Raine & Sheri Ch. 04

by destinie21


I walked into the kitchen and approached my mother, she had her back to me but I could see her watching my reflection in the glass door of the cabinet. Pressing my breasts against her back and resting my hands on her hips I whispered in her ear. “Can I help you?” Pressing back against me she shook her head slightly. “No I’m almost finished.” Running my hands upward I brushed my fingertips against the sides of her abdomen and over her ribcage. I could feel the heat of her skin even through the fitted black v neck sweater she wore. Cupping her breasts in my hands I lowered my head slightly to run my tongue over her neck nipping at the skin lightly with my teeth. If I hadn’t been right behind her I might not have heard the little moan that escaped her throat. I wanted to throw her down on the kitchen floor and take her right then and there but the slamming of the front door meant Daddy was home.

I jumped away from her as if the heat from her skin had burned me. By the time Daddy had walked down the short hallway and entered the kitchen I was sitting at the table. I looked everywhere but at him feeling guilty that not only was my mother having an affair, she was having it with my sister and I. I sighed and stood up retrieving the dishes to set the table. My life had gone from being reasonably stable to being precarious and off kilter. It would figure that the two women I loved the most would be behind all my new found confusion. I didn’t regret what had transpired for even a moment but I had my doubts as to whether or not I could handle it.

The images of the three of us entangled played through my mind while my thoughts buzzed like background noise. What if I or we ruined our family? What if Daddy found out? What if I couldn’t handle it and a rift formed between my mother and I and then again between Sheri and I? I had plenty of questions but as of yet no answers came to mind. Sheri breezed into the room just as Mother set the last dish of food on the table. I was trapped between lust and doubt and could hardly taste the food let alone enjoy it. I glanced at Sheri to see if maybe she was experiencing any of what I was feeling; her expression told me she wasn’t thinking of much beyond sex.

It dawned on me that Sheri wasn’t new to all of this, a fact that I had almost forgotten. I made up my mind to question the hell out of her before I touched so much as a hair on her head. I had to get my answers before I got too deep. Yeah right too deep, I know I’m already drowning.

After lunch I helped to clean up then went to my room to think. The room had Sheri all over it and I kept losing my train of thought, I was thinking of just how fun it would be to tie her to the bed and have my way with her when I heard a knock on the door. Before I could utter a word Sheri swung the door open and entered the room, nearly slamming the door behind her. I smiled at her wondering for a moment if my thoughts had somehow summoned her. Shaking the thought out of my head I ran my fingers through my hair. Sheri’s eyes tracked my motions, as she leaned back against the door. “What’s the matter Raine?” She asked

“We need to talk” I told her with a level stare. Lust ran like an undercurrent beneath my skin, it took all my willpower to keep my thoughts on track but there were things that I wanted to know and assurances I needed to have. Sheri walked over to the bed and seated herself by my side. I looked at her for a moment before speaking up and asking possibly the weirdest question that had ever passed my lips. “How long have you been fucking Mother?” Sheri laughed because I had blurted out my question or perhaps because of the way I had phrased it.

When she regained her composure she returned my stare and grew serious, “About Three years.” She said

“Well, how did it start?” I asked trying to hide my shock

Sheri looked uncertain of how to begin. “It started with Mother and Sandra.” I looked at her hard, Sandra was my mother’s sister older than she was by a year. The woman was a raging bitch but one hell of a looker. I sat there staring and waiting for my sister to go on. Seeing that my only response was widened eyes and slightly parted lips Sheri continued.

“I walked in on them and well, it was sort of you know hot. At first I was like Oh my god what the hell.” She paused “You know?”

I nodded my head pretending to know the feeling.

Well anyway the first time I just walked out. Mother came after me and caught me before I could storm out and book an appointment with the first available shrink. She asked me how I felt about what I had just seen. I told her I was disgusted and traumatized. She said “oh really” and slipped her hand down my pants before I could back away.”

I was picturing the scene in my head as Sheri spoke. She was right it was hot. The Images flashing in my brain sent little shocks to my pussy.

“She laughed at me when she realized I was turned on. She said it didn’t seem like I was that put out. Then she dipped her finger into me and swirled it around. She had me shaking and clinging to her before I could process what was going on.” Sheri stopped talking and seemed to be reliving the scene herself.

“Did you sleep with Aunt Sandra?” I asked her and although I hadn’t known it was there a hint of jealousy tinged my voice as I spoke.

Sheri refocused her eyes as if just noticing I was still there. She smiled. “Yes”

I nodded and again felt the little electric pulses of arousal at the thought of my sister and our Aunt and our Mother. I was entertaining thoughts that would never have occurred to me six months ago. Fuck why was I the gay one and the only woman in the family who hadn’t been in on the lesbian action? What was that all about?

“How come no one made a move on me before?” I asked my sister. Once again jealousy tinged and colored my words

Sheridon laughed then catching the hurt that I know flashed across my face she stopped. When she spoke again her tone was gentle and almost placating. “Raine you don’t know how you seem, you seem infallible, and more than that you seem so self-assured. Mother needed me and she wanted me. We or at least I knew that you didn’t and never really would.”

The last part of her sentence was so soft I barely heard. I didn’t like the way my entire family seemed to view me but I realized it was my own fault. I had cut down and controlled the lines of communication, not wanting to fail made me both stubborn and prideful so even when I did need my family I hadn’t told them so. The image they had was the one I had allowed them to have. I pushed the thoughts from my head promising to mull them over later.

Taking Sheri’s hand in mine I looked into her eyes and smiled. “I’ll always need you and as for wanting...” I pulled her closer while leaning in slightly to kiss her lips. She opened to me and I slipped my tongue into her mouth tasting her. She moaned and pulled back a little. “I want you more.” She told me, I started to object but this was no time to argue, instead I stood and straddled her lap. Her hands ran up and down my back as I linked my arms around her neck. For long uninterrupted moments I kissed her, full deep open mouthed kisses that left the both of us panting.

She slipped her hand beneath my shirt and traced a path up the sensitive skin of my belly traveling slowly and steadily her nails raised goose bumps along my arms. I moaned when she pinched my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and licked my lips. Pulling her head back slightly she looked into my eyes as she tugged my nipple rolling the flesh gently as she pulled outward.

I bit my lip and held back a moan but she ran her other hand up my shirt and began to roll and tug both of my nipples as she watched my face. I arched my back and moaned aloud. She laughed low and deep. “Say mercy.” I shook my head at her and dug my teeth into my bottom lip as she tugged harder. “Say mercy baby.”

She said again looking intently at my face. I moaned but still wouldn’t give in, Sheri never had been able to beat me at the childhood game and I wasn’t about to let her best me now. I leaned forward slightly and slipped my hand between her spread thighs. She clearly wasn’t wearing underwear, I ran my index finger up and down her slit teasing her, she was already getting wet from the slight contact and a hint of her scent was creeping into the air. Sheri parted her legs for me moaning as I slipped my finger between her inner lips and massaged the silky skin.

I was teasing her, avoiding her clit as I stroked up and down. She leaned in and lifted my shirt biting my nipple hard. I moaned as she swirled her tongue over the hard peak. I slipped my finger into her and swirled it feeling the soft tightness of her inner walls. Sheri thrust her hips looking for a hard fuck but I withdrew slowly.

A knock on the door made us spring apart like guilty teenagers. I fixed my clothes and Sheri pulled her dress down, before I walked over and opened the door, glad that Sheri had had the foresight to lock it in the first place.

My mother stood in the doorway completely naked. Her hands were twined in my hair and her lips spread over mine before I could so much as blink. I fell into her embrace naturally, letting my body press fully against her as I parted my lips for her. She kissed me deep and hard and I moaned against her lips ready to be consumed by her. When she pulled her mouth from mine she laughed and put her hand in the middle of my chest and pushed me back. Caught off guard I stumbled a little as I backed into the room. Mother laughed again and once we were both in the room she shut and locked the door again.

“Now what could my girls be up to behind closed and locked doors?” Mother asked with a laugh.

Sherri had risen from her seat on the bed and stepped up behind me pressing her breasts into my back as she embraced me from behind, running her palms over my thighs and hips she cupped my breasts and squeezed gently. I kept my eyes fixed on mother and I knew Sherri was watching her too. Mother lowered her eyelids slightly and parted her lips taking in an audible breath when Sheri ran her hands back down my frame and pulled my dress up. Her hands caressed my thighs again then she ran her fingernails against my skin making me moan. She slipped her left hand into my panties sliding her finger up and down my slit rapidly. I could feel myself leaking and for a fleeting moment I was embarrassed at the extent of my wetness, I was fairly dripping.

Sheri rubbed my clit with the palm of her hand as she bent her middle finger and entered me, I moaned again as she fingered me hard and fast making my inner thighs tremble and my knees weak. Mother was still watching us as she lightly stroked her own pussy and smirked. I arched my hips as Sheri fucked me and I stared into my mother’s eyes shaking with the intensity of the climax that was just around the corner. Mother licked her lips slowly and slipped her ring and middle finger into her mouth, slowly as if she were going down on a man. When she pulled her fingers out they were shiny and wet, with a wink she spread her legs a little wider and pushed her wet fingers into her pussy.

That’s the moment that I lost it, I couldn’t have been quiet if my very life depended on it, I felt hot and liquid as I came all over Sheri’s fingertips, moaning and gasping. If my sister hadn’t been behind me supporting almost all of my weight I might have collapsed on the ground, but she held me up and kept stroking and rubbing my pussy lightly, sending intense aftershocks coursing through my body. When I could focus I turned my attention to my mother; she was still sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy slowly as if she had all the time in the world. Almost without thinking I dropped to my knees and crawled toward her putting my face within inches of her cunt.

She moved her hand and gripped my head pulling me in and pushing her hips up toward me. I opened my mouth and sucked as much of her as I could into it, running my tongue all over her. The muscles in her thighs tightened then loosened under my hands and she moaned my name. I pulled back a little and used my fingertips to spread her lips before focusing in on her clit. At first I flicked it beneath the tip of my tongue hard and slow, teasing her and trying to see what exactly made her lose control. She pulled my face closer and I sucked her clit between my lips pulling hard and running my tongue over the tip. Her hips rose and fell faster as I moved my head from side to side. I could feel her hot wet heat spreading over my lips and chin and her smell was everywhere.

I absolutely loved it. Gripping my hair mother ground my face against her pussy, moving her hips faster and faster as she fucked my face. I slipped a finger into her and kept licking and sucking at her clit making her moan over and over again. I knew she was close and I slipped a second and then a third finger into her filling her up and stretching her out. Curving my fingers slightly I fucked her hard. Within moments she was moaning panting and coming for me.

Standing up I kissed her hard on the lips and pulled her to the bed. Sheri had stripped and was lounging naked on the bed smiling at the two of us, while her fingers plunged in and out of her cunt making a wet sucking noise in the suddenly silent room. I lay next to her and she leaned over to lick my face clean as Mother settled beside me and reached across my body to touch her.

I parted my lips as my sister ran her tongue over them softly. I reached between her legs and pulled her hand away replacing it with my own. Sheri scooted her hips forward slightly as I slipped my middle finger into her wetness, Mother had moved from my side and positioned herself so that her head was facedown in Sheri’s lap. I could hear her slurping and licking and I could feel Sheri’s muscles tightening around my probing finger, as my sister spread her legs wider letting her own hand fall between my legs. She was stroking me lightly as I pushed a second and then a third finger into her core. She moaned and moved he hips forward wordlessly begging for the penetration. I fucked Sheri hard and fast as Mother continued to lick and suck her clit. She was bucking her hips and a sudden scream tapered off into a long loud moan as she arched her back. Sheri’s motions almost threw Mother off of her as she lifted her bucking hips several inches off of the bed, I could feel her muscles squeezing and gripping my fingers as her wetness thickened and increased.

Sheri let out another half scream that made its way into a deep moan before her body relaxed. I moved my hand away from her and sucked my fingers dry as I watched mother reposition my sister and herself. On her back now next to me Sheri spread her legs again and looked into my eyes while our Mother went down on her. Sheri’s lips were slightly parted and her brown skin glistened with a sheen of sweat she was moaning and whimpering quietly now as she reached for my hand. I spread my fingers letting her link hers between mine as I leaned over and kissed her softly. My free hand crept to her left breast and I rolled the stiff nipple in slow hard circles.

Leaning back I hovered above my sister watching her face, one of my hands still gripped hers and the other pulled and tugged at her nipples as I looked at her. For the first time I had the full pleasure of watching my sister’s face as she climaxed, Her breathing quickened and seemed heavy and hot as it escaped her lungs through full half open lips, her skin was flushed and her honey colored eyes were wide open and sparkling when her hips moved under our mother’s lips her eyes deepened and seemed to sparkle like liquid gold. She was absolutely breathtaking as her eyes closed for a moment and she shuddered and trembled. When she opened her eyes she smiled at me and lifted her free hand to brush beads of sweat from her hairline, as she squeezed my fingers in hers.

Mother licked a path up Sheri’s bell and between her breasts as she moved up her body. Sheri’s dropped her hand from her head and twined it in Mother’s dark hair pulling her closer. Well lay there quietly with Mother on top of Sheri and me next to them, facing them as I held my sister’s hand and gently stroke my mother’s smooth sweaty back. The room absolutely reeked of sin and sex as I closed my eyes.

I thought hours had passed but I the clock on the bedside table told me it had only had only been about twenty minutes. Mother had shifted to Sheri’s side and now all three of us were laying side by side in the bed without so much as an inch of extra room. Mother and Sheri had been talking about Thanksgiving in hushed tones and when I opened my eyes they suddenly quieted. Ignoring their sudden silence I smiled and stretched letting go of Sheri’s hand in the process. Mother smiled and blew me a kiss from across my sister’s body. I leaned over and gave her the real thing before settling back and resting my head on my curved arm. “So when will Auntie be here?” I asked reffering to my Aunt Sandra, most of the time we just called her Auntie.

“Two days.” My mother said with a smirk. “Why?” I smiled obviously she had figured out that Sheri had told me about Auntie and her little smirk said she thought she had me all figured out.

“Because I’m going to seduce her.” I said with a smirk of my own. Both my mother and Sheri looked at me, Auntie wasn’t the kind of woman you went to, she was the type that made demands and came to you. Mother arched an eyebrow. “Well girl-child if anyone can do that it’s you.”

I laughed. “Oh it’s as good as done.

to be continued...

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