Proving Her Virginity

by NightmarePrincess


Josh was furious. He paced back and forth across his bedroom floor. The loud music's heartbeat fueled his anger and excitement. He knew that any moment she would return home and he would finally be able to confront her about the rumors he had heard all day. He looked at the clock. "Just another 5 minutes and the bitch will be here." He did not hear her pull into the driveway or walk into the house. The music blotted out all the sounds. None of it mattered, as soon as he knew she was there she was going to pay for all she had done to piss him off. Liz was not going to get away with this shit. Not this time.

She came bounding up the stairs, completely unaware of what lied ahead. It was not going to be the afternoon of fun she had planned on. She didn't bother to knock on the door. It wasn't like he would have heard it anyway with the music so loud. As soon as she opened the door he grabbed her by the hair and drug her inside.

Liz was terrified. She had never seen her brother so angry with her in her short 18 years. She grabbed frantically at his hand and tried to pull it away, only succeeding in pissing him off more.

He slammed the door closed behind her as he yanked her into the center of the room and shoved her hard onto the bed. His eyes were cold and deadly as he stood there glaring at her. "What the fuck is this I hear about you going out with Eddie?" he bellowed over the music. He watched her face go pasty white with fear as she quickly tried to think of a way out of this.

"I... I.... we only went to the movies" she stammered. She tried to scoot back on the bed out of his reach but he stepped in closer. Her entire body was shaking as he loomed over her. She had no idea what he was going to do to her.

He backhanded her across the face. The red imprint marring her smooth pale flesh. He reached down and grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her up to his face. "You lying little slut. It is all over school that you fucked him. What the fuck are you doing fucking that jerk?" He slapped her again as he watched the tears stream down her cheeks.

"I NEVER FUCKED HIM." she interjected. Her voice cracked as she sobbed. She struggled free from his grip and stared up at him with a pitiful look. "Please Josh believe me I am still a virgin. Eddie wanted to but I wouldn't do it."

She hung her head as she sat down on the bed. Her long blonde hair fell down around her face, hiding it from his view. He watched her for a moment. He didn't believe her. He couldn't trust her now. Not after what all he had heard about her and Eddie.

He shook his head. The rage still burning inside him as he stared down at his little sister. "I am not going to have a slut for a sister. I know you fucked him. If I ever hear you do it again I will beat you fucking stupid... Do you understand me." He clenched his fist as he spoke.

"I am serious Josh I have never done anything with him or anyone else. I can prove it." She looked up at him fearfully. She knew how violent he could be when he wanted to. Many times when they were younger he had taken out his aggressions on her.

"Then prove it you fucking slut." He sat down at the desk across from the bed. He watched her curiously as she stood up in front of him. He had no idea what she was about to do but it interested him none the less. He was shocked when she began to undress in front of him. She was terrified of what her brother would think of her. He stared in amazement at her perfect young body, the curve of her hips, the full firm c cup breasts. She was a vision. It was a miracle she was still a virgin, that is if she in fact was.

She slipped off the summery blue dress and laid it on his bed. Her body was incredible. He could see the outline of her dark nipples against her creamy white breasts. The lacey bra she wore made them look even more enticing. He felt a stirring in his pants as he watched her, but he knew it was wrong. After all she was his sister.

His eyes widened slightly as she reached back and unfastened the bra. She pulled it off letting her breasts spill out. They were so firm and round, so perfect. He noticed that her nipples were beginning to harden. He just sat back and tried to fight the urges that were making him think of throwing her on the bed and fucking her senseless. It was getting to be too much for him to handle.

She peeled her lacey panties off slowly and stepped out of them. Liz had always been painfully shy about her body. He should not have doubted her about her virginity but now he was too curious to see what she was about to do to stop her and tell her that he believed her. His cock was growing harder in his shorts. He could feel the denim rubbing against his bare flesh as he repositioned himself in the chair. He stared at the neatly trimmed little tuft of hair accentuating her womanhood.

She walked closer to him cautiously. She knew this was the only way to prove it to him. She took his hand and pulled slightly as she tried to coax him to stand. He did and she quickly moved to the bed, still gripping his hand. She laid back on it and spread her legs. Liz positioned his hand between her legs. She knew that if he slid his finger in he would feel that thin barrier denoting her chasteness.

He looked at her in shock. It wasn't like he hadn't thought about it before he was a guy and all. He swallowed hard as he stared down at her face for a moment before he used the tip of his finger to part the soft little pink lips. He moved it up and down slowly as he watched her squirm slightly. He very slowly pushed his finger in, feeling it meet resistance only partially inside. He cocked his head as an evil smile crossed his lips.

His thumb began to gently stroke her clit as he watched her starting to get worked up. She started to pull away but he shot her a stern look. The fire in his eyes burned brightly as he continued to tease the little nub. His thumb pressed down harder against it as he rubbed. His finger worked in and out slowly, curling it slightly as he drew it out. He could see her getting very aroused by this. "You like that don't you?"

She could not believe what he was doing to her now. Liz thought after he felt that she had not been used before that he would believe her and she could leave. Her lower lip quivered slightly. All the signs were there. She was loving it. She could not help herself as she purred softly "yes". He reached down with his other hand, the dark pink nipple was rock hard now. His forefinger and thumb quickly squeezed it, tugging it back and releasing as he watched it spring back. She let out a tiny gasp.

He leaned down and took the little bud between his lips and sucked softly on it. He was being so gentle with her it seemed to ease her into a false sense of security. His mind was racing with evil thoughts of what he could do to her now. She seemed so willing to let him. He had to see how far she would actually go. He flicked his tongue over her nipple as he began to work his finger in and out slightly faster. She squirmed and began to moan. Suddenly he bit down hard on her nipple. She jerked and nearly caused him to pierce that thin wall.

He released her nipple and began to kiss down her body slowly. His lips were so warm and soft against her skin. She spread her legs wider as he approached her mound. The sensation rippled through her as the anticipation built. She could not believe what he was doing to her. Her own brother was making her experience such pleasure.

He pulled his finger out of her slowly and put it to her lips. "Suck it clean" he ordered. She took his finger into her mouth without hesitation and began to suck. Her mouth was so inviting. He could feel his cock begin to ache. Soon he would have to take care of that but for now he was going to taste her. He lowered his head and began to flick the tip of his tongue against her clit, alternating it with long slow licks. He could feel her body tensing knowing it was driving her wild. She could not control herself as she began to moan loudly. He drug his tongue down to her tight virgin hole and slipped it inside.

Josh wiggled his tongue around in his sister's wet little pussy for several minutes before he felt her dangerously close to orgasm. He at first thought of denying her but he knew one she came for him there was no going back for her. He continued to tongue fuck her quickly. Suddenly his tongue felt the thin sweet juices flowing over it as she came. She clawed at the bed as the tremors rippled through her. "OH JOSH" she cried out repeatedly as she reached climax. He could not believe how easy it was to bring her to that point.

He pulled his tongue from her sloppy wet hole and moved on top of her quickly. He pinned her against the bed with ease. Her delicate form looked so tiny trapped beneath her brother's muscular frame. He had always been athletic and very strong. He forced his tongue into her mouth when she gasped. She was startled by his actions. Now, trapped beneath him she could feel his rigid cock pressing hard against her. "Oh no what have I started " she thought. She tried to pull away, to push him off her but he would not budge.

He finally slide his tongue out of her mouth as he sat up. She immediately began to plead with him. "Come on Josh let me go. Please you don't want to do this. I'm your sister. Please..." He slapped her hard across the face once again. "You didn't have any problem with it when my tongue was in your cunt. Now you are going to take care of this hard on you caused. Either you do it without resisting or you will get hurt. Simple as that you fucking tease." He rolled off her and laid against the bed on his back next to her. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face close to the protrusion in his shorts. "Now get to it bitch, take my cock out and suck it."

She whimpered loudly as he pulled her hair. Her fingers moved quickly as she unfastened his shorts and pulled his cock free. It was rather large, much bigger than she expected. She wasn't sure what she was doing. Her fingers wrapped around it gently. She had never attempted this before with anyone and was clearly nervous. He tightened his grip on her hair and pulled it harder. "Come on what the fuck are you waiting for" he growled.

She looked up at him fearfully. He could tell she had no idea what to do. Her fear of it all, and of him, excited him even more, making it feel even more taboo. She whimpered as he yanked harder on her hair and he forced her head down. His cock slipped into her mouth roughly. He let out a loud moan as he felt the warm softness around him. He ordered her "Now SUCK". She did hesitantly. It felt incredible to have her lips gliding up and down as he controlled her movements. He forced it deep into her throat and could feel her gag around it. The soft wet sounds and feel of her swallowing hard to fight puking made him even more aroused. He began to pump into her throat harder as he forced her mouth all the way down again and again.

Finally she got reprieve. He pulled her mouth from his cock and looked into her eyes. They were red and puffy from crying. He felt no remorse though. Why should he? She was the one who invited him to feel her pussy. She did not resist when he began to finger and lick her. Now it was her turn, and if she was lucky he wouldn't take her ass.... this time. He pulled her on top of him and kissed her once again and he made her straddle him.

He could feel her soft pink pussy lips against his throbbing dick as she tried to pull away. Breaking the kiss, he jerked her head back and looked up at her. "Now I want you to take my cock and guide it inside. If you resist I will get rougher. If you don't I might be gentle" he stated coldly. His cock was aching now. He knew that he would have to fight to keep from cumming quickly.

She obeyed and her slender little fingers took hold of his cock and put the tip of it between her pussy lips as she lifted her hips. He smiled wickedly as he felt them part and the head edge inside slowly. He released her hair and quickly gripped her hips, his hands making sure to push hers away so she could not stop him as he pulled her down fast and hard. She yelped loudly as his thick cock ripped into her tender hole. With a single thrust he had taken her virginity. A slight trickle of blood stained his cock as he began to bounce her up and down on it. Her whimpers of pain slowly subsided as she became increasingly wet.

His eyes moved over her body, watching her face contorted in the slight pain as it turned into incredible pleasure, the fleshy mounds bouncing with the force of her hips colliding with his, her hips as they began to grind each time he pulled them forcefully down against him. She soon was moaning like a complete slut as he forced his cock into her. He could feel it stretching, conforming to fit his hot, throbbing muscle.

He loosened his grip on her and to his surprise she continued the pace. Hard fast thrusts into him as she impaled herself on his rigid rod. He reached up and massaged her tits with his strong hands. He began to pinch and tug on her nipples hard as she rode him hard. He could feel her muscles begin to spasm as wave after wave of pleasure came crashing through her. She had came four times when he finally had enough.

He pulled her off him and threw her down on the bed. She looked at him, startled and displeased that he had stopped before she could climax again. He grabbed her ankles and roughly pulled her to him as he moved between her legs. His cock plunged deep into her cunt once again as he began to fuck her brutally hard. She laid there writhing and moaning as he leaned forward, her knees against her breasts, his face above hers as she laid trapped. Liz tried to buck her hips, to force him deeper as she moaned. He suddenly stopped with his cock buried deep inside her. She could feel him pulsing.

"Beg for it bitch. Beg for me to cum in your fucking cunt sis. " He stared into her eyes, holding her still beneath him. She tried to squirm but he pushed down harder on her, leaving her helpless.

"Please Josh, don't stop, I want you to cum inside me. oh god please fuck me Josh, please". she sounded desperate. He liked that. He began to pump in and out of her tight wet hole slowly. She quickly tensed again as he picked up speed. Another orgasm ripped violently through her as she trembled beneath him. He couldn't hold back any longer as he began to fuck her with abandon. His cock bore deep into her as he got closer and closer to cumming.

He grunted loudly as each thrust hit home. Her tight wet pussy was milking his cock for all it was worth as he ERUPTED in her. His cum flooded into her womb, triggering another string of orgasms as she cried out "OH FUCK YES OH JOSH OH FUCK YES." Her hips lifted off the bed as he slammed in hard. He moaned and muttered for several minutes as he emptied his load deep inside her well fucked hole.

He released her legs and let them fall on either side of him. He collapsed on top of her as they both panted, trying to regain their strength. He leaned up and smirked at her. His voice turning cold once again as he snarled "Now you are my slut. If I find you fucking or sucking anyone else I will beat the living shit out of you Liz... Do you understand me?" She could only nod in disbelief. He pulled out of her with a wet plop and stood up. "Now go get yourself cleaned up and change my damn sheets. You made a mess." he replied as he walked toward the door and disappeared into the bathroom.

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