The first lesson/ Ch 2


Emily made love to her husband with newfound rigor that evening.  Her heart was still pounding from the throaty words Tiffany had spoken to her at the restaurant, and their steamy kiss outside the ladies washroom.

“What’s come over you tonight, Em?” Joe smiled, his lips crushing Emily against the pillow.

Closing her eyes as Joe claimed her body, Emily couldn’t get Tiffany out of her head.  Tiffany was only eight years older, but her experience was far past that.  Emily fell asleep as soon as the light went out, Joe’s soft snores not bothering her for the first time in months.  She dreamt of Tiffany’s luscious lips and seductive smile, and the feel of the older woman’s foot rubbing against Emily’s leg.

Joe was already gone to work when Emily woke up.  She stretched her body on the bed, relishing the feel of the soft fabric against her naked body.  From feet to fingertips she felt like a new person, and she smiled widely before she even opened her eyes.

In to the shower, letting the water cascade down her body.  Emily rubbed the soap on her skin, lingering at her sensitive nipples and teasing them with her own fingers.  She imagined Tiffany’s nipples and Tiffany’s hands on her body.  Closing her eyes she pictured their kiss in her mind, and felt her heartbeat quicken at the thought.  Once dry, she went straight for the phone, flipping through the address book on her desk to find the Logan’s number.

“Hello?” Tiffany’s voice sounded tired, a little annoyed, and, Emily thought, very sexy.

“Hi, Tiffany.  It’s Emily.”

“Oh!  Hello dear,” Emily could almost picture the smile on Tiffany’s lips as she greeted her.  “I’ve been thinking about you.”

Emily breathed heavily into the phone.  She couldn’t hold back the excitement in her voice.  “I’ve been thinking about you, too,” she confessed.  “I...I’m eager to meet with you again.”

“I’m glad to hear it, Emily,” Tiffany said.  She cleared her throat and said in almost a whisper “I know you enjoyed the first lesson.  I’d love to move on to the second.”

Emily’s tongue darted out of her mouth to lick her drying lips.  She looked out the window, staring at nothing.  She breathed in a deep breath.  “I can’t wait, Tiffany.”

“I’m glad you’re so eager,” Tiffany laughed.  “Do you think today would be okay?  David’s not expected home until four...when is Joe off work?”

“Five,” Emily said, her lips curling into a broad smile.  “Do you want to come over?”

“Why don’t you come here, darling?  I have a hot tub...”

Emily nearly jumped at the offer.  “Sure, just give me the address.”

Tiffany told Emily the address and a few simple instructions.  After quick goodbye’s and see-you-soons Emily hung up her phone and practically ran up the stairs to the bedroom.  Flinging open her closet she tore through her clothing, trying to find something appropriate for her meeting.  She paused at a dress she had purchased a year ago, one that Joe hadn’t liked and had forbidden her to wear.

“Perfect,” she whispered to no one, pulling it off the shelf.  She was ready and out the door before eleven o’clock.

Tiffany answered the door wrapped in a casual white robe, her bare legs exposed from the thigh down.

“That is a very nice dress,” Tiffany breathed, her eyes wandering up and down Emily’s body.  Emily smiled to herself for surprising Tiffany in some regard.  The dress was spectacular in its simplicity, a brief skirt that ended just above the knee but was split to the upper thigh.  It fit like a second skin over Emily’s slim body, showing off the curves of her ample breasts, and the smooth shape of her hips.  “It looks wonderful on you,” Tiffany added.  She opened the door wide and beckoned Emily inside.  Almost shyly Emily smiled briefly at the other woman, breaking eye contact and walking past her into the large house.

“You’ll have to excuse the mess,” Tiffany said, smiling, as she shut the door behind Emily.  The place was spotless, and Emily smiled a little at Tiffany’s joke.  “I’m so glad you wanted to come.”

“I have to say,” Emily started, “That this is maybe the wildest thing I have ever done.”

“That’s a shame,” Tiffany sighed, putting her hand on Emily’s shoulder.  “A girl like you should get in trouble more often.”

Emily blushed.  The uncharacteristic boldness she had felt on the phone earlier seemed to have vanished, but her pussy grew warm under the other woman’s gaze.

“Do you want to get in the hot tub?” Tiffany asked.  “You look a little didn’t sound so tense on the phone.”

Heat seemed to pulse through Emily’s body and she was afraid that her face was bright red.  Secretly she had hoped for this invitation.  “I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” she said, smiling slightly.

“Sweet, innocent, naïve child,” Tiffany said teasingly, guiding Emily through double doors to an indoor deck with glass windows from floor to ceiling all around.  “Where we’re going we don’t need bathing suits.”  This was the response that Emily had secretly been hoping to hear.  Taking a couple of steps forward and then turning around, Tiffany smiled down at Emily.  It seemed as though she moved in slow motion, her fingers tugging on the belt of her robe and the white fabric falling away from her body.  Emily gasped before she could catch herself, the sight of the older woman’s body stunning her.

Tiffany was still smiling when Emily’s eyes reached her face again, and Emily looked away quickly to cover her embarrassment.

“You don’t have to be shy, darling,” purred Tiffany, taking the few steps towards Emily she needed to reach her shoulder.  Emily shivered with a mingle of excitement and fear at Tiffany’s touch.  “Now, let’s get you out of that dress and in to that nice tub of water, hmm?”

Swallowing deeply, Emily kept her eyes downcast, watching in fascination as Tiffany began to tug at her dress sleeves.  The clingy fabric stretched easily over her smooth shoulders, peeling down her breasts and over her curvy hips until it pooled at her feet.  Emily stood, nearly nude, in her black lace bra and panties, the teasing half see-through fabric almost the same shade as her hair.

A soft sound came out of Tiffany’s throat, making Emily smile.  Tiffany was obviously as impressed with Emily’s body as Emily was with hers.  In the sauna at the club Emily had admired the shape of Tiffany’s curves, but never nude before.

“Need some help with that bra?” Tiffany said, her voice sounding slightly shaky, as if she was losing some of her cool.  Emily felt a special kind of excitement deep inside her body as the other woman sauntered coolly and collectively over to her.

“Please,” Emily whispered, and it was more of a plea in general than an acceptance of the offer for help.  Shutting her eyes, Emily tried to gather her senses and keep herself from losing control over the situation.  She was excited, eager, happy, but also frightened.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Tiffany said, the usual humor in her voice gone for a moment.  The words were spoken with a definite seriousness that almost made Emily want to laugh aloud.

Eye to eye, Tiffany looked over Emily’s face.  Emily felt her cheeks turning pink under Tiffany’s gaze, but seemed unable to move away.  With a slight brush of flesh against flesh, Tiffany reached around Emily’s body.  Long fingers unhooked the bra easily, Tiffany’s hands now supporting the heavy flesh of Emily’s bosom..  It almost seemed as if time stood still while the two women stood in silence, Tiffany’s arms still around Emily’s small body.  Unable to control it, Emily shivered, her limbs suddenly cold and hot at the same time.

“Want to get into the tub?” Tiffany asked, finally releasing the bra so that Emily’s breasts relaxed slightly in front of her.

Emily nodded, but her face stayed serious.  Neither woman seemed able to move as they stood, their breasts nearly touching, waiting for something to happen.

It was as if they both breathed for the first time, their bodies relaxing as they turned away from each other and went towards the hot tub without making a sound.  The hot tub was above ground, a small set of steps leading up the sides of it.  Tiffany climbed in first, giving Emily a long look at her pert bottom as she climbed the steps and then easily lowered herself into the hot water.  Emily took a deep breath and followed Tiffany’s lead, climbing the steps and then lowering one foot after another into the hot water.

The heat hit her body like a wave, the steam seeming to come up like a cloud from the pool, drifting up into Emily’s face and into her body.  She took another deep breath and lowered herself into the water, struggling to stay still as it warmed her almost uncomfortably.

Across the hot tub, Tiffany lay back, her head resting on the side of the tub, her arms stretched on either side of her outside of the water, and her eyes appeared to be closed.  Emily settled down into the water, the small waves hitting her upper chest, and her breasts bobbing at the surface.

“The water is nice,” Tiffany said, her voice practically purring.  “Don’t you think so, darling?”

“Yes,” Emily said, suddenly shy and self-conscious all over again.  The water offered some protection from Tiffany’s eyes, but at the same time she felt more naked than she’d ever been before.

“Relax, sweetheart,” Tiffany said.  Emily felt ashamed; why did the other woman always need to tell her to relax?  Why was she so tense?  “Just sit back and let the water warm you up.”

It felt to Emily as though nothing could warm her up more.  Her body was warm to the core, but she did as Tiffany suggested and lay back against the side, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths of the steamy air.  Her lungs seemed to fill with the heat, her whole body inside and out warmed thoroughly, and despite her fears she felt her muscles almost melting.

Something brushed against Emily’s leg and she nearly jumped in surprise.  Apparently she hadn’t been as relaxed as she’d thought.

Tiffany laughed.  “You are so cute,” she said, rubbing her foot against Emily’s again.  The skin felt strange in the water, the toes foreign, and yet Emily felt a wave of new excitement, feeling that foot against her own.

“I don’t know why I’m so tense,” Emily said nervously, stretching her leg out slightly to allow Tiffany better access.  “I’m excited and I’m scared all at the same time…and now I’m babbling.”

“I completely understand, baby,” Tiffany said, the soft caressing with her feet not ceasing or lightening at all.  If anything, she was becoming more intense in her efforts, branching out from the sole of Emily’s foot to the instep, and then around the whole small limb.  “You just close your eyes and let me do my thing, okay?  There is plenty of time to relax.  I promise.”

Taking another deep breath, Emily tried to concentrate on anything, to grasp and lock her mind on any possible subject.  She was afraid that if she got too caught up in what was happening under the water then it would completely consume her.  But would that be such a bad thing?

Tiffany’s foot, slightly rough from the inevitable pruning of the water, began to trace slowly up Emily’s leg.  Emily gasped and pushed her thighs together, her sudden movement upsetting the calm water, the waves hitting her as high as the neck as she struggled to keep her semblance of relaxation.

“I can tell you’re tense,” Tiffany said, her voice mildly teasing.  The foot began to tickle its way up Emily’s leg, reminding Emily of the play under the table in the restaurant the night before.  The memory played into a reenactment of the kiss in the ladies room, and Emily felt a different part of her body becoming hot for a different set of reasons.  Softly she moaned, so softly she hardly noticed it at all.  But Tiffany did.

The room seemed filled with nothing but the sound of the water lapping at the women’s bodies, only silence coming from the two as Tiffany’s toes teased Emily’s leg.

Emily stretched out unconsciously, relaxing her tightly pressed thighs and letting the warm water lap at her most private places.  The warmth she felt inside of her seemed to be peaking at the tiny nub between her legs as it grew hard.  Tiffany’s foot traced its way up Emily’s calf, to the knee, lingering at the sensitive area behind the joint and applying soft pressure.

Moaning again, Emily was much more aware this time when she stretched her leg out further, allowing Tiffany better access to the tender skin.  The expression on Tiffany’s face was lost to Emily because Emily’s eyes were closed, the only thing she saw were specks of bright lights as the heat in her body became more intense than before.

Slowly yet with purpose the foot trailed up Emily’s body, the toes pressing and pulling at her skin as they moved from behind her knees to the soft flesh of her thighs.  The feet were like hands, doing all the things to Emily’s body that only hands had done before, and only her husband’s hands at that.  But this was doing different things to Emily’s senses than her husband could ever have done, and at the moment Joe was the furthest thing from Emily’s mind.

“Tiffany,” she whimpered, breaking the silence.

“Yes, darling?” Tiffany said softly, her voice breaking through the steam and making its way directly to Emily’s throbbing loins.  It seemed as though Tiffany’s breath was on her slit, the softness of it blowing at the sensitive skin.  But it was only water down there, and a foot inching slowly towards the folds of flesh.

“Oh, god,” Emily said as the toes made their way to her private areas, and she seemed to sink a couple of more inches into the water, her body losing all control of keeping her above the surface.  Her face floated above the water and she breathed heavily, concentrating on keeping her breathing even as Tiffany’s toe penetrated her body.

“Do it to me,” Tiffany whispered, and Emily seemed to take a moment to digest this command.

Slowly, Emily lifted her foot and rubbed it against Tiffany’s leg in a similar way to what Tiffany had just been doing to her.  It was hard to concentrate while Tiffany’s toe teased the wet skin of her pubic area, but she managed to work her foot up Tiffany’s shapely leg and into the folds of Tiffany’s own body.

“Like this,” Tiffany said, and moved her big toe slightly into the folds of skin.  Emily gasped with pleasure.  Tiffany’s toe was sliding up and down the slit, flicking Emily’s nub with movements that almost seemed too gentle to associate with a foot.  The pleasure stopped and Emily knew that it was her turn.

Tiffany’s flesh felt strange against the roughness of Emily’s foot, but she did her best to work her toe’s way softly into the other woman’s skin.  The lips seemed to part easily, and Emily felt a slickness that had to have been more than water.  She smiled, pleased with herself for finding the moisture, and ran her toe up to Tiffany’s clit.

The clit seemed swollen, and larger than Emily had imagined.  And the heat radiating off of it was unbelievable.  Tiffany moaned loudly, her toe in Emily’s body flicking harder at Emily’s sensitive area’s as Emily explored Tiffany’s nether regions.

“The feet,” Tiffany said, her voice quivering with the obvious pleasure she was receiving from Emily.  “Are very sensitive, and also very able to give pleasure.”

“I see that,” Emily said, smiling.  Tiffany’s toe seemed to crush Emily’s clit for a moment, causing Emily to suck in her breath.

“We are capable of extreme pleasure,” Tiffany went on.  “Has your husband ever made you feel like this?”

Emily’s back arched as Tiffany’s flicking because deadly serious, the intensity almost too much for Emily’s body to handle.

“No,” she gasped, her body seeming to peak with its pleasure, her mind blanking for a moment, and her feet, working intently on Tiffany’s folds, followed Tiffany’s lead and became more intense as well.

“The second lesson,” Tiffany gasped, her legs coming together quickly and wrapping around Emily’s leg, Emily’s foot trapped in the folds as Tiffany’s body shuddered with a climax.

Emily felt one last burst of intense pleasure and then it felt as though everything became a blur, her whole body tightening and floating in the water, rushes of pleasure pulsing through her body, the flesh jiggling with her convulses as she came with the other woman.

“That is the second lesson,” Tiffany said, breathing hard.  “For the third, follow me upstairs.”

Emily lay limply in the tub as Tiffany released her leg from between her own, standing up and seeming to shake herself off.  As calmly and coolly as ever, Tiffany climbed out of the tub and Emily saw her disappear through the doors.  After a moment of collecting her thoughts, a moment which probably lasted two seconds, Emily scrambled out of the water and leaving a trail of water behind her hurried after Tiffany.  She couldn’t wait for the next lesson.


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