This was supposed to be our night, so what happens…again?

Bad enough I was spending more time at his place than my own because I was on deadline, but the one day and moment I get back early to get all washed, brushed, scented and sexy before he got home, he comes in with his brother! They just barged right into the bedroom and there I was in the finest pink satiny French-cut panties and push-up bra Victoria’s Secret had to offer! I didn’t know what was more humiliating; having to show them my almost bare ass when I dove for the blankets to cover myself, or the fact that through their barely hidden smiles, they were less embarrassed than I was!

Then I found out what was more humiliating; him, leaning over and whispering in my ear, “Honey, can you keep that warm for me until after the game?”
I couldn’t have been more furious! An urgent desire to cold clock them both began to well up inside me when I was hit with more news. Apparently, big brother wasn’t just coming by for a loan ‘till payday; he was moving in. His woman put him to the curb after another heated exchange and he needed a place to crash. So what better way to clear his head than spending time with his younger brother, a few beers and that night’s Yankee game?

His name was Montel, a player’s player-type with friends in every corner and baby-mama drama in three states and counting. Up to now I’d always gotten the standard respect from him as “his brother’s girl”, and not much else. But now, I had him peeking over his brother’s shoulder, wide-eyed, smirking like crazy and getting a good look at everything I had to offer that was none of his business! He saw the twins, my slick and smoothed down brown-betty thighs, complete with a nice, tight apple-bottom, and I just know Montel was trying real hard to sneak a peek at my sweet spot!

Needless to say, my inner bitch wasn’t having it! But for the moment, I smiled sweetly, going along with the plan. Then I purposely went to my laptop and stayed online until they both fell asleep.

The next morning, still clad in my pink ensemble, I made my move. Sliding carefully out of bed an hour ahead of the alarm clock, I turned on the bathroom light and shut the door. Then I crept through the kitchen, cat-woman style, got down low and crawled right next to the couch where Montel was sleeping.

The first thing that struck me was how similar they looked. Sure, Montel had two years on his brother and five years on me, but seeing him now, you would’ve sworn they were twins.

“Yeah, so that means he probably leaves his hot woman cold and alone to watch the damn game, too!” My inner bitch growled. “Now make him sorry he messed up your game last night!”

Further emboldened, but mostly pissed off, I sized him up, watching him doze. As his chest rose and fell, I realized he’d been sleeping on his side, so his cock should be right…here! I drew back the covers where his crotch would be and got a surprise of my own. At least in one department, he and his brother were not alike! Montel was HUGE! Apparently, he was still in a state of body confidence where sleeping butt naked anywhere was not a problem. He wasn’t exactly cock-diesel, but he did still have four cans in the six-pack. Wrapped around his large, dark brown chest were guns as wide as my palm. His wide lips were surrounded by five o’clock shadow but other than that, there were no blemishes anywhere on his body. But he did have two tattoos, one on each bicep.

Squinting, I could see one seemed to look like the Empire State Building while the one facing me had the metal towers of Compton. “Well,” I thought, “East & West Coast can’t save you ‘cause your “Dirty South side” is mine!” Then I got a real good look at his sweet spot and DAMN! He was big there, too!
It looked like it was waiting for me; all long and thick and already at semi-hardness, ready to leap into action! Licking my lips, I knew I was ready, too, and cautiously, I pressed my tongue to his bulbous tip. Slowly I slid it all around his cap before flicking it away. To my surprise, his cock bobbed up twice, as if trying to detect the object that had piqued its attention. With its one good eye, it seemed to search for me, stiffening even more, inviting me to give it another kiss. A wide, wicked smile spread across my face, and I bent my head to oblige.

Hungrily, I dragged my tongue down his dark pole, bringing my nose closer to the space between his thick, sculpted legs. I caught his scent and found myself craving his heat, eager to bring it to the surface and make him suffer! I gave butterfly licks to his sac, and then slowly gulped one of his balls into my moist, hot mouth. As I sucked on him, his dick seemed to grow with a life of its own, becoming longer and thicker right before my eyes. All at once my plan began to unravel. My nipples hardened, reminding me how long it’s been between “special nights”. All my thoughts of revenge, or of him possibly being awake, watching me, seemed to fall away as quickly as my unhooked bra fell away from my body. The moment had us both now, and I was getting my taste of all he had to offer!

With one hand, I grabbed onto his cock and suckled the cap with my lips and tongue. My other hand cupped one of my breasts, pulling on the stiffening nipple. The sensations clashed with each other and I could feel my panties dampening. My pussy’s own heat seemed to beg for release, forcing a moan to escape from my lips still surrounding his pulsing cock. That’s when I heard it; my moan was answered. I looked towards his face and there could be no mistake that asleep or not, Montel was feeling this. His face was contorted into a half-smile with his eyes and teeth tightly clenched. Either he was aching to see what was going on, or he didn’t want to wake up, which meant I’d have to move fast!

Bringing my mouth further down on him, I slathered his firm, thick pole, taking him all the way to the back of my throat. My nipples seemed to get even harder, tingling and eager to get in on all the action, which gave me another wicked idea. My cups didn’t “runneth over”, but they were more than enough to handle him for what I had planned! Once he was wet enough, I grabbed my breasts, surrounded his cock and slid them up and down while my mouth suckled the tip once more. With each plunge, I greedily tried to devour more of him into my mouth. I began to crave the feeling of his every inch lustily thrusting harder and harder against me. He groaned again, filling my ears, and I knew I had him; I knew he was mine! Suddenly, I felt his hips start to shake and push toward me in quick jerks. His dick swelled, his legs tightened, and when he threw his head back, I threw my mouth straight down on him, taking in as much of his cock as I could!

That blew his cap right there, and I felt his hands grab onto the back of my head as his hips thrust urgently towards my face. His seed splashed the back of my throat, filling my mouth too quickly for me to handle. With my cheeks overflowing with jism, I pulled myself up and away from his still throbbing prick and swallowed. “Not a bad flavor” was my first thought before I felt something cold hit my chest. Why that little son of a bitch sprayed me! Looking at him, his cock seemed to gloat at me as its hardness shrank away while the rest of his body sank back down on the couch cushions. “You shit!” I thought to myself. “You can’t get all smug on me…Shit! You can’t even SEE me!” Before Montel could open his eyes, I ducked down next to the couch, making sure the blanket covered me as I lay flat on the floor. I heard coils creaking and half the blanket moved, so maybe he was sitting up, looking around. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he lay back down on the couch.

Cautiously, I peeked up and saw he’d turned toward the back of the couch, which worked just fine for me. Quickly and stealthily, I took my cat-woman ass back down the hall to the bathroom, closing the door and beating the alarm clock’s buzz by seconds. Breathing a sigh of relief, I realized my panties were soaked. As I bent to peel them off, I saw the cum-splatter on my right breast. “So who’s got the game now?” I thought smugly, and I lifted my bare breast to get a better look.


Holy shit! My bra was still in the living room!

*Bam! Bam! Bam* I almost leaped clear out of my skin, but then my man’s voice followed the knock on the bathroom door. “Hey honey! Are you going to be in there long? Us brothers got to get clean too, you know!”

“Just five more minutes!” I called back, leaping into the shower to quickly wash away the evidence. There was no time for self-pleasure; this moment was all about self-preservation! Five minutes later and cleaner, I wrapped a towel around myself and got ready to get back to the living room, fast! But just as I turned the corner, I smacked right into him. Ironically, he held on tight to me, to make sure I didn’t fall.

“Ooh, honey! I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. You just startled me, that’s all.”

“Look, I want to say thanks about last night. Maybe I’ll get to see your little outfit again later? You know, once bro gets his act together?”

“Yeah, I think we can work that out.” I gave him a big hug while sneaking a peek over his shoulder.

Montel was already gone.

So was my bra.

I didn’t know what was worse; the fact that he’d never see my outfit again, or the fact that Montel did and had hard evidence to prove it. I left his place to drop off my article with the usual powerful sensations. (After all, it’s not every day a girl can say she blew the minds of two brothers!) But this time, those sensations bore the strong sense of dread with them.

Then I found out what was worse; for the first time, my inner bitch felt those feelings, too…and I had no idea how to make them stop.

To be continued…


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