Quickies mamas boy

by Wannabeboytoy


Will's mom was a very controlling person. She often mothered him far too much, but also punished him with severe tongue lashings and groundings when he misbehaved or disobeyed her. Jane had managed to keep her only child home with her and her husband for twenty-two years. But now, Will was more than ready to move out. He was engaged and was transferring to another school, out of state to be with his fiancé. His mother wasn't pleased. Her possessive side was now in full bloom.

"You don't have to go!" she yelled at her son. Will was simply filling out the forms necessary for his transfer during lunch at home. He needed to turn them in within the next few days. Looking up at his mother, he realized just how much he needed to go!

"Yes... I... do!" he replied with a serious tone, still concentrating on his papers at the kitchen table.

"Why? Just because some... bimbo fucks you good? Huh?" she went too far.

"Bimbo? Jenny is the most intelligent person I know. Smarter than me, and definitely smarter than you! And my sex life is none of your business, Mom!" Will snapped back.

"How dare you speak to me that way! I am your mother! You will do as I say! You are staying here, at home, where you belong!" she tried to order him.

"I am twenty-two fucking years old! I'm an adult! What, do you want me to stay here with you and Dad my whole life? I have got to go!" he tried to talk some sense into his mother. Jane calmed down. She knew it would come to this. In fact, she had hoped it would. The mother had never been more attracted to him than she was right at that moment.

Jane had selected her outfit to show off her robust body. Her white blouse fit tightly on her large breasts, with a couple buttons already undone. Tight white Capri pants clung nicely to her well-shaped legs and ass. Her long curly red hair descended down to her lower back. She was more attractive than most of the cheerleaders from Will's school, former school.

"I'm a lonely woman, Will. Your father is always away on business trips. And when he is home, he seems so tired that I don't appear interesting to him so he ignores me most of the time. You are all I've got." She pleaded. "Please stay."

Will looked up at his mother. He had never felt sorry for her. A long time ago he had heard Jane speaking to an old friend from her high school. In their conversation Jane told her friend how she had married rich and how she had never actually loved her husband. "You never loved Dad, Mom. What makes you think I'll believe the sorry look on your face?"

Jane felt angry. She knew that her son had heard the talk she had with her friend a long time ago, but she avoided discussing it with him, knowing that he wouldn't tell his father. Now he was using it against her. Will's mother felt that it was time she used her body against him.

"I'm not giving up, Son. You know how persistent I am." She replied moving closer to him. She was starting to get wet in anticipation. Jane had seen her son in the shower a few times and he had a large cock, bigger than his father's. She knew she was going to enjoy this.

"And I, being your son, am equally determined. You won't make me change my mind. I love Jenny and I need to be close to her." This was his resolve.

"What does she have that I can't provide? Hmmmm?" Jane asked. He would soon be putty in her hands.

"Well..." Will began to list things in his mind, but every time he thought of something solid he realized that his mother could shoot it down. There was really only one thing that his fiancé could give him that his mom could not. "You asked earlier... sex!"

That was exactly what Jane wanted to hear. She moved Will's hands off of the documents and sat down on the table on top of them, her ass now in his way. "Who says you can't get that from me?" she put her heel shoe on his crotch and pressed lightly, giving his dick the perfect amount of pressure.

Will was stunned. He couldn't believe it. His mother had gone off the deep end. She was trying to seduce him, her very own son! "Mom? What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm offering you my body, Son. To use as you wish. To fuck me any way you want, in any hole, in any position. As dirty and as nasty as you want... But we both know that it will be how I want it. And I want it dirty and nasty!" she unbuttoned her blouse down to the last one on the bottom. She wasn't wearing a bra. "Look at my tits, Son. I know that your fiancé doesn't have melons like mine."

Will couldn't help but look at his mother's breasts. He had always been obsessed with them. He thought they were perfect. His mom's breasts were the reason he became a breast man. Jenny's breasts were half the size of Jane's. His mother's blouse still concealed her nipples but most of her cleavage was open to him. Now his eyes were getting lost in the valley between her twin globes. Jane's heel was still pressing against her son's growing hard-on. Her pussy flooded with her juices. It was only a matter of time before they entered the forbidden world of incest.

"Mom?! What about Dad?" he asked, trying not to look at her cleavage.

"Fuck him! He is a limp-dicked fucker with a tiny penis who can't please me! He gave me money and you! Now I will take you for my own use! Give me you hand, Son." She asked. He resisted. "Give Mommy your hand, young man!" she commanded. He obeyed. Jane took his palm and placed it on one of her breasts. She squeezed on his fingers so he grasped her massive mammary. "Ahhhhhhhh..." she moaned and tossed her head back. Then she looked Will in the eyes. "Don't you want to make your mommy happy? I want to make you happy. I can make you very... happy."

Jane took her foot off of her son's hard cock and placed both feet on opposite arms on his chair, surrounding him. Her hand went down to the waistband of her pants and entered inside. Will's mother started playing with herself in full frontal view of him. He watched her hand move inside her pants, feeling as though he wanted it to be his fingers exploring inside her. His mother had to finger fuck herself at that moment. She threw her back and moaned cumming in front of her son. The idea of fucking her offspring had made her too hot and wet to resist. Now she was ready to continue. Her mission was to fuck and conquer her own son.

"Do you want to see Mommy's titties?" Will's mom said into his eyes, his hand still massaging her breast. He couldn't resist the temptation. Will nodded. Grinning salaciously, Jane reached up to her blouse and parted it so that her son could see them in all their motherly glory. The look of fixation mixed with lust on her son's face caused a flutter within Jane's body, a feeling of accomplishment. Her nipples begged to be touched, and her pussy flooded her pants with juice again. Jane had never before been so utterly cock-struck. It was a combination of things. He had massive meat between his legs, and it was her son's. She was cheating on her husband with her son and she was taking him away from his fiancée, the woman he loved.

Will's eyes grew as big as saucers. Jane felt her heavy tits bob on her chest as, freed from the confines of the blouse, gravity took over. Not that gravity had yet done a number on her; even suckling Will as a baby had barely affected the firmness of her prodigious bust. At age twenty, Jane had worn a 34D. After her son's birth, she had swelled to a 34DDD, in part she had always thought, because her son was such a hungry baby. She wanted to feel those lips upon her again.

"I remember when you used to suck on my titties when you were a baby. Why don't you suck on them now?" Jane reached over and grabbed the back of her son's head and pulled him into her bosom. Will groaned. He instinctively began to kiss and lick her breasts.

"That's it, Baby," Jane urged, breathless. "Your lips feel so good on me. Suck Mommy's tits, Will." He pressed his face between her breasts, rubbing his nose and cheeks and lips against her flesh. "My Will." His lips fastened on her right nipple and she felt a delicious tug that sent a dart of pleasure straight to her very core. "Oh my baby." His hands cupped and kneaded her heavy jugs, digging into her plush flesh with lustful urgency. "My son."

Jane arched her back, thrusting her tits into Will's face and her gushing pussy against the palm of his hand now between her legs. Will stood up from his seat and thrust his hips against her, and his heavy dick sawed along her belly, threatening to tear through the pieces of fabric separating them.

"What do you think of your mommy's big titties, Baby?" she asked with a wicked smile on her face. Will groaned and slurped his tongue all over her nipples. "Do you like them better than your fiance's pair?"

He moaned his approval again.

"Ha, ha! That's what I thought! You can't resist your old mother's hot body!"

Will was normally a meek, mild-mannered young man, but apparently his hot mother's passion had awakened something within him. Jane felt her pussy juice seep into her pants even more. Very soon, her son would be hers forever.

"Come on, Son! No more games, fuck me now! I want to show you the pleasure of unbridled lust and sexual frenzy! The power and delight of incest! Fuck your mother!" she groaned through gritted teeth.

Will growled and nipped at her breasts. He was transformed into his mom's sex machine. His fingers dug into the waistband of her pants and tore them off her waist and legs with one smooth movement, tossing them to the kitchen floor and baring her hairless pussy to his eyes and fingers. His mother was so wet, so dilated, that she could have taken a baseball bat. He took his cock out through his zipper hole in less than a second. He'd never wanted to fuck someone more in his life than right now; he didn't care if it was his mother. She looked down at the angry red spear of flesh between her son's legs and realized that wasn't an unfair comparison. Will's cock was huge.

"So forceful," Jane gasped in admiration, "so big, much bigger than your father's. Does baby want to fuck Mommy?" she asked with a pout in her lip.

"Jesus, yes, Mom," Will groaned, "I have got to fuck you. I can't stop myself."

"But what about your fiancé, the bimbo? If you fuck me, you'll be cheating on her." She acted like an innocent pawn.

"I don't care! I want you, Mom! I've always wanted you! Please!" he gave in.

"If you insist, Son... Now fuck me! I don't want you to stop. I want you inside me, in the place where you were born. Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard!"

He attempted to do just that. The head of his cock glanced off Jane's pubic mound as he jabbed at her. He howled in frustration, but his mother made cooing sounds and reached between them to grip his rampant tool. She guided him to her opening, but released him as soon as the plum-sized head nudged against her lips. It was her turn to howl, in abject pleasure this time, as he slowly sank his prodigious cock into her depths. She felt herself filled more fully than she had ever been. Her pussy stretched to accommodate him, her folds expanding as necessary, making a home for him where he should never have been. His cock grew wider as it traveled back to his body, she realized with an electric shock, as her clitoris came into contact with his flesh. She orgasmed, flooding her depths with lubrication that eased the passage of his gigantic tool.

"Oh God, Mom! You feel so good!" Will moaned.

"Better... than... ugh... Jenny?" she asked in between gasps. He son's cock was spreading a pleasure sensation through her body like she had never experienced.

"YES! MUCH BETTER!" Will spasmed inside his mom's warm cunt. Not cumming, but finding the feeling her pussy around his massive prick to be an unbearable heaven. He grabbed her ass and scooted her towards him on the table, lodging more of his cock inside her and her ass rubbing against his school transfer papers. Jane smiled through her gritted teeth, evil plans flashing behind her eyes.

The cock-head nudged up against her cervix. Jane's toes curled and her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Her thighs gripped Will's waist and her calves pressed against his buttocks. She opened up and he came on, driving deeper into her than she thought possible, into her very womb. She felt his sperm-laden balls bounce against her ass even as his cock-head rubbed the roof of her insides.

They lay entwined like that for several heartbeats. Then Will raised his head, looked into her eyes, all thoughts of his fiancé and his father were gone and said, "Mother." And he began to fuck her. Melody mewled and thrashed beneath him as each forceful thrust jarred her plush body. Her heavy tits bounced up and down, impacting against Will's chest. A salty, sweaty sheen gave Jane's body a golden glow and wet her blouse as her son plowed into her again and again. Her fingers gripped his shoulders, her long legs wrapped around his waist, tighter and tighter, urging him on. Her throat was beginning to hurt, her voice grew hoarse as each cry sounded louder than the last.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your mother! Fuck the very womb that brought you into this world! No man can resist me, not even my own son!" Jane cackled like the wicked temptress she was.

Will grunted and groaned with each jab of his hips. Rational thought had completely fled him, and all he could do was fuck, driven almost mad by the insatiable needs of his cock and the lustful moans of the beautiful seductress beneath him. He tried to vary his strokes, alter his angle of entrance, but that took too much concentration, and instead he merely jammed into his mother again and again like a runaway jackhammer. His cock felt as hard as steel, a tempered alloy that might well melt in the burning cauldron of his mother's clasping pussy. Her folds caressed and squeezed him, her lips nipped at him, her heat and moisture washed over him, soaking into his flesh, coaxing a thunderous climax from his balls.

Jane's back arched almost painfully, thrusting her tits into Will's face. He licked sweat from her pendulous breasts, and trapped a diamond hard nipple between his teeth for a heartbeat before his thrusting pelvis caused the mammary to bounce away. Will buried his head in the valley between his mother's tits. Her heartbeat echoed in his ears, a frantic, ecstatic rhythm that mirrored that of his own heart. He bottomed out again, the spongy tip of his dickhead almost flattening against the elastic roof of her womb, and his mother momentarily froze.

"Make me cum you motherfucker! Fuck your mother and make her cum!" she squealed with delight. Then she began to thrash around beneath him, her fists beating a tattoo against his shoulders, her calves hammering his buttocks, her pussy grasping his cock tighter and tighter in exquisite pain. The papers beneath her all crumpled and covered in the sweat from her ass. Jane threw her head back and let loose a long, shuddering cry that trailed off as her voice gave out and the oxygen left her lungs. She collapsed in a boneless heap beneath Will on the table. A flood of liquid seeped past the tightly clasping lips of her pussy, inundating her son's balls and thighs and staining the papers. Her breathing was shallow and her head lolled on the tabletop. "Good boy."

Will's mind was consumed by a red lust that defied reason or concern. His mother and her hot body had created a monster, or to her, a pet. All he felt was the burgeoning need for release. So he kept banging away, his mammoth cock piercing his mother again and again and again. He kissed her lips and chin, her breasts and tasted sweat, but he didn't care.

"Mom! Ugh! Mother! Ughhhhh! Mommyyyyyy!" Will went back to his childhood in his mind, but the beast inside him continued to control his body's movements.

Slowly, Jane roused. She fought her way out of a deep fog, brought back to life by the insistent thrusting pleasure emanating from her loins. Jane's eyes rolled and she blinked tears of passion from them, trying to focus. She never dreamed it could be so good. Incest was indeed the best. Looking down between her breasts, she saw a massive spear of flesh sliding in and out of her weeping pussy, and she realized she had just had the most mind-blowing orgasm of her life. "You made me cum like never before. You fuck Mommy real good, Baby," she gasped, hardly able to believe it. "Much better than your father!"
Her son grunted, and might have nodded. It was hard to tell what he was thinking; his face was so contorted with passion and effort. "Do it again," Jane said. Perhaps he understood, because he redoubled his efforts. His mother screamed in ecstasy. She felt a familiar electrical tingle deep in her pussy begin to build as Will slammed into her again and again. The kitchen table scooted across the tiled floor. The electricity of Will's pumping sent tendrils out along every nerve ending in her body, an ever rising crest of pleasure that once more threatened to overwhelm her. She was expecting it this time, however, and rode the wave as it washed over her lush frame. Tits bouncing, back arching, ass flexing, thighs tightening, Jane felt her orgasm explode. It felt like lightning flashing behind her eyeballs. Her nipples were so sensitive that even the air scraping against them was sweet agony.

"Oh my baby boy! Back where you belong, in your mother's arms... and pussy!" she moaned at her words.

Jane grabbed Will's head and pulled him in for a soul-searching kiss. He barely broke stride. His stamina, his endurance, his power, was almost unbelievable. "Oh God, my baby," Jane gasped hoarsely. "You are the best son a mother ever had, Will." She moaned as another wave of pleasure rose within her. "Can you cum inside me? Can you do it for Mommy?"

"But... ugh... but...." Will kept pounding his mom's hot cunt, but was worried about the repercussions of her unprotected uterus taking his seed. Jane knew this would happen, but she wanted her son to completely shed all inhibitions he had. In order to do this, he needed to obey her entirely and cum inside her. And there was more.

"No buts, young man! Ugghhhh! You do as your mother tells you and cum her! I want to feel my son's sperm inside me... I want to give you everything that your fiancé can... and that includes children." She said in a deep gasp. Will slowed down until he was no longer moving inside her. The comment resonating in his head. "You know you want to, Son. You want to betray Jenny even more by impregnating me, your own mother. It isn't a complete act of incest until you do. Now I want it dirty and nasty and I will get it. There is nothing dirtier or nastier than knocking your mother up! Ooooo, I just felt your cock swell inside my cunt! You do want to make me pregnant! Do it! Do it now!"

"Oh Mother!" Will gave in and started to fuck her again. Jane shuddered as another toe-curling, mind-expanding climax exploded deep within her. Her body was on fire, threatening to shut down again as the pleasure grew more intense. Her pussy and thighs were soaked with her juices, and she could see Will's pubic hair was matted with them. Her glossy black mane was soaked with sweat and sticked to her body, itself covered in a fine sheen.

"Whose belly would you rather see grow large with your baby inside, your fiancé's or your mommy's?" she whispered in her son's ear as his jack-hammering increased.

"Your belly, Mom! I want you to have all my babies!" Will groaned, very close to his explosion.

"Don't ever talk to that bimbo again! The engagement is off! You belong to me now!"

"Yes... Mother! I am... ugh... yours!" Will began to spasm as the cum rushed up from his balls.

"Cum inside me, Baby! YES! CUM IN YOUR MAMA'S CUNT AND MAKE HER PREGNANT!" she smiled through her gritted teeth once and came on her son's cock again.

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