Raine & Sheri

by destinie21


The phone was ringing when I entered the apartment and for some reason I ignored the miracle of caller ID and picked up the receiver. I'd had a trying day and it was reflected in my voice as said hello. I cursed myself internally when I recognized my mother's voice on the other end. She spent the first fifteen minutes of the one-sided "conversation" making me feel guilty for not calling her often enough. I apologized half-heartedly and waited for her to cut to the chase, we were close but she rarely called just to chitchat. I didn't even bother mentioning that the phone worked two ways. If she got that in her head she might call more often and god knows I couldn't dodge her forever. The thing about my mother was that she was always trying to pry into my business, talking to her was like an interrogation. I was reviewing my endless to do list when she got around to the real reason for the call.

"Your sister is going to be in New York for a couple of weeks to lay some tracks for her new album and I thought since you had a spare room..."

I had to use every ounce of will power I possessed not to hang up the phone; my mother knew I could barely stand my sister. It was nothing new we had been at odds since the day Sheridon could talk. She had always been a drama queen but every since she had become a star she was insufferable, had we not been bound by blood I doubt we would have even crossed paths.

I tried to ignore the tension headache that came on at the mere thought of my younger sister, as my mother went on about me having the nice big apartment and there being no reason for Sheridon to stay at a hotel. I had a dozen reasons why she should stay at a hotel or at least away from me but my mother didn't accept one of them. She gave me some bullshit about Sheri being lonely when she was in town. I didn't believe that for a New York minute, Sheri was rarely if ever alone. My mother as usual was relentless and in an instant I went from being a grown woman to being seven years old.

"Fine Mother, just make sure she doesn't bring her whole fucking entourage to my door."

"Don't forget who you're talking to little girl."

"Sorry Mother" I sighed hoping she couldn't somehow tell I was rolling my emerald eyes. We spoke for a few more moments, before disconnecting.

After I hung up the phone I couldn't quite remember how she had tricked me but somehow she had and I was stuck.

Sheridon arrived two days later, she was only supposed to be staying for two weeks but she had enough suitcases for more than a month. The doorman was struggling with her bags and all she was carrying was a tiny purse. I rolled my eyes and stepped back as she entered. Tony and I stacked the bags by the door, and then he tipped his hat before leaving. I gave him a wave and a word of thanks as he went.

Despite the fact that I had lived in New York for nearly a decade this was the first time my sister had ever been to my apartment, although she had visited the city countless times.

There were no cheerful hello's exchanged between us I pointed her to the guestroom and returned to the couch. She stood by the door looking at me with her hands on her hips. I may not have liked my sister but I couldn't deny her good looks she had gotten our mother's high cheekbones and honey colored almond shaped eyes. At on time her hair had been dark brown and just as curly as my own but now it had been straightened and lightened within an inch of its life. I had to admit that with her, honey brown skin the blonde and chestnut locks suited her.

I tried to ignore her and continue reading but I couldn't concentrate, her mere presence set my teeth on edge. I sighed she hadn't been here for ten minutes and already she was working my nerves. She was obviously indignant; I glanced up from the book.


"I haven't seen you in nearly eight month and you can't even spare a moment to ask about my life."

I almost laughed; of course she would be mad I was hanging on her every word like some misguided fan. Frankly I didn't give a damn about her tour, her success was old news, without another word I pretended to go back to reading, and she turned and walked down the hall in a huff. I noticed that she left her set Louis Vuttion luggage by the door, if she thought I was carrying it to her room she then she had lost her cotton pickin' mind. Who the hell needed so much shit for two weeks anyway?

I went about my usual routine and tried to pretend Sheri wasn't there, that only worked for about two hours. I was in the bedroom that I had converted into an office when she came in. She had obviously taken at least one of her suitcases into her room because she was wearing a different outfit. I took in her fitted red pants and sleeveless top with a designer's eye, the outfit itself was simple but the perfect cut and tailoring suggested that it had been customized for her and had probably cost more than most people spent on clothes in a year. Even her toenails were painted red. Was this really how she lounged around the house?

She entered the room; and started looking around. There were fashion sketches and plastic covered bolts of fabric thrown haphazardly in the corner pencils pens, markers, and sketchbooks covered nearly every surface in what I liked to call organized chaos. She looked at the drawings without a word. While I pretended to ignore her as I inked yet another sketch but for some reason it was nearly impossible to do so.

She kept looking around circling the room until finally she ended up behind me, having no concept of personal space Sheri leaned over my shoulder. Her lips were near my ear when she spoke.

"That's really nice, Raine."

Her voice was low pitched and smooth as silk, the voice she'd had for years. The very voice that had gotten her a record deal when she was 19, but had never really affected me before sent shivers down my spine as she spoke. For a moment I couldn't move. When my brain finally kicked in I almost managed to moderate my voice to its normal tone.

"Sheri I'm busy, go away."

She stepped back immediately, as she left I glanced up if I didn't know better I would have said her feelings were hurt. I pushed that thought aside only because it was ridiculous based on our dynamic. I couldn't concentrate anymore although I hid in the office for another hour before emerging. By then I was almost able to convince myself that my baby sister hadn't excited me with her voice.

She was curled up on the sofa when I entered the living room; looking so small laying there on the expanse of black leather. At the moment I couldn't remember why there was so much animosity between us, as she lay there sleeping she looked as near to innocence as she was ever going to get.

I went back to the studio for a moment, to gather a pencil and a sketchbook, as she slept I sketched her face. Sheri had been my first model; I had been drawing her since I was nine, before the need to compete had set in. However she hadn't sat for me for years and years.

I concentrated on her face as I sat there drawing, the angles and planes formed beneath the graphite of the pencil and I nearly smiled. The process of creating something from nothing always relaxed me, and made me feel unreasonably happy. She startled me when she opened her eyes. I wondered how long she'd been awake or more accurately I wondered if she'd ever been asleep. She stared at me locking, her gaze with mine and for some reason I wanted to blush. I closed the sketchbook quickly as Sheri sat up and smiled slowly, when had she gotten so very sexy? I jumped up from my position on the floor needing to run.

The first time it could have been a fluke, after all I was attracted to woman and maybe her voice had just struck a chord, or at least that's what I told myself when I tried to rationalize my earlier reaction. But she wasn't talking now and it was her lips that I was thinking about. That slow perfect smile had made me drop my eyes to her lips, in that moment I wanted to press my lips against hers and open her mouth with my tongue. Just seconds after the thought formed I was denying it, and pushing it away.

I shook off what I considered to be another bout of temporary insanity; Sheri was staring at me with her smile still in place as she spoke.

"You always used to draw me, when you thought I was asleep." "What do you mean Sheri?" Although I hadn't meant it too the question came out sounding harsh and accusing. It was the tone of our usual communication, and the attraction I was trying to deny added a razor sharp edge to my voice.

Her smile wavered and a frown crossed her brow for an instant.

"Jesus Raine I didn't accuse you of a crime, all I meant was that you were always drawing me when you thought I wasn't looking."

I smiled a little, not at all sure how to deal with her. I had expected that her visit would be nothing but turmoil and braced myself for conflict. So far I had been the one snapping and treating her badly, while she had been civil.

"Sorry I didn't mean to snap I'm just tired."

She shrugged her shoulders, and rose from the couch stretching. I tried not to notice the way her shirt rose slightly as she lifted her arms over her head, I also tried not to notice the way my heart quickened just a little at the sight.

I had to get far away from her fast, because I felt as if I was losing control. I turned walking away, putting distance between us. I couldn't understand what was going on, Sheri looked the same as she had when I'd seen her at Christmas in California eight months earlier, and she had never ever stirred me up sexually before now.

I went into my room and sat down on the edge of the bed resting my head in my hands , I rubbed my face briskly as if I could rub away the indecent thoughts that I was having about Sheri. Was I turning into some kind of pervert? Incest was for backwoods yokels with names like Hoss and Billie Sue, the thought of kissing my sister should have made my stomach turn, but it didn't. In fact the thought sent bat-winged butterflies through the pit of my stomach and a lower place I refused to even think about.I sat there for a moment longer trying to get my bearings, before jamming my feet into a pair of beat up old green converse high-tops. I all but ran from the apartment, I knew where I was going I also knew what I was doing, although I wanted to refute that too. My feet slapped the pavement as I jogged through the streets. It was hotter than fuck but I barely noticed as I ran the full ten blocks to my destination.

The doorman gave me a curious look as I entered the high-class apartment building, I had been here before but I was usually dressed to the nines. This time I hadn't even bothered with a comb, and my oversized paint stained T-shirt and short denim shorts didn't exactly scream class. If I'd been thinking I might have gotten a little offended that he had judged me on looks alone. I had more than enough money to live in this building even if I was looking a little out of sorts. I crossed the elegant lobby and pressed the button for the elevator. I grew impatient waiting and pressed the up button repeatedly as if it would make the elevator descend faster.

When it arrived I entered thanking god I was the only one on it as I pressed the number for Asha's floor and waited. When the doors opened I stepped out and hurried to the apartment that occupied the whole floor, I knocked on the door and waited. I could hear her moving around and after a few moments she appeared. I took her in with a glance, she was long and lean, with deep brown skin and jet black hair that she kept in a straight sleek chin length bob. I could see the surprise in her brown eyes behind her small stylish glasses, but nevertheless she stepped back letting me in.

Asha barely had time to shut the door, I was all over her, kissing her lips and running my hand beneath her loose tank top, while my thigh pressed between her legs. She moaned and arched against me, breaking the kiss I looked at her, both of us were nearly breathless.

She spoke first.


I smiled at her, brushing my hair from my face, "Hi, yourself "

She was studying my face and searching my eyes for answers that I couldn't give. I pulled away from her and left the front hall leaving her to follow me. Her apartment was elegant and stylish from the high gloss wood floors to the breath taking view of the skyline. My heart still broke when I looked out and didn't see the twin towers in the distance but the view was still beautiful. I stepped down into her sunken living room and reclined on her sofa kicking off my shoes as I did so. Her sofa was actually an Indonesian day bed that had been strewn with overstuffed down pillows. A person could get lost in the comfort of it all.

She remained silent and searched my face still waiting for answers.

Asha was for all intents and purposes my best friend she was also my fuck buddy. She had been my girlfriend at sometime in the past but we had been better off as friends although neither of us could shake the sexual attraction.

As far as relationships went we had both found the other to be too controlling, as a couple we had fought over nearly everything from where we would dine to what type of laundry soap was best. There had been a need between the two of us to dominate, the relationship was doomed but as friends we were able to compromise, and agree.

I moved to kiss her, and she resisted slightly, I pressed myself against her trying to communicate my need. She got the message.

Her hands ran through my hair as I explored her mouth with my tongue. She tasted like lemonade and something else I couldn't quite identify. She tugged my hair lightly knowing it would excite me further, and leaned into me as I reclined willingly, liking the feel of her weight pressing against me.

I felt her fingertips graze my breasts beneath the fabric of my shirt and arched against her. Her lips left mine and brushed my neck as she squeezed my breasts roughly in her hands. I gasped Asha was good at pushing the limits and blurring the line of pain and pleasure. One of her hands left my breast and slipped into my shorts, as she lowered head and took my right nipple into her lips. She tugged both the nipple and the cotton of my shirt between her teeth and nibbled. I pushed against her craving release.

Her hand grazed my slit, she raised her head and stilled for a moment.

"Who's got you so turned on baby?"

I closed my eyes for a moment and tried not to think of Sheri,


Asha laughed as she shook her head, "No, you came here ready I had nothing to do with it."

I didn't bother denying her words instead I looked into her eyes.

"You talk too much Asha."

She smiled and lowered her head to kiss me. Her lips met mine in the same moment she plunged her fingers into me running her thumb over my clit as she hit home hard and fast . Her hand took me over the edge in moments, my body tensed and I closed my eyes. All I could see was Sherri's face, at the thought of my sister my inner muscles gripped Asha's thrusting fingers harder. I pushed against he wanting the feeling to last, I hadn't had sex in months and I needed this release.

My eyes were still closed when Asha slapped me dead in the face, and jumped off of me. I was stunned.

"What the hell did you do that for?"

She stared as if I had lost my mind. I sat up trying to arrange my clothes, there was still a wet spot on my shirt from her mouth.

"You don't even know do you?" My mind was blurry with lust and I had no idea what she was talking about, but before I could rack my brain for the answer she went on.

"Who the fuck is Sheri?"

My heart pounded as I realized that I had called out my sisters name, Asha of course knew who my sister was but thankfully Sheri was a common enough name, I'm sure she never thought even for a moment that the Sheri I was thinking of was Sheridon.

I sighed running my hands through my hair.

"She's no one, I'm sorry."

Clearly my apology wasn't enough. Hell it wasn't even a real explanation.

"I think you should leave Raine. Come back when you want me."

I put my shoes on and stood apologizing again, before she shut the door Asha ran her hand over my face.

"You know I don't care who you fuck, but when you're with me, you need to be here."

I was shaken over what had happened, Asha had spoken the truth when she said she didn't care who I fucked, there would be no damage done to our friendship by my slip up. I was more worried that I had not only thought of my sister but also called her name as I came.

I damn near got hit by a car walking home. My mind was on other things and I had walked into the street not even bothering to check the light. The driver gave me the finger and cursed me as I ran to safety.

My mind was still spinning I wanted to blame Sheri for whatever was happening to me but she hadn't done a thing. I tried to work myself into being mad at her because if I was angry at least I could shut her out. That worked until I opened the door of my apartment.

Sheridon Regina Lane might have been a diva now but she was no stranger to the kitchen, Mother had taught us all how to cook but Sheri had a flair for it that went beyond recipes and measuring cups. I could hear water running and smell something rich and savory as Nina Simone played like a sweet mellow soundtrack in the background. I had almost forgotten that Sheri brought music with her everywhere she went. I'm sure that at least one of the suitcases was filled with a mix of compact discs. At any given time one could find anything from the latest pop princess to Muddy Waters in her possession. I almost smiled and headed deeper into the apartment while Nina told me all about the house of the rising sun.

"What's all this?" She looked at me, with narrowed eyes and puckered her lips in distaste.

"Did you go out in the streets like that?"

I rolled my eyes at her, even though she had a point. "Yes"

"Good god why?"

I shrugged my shoulders and dropped my eyes. "I had to run an errand." I wondered what she'd say if she knew just what that errand had been. She sighed and shook her head, but didn't say a word.

"I'm going to take a shower." I announced to her as I was turning to leave the kitchen. I felt sticky from sex, and sweaty from having been out in the blazing heat.

After I showered I couldn't decide what to wear, usually my around the house cloths consisted of faded t-shirts whose origins I had long since forgotten and ratty cutoffs. However with my sister dressed like a lounging diva I couldn't bring myself to dress like a mistreated stepchild.

When I emerged from my room I wore a pair of black pants that I had designed and made myself, they were lightweight and perfectly fitted to every curve. I had paired the slacks with a hot pink t-shirt that stopped inches above my navel and had been strategically cut to appear ripped. MY hair was out of control in the humidity despite my central air conditioning system, I had done what I could and combed my long chestnut curls into a ponytail and then twisted it into a loose bun. I almost felt normal competing with my sister was something familiar to me.

I sat on the sofa relaxing with the book I had abandoned hours earlier, the music in the background was low and sweet and the sounds in the kitchen seemed homey. All of it almost made me wish I had someone to come home to.

At 26 I had the career of my dreams making more money in a year than most people would make in a lifetime. I had worked hard to become one of the top young designers in America and now I was international. but even I had to admit that the amount of money some people would pay to wear my name scrawled across their chest was ridiculous, it gave new credence to the phrase laughing all the way to the bank.

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