Promises, Promises

by The Wu-Tang Pen


Michael sat chewing his straw as he wondered about the mixture of longing and disgust he felt as he watched the group of girls on the other side of the canteen. It was a bright day and the shine from their finely cared-for hair and skin gave them a cinematic glow that made them all the more captivating. His twin sister, Brittany, was with seated amongst them, seemingly just another beautiful face in the crowd of beautiful girls. As he watched her interact, he noted that it was only for the chameleonic way that she blended into the crowd (an effect he had worked hard to master) that caused Mike to be ever so slightly awed as she subtly took control of the group and gradually focussed their attention on her. As she did so his plainly beautiful sister began to shine, as though feeding on the attention being lavished on her by everyone else and for just a moment Michael knew what other guys saw in his evil twin.

To her right sat her best friend, Suzanne Demico. Suzanne was black with smooth milk chocolate skin, big brown eyes and lustrous long black curls that fell from her head to a deliciously curvy body. Unlike his Aryan American-dream sister she stood out to Michael like a diamond in the dirt. Being one of only two ethnic minorities to make it to the beautiful crowd certainly helped, but Mikes longing gaze had been aimed her way ever since kindergarten. Now his eyes traced over every inch of her, pausing at the full bosom that threatened to burst from her top at any moment. Just then Suzanne laughed at something his sister had said and playfully smacked her arm. Although alarm bells from the bulge forming in his trousers began to sound in his head, Michael was utterly powerless to move his eyes from the jiggling, bouncing mounds that fought with Suzanne's flimsy little bra. His sister said something else and Suzanne punched her arm in mock outrage causing more laughter from the girls at the table.

Michael's attention wandered briefly back to his sister and he contemplated how someone so bitchy could be so popular. So she was slim and athletic. So she had long shiny golden hair that hung to her waist. Though lacking Suzanne's blatant "curvaciousness," Brittany's breasts and behind were perfectly proportioned, "in an average looking white girl sort of way" he thought to himself. She was a candidate for the (totally overrated) title Ultimate Cheerleader if ever there were one, with bright blues eyes and the cutest prettiest face you ever saw, but she was still a total bitch.

"It must be the hair," muttered Michael under his breath.

They were both 18, supposedly twins, but Michael had always wondered how any twins could be so different and how one could seemingly hate the other one so much. Michael himself was shorter than the average guy, making him a match in height for his sister. His hair was dirty blond and his blue eyes were not quite as bright and blue as his twins. He had a very slight build and his sister would often tease him about how he was meant to have been a girl twin instead of a "wimpy half-boy". It was a joke that had managed to make its way around the whole school and along with other jibes from his popular and powerful twin it had sealed his fate as a social outcast all through high school.

Michael was roused from his reverie by another burst of laughter from his sister's table. He looked over and saw them looking back, no doubt laughing at another of his sister's jokes about him. He could feel, to his relief that the dawning erection he'd felt before had withered prematurely. Thinking about his sister would do that to him. Quickly Mike finished his food and with his usual grim resignation to life at school he headed off to the library.


History, Michaels most hated subject. It was the class where he sat between heaven and hell. On his right across the isle sat Suzanne Demico, his walking wet dream. On his left sharing the same table sat his sister the sibling he tried to forget. "The devil always sits on your left shoulder," he thought as he remembered something their grandmother had said. Mr Knowles stood at the head of the class droning on steadily in his monotone voice and as one the class drifted off into a steady daydream. Mike's dream, as ever, was of Suzanne. He leant back with his hands behind his head and imagined unclasping the bra that restrained her bountiful breasts. He started to see himself wrapping his arms around her from behind, his cock resting between her ass cheeks as he pulled and stroked her nipples. He let his eyes close, and saw her moan as he entered her sweet tight chocolate pussy and slowly began to fuck her over the desk...

Something grabbed Michael's leg through his trousers and he jumped suddenly banging the desk. Some quiet sniggers emanated from around the room but Mr Knowles droned on oblivious. Suzanne was looking at him and he felt his cheeks start to redden. He looked around at his sister who watched him with a huge grin on her face. She made a fist on the desk with her perfectly manicured index finger extended but limp. Then she raised it slowly until it was pointing stiffly upwards. She could barely contain her joy. He knew his cock wasn't showing yet, he was very careful not to make that mistake, but he noticed that the bitch wasn't grinning at him. His head snapped around and he saw Suzanne looking back with a mixture of nervous shock and embarrassment on her face. She quickly looked down at her desk as his eyes met hers. Mike felt the blood rising in his own cheeks as well and he looked back to his sister and whispered coldly, 'I'll get you Brittany!'

'Promises, promises!' was all she replied.

The last class of the day was Gym and all the guys and girls filed into the massive sports hall and found an activity to practice. It was less of a class and more of meat market where the popular guys and popular girls could show off to each other while everyone else simply tried to stay out of their way. Michael wasn't a great sportsman and when on the basketball court, guys only ever passed to him as a last resort. Consequently he had plenty of time to spy on the girl's game. His sister and Suzanne were on opposing sides today, and Michael watched as the girls' chests bounced in their sports tops. When Mr Alder called change over halfway through the period the teams broke up and grouped themselves around the hall in order of social status for the few minutes of rest they were allowed. Michael sat by himself on the benches opposite the locker rooms. The cool kids were stood around the locker room entrance, guys flexing muscles and teasing their adoring fan club of hot cheerleader girls. Michael's eyes wandered over them. He despised the muscular athletic guys who stood around flexing and preening. He knew his distaste was more to do with jealousy than any resentment of their teasing; after all, if he looked like them or had the power they had he'd probably abuse it too. At one point he caught his sister's eye, but she turned back to the group without acknowledging him. He let his eyes wander over his one true love again. Though built like the proverbial "brick house," Suzanne had toned legs that seemed to go on forever and Michael could not take his eyes off them.

He vaguely noted his sister tip-toeing up to the ear of Tyrone Jenkins, the biggest blackest boy in school. 6'4" of pure muscle wrapped in dark ebony skin and as luck would have it, he was Suzanne Demico's boyfriend. Michael had never spoken to him, but his reputation was well known. At just eighteen, Tyrone was said to have three children by three different women, the most recent of which had been Mrs Angela Meerson, the newly hired, newly wed and soon to be newly divorced English lit teacher. The other rumour that went around about Tyrone was that he had a 10.5-inch cock that all the girls he met fell in love with. Michael always felt sick to his stomach when he saw Tyrone and Suzanne together.

'Hey Mike!'

There was a blur of orange as Michael's head turned and registered the basketball travelling at mach 2 towards him. Then it went dark.

Michael's head floated atop the soft pillows of Suzanne's chest. He smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around her. For some reason her body seemed harder than in his dreams. Then he noticed the faint sounds of laughter and conversation. He opened his eyes to find that he was laying flat on the floor. Tyrone was squatting over him saying something about a 'bitch-boy' like him looking at his woman. Michael's head hurt too much to fully register the words. Through the ringing that had been awoken in his head one sound managed to pierce his skull with crystal clarity. He didn't need to look up to see his sister covering her mouth and convulsing in fits of laughter. He knew it was her who had pointed Tyrone at him and fired him off like a guided missile. He could've lived with that day just fine up until that point, after all it was no more than he usually expected from a day at High school. Then as his head rolled to the other side to evade the spittle from Tyrone's verbal assault, he saw Suzanne turning away with the same embarrassed blush she'd had in history class. Slowly he picked himself up off the floor and moved to the bench where he would be out of the way.

The day was over. On the whole it'd been no better or worse than any other day at high school, except for the last two periods. He didn't feel like going to the photography club after seeing that expression on Suzanne's face twice in one day. At least there wasn't much longer before he would graduate and he could pick a college far, far away from his evil twin. Michael strolled dejectedly down the suburban street. He only lived a few blocks from school and he enjoyed the peace of his solitary walk home. When the voice called out to him he froze on the spot. He knew whose voice it was but had lost hope of ever hearing it call out his name. He turned his head and saw Suzanne Demico bouncing up the path towards him. For a brief instant Mike's thoughts flashed a string of romantic fantasies, before settling on the most likely idea that Suzanne just wanted to apologise for Tyrone's high-speed hook shot earlier. He rubbed the bruise on his right cheekbone as the girl of his dreams stepped up in front of him.

'Mike,' she said, 'we need to talk.'

'Ok' replied Michael hesitantly. Her tone was a little stern for an apology, and Michael could not think of what he may have done to upset her.

'I was talking to your sister just before History class today Michael. She told me how you think you're madly in love with me or something; how you have all these twisted fantasies of us together and how you're always daydreaming about me in History classes and jacking off thinking about us together when you're home.'

Rule number one: when backed into a corner, deny everything!

'Suzanne I...'

'She showed me a page from your diary Michael!'

His whole body went cold. Right there on June 6th at 1519 hours, Michael Ashton died.

The rest of the conversation was just a monotonous blur; the words sounded more like nails being hammered into his coffin. She told him the thought of him made her sick. That she could never be with someone like him. She told him if he thought of her as anything more than some sex object then he wouldn't look at her again while they were in school. Then she left.

Michael lay in his room in an emotionless daze. Despite his pubescent fantasising, Michael knew that he had really loved Suzanne, ever since he met her in kindergarten when they had become best friends, and even after his sister stole her away from him in the 4th grade there had always been a genuine undying love. A love that gave him hope, silly and romantic though it may have been, it was hope none the less.

His thoughts moved again to Brittany. The Bitch! He wondered what he had ever done to her that she had to torment him so. When they were little she had been the shy quiet one of the two. When did she become the evil hateful little bitch that had turned his whole world against him, and why did he keep letting her get away with it? The History class incident came back to him unbidden. The little whore had shown him up in front of the one person in high school he cared about and all she had to say about his threat of retaliation was, 'Promises, promises'.

They were the only two words she'd spoken to him that day.

Mike looked at the clock. It was 4:15 pm and there was no sign of his sister. A small smile curled the corner of his lips and steadily the numbness by which he'd been consumed was twisting its self into driving purpose. Michael picked up the digital camera he'd been given for his birthday and hurried out of his house.

It had been around two months ago when he had been taking a walk in the forest half a mile from their home and stumbled upon his sister and her 'friends'. At the time there had only been her and two guys, but she had drunkenly bragged to him once of doing as many as five guys at a time. Some were guys he knew from school, some were college guys and friends of friends. The core group, however, were all people who Brittany had dirt on, enough dirt for them to make sure that word never ever got out about her sordid little pastime. Until today she'd had his fantasies of Suzanne as well as plausible deniability to keep him in check. After all who would take his word over the popular pretty cheerleader's? But more than that he realised he'd always been afraid of going against his sister. With nothing to lose and a fool proof plan all the fear had finally gone.

The clearing was bordered by a fallen oak tree on one side and a random arrangement of bushes and logs making a rough square shape. There were three guys with her today. He recognised Adam and Mark, two white guys from the popular crowd in the previous senior year. They had graduated and gone to the local college, but evidently they still kept in touch with some of their former schoolmates. The third figure was unmistakable and seeing Tyrone Jenkins's huge hulking form caused Michaels eyebrow to rise and his humourless smile began to reappear. There were empty beer cans strewn all around and it seemed as though the main event had only just begun. In the centre of the clearing the bitch was already on all fours with a thick white dick in her mouth. The muscular jock knelt in front of her and worked his hips steadily back and forth while the taller more slender Mark tugged his already swollen cock from his jeans. Michael began taking pictures.

Brittany was already topless and her skirt was up around her waist. Her firm full c-cups trembled beneath her the small pink nipples already hard with arousal and Michael found his head shaking in disgust. He was transported back to the first time he'd seen her here, when the two guys had been jacking off onto her face and tits to a soundtrack of filthy come-ons emanating from Brittany's mouth.

Michael focussed himself back in the present and guided his lens over his sluty sibling's body as she crawled around the dirt for her customers. He zoomed in on the innocent white cotton panties that covered her pussy and ass. Her mound was visibly swollen and the soft fabric that stretched tight against her flesh outlined her pussy in exquisite detail. A large dark patch on her panties signalled just how horny all the attention had made his sister. Without a word Tyrone moved along side her and his long black fingers started rubbing her through the wet spot . Brittany moaned and started working her ass back onto his hand as her head nodded in agreement with the oral fucking she received from Adam.

Mike watched transfixed as Tyrone slowly peeled his twin's underwear from her firm rounded ass. When they were rolled just a few inches down from her soaked blond pussy he stopped and admired his prize. Flawless pale skin flushed a gentle pink, with not an ounce of fat on display. Her puckered anus twitched invitingly and her soft glistening cunt pouted hungrily, silently promising to devour anything it was offered. Tyrone pressed a single long dark digit up through the wet cotton that was stretched between her thighs and rubbed the sodden fabric against her clit. Brittany dropped the cock from her lips and moaned long and loud. Her spine curled and flexed as she tried to grind herself on the panty-clad digit that had electrified her so.

Mark knelt down in front of the gyrating blond while slowly masturbating the slim cock that poked from his shorts. Brittany saw him and dived on him swallowing his length whole. She wrapped one hand around his waist as she bounced her lips up and down the full length of his meat. Adam's swollen member began poking and prodding Brittany's bulging cheek like a pet seeking attention from its owner. Without missing a beat Brittany's lips slipped off one cock on the backstroke and straight down onto the other, devouring the dick like ice cream to a starving child. A stream of obscene noises came from the clearing and Michael wished that he could record sound along with those pictures so everyone would hear as well as see how much of a slut she was. He continued to creep around the bushes, trying to get as much detail into each shot as he could. It wasn't long before he was watching his bitch sister getting fucked in her mouth and her pussy by the two white studs while Tyrone slowly stroked the massive bulge in his shorts.

Her appetite for cock was amazing. The two horny college studs were using his sister like some cheap whore and there could be no doubt, she loved every second. When Mark would slip from her mouth she would strain her neck to swallow him up again. When Adam's cock slowed it's pounding, Brittany would slam her body back on his thick prick like she was scared of what would happen if he stopped. Their hard paced fucking went on for an age before Adam finally pulled out and with a loud cry covered the milky buns of Brittany's ass in hot creamy spunk. Brittany let Mark's dick slip from her mouth and held onto him for dear life as Adam let rip with his seed. For a moment there were no sounds but the panting of the group. Brittany writhed and ground her ass against the air, until suddenly Tyrone got down on his knees and began licking the cum from Michael's sister's ass. As he did so Brittany began to orgasm loudly and Mark began pounding his dick with his fist. By the time his sister started to quiet Mark was shooting wad after creamy wad of hot cum on her face and chest. Brittany knelt for a minute basking in the warm afterglow of her cum shower and the noisy ministrations of Tyrone's probing tongue. Then as if Mark had never been there she turned and fell upon Tyrone, pulling his huge manhood from his shorts and stuffing it in her mouth.

As Adam and Mark began making their way out of the clearing Tyrone and Brittany ignored their goodbye's and fell straight into a deep and sloppy 69. Michael continued to take pictures. His dick was tenting his pants; this was going better than he could have dreamed. He made sure to zoom in when Tyrone's giant dick finally split the bitch's overworked pussy wide open; the huge black shaft stretched his whore of a sister more than he'd imagined possible. The big black stud was squatting over Brittany and pounding his manhood down into her cunt, her legs were over his shoulders and his huge hands held onto her tits like they were safety bars on a roller coaster. His sister was growling now, her body's only movements were the shockwaves sent through her when his hips made impact.

The two of them fucked like the wildest of animals pounding and slamming and grinding against one another with a ferocity Mike had never seen before. There were no words spoken between them but for the grunts and cry's of their exertion, and their scrambling position changes were like brief battles for dominance that though hard fought her stud would always win.

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