Protect & Serve Ch. 1

by TexasAngel28


Christopher stepped off the plane and shouldered his duffle bag. He walked down the ramp and onto the long runway, rifle on his back, his uniform, dusty but pressed. He heard the cheers and turned with his fellow team mates to see quite a few family members and friends gathered behind a taped off area waiting as patiently as possibly for their husbands/sons/brothers/friends to be released to them once more. Christopher smiled and turned to his best friend in the Corp, Gene.

"Looks like they came out in droves today, Gene." Gene nodded towards his commander and friend.

"Looks that way, Sir. What did you expect, though? We're heroes in their eyes." Christopher nodded. Gene was right it looked like.

Christopher and his Marine Expeditionary Unit had just returned from Kandahar where they had been successful in securing the airport there in the war against terrorism. Christopher loved the action, thrived on the danger and excitement, but he was glad to be home. His sister, Michelle, was picking him up this afternoon. They had not seen each other in several years, since the death of their parents just after Christopher had left for boot camp. For a long time, Michelle was cold towards him, indignant. She'd blamed his leaving for the death of their parents. But she'd been too young to understand. Now she was eighteen years old and in a matter of weeks, she'd be headed to Parris Island to follow in her brother's path.

Finally the crowds were released and they ran towards the tarmac to meet their loved ones. Christopher spotted Michelle first and dropped his bag as she ran at him. Had he not steeled himself, she'd have probably knocked him over in her enthusiasm. For a long time, they just stood there, Michelle latched on to him, crying this time in happiness to see him alive. Christopher held her tightly, stroking her hair lightly, reassuring her that he would be home for awhile this time. Holding her felt strange at first, but slowly it sank in that this, indeed, was not the little girl he'd last seen six years ago.


The ride home was quiet. Christopher looked at Michelle from time to time trying to adjust to the fact that she'd outgrown her little girl look. She'd gone from pigtails and braces into leather pants, crushed velvet shirts, shoulder length hair that was tri-colored (black, blond and red) and a body that could stop a Marine in the middle of a heated battle. Christopher was not in a battle, but gods above, he was floored at the reaction the sight of his sister stirred within him. As they got to the house, Michelle stepped from the Excursion and walked to the door. Christopher grabbed his bags and followed her inside. He hadn't gotten in the door good before she'd turned around to face him.

"I wasn't sure which room you'd want, so it's up to you to decide. I've been using the study as my room and I made the master bedroom into a work out area. I'll go ahead and fix dinner...if you'd like." The last part was spoken so quietly and with a hint of seduction, Christopher almost stopped breathing. Was she actually coming on to him? He saw the smile on her face as she turned and walked towards the kitchen, her every move enticing him. Christopher felt his cock begin to harden beneath his uniform and shook his head. She was playing with fire and the thing was, she knew it! Shaking his head, he walked upstairs and walked into the room that had once been his several years before. He changed into civilian clothes (blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt) and walked back downstairs and into the kitchen to find Michelle bent over looking for something under the sink. Smiling he walked up behind her and, as any brother has been known to do, grabbed her sides and tickled her. Michelle screamed, first in fright then in laughter before he released her.

"Damn you, Chris! I'm not 6 years old anymore!" But she continued to laugh before turning to look at him. "Wow! Real clothes. Bet it feels good to be back home."

"More so than you know, sis," he answered. He took the bowl from her hands and placed it on the counter behind her, trapping her between his well-toned body and the counter. Michelle inhaled, smelling the cologne he always wore and then sighed softly. That one sigh was enough for Christopher to feel himself go rock hard. He knew she'd noticed because her leg was right up against his now hard cock and she'd gasped quietly at the feel of it. He looked down at her slowly.

"And just you think you're doing, Michelle?" Michelle looked up at him, her eyes answering everything on their own. But she figured she'd play innocent a little while longer.

"Nothing. Just trying to remember if you were this tall and toned the last time you were here." She pushed away from him and walked over to the table, leaning up against it for a moment as if studying him. So, she wanted to play. That was fine with Christopher. After seven weeks on foreign soil being shot at and shooting those enemies around him, he could play better than she could. He needed the release anyway. He walked over to her, propped his hands on the table, trapping her once more. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, her hair so soft against his face.

"I've changed in a lot of ways, Michelle," he whispered against her ear. "Don't push me too far unless you're sure you want to deal with the consequences." In answer to his comment, Michelle leaned up and softly kissed the side of his neck. Christopher felt his control, or lack thereof, continue to slip another notch. Without warning, he grabbed both her arms and slammed her up against the wall. She gasped in surprise and looked up at him, but had no time to respond or react before he brought his mouth down on hers in such a searing kiss that she felt as if her mouth was on fire. His hands gripped her arms tightly, pinning her to the wall. He continued to kiss her as he raised both arms over her head, grabbing both wrists and holding them there. With his free hand, he felt his way down one arm, to her shoulder then down across her breasts, squeezing and massaging them in his hand, hearing her moan beneath his mouth. He broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes.

"Don't move." His voice was rough and his breathing broken but she knew better than to question. He let go of her wrists and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, pulling it up over her head and dropping it to the floor. AS he'd figured, she'd not been wearing a bra. That made him wonder...

Keeping his eyes on hers, he slid one hand down across her toned stomach to the waistband of her leather pants. She sucked in her breath and he slid his hand inside, searching, feeling the soft skin and then the soft silky hair just between her muscled legs. He growled under his breath and pulled his hand back just as he dropped his head and kissed her again, his tongue delving into the folds of her warm mouth. She dropped her hands on his shoulders and started pushing downwards. Christopher smiled to himself as he unzipped her leather pants and pushed them down of her hips to the floor. Michelle stepped out of them and he threw them aside. Christopher picked her up and set her on the edge of the table. He unzipped his own pants and pushed them down as he pushed her back onto the table, his hands roaming gently across her chest and up to her neck.

(To be continued...)

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