Professor Aalto, His View

by FurLove


She likes to see me pick cherries.

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I'm Alton Aalto, professor of advanced mathematics at the university. I had the misfortune of knocking up my high school girlfriend, Marge, then marrying her. The one part of that I don't regret for a moment is the daughter we spawned, Anna. She's wonderful in every way and has been a constant joy in my life despite the difficulties with Marge.

It was difficult getting through college, getting my advanced degrees and PhD but not impossible. She never worked and I even managed to indulge my wife in things beyond our means in an attempt to satisfy her. One of the extravagances I had lavished on Marge were a few furs I got her. My father always gave my mother furs and I felt it was expected of me to do the same. I grew up understanding that is a birthright for any woman you respect and love. The sexual fantasy part of that was my desire to have sex with Marge in her furs. She spurned my every effort.

Despite my constant sexual attention to her, I knew Marge was screwing around on me. Being the campus cockle is embarrassing enough if I weren't in such constant attention to her sexual cravings. As events unfolded she wasn't missed very long. More like the relief after beating your head against the wall for a long time. Anna didn't seem to miss her at all. Even the sense she expected it to happen. She has always been daddy's little girl anyway. Anna was easy to please and never a problem for me or for Marge in any realistic way.

Marge lost it and left over Anna going into puberty. She never did connect in a meaningful way with Anna. I think it was more a convenient excuse and not a very good one at that. She left me with full custody of Anna and vanished from our lives with some guy.

Anna is not only very smart with her studies but in ways of knowing people. She never disappoints. She was a beautiful baby and grew to be a stunning woman in ways surpassing her beautiful mother.

After Marge left and I took on full parenting of Anna I realized even more what a remarkable, smart and industrious little girl she was. I never once asked her to do household chores. She just took on adult chores even at eight and turned them into opportunities. She grew and developed rapidly.

It wasn't long after Marge left that three things happened, changing the course of my life in ways I couldn't have comprehended at the time.

The first were the student girls I taught, flirting with me and putting the make on me almost constantly from the time I first started teaching. I had never cheated on Marge as she did on me. This is a professional hazard that more than one professor succumbs to.

I was starting to become big time horny from not having constant sex with Marge to no sex for several months. My situation became acute and I finally scummed to a cute Auburn haired beauty that kind of reminded me of a young Marge. I was a pushover. She was a nubile 18 year old virgin on top of that and desperately wanted me to take it for her. Any guys ultimate fantasy. We went to a motel in an effort to be discrete and we screwed like there was no tomorrow. I was hooked on an addiction that wouldn't go away and I didn't want it to. I never had to search for or seduce a student. They are constantly coming on to me.

My sexual relations with my students became very regular. I always had more than one I was having sex with. I always went to different motels and kept it discrete from the school and my daughter. I had developed an obsession by then over having a virgin to deflower. It became a thrill akin to my first time with Marge, an experience that helped me with the pain and loss of Marge initially but it too soon became an addiction. My students were all to eager to help me along.

I always made sure they were 18, protected and were very willing. I was surprised in this age of supposed promiscuity how many were 19 and 20. I could have openly dated several if they had been smarter. I swore after Marge I'd never be with another woman long term that wasn't smart. Living with Anna, as young as she is, was teaching me the value of smart women.

A few of my fellow professors seem to specialize in bimbos, including their wives. At least I never cheated on Marge. That must be humiliating for their wives as it was for me. They have to know the way these guys flaunt their conquests, all very professorially mind you.

The second event was my getting a very lucrative consulting job with a Fortune 500 company. Seems that what I do for fun and compulsively mathematically they pay me several times my teaching salary for. This is long term, part time and permanent. It transformed our lives from doing pretty well to just about anything we wanted.

That lead to the third thing. Getting furs for my "respected" young woman and myself. Indulging myself in furs was a new concept for me so I got us both the nicest fur spreads I could find. I also got Anna a few very fine real fur parkas and jackets. She was so incredibly cute and ... well .. sexy wearing them. I was compelled to get a few more for her as time went on. She would have no problems attracting boys for sure I thought.

As Anna advanced through school I always rewarded her for her major achievements with fur. After skipping the fifth grade I gave her a very fine dark mahogany mink parka that matched her hair. She not only went wild over getting it but she was incredible wearing it. This was the first time I had conscious lustful thoughts over my daughter and I mentally scrambled to suppress them. I was only marginally successful and I compulsively gave her more furs that just fed the vicious cycle of reward, lust and suppression. The lust never fully went away.

Since getting the fur spreads and watching Anna wear her furs I became more and more enamored with its softness and luxury. It wasn't long at all before I began to regularly masturbate at night. Images of Anna began to involuntarily occupy my mind when I touch the fur to me. They were somehow linked. I struggled with putting her from my mind when I masturbated.

Despite screwing young girls frequently, touching myself with the fur reminded my mind of how truly horny and starved for meaningful intimate affection I really was. It was then that Anna's image would appear and none other. This became a major struggle for me.

As Anna grew it was like she sensed this in me and regularly wore furs around me as if she sensed this. Not in a blatant or vulgar manner but in a coy and innocent way. This was worse and was like throwing gas on a fire. I could take a girls virginity with wild sex late in the afternoon and by that evening be furiously masturbating before going to sleep with an empty heart and visions of Anna.


By the time Anna was 14 and had just skipped another grade she reminded me of myself more and more. I was compelled to give her carte blanch with buying furs. I just paid the bill. She had certainly earned them. As her body grew and filled out she was so lovely wearing the furs. I wanted to see her at her finest. It fed and fueled my fantasies despite my best efforts to put them aside.

She took this liberty with my credit card and quickly turned it into a nearly profitable business buying and selling furs on line. I set her up with the legal stuff to do business. Soon the house was full of furs and we were both in heaven.

My young virgin whores certainly benefited from these frustrations with my passions that boiled over. I discovered from a few "confessions" that I had been secretly recommended for loosing their virginity by a fellow student. They all swore to secrecy but still .. were the fantasies for Anna that controlling of my life?

By that time Anna was running and controlling the rest of our life together with the house and everything else. I was so busy teaching, doing my consulting work and screwing young virgins I hardly had any time to do anything around the house except the basics.

I still made time to be with Anna ... cooking, having our meals together and listening to her tell me about her day. She was always dressed in the finest furs and though at times they seemed totally inappropriate still I was so glad she wore them. It was like she did it just for me? As a play or dress up thing of her own? I knew she was wearing fur on campus and around town. I would sometimes see her at a distance and it was like seeing a beautiful strange woman. With a reflex jolt I would realized it was her.

The thing that most concerned and mystified me was the lack of boys in her life or around the house. Most fathers would be happy about this and in a way so was I but I knew it was not normal. Quizzing her she said she hadn't met one worth dating let alone having one meet me. OK, so I have a very smart daughter but there are those raging hormones I experience screwing those young girls that I know must be cranking her up? She doesn't seem to have girlfriends either though she speaks of a few she sees on campus. We live and sleep in the same house .. I'm a mathematician who can unravel some of the knottiest problems of mankind yet I don't have a clue of what's going through my own daughter's mind?

When she graduated from high school and again when she started college, on the same campus, I allowed her essentially an unlimited clothing and fur allowance along with the on line fur business. There was never any discussion of her going elsewhere to college. If she had wanted to she certainly would have let me know. What I saved on her tuition being on staff, was more than made up by here bills. I am very happy since I get to see her on campus more frequently and am treated to a major fur fashion show every evening. She is so beautiful and sexy I'm loosing interest in my students sex demands.

Anna has become so much more beautiful than her mother or anyone else around me that I'm becoming obsessed over her. Every night I have fantasies of us making love in the furs with my masturbations. I could take furs and have sex with my virgins in fur but it wouldn't be the same or as exciting I know. Besides if only as a fantasy, it is a thing between Anna and me. She's taking over my body and stealing my girls, becoming my girl in my mind ... in furs.

The struggle over letting Anna remain a fantasy was something I had committed to from the first desires and it remains so. I have heard it is quite natural for fathers to have these fantasies for their daughters. I wonder if others have as strong an obsession or as pervasive and controlling of their lives? I hear stories of guys that just screw or rape their daughters on the spur of the moment. They must have no idea what is in their own minds or any self control? Any understanding of their daughters integrity or desires?

Start of the school year, Anna's junior year in college and she's turning 18. I'm very proud of how well she has done.

I've done so well with the corporation that they are pressuring me to go full time with them. I convinced them that the current situation is best since I not only enjoy teaching but it restocks my skills so essential to them.

I of course didn't mention my other extracurricular activities I enjoy so much. This is my only sexual release and except for my fantasies over my daughter is very enjoyable and sexually satisfying. Much better than it ever was with Marge except for the very first time.


Our daily lives continued much as before with only the increased opulence of the furs she wears which would seem impossible. She began to wear skimpier clothes and fewer of them under the furs. Growing up she had always worn classical attire like modest skirts and T neck sweaters. She's not much different than the skimpy attire of many other girls now .. except for the furs. It's like a ratcheting up of my fantasies over her as if she's provoking them. It's getting unbearable but addictive. I rush home with the expectation of my vision fix of her in fur and masturbate furiously at night over her beautiful display.

I've worked very hard at ignoring her incredible breasts and nipples which she wantonly flaunts in her soft sweaters without a bra. I don't think she owns one. I've never seen her wear one. She has been wearing several fur vests with the fur side to her lately with nothing under them. That must feel fantastic and she lets them slip open, showing her breasts and big nipples. They look hard as rocks. She couldn't be? Could she?

An evening recently she gave me a scheduled fur fashion show to show me some of the new furs she had gotten. I had, unwisely, asked to see some of them, expecting her to bring them out and lay them out on the sofa or chairs. There were many furs laid about but she wrapped them around her nearly nude body and flaunted them and her body as she seductively moved and twirled the furs for my viewing pleasure like a fashion model. She sat in the furs wrapped in fur. Her breasts and nipples in the thinest and most exposing sweater yet, almost fully displayed wrapped in her furs. I was ready to throw her down and fuck her beautiful brains out. I masturbated in my fur spread like never before that night.

Yesterday afternoon I took Tina, my current favorite, to a motel and screwed her like there was no tomorrow fantasizing her to be Anna. It probably wasn't fair but Tina was beside herself with orgasms as I screwed her long and furiously. Tina is so much better and sensual than when we started. Much better than the others, like she's been taking lessons. She was so thankful, saying I had really ruined it for her and other guys. Such burdens I must bear.

Yesterday evening all I could think of was Anna. I went about our normal routines thinking how badly I wanted to make love to her for real. I'm loosing control of my fantasies and self control. I won't dare broach the idea nor still do anything about it however. Maybe I should have suggested an out of country college!!

I decided to talk to her about flaunting herself to me. Good idea? Bad idea? I didn't know but I had to do something. I simply didn't know what was going on in her beautiful and smart head.

This afternoon after classes I did a quick and very energetic workout at the gym to burn off some of my sexual frustrations. I almost took Tina to the motel again but realized the active acting out of my fantasies with her was making it worse.

I came home and straight to the shower for a long hot and cold shower to purge my mind for my talk with Anna.

I went into my bedroom still drying off with my face in the towel. I suddenly sensed someone in the room and lowered the towel to see the object of my wildest fantasies nude in furs and on my bed, surrounded by magnificent furs with her thighs spread for me to see all there was to see. She was like a Greek fur goddess drenched in the warm afternoon sunlight on a clear and snow covered day. I was instantly rock hard and nearly speechless.

"Wha .. Anna! My god what are you trying to .. oh my sweet daughter!" was all I could stammer out and I discovered my daughter is in control.

"Don't stand there like an idiot daddy! The mathematical probability of you fucking me now has risen to 200%." ... staring straight at my huge boner with a big smile on her gorgeous face.

"We can't do this honey! It's not right. It's unnatural. I just can't." as my desires push me to her.

"You know you want me daddy and I'm so much more beautiful than any of your student whores." This hits me like a baseball bat.

"You know?" Oh my god how? She must be really mad at me!

"Of course. Just like I knew about mom's indiscretions." How incredible and perceptive of her. Well beyond my knowledge as I stumble into her trap I so eagerly want to be caught in. She has us wrapped in furs I have not seen and her bare flesh presses to mine. I'm about to shoot my wad with the thrill and I'm always so in control. My daughter has succeeded in seducing ME!!!

"Oh my god Anna." She's stroking my cock and body with furs, smiling at me like the cat that ate the canary yet sweet and seductively. She's been doing that for quite awhile .. getting me softened up? Oh my cock is about to explode and my sweet daughters lips are around my swollen cock head .. oh my god ... have I died and gone to heaven? The one thing the student virgins don't know how to do yet ... my sweet daughter is taking my cum like a pro.

"You've wanted my virgin pussy for a long time haven't you daddy? So close ... sensual ... enticing ... yet forbidden!"

OH shit she's fondling my balls with the softest fur imaginable!! "AAAHHH" she got me again!! Her soft lips on my cock is incredible. No wonder I have such lust for her.

"You did all this to get me to take your virginity?"

"Yes daddy." As she wraps her furs and arms around me again and kisses me with my cum still in her mouth. Oh shit she's so sexy and seductive I can't contain myself as we kiss with the wildest and most passionate kiss of my life. I'll never let her go.

"I knew you wanted to screw me in the furs daddy. Didn't you ever do mom in the furs?" I can't answer for long moments as I stroke her marvelous body with furs, hugging her to me flesh to flesh. What an incredible woman.

"No sweetie .. your mom just liked my big cock." What a revelation. I've trained and provided for my daughter to plan this scenario.

"Let me change that for you ... for us daddy." she whispers softly in my ear. She has it planned out and I'm under her control and don't have a clue of what to do next? What a sexual rush as daughter seduces her daddy!!

"Let's take it slow daddy" as she spreads her legs apart to me.

"Spread your legs over mine daddy" and I comply. I'm the one that usually does this and controls it! She takes my cock and scoots up closer to me. I'm looking down at us as she takes my cock and strokes her soft muff and swollen labia lips with it. My cum trail glistens in her dark auburn muff hair. It's so beautiful I could cry. It's her first time and she's teaching me.

"Oh my how beautiful and wonderful!!" she mutters as I'm think it and ooze more precum. I'm shaking with excitement as she continues to stroke herself with my cock. She knows what she wants and I'll take anything she does with or to me. She sure has me moaning with pleasure.

I can feel her pushing my cock to her clitoris and she shudders .. "Oh my god ... daaddddy!!" as she screams in a big orgasm. "It's so incredible" and she presses it harder to her clitoris and orgasm again. I'm beside myself with excitement and getting close to cuming myself.

"Let's slow down a bit daddy." as she slips back a bit I tease her .. "You suddenly don't want to do it?"

"Oh yes indeed. I'm so excited .. it's like fifty worth of excitement." as she strokes my body with furs. I fondle her tits with Chinchilla and tweak her wonderful nipples like I've wanted to do for so long. She shivers in response. Her magic buttons!

It's not just her but all the new furs she's gotten I've not seen and we are making soft and passionate love in them! My wildest fantasies come true. It IS like fifty Christmases!

She suddenly grabs the fur cape she wrapped around me and pulls me into her. I fall forward and thrust my cock fully between her soft swollen labia lips and deep into her very tight and soft womb. The feelings and sensations are overwhelming in a way I have never experienced. The emotional rush is staggering. Taking your daughters virginity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience unless you have more than one. The only possible situation that could be better than this.


End of part 1

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