Prom Night Incest

by CorsetCutie69


My girlfriend asked me to take her to her senior prom. I had graduated 2 years earlier and at 19 wasn't really looking forward to attending another prom as my didn't turn out like I had planned. I hope that Jenni would finally be mature enough to go all the way. Much to my dismay, she still wasn't putting out. I took her to dinner at a fancy restaurant, took her to the dance. I spent a small fortune on the night. Dinner was outrageously expensive, the limo wasn't cheap. Not to mention the tux and the hotel room. Jenni said that she still wasn't ready to go all the way so I just took her home and had the limo drop me at my house.

When I walked into the door I saw my mother talking to my cousins' wife, Cindy. I had a crush on Cindy as she was 32 and hot as hell. The rumor among the males in my family is that she was that a kinky slut at that. I said hello and they commented on how early I was home. I told them how Jenni still wasn't ready and that I was getting sick of waiting. I pulled off my tux jacket and removed the cumber-bun. Cindy made a comment about me stripping and I told her that I would if she would. She smiled and I went to my room to grab a change of clothes.

I figured that since I had already paid for the room that I might as well sleep there that night. I grabbed an over-night bag and headed for my car. Cindy stopped me and asked me where I was off to so soon. I told her about the hotel room and she said that it was a shame to waste it. I told her that I may be sleeping alone but I would be sleeping there. She asked me what hotel and room number. I laughed and asked if she was going to join me. She laughed and said "you never know, I might." I told her the Grand Plaza – Room 522. She smiled and said: "see you in your dreams." I jumped into my Z28 and was on my way to the hotel.

I was in my room for less than 10 minutes when I received a call from the front desk. They were announcing that I had a visitor. I asked the name of the visitor and he responded, "The woman in your dreams." It took a fraction of a second to realize who it was. I asked him to let her up as I was expecting her. I grabbed my jacket and put it back on along with the cumber-bun. I we were going to be stripping for each other I wanted to have an advantage. I waited by the door for Cindy to arrive. When she knocked I opened the door and she walked in with a bag in her hands.

I was nervous as hell at the thought of actually making it with Cindy. She grabbed my hand and said, "relax and enjoy tonight- I will!." I swallowed hard as she lead me to the bed and told me to wait there as she got ready. She went to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later. She said that it was time for our strip tease. I pulled off my jacket and she removed her belt. I removed my cumber-bun and she removed her necklace. I removed my vest and she removed her blouse. I was instantly hard. I kicked off my shoes followed by my socks with my slacks soon following. I stood there in my boxers as she removed her skirt. She stood there in the hottest black & red teddy. This outfit showed off her best ass-ests in every way. She laid on the bed and called me to her.

We kissed for awhile as she stroked me through my boxers. I pulled down one strap on her teddy and freed one of her breasts. I quickly sucked the nipple into my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth. She moaned as I was soon sucking the other. She told me to be careful as I was trying to tear off her teddy. She said that she just bought it and might want to wear it for me again. I slowed down and tried to be patient but it was very difficult. She started pushing my head down from her breasts to her stomach and below. I slowly & carefully unsnapped the crotch of the teddy. I gazed at her freshly shaven pussy. The lips were just slightly parted and moist from her arousal.

I slowly started licking the folds of her slit from the bottom to the top. It tasted even sweeter than she smelled. I was soon licking every inch of her crotch and sucking her lips into my mouth. She was moaning and thrashing about. She begged me to suck her clit. I looked up and saw that her clit was now poking out of her hood. It was over a half inch long and very hard. I sucked it into my mouth and sent her over the top. She thrashed about through a soaking orgasm. When she finally calmed down – she pushed me down and ripped off my boxers. Before I had time to react, she had my cock in her mouth. I blew my load down her throat in a matter of a few seconds.

We laid together for a few minutes before I was eating her again. We were now in 69 and going at it. When she had me hard again, she swung around and slowly sat down on my hard-on. I was in heaven as she slowly sank until her ass was touching my balls. She was soon riding my cock like she was a champion rodeo rider. She rode me until I shot my load into her snatch. She got up and squatted over my face and made me clean her up as she sucked me clean. We did it all night and into the morning.

We jumped into the shower and washed each other. When we had to dress for check-out, Cindy had me wear her teddy home to remember the night. In the elevator ride down, Cindy dropped to her knees for one last blowjob before we parted.

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