes off. It is Amanda. She wants a brief report.

I give her the situation with Carla and she says she knows about the little plot. She also tells me that Carl and Carla's business is not going to get any better.

Amanda then tells me a little about Bill and Bea's operation and what will happen in the near future unless Bea makes her peace with Amanda.

Amanda then tells me to put on a pair of slacks and come down stairs to help with breakfast. However, I am first to wait for Carla to come out of the bathroom and get her on the intercom.


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