Prom Night

by DaveCee


Throughout my senior year I had been keeping a close watch on this senior girl... whom by the way was my sister. Sasha had short curly brown hair, maybe 24 C's, a nice round butt and the nicest tummy. I admit, I was surprised to realize that I, like other guys, check out my sister. I couldn't help myself. She's so hot. Sometimes at night I jerk off to one of her pictures in a bathing suit.

Prom was coming up and still I hadn't found a date. I had over heard Sasha saying that she still hadn't had a date. So I asked. She was reluctant at first, so I influenced her to coming with me 'cause I had heard the guys who did want to go with her just wanted sex. I admit I wanted it too, but Sasha is a good girl. I don't think she'd like any guys touching her. Hearing so made her say yes and she smiled and jumped.

Come prom night I had known that I was going to have the time of my life. Being that I was going to my last dance as a senior with a gorgeous girl that every guy in the senior class would have loved to sleep with.

We got to the dance and Sasha looked extravagant in her prom dress. It was so beautiful. It was silver with a long slit on the side which uncovered her sexy stems which made you wanna bite into them.

Throughout the dance I had managed to feel up on Sasha "accidentally". I'd run my hands up her waist and "accidentally" brush against her supple breast. I would grab her by the tummy and run my hands down just above her mound onto the pubic area and she didn't seem to mind. Doing all this I had managed to get aroused and excited. And the fact that Sasha would continually rub her ass into my groin made it worst. Fortunately, I'm not a "big" person. I have a baby dick that hides away when it's limp but when it wants to play it gets aroused. Totally erect it was about 5 inches long.

The dance ended and it was time to go to the after parties. Sasha had told me that she really wasn't interested in going to the after parties and she just wanted to go to the point and look at the stars. So we drove off to the point and we just sat in the car talking.

"So what are we gonna do up here?" I asked

"I dunno, but I wanna get this dress off, it's really bugging me....unzip me?" she replied

I unzipped her back and come to my surprise she wasn't wearing a bra. My cock started up when I saw that she wasn't.

"That's a little better." she said

She then continued to take off her dress exposing her breast to me.

"Sasha?" I commented

"What, haven't you seen a naked girl before. Oh come on I know you're eyes aren't virgins but I know you are and so am I." she said.

"Are you trying to hint anything?" I asked

"It is prom night?!?!" she replied

With that comment, I quickly leaned over to kiss her. A small kiss on the lips, no tongue. She looked at me and she just smiled, topless there in the passenger seat. She grabbed my hand and she placed it on her tit and insisted that I fondle her for a while, while she got ready. I continued to rub her tit which felt like a nice soft water balloon. My cock was now fully erect and she had wondered if I was.

"Are you hard yet?" she asked

"Come and check." I replied

She took her hand and unzipped, unbuttoned and pulled off my pants, exposing my erection through my underwear. She had seen the pre-cum soaking the spot over where my mushroom tip was. And she gave it a little taste.

She then pulled off her entire dress and she was there sitting in the passenger only in her white thong.

I took my hand and I reached over to her head and I gave her a long loving kiss with tongue this time and she acknowledged it with a soft sigh and moan.

She then took her hand and she reached into my boxers stroking me a little just to make the moment even better.

We both paused for a moment to take it all off and we got in the bed of my truck. It wasn't a cold night at all, it was perfect weather to be nude.

She then took control of the entire session and told me to lay down and relax. So I did. I laid there relaxed enjoying the look of her young naked body.

"How do I taste?" she asked.

With that question, she sat on my face letting me taste her virgin pussy complete with her juices and hard clit. I ate her out like she was the main coarse in a three course dinner. All she could do was moan and grind her love hole deeper into my face. I assumed she loved it. So I continued on eating her pussy. She tasted so great.

In about 4 minutes of eating her out, she shiverred like she got a chill and she screamed, "IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGG... MMMMMMMMMM!! "

With that encouragement, I took my tongue and I nibbled on her clit and shook my head vigorously and she came into my mouth. Her juices were so sweet like honey. She told me to keep going so I did.

I ate her out consecutively after orgasm after orgasm for about an hour and my face was soaking wet with her juice. I guess virgins love getting eaten out.

Throughout the whole time I was eating her out my cock was throbbing for attention and she said, "Your turn." and she looked at me devilishly with her hazel eyes.

She kissed me and licked my face to taste her own juices. She went lower and lower onto my neck and then onto my stomach and then she stopped at my cock. She took my 5 inch cock and she swallowed that thing like it was a popsicle. She gagged a little because it was her first blow job, but it was ok. She stroked me a little and sucked at my cock and I couldn't handle it so I blew my load into her throat. At my own surprise, she swallowed almost every drop. She left a few and snowballed me. Granted, I never dreamed of drinking my own cum, but coming from a girl that just sucked me off, my cum tasted good.

We laid there for a moment and she took hold of my tool and got it hard again by stroking it to full erection. She kissed me and she sat up on top of me guiding my cock into her pussy. She was so tight I thought that my cock would bend because it wouldn't penetrate for a while, but she got it in there and she let out a loud moan as if she was in tremendous pain and liked it.

I had just lost my virginity as soon as my baby cock entered her pussy and she lost it maybe on my second thrust in when her hymen broke. I broke her virgin wall and it felt pretty fucking good. The inner walls of a virgin are like velvet. Being so tight, I came instantly into her pussy. she wasn't worried about getting pregnant because our mom had put her on the pill, so I didn't have to worry about a condom or pulling out.

After losing our virginity, we decided to go to our house since our parents were out. So off to our house we went...And you could imagine what went on there. ; )

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