Punishing Sonny!

by narendn


My Sweet Sonny is about to come back from college. As always he will find his mother ready for him with food and daily instructions. Mommies have to give daily instructions to their children you see. Considering the children around, completely spoilt brats, my sonny is such an obedient child. I don’t even remember when was the last time he uttered no to his mother. I guess last time he said no to me when I wanted to him to pee before going to bed and he said no, because he didn’t wanted to. That was long long back. That day my sonny had to stand in front of pot, with his knickers down, in front of my instructional eyes, for around an hour or so till he was finally able to emit a drop of two or pee. Since them I have taught my sonny how to behave properly with momma. Such minor incidents do occur in life of a sweet sonny and his loving mother, but except that our relation has been that of an obedient child and a careful mother.

My Sonny and I have a set daily routine. We get up early in the morning, as we have some rituals to do before he leaves for his college. I have instructed him not to wear anything after he gets up in the morning. I guess I will have to confess to you readers that I love watching his small dick dangling in between his tight masculine thighs first thing in the morning.

It is such a sweet sight, our first ritual for the day. These days we have our morning pee together. I simple love the feeling when my hot motherly water falls on my sonny’s mouth and he can wash his face without even opening the water tap. At first he questioned our practice. He even used to complain that my first pee in the morning is such a smelly liquid and washing his face with that leaves him with that strange smell throughout the day. But of course, mothers do not have to listen to every silly excuse their son’s come up with, isn’t it. I made him practice the wash every day till he eventually used to like it and asked for it. So he eagerly lies down on cold bathroom floor and I stand over his face and raise my night-gown under which I don’t have any panty on and I relieve myself on sonny’s face. He has been told to squeal in joy and eagerly make the most of the hot water that I can oblige because he may not get more water to open his sleep-ridden eyes.

Of course he hasn’t relieved himself as yet. I stare at his small childish pee-hose as it looks eager to relive itself of the truck load of water it has collected in night. I gently caress my son’s dick. Oh no, don’t get it wrong, it isn’t incest, my dear reader. I am just verifying that my son’s instrument is in perfect working order and it can raise itself on soft caresses of any lady. I use my soft fleshy palm to get the sonny’s dick out of its slumber. As it begins to rise under my instructions, I use my finger nails to scratch it so as to further stimulate it. Soon it reaches to its full glory, which isn’t much. Unfortunately my son isn’t a well endowed male. And I have made it a careful point for him to realize that those curvy, sexy females founds in streets outside are going to make fun of him and crack jokes on his small stupid dick if they get to see it. My son sticks to his mommy and seeks no other female to relive himself for any such occasional male urges. And of course I happily oblige. It’s my duty as a mom I feel.

But I am not a dick hungry old lady if you think so. Raising my son’s little dick hard doesn’t mean I will give him an easy entry to my now wet cunt. I have already thought of an innovative method to bring his erect penis back to normal. I ask my sonny to bend, hold the wash-basin with his hands and bend as much as possible. I caress his nice manly posterior and can’t resist smacking it once or twice, but as usual it makes him even harder. Then I bring out my large vibrator. I order my obedient son to hold the wash-basin tight as I start pushing the machine to his arse-hole. He can’t take it easily of course. He writhes with pain and humiliation as he is aware of his erect manhood and tearing apart ass. The sweet lovely ass which is meant to be caressed by soft lady hands is now being torn apart by the ruthless battery operated machine. I keep on smacking hard in turns on his either ass-cheeks. He moans in pain, struggles to keep tears and cries in control and in the end, burst out loud and as instructed, asks for forgiveness. His dick is obviously now back in normal position. He thanks me for his daily dick inspection. His face is well washed by my pee and by this time I ask him if he wants more warm water to brush his teeth. He of course says yes and I try hard to pee in a mug to get some cum mixed urine for my son to get his daily tooth brushing.

So that’s a good healthy start of a day, readers will agree. Now of course we have to take a bath before I make some food for my sonny. I don’t believe in wasting large amount of water to wash myself. And readers will agree that any bath taken with the help of sweet innocent son is bound to make both mother and son happy. So the usual process is utterly simple. I ask my son to lick clean of his mother’s body since I learnt in some ancient texts that son’s saliva on his mother’s intimate body parts is going to keep a mother young and healthy and always ready for his lusting son. But I have to be careful of these male urges. I don’t know when he might get excited by licking my body and starts attacking my wet motherly cunt with his small dick. So the safe way out is tying him down to a chair kept in out bathroom and then I stand naked in front of him so that he can lick me all over. Well to avoid my consciousness, we both are naked at this point so that I feel homely in being stark naked in front of my innocent son. He usually starts from my armpits. That’s the area needing most cleaning as most female readers will agree that a day’s hard work in and around house, makes my hairy armpits dust and sweat laden.

So sonny opens his mouth and I help him bury his mouth in my left arm pit. He can barely move himself as he licks my body. He often complains that my armpit which is so hairy, doesn’t allows him to clean it well, but of course I urge him to try and try harder. He takes out his tongue and licks his mother’s dirtiest zone. Inspite of sweat, bacteria and stuff, my obedient son licks and cleans both of my armpits. By this time his dick is again up. Oh boy, half of my time goes in taking care of son’s useless erections. So I get frustrated and slap my son hard, two or three times on face for having such an incestuous dick. He pleads and asks for forgiveness and yes, I being such a kind lady, forgive him. Then I take out one more tool to take care of these minor erections. This one is a ring, which fits tightly across his dick and it takes two or three minutes of vigorous painful rubbing across his hard pee-pipe to make him come. The actual usage of ring is with lot of lubrication, but I want son to be manly and hence rub his dick hard with the ring without any lubricants. Sometimes he shouts and screams in pain and tears start flowing from corner of his eyes. Just to soothe him, I kiss and lick his bruised organ and he thanks me for it. Indeed I have got such an innocent and nice kid.

Our bath is far from over. My wet pussy needs some cleaning and my son absolutely loves this part of our daily routine. I stand in front of his face and thrust my honey-spot in front of sonny’s lips and he eagerly thrusts his tongue to lick it clean. I purposely keep an inch’s distance between his eager face and my hot dripping pussy and love to see my tied down son pushing himself forward to reach to his mother’s dripping peehole. He is enthusiastic and happy when he finally gets to touch my hot clean-shaven love hole and starts kissing and licking it. By this time I start moaning a bit and caress his hair. I spread my legs and bring them a bit closer to his childish face so that he can clean me thoroughly. He cleans his mother well by using his lips and tongue all around and in my cunt and by the time this ritual ends I am happy and energetic for the day.

Sometime he again gets a sinful erection by this time. Now that’s not understandable. How can a sweet obedient son have an erection by cleaning his mother’s body parts? I get angry at this time and push him to bathroom floor. He is still tied to the chair so he can’t balance himself and falls with a loud thump. I have to take care of his erection otherwise he might just go out in street and rape the first women he sees. Such a kind and thoughtful mom I am. I tell him to thank god for having me as his mommy as I rub his dick and balls. I use my soft fleshy palm to rub his dick and massage his balls. He likes it apparently as he seems to close his eyes and moan softly. Playfully I take his ball in my mouth and bit him hard and how I like the sudden shriek that he gives out. He writhes with pain if I bite his balls hard. But I keep the pain to a bearable extent. I don’t want my sonny to pass out you see. He still has to go to college today. I use my fingernails to caress his hard masculine thighs and leave some nail marks on them. I oblige him by bending and rubbing my large 38D boobs with his dick and he just lies there with his closed eyes, not knowing what his mother is upto. I keep on rubbing his dick all this time till he comes on my face and boobies and I playfully clean his cum using my fingers and lick most of it.

I release him afterwards as he is quite relived by now and will not get excited by seeing boobs, ass or pussy of his naked mother. He thanks me for this daily ritual and I thank him too. Then we have breakfast together and he leaves for college and promises to be back on time in evening for another set of rituals.

The spring is beautiful outside as I watch my sonny leave straight for college and not even looking at those whores outside. Why should he, when he has got a loving caring mom at home.

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