Raine & Sheri Ch. 02

by destinie21


I woke slowly, feeling well rested for the first time in months. I stretched languidly as my mind recalled the afternoons events; I hadn’t come home planning to fuck my sister but I’d be a liar if I said some small part of me didn’t hope for it. Sheri had become almost an obsession over the past three months; the attraction had arrived unexpectedly and had been unwanted at first. Like most things I couldn’t face, I had denied it but at the moment I couldn’t recall the reasons. I suppose I should be feeling some sort of recriminations or trying to come to grips with having fucked my sister only hours ago in this very room but I had no regrets. I wondered idly if I should ask my therapist about it, but then I realized I could never tell Dr Sloan this, it was far too personal.

After rising from the bed I took a brief shower and dressed quickly. I put on a pair of orange slacks and a matching sweater, the outfit was brand new and perfectly fitted over my curves. I ran a few drops of Curl Control trough my hair taming it slightly with a brush. I wondered if I should put on a little makeup but dismissed the idea nearly immediately. Mother knew her children well and she would have questioned me if I went overboard. Instead I put a little lip gloss on and emerged from my room unable to wipe the smile from my lips.

Mother was in the kitchen cooking with Sheri by her side. I stood in the doorway, unnoticed as I watched my sister. She was wearing a claret colored dress that clung to her breasts; the lower portion of her body was concealed by the counter she was standing behind. Her head was down and she was chopping vegetables, all of her hair was pulled back in a loose braid and she’d put large gold hoop earrings in her ears. I just stared at her, she must have felt my eyes on her because after a moment she looked up trapping me in her honey colored gaze.

I felt a little breathless as she ran the tip of her tongue over her full lips.

She winked at me and went back to her task. I looked at her for another beat before I was able to tear my eyes away.

When I looked at her Mother was looking at the two of us, and then her eyes moved to me. I wanted to drop my gaze in silent denial of the moment she had just witnessed, but before I could so much as blink Mother turned her back to me and put the pan she had been holding into the oven.

I wondered if Sheri had seen Mother looking at us. I doubted it, but we would need to be more careful. When the pan was safely inside the oven Mother turned to face me, looking me up and down and staring at me hard, when I was a child that very same look used to let me know I had better straighten up and act right. This time I wasn’t a child and I stared back at her crossing my arms slowly beneath my breasts, to let her know my movements were calculated and not at all unconscious.

“Is there any thing I can do to help you Mother?”

She hadn’t missed the way I had crossed my arms, and I hadn’t missed the way her eyes flicked over them an instant before she put her hands on her hips.

“Not right now Raine.”

Her voice was normal but her eyes were squinted slightly as she looked again from me to Sheri. I dropped my arms and shrugged letting the matter drop before the accusations and denials started. I walked from the kitchen into the living room feeling slightly guilty for leaving Sheri at the mercy of our mother.

The guilt passed quickly as I recalled that Sheri could hold her own. Even when we were teenagers she had been the one to do what she was going to do and to hell with the consequences.

I joined my father in the living room and sat on the sofa feeling slightly restless as he read the paper. I picked up a magazine from the coffee table and began skimming through it. Sheri walked into the room a moment later my eyes were drawn to her. Her dress flared from the hips and swished around her calves as she walked. My mouth felt dry as she pulled the ponytail loose and ran her fingers through her hair.

My eyes dropped to her lips as she started to speak.

“Raine, I’m going to get some salad dressing, want to come?”

I nodded my head and caught her eye before letting my gaze roll over her like a caress.

“I have to get my shoes.” As I exited the room to retrieve a pair of shoes I let my hips swing knowing she was watching me. I pushed my feet into a pair of high heeled sling backs and adjusted the straps before returning to the living room. Daddy was still engrossed in the paper as Sheri and I walked out of the front door. She jumped into the driver’s seat of sleek red sports car and started the engine as I got into the passengers side.

I ran my left hand over her knee and upward to her thigh moving the material over her leg as my hand came to rest on her bare thigh.

“You look nice Sheri.”

She hissed as my fingernails stroked her thigh.

“Jesus Raine are you trying to kill us both?” I moved my hand away noticing she had swerved a little from the caress. I laughed and rested my hand on my lap. Sheri exhaled as if she had been holding her breath and moved the car back into her lane.

I kept my hands in my lap and glanced out the window for a few moments before speaking “Did you see Mother watching us?”

Sheri glanced away from the road for a second. “Yeah I saw.”

She shrugged but didn’t say anything more; then again I guess there was nothing else to say. Sheri pulled the car into the parking lot of the high priced grocery storeand parked. When the car was in park I ran my fingers over her leg again grazing her upper thighs with my nails, Sheri turned her head to look at me as my hand went between her legs. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and moaned as my fingers ran lightly over her pussy. The immediate heat and wetness of her slick skin, told me she had decided to go without panties.

I ran my middle finger over her slit, slipping it between the lips of her pussy. Her hips jumped as I brought my finger to her clit and applied slight pressure.

I started moving my hand in a circular motion as I leaned forward to lick her neck. I could taste a faint hint of her perfume on the skin. Sheri moaned my name as I nipped her jaw and met her lips. I slipped my fingers into her as my tongue parted her lips. Sheri moaned into my mouth as my fingers slid in and out of her. On each in-stroke I would rub my palm against her clit and she would arch for the contact. I could feel her muscles tightening around me and I kissed her harder as she gripped my shoulders. When she was spent I pulled my hand from her and settled into my seat. I could feel her eyes on me as I brought my fingertips to my lips to taste the slickness she had left on my hand.

Sheri smiled and leaned forward. “Jesus Raine.” She said before kissing me and bringing her hands up to cup my breasts though my sweater. I moaned as her hand slipped downward. She nearly ripped the button from my pants trying to unfasten them. Her lips never left mine as she slipped her hand into my panties. I had been turned on since I had risen from the bed earlier that afternoon and touching her had nearly sent me over the edge. All it took were a few light strokes of her fingertips over my clit, I was panting her name as I climaxed and running my fingers through her hair. She pulled away from me fastening my pants and was out of the car a moment later and I followed behind her, we were only in the store a few moments getting the salad dressing. The young girl working the register recognized Sheri and nearly had a conniption. In the past such a display would have bothered me but for the first time I sort of understood what the big deal about Sheridon Lane was.

I smiled watching her indulge the girl by signing a few autographs mad out to various people. When we left Sheri was very quiet, even in the car she didn’t talk to me. I wondered what had caused this impromptu silent treatment

“Sheri what...” I had planned on asking her what was the matter but she took one hand off the wheel and held it up as a signal for me to be silent.

“Listen Raine I know you hate it when people fawn all over me, I’m sorry I really am.”

I wanted to deny what she had said but I couldn’t because too many times in the past I had been jealous of the attention she got. I was sorry that I had been such a bitch but moreover I was sorry I had made her feel that she didn’t deserve the attention. I couldn’t even believe she was apologizing to me.

It looked like I would have more to come to terms with than just sleeping with Sheri. The girl in the store only knew Sheridon Lane as a pop icon and she adored her, I had known Sheri for years and for the longest time I had only loved her out of family duty.

When I spoke I was surprised to find I was on the verge of tears.

“No Sheri I’m sorry, there’s nothing wrong with people paying attention to you.”

She heard the words catch in my throat and looked over at me. We were already pulling into the driveway and before she could say anything or see the unshed tears in my eyes I got out of the car. I swung the door to the house open, Mother was standing in the living room when I entered and she saw the tears on my face, that were falling despite my efforts to stop them.

“Did you and your sister have a fight?”

I ignored her question because I doubted I would even be able to speak without breaking down. I walked past her and went down the hall to my room. Once inside I shut the door and lay across the bed crying.

I didn’t regret sleeping with Sheri, I couldn’t. But it was clear to me I couldn’t just fuck her, I wanted to know who she was and the sad truth was beyond the surface I really didn’t know her anymore.

I was a little calmer when Sheri opened the door and entered. She shut the door behind her and I heard the lock click into place. I could tell even with my bed turned away from her that she was looking at me, and a moment later I felt her weight settle on the bed.

She rested her hand on my back and rubbed in slow circles, as if she were soothing a crying child. Despite my emotional tumult the touch of her hand still sent shivers of excitement down my spine. I turned over on my side so I was facing her.

She didn’t say a word but I could see the hurt in her eyes. “Why don’t you hate me?” I asked her.

She stared at me looking a little confused. When she spoke her voice was almost a whisper. “Because I love you.”

I looked at her and wondered if she loved me or if she was in love with me. That was an issue my brain couldn’t process so instead I held out my hand for hers and went on talking.

“I’m sorry Sheri, for all of it for the times I made you feel not good enough and for the times I hurt you purposely or otherwise. I had no right to do that and the only explanation I have for you is I was jealous.”

Sheri just kept looking at me, I wasn’t sure if it was the way the light was hitting her eyes or if she was holding back tears. When she spoke I knew it was the latter. “Are you dumping me?”

I wanted to laugh but I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her feelings. So instead

I lay on my back and pulled her into my arms.

“You can’t break up with your sister.” I said holding her tight.

She laughed and lowered her head to kiss me. When she lifted her head she was searching my eyes.

“Were you really jealous of me?” Her tone told me she was amazed at the possibility. I nodded, and she kept on speaking. “Well I was a little jealous of you too, you were pretty and smart and you didn’t need anyone but everyone liked you anyway.”

It was my turn to search her eyes. I had figured the only reason Sheri would have to be jealous of me was that I was older and had more privileges. Perception is a funny thing.

I shook my head before speaking. “Sheri you’re smart and people like you, you can sing your ass off and I’ll tell you a secret.

“What?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“You’re prettier than me.”

“Not from this angle” she said kissing me lightly on the lips. I let my hands trail down her back and cup her ass as she kissed me. She spread her legs and straddled my hips grinding her pussy against me. I had almost forgotten where we were. Our mother and father were in the living room I knew they couldn’t hear us but we could hardly emerge from the room with our clothes overly rumpled and looking like we’d just fucked.

I turned my head breaking the kiss and reminded Sheri where we were. She kissed me again then reluctantly shifted off of me.

“We should have stayed at my place.”

“Yes we should have” I agreed. Sheri only lived about ten minutes from our parents but Mother liked us all to be under the same roof for holidays. Aside from that I had only been to Sheri’s place two or three times although she had lived there for four years.

“I’ll stay with you a little before Christmas.”

You would have thought I told her she won the artist of the year award the way her eyes lit up.

“You promise?”

“I promise.” I replied

“Pinky promise” she said holding out her pinky.

“Pinky promise.” I said solemnly hooking my little finger with hers before laughing at the childhood honor system.

Sheri stood releasing my finger and straightening her dress.

“We’d better go eat.”

I stood reluctantly knowing she was right, I walked to the door and unlocked it before swinging it open. Sheri followed me from the bedroom to the kitchen. Mother and Daddy were already seated at the table. Sheri and I joined them without a word, Daddy kept on eating but Mother was looking at us as if she expected an explanation. I busied myself fixing a plate not daring to meet her gaze.

We all ate in silverware clanking silence until mother decided to speak. She ran down the thanksgiving menu and what she expected us to make. I nearly rolled my eyes, there wasn’t a person sitting at the table who couldn’t afford to hire someone to cater a lavish holiday meal, instead we would be trapped in the kitchen cooking for hours. With all of the relatives coming in I would have to make enough sweet potato and pecan pies to feed an army to say nothing of all the curried rice and vegetables I’d have to make.

I tuned Mother out. Just thinking about all the goddamn people that were going to be underfoot gave me a headache. I didn’t particularly find drunken arguments with the family to all kicks and giggles and in addition to that I knew Sherri and I would never be able to sneak off, even for a few moments.

I sighed lightly and glanced across the table, Sheri was sipping from her wine glass and her eyes met mine, the look told me she had sex on her mind and just in case maybe I missed the message, she slid her left foot along the inside of my right ankle and up my leg. I parted my lips and exhaled slowly barely stifling a moan. Sheri Lowered her glass and a smile danced over her full lips as she tucked a few misplaced hairs behind her ear.

Damn I wanted her bad. I knew she wasn’t wearing underwear and I wanted to crawl under the table and taste her. By the time dinner was over I was wet and ready but I managed to relax with my parents and Sheri for two hours in the living room. They talked and laughed about god only knows what while I entertained thoughts of Sheri trembling and moaning beneath my lips teeth and fingertips. I shifted squeezing my thighs together, Sheri didn’t miss the motion and when I looked across the room I saw that mother hadn’t either.

She was staring at me with a knowing look as I crossed my legs. My brain told me I was just being paranoid, mother couldn’t possibly know what was going on. Right? I held Mothers gaze not willing to look away. She lifted her hand and ran it trough her hair although her hair hadn’t been in her face. Her hand moved from the ends of her hair and trailed over her neck and shoulder before toying with the thin gold chain she always wore on her neck. She kept looking at me as she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. She had managed to keep her deep red lipstick in tact over dinner and for a moment I idly wondered if it was color stay lipstick. I would have stared her down all night but Father broke the silence announcing that he was going to bed. It was only ten but he liked to turn in early. We all said our goodnights to him and he went up to bed. I felt a little nervous now that Daddy gone, but I apparently had no reason to be. We talked about old times and Sheri and my teen years, and nothing seemed amiss. By the time Mother turned in for the night I was convinced I had been creating conflict where there was none. Had I been feeling introspective I might have admitted to myself that I always seemed to create conflict where there was none.

I headed to my room and disrobed folding my clothes into a neat pile although I knew the outfit would end up in the cleaners.

I hadn’t even gotten the chance to put on my pajamas when I heard a knock on the door. Before I could grab my bathrobe Sheri opened the door.

Clearly she only knocked to announce her arrival, as she never seemed to wait to be invited in. Her eyes took me in for a moment before she stepped into the room and closed the door. The click of the lock told me she had more on her mind than small talk. I smiled and didn’t bother trying to cover up, her gaze made me feel beautiful.

Sheri didn’t say a word as she moved closer to me, when her lips brushed mine I moaned into her mouth and wrapped my arms around her neck pressing my naked body against her. Her tongue slipped into my mouth as she cupped my breasts, stroking my nipples beneath her fingertips. My back arched and she slipped her thigh between my legs, pressing against my mound. I could only grip her shoulders and jerk my hips. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I should be saying something about not indulging our lust under our parent’s roof. Even if her lips hadn’t been pressed against mine I doubt I could or would have spoken. I wanted her here and now and to hell with the consequences.

My hands trailed down her back and cupped her ass through the fabric of her dress. I held her close pressing my thigh firmly between hers while I sucked her tongue into my mouth. Sheri ground against me hard and my hips moved in almost perfect rhythm with her. The friction caused by her dress against my cunt pushed me over the edge. I could feel my muscles tensing and grabbing at nothing, as my body began to quiver. My hips trust in an uncontrollable frenzy against her as my hands gripped her firm ass.

Sheri moved with me and just as the aftershocks of my passion ran through me she climaxed. I could feel her wetness on my thigh and when I moved my lips to her neck she was panting my name in a low smooth voice. When she relaxed against me I pulled back a bit to look into her honey colored eyes. Her lips were parted just a little and I ran my tongue over the space between them, just for a second before pulling back again.

“God” was all she said but the look in her eyes made me grin.

“Goddamn.” I replied pulling her toward the bed.

I sat at the foot of the bed with my legs spread and pulled her toward me. She was still standing when I started unbuttoning her dress. The dress had far too many buttons along the front and I was impatient, I wanted to taste her now. I put my hands on the opening near her breasts and pulled until the buttons popped I repeated the motion until the dress was completely open.

Sheri spoke as more than a dozen buttons flew off the dress. “Raine this dress cost…” She didn’t say another word as spread her pussy and licked the wet skin. I had been waiting to taste her and she was well worth the wait.

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