My secretary


Stretching back languorously in my chair I looked over to the full-length window of my office to admire the view. Directly across from my building were the law offices of the most prominent lawyers in Melbourne, and in one of these offices was the most beautiful looking woman I've ever laid eyes on.

I knew all about her even though we'd never spoken. Her name was Audrey. She was my secretary's flatmate. I'd stumbled on that information one evening when I was leaving the office. I saw the two of them running to catch the train. I'd asked Amanda the following day who she was. Amanda had even pointed out her office to me.

Now every Friday in her office her lover would arrive and every Friday I would be at my window, with my binoculars watching, waiting to see her as only her lover did. They did not disappoint me today and as I reached for my binoculars I kicked my office door closed. Flicking the intercom switch I spoke quickly to Amanda.

'No calls for the next hour, okay,' I snapped.

'Sure, Miss Jones,' she replied.

There they were, kissing and fondling each other. They had no regard for anyone else, and I often wondered if they knew they were being observed. I settled back in my chair to watch their lovemaking. The other woman took off Audrey's jacket, then unzipped her skirt, dropping them both onto the floor. Audrey stepped out of the skirt, kicking it away from her feet. She was wearing a black bra and half-slip. Suspenders and stockings peeked out below the slip.

She wiggled her way up on the desk, crossing her long legs, a stiletto heel visible as the other woman ran her hand up her leg and down the outside of her thigh and back up under the slip.

She threw her head back as though laughing, her dark hair spilling down her back. The woman was at the hollow of her throat, then moved on towards her breasts.

Audrey's hands held the woman's head while she pushed her biceps together, forcing her breasts to practically spill from their cups as she smother them into her face.

The woman pulled back and I watched mesmerised as she slowly stripped out of her clothing, down to her underwear. She knocked Audrey's legs open as she moved into the desk.

They embraced again, kissing and fondling. My pussy was throbbing and I shifted uncomfortably on my chair. The woman's hands were behind Audrey's back where they unclipped her bra, allowing her massive breasts to fall, swaying as she discarded it.
She lifted each breast into the palm of her hands as though feeling the weight of them, then she pounced on one, smothering it, kissing and licking, her tongue snaking around. She pulled back slowly and I saw she had the tip of the nipple in her mouth and was stretching it out until Audrey's hands drew her head back in.

Her mouth worked it's way downwards, as her hands pushed Audrey backwards until she was lying flat on the desk. Audrey's breasts flopped down her sides, while the woman inched up the slip with her teeth to leave it bunched up at her waist.

The woman stood back then, looking down at her as she picked something off the desk and ran it down Audrey's abdomen. It must have been a letter opener and with a quick flick of her hand she held up a flimsy g-string for her inspection.

I focused in harder and was rewarded for my efforts as the woman sucked at the crutch of the g-string. Audrey's breasts were jiggling as she laughed, the dark nipples rising and falling.

Audrey's breasts weren't the only things I wanted to zoom in on. She was such a magnificent looking woman, her dark hair framing the curves of her face and her body. I desperately wanted to see her pussy, but as I continued downwards, I could only see a dark tuft of pubic hair, poking up between her suspenders.

I rubbed my pussy enjoying the sensation, fantasising what it would look like had she been lying on my desk with her legs opened to me. A head came into view as the woman's long tongue, snaked its way up and down her slit. Fuck, I was getting hornier by the second, and when Audrey lifted her legs and wrapped them around the woman's head to draw her closer into her, I slipped my hand into my panties, into my hot wet pussy.

I eased further back in the chair stretching my body out fully, opening my legs wide, slipping a few fingers inside enjoying the warmth as I fingered myself. The erotic combination of spying and masturbating at the same time had me pushing my own pelvis forward imaging her fingers there and her mouth closing in on me.

Then a mouth was on me, ripping aside my panties, sucking, licking, nibbling. I wrapped my legs around the head, forgetting for a moment, where I was, and then reality hit and I pushed the head away, straightening up in my chair.

'Please,' Amanda begged. 'I've been wanting…'

'You knew,' I gasped.

'Of course, I've been waiting for the right time. Why do you think I pointed her office out to you.'

Her hands were on my breasts, her mouth seeking out my own. I lost control, grabbed her, pulling her onto the chair with me. The chair collapsed under our weight and we fell to the floor laughing.

Ripping off each other's clothes we ravished each other's bodies, lying there naked on the floor with perhaps the whole of the offices looking on. I didn't care. I could only concentrate on our lovemaking and new that from now on there was no need to be watching someone else. It was time others were watching me.

Eva Hore

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