Daddies little girl


Stephanie was positively “glowing”. It was her 16th birthday, and her father had thrown her a wonderful party. He had always given his little girl whatever she wanted, and her birthdays were always extra special. She felt like a little Princess.

Stephanie's girlfriends had already left, and she was alone now with him. Her mother had died over a year before, so now it was just the two of them. Stephanie inherited her good looks from her mother. Although she was only in High School, she had really filled out over the last year. She had long blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a 38DD-22-35 figure.

Her breasts matured at a very early age. At first, she found it quite embarrassing, and carried her school books in front of her chest. The boys were always teasing her, and the girls assumed she was a tramp. Only her closest friends knew she was a virgin.

Stephanie's father, John, was sitting up on his bed. He had his daughter's pictures from the family album spread out. He was lucky, because Stephanie loved to visit the beach. Of course, that meant he had a nice photo collection of his little girl in bikinis.

He was staring at a particular photo; he was obsessed. Stephanie had a string bikini top that barely covered her nipples, and didn't cover *anything* else. It was a medium-shot of her beautiful face, and the breasts of his dreams were exquisitely framed.

John leaned over to the night stand, and grabbed his "family-sized" jar of Vaseline. He carefully opened it, and scooped up a dollop of his preferred lube. He smoothed it all over his rock-hard cock.

He picked up his favorite picture, and started pumping his fist up and down his thick tool. All he could think about was french-fucking little Stephanie's big tits. He imagined his dick in between her magnificent melons, and picked up his rhythm. "Oh, Daddy, please let me suck your lollypop!," he heard her say in his mind, as he imagined his prick engulfed by her breasts. He pictured her licking the tip as it reached her face.

Steph was feeling exhausted from her busy day, and began to ascend the stairs, up to her bedroom. On the way up, she wondered where her father was. She started down the hall, thinking about the warm comfort of her big brass bed. She noticed that the door to her father's bedroom was slightly ajar, and she heard a funny noise.

John's imagination was running wild. "Oh, Daddy, your cock is “so” big!" He jerked on his cock like there was no tomorrow. "Oh, Daddy, I *need* your cum! *Please, Daddy, give me your hot, sticky load!

I want you to cum all over my pretty face!," he imagined Stephanie saying. His eyes were closed tight, yet he could see his nasty little girl begging for his load of ball juice. She was pulling on her dark, rubbery nipples, while sqeezing his thick prick between her warm breasts. He could feel the cross around her neck scratching his sperm-filled nuts, and it reminded him of her innocence.

He was looking directly into her deep green eyes, and his penis began to twitch, as his balls started to explode.

He heard something in the background, and opened his eyes. Shit!, he thought, she's coming upstairs! He realized that he forgot to lock the bedroom door, and leapt up. Running towards the door with his cock in his hand, he tried to reach it before his daughter...

As she approached her father's bedroom, to say goodnight, Stephanie accidentally tripped on a loose piece of carpet in the hallway.

"Shit!," she exclaimed, as she banged her head, and fell through the doorway of her father's bedroom. She had fallen flat on her face, and was now on all fours, trying to orient herself.

John was in shock. Daddy's little girl was at his feet, in his bedroom, on all fours, in front of him! He stood for a moment, not knowing what to do. He immediately removed his hand from his dick, but he was still naked, in front of his daughter. Before he could come up with a plan, his dick started doing the talking. Just as Stephanie looked up, John's cock started to squirt. Strand after strand of thick, white cum blasted all over her face. She felt it landing in her hair, and completely drenching her face. She felt totally disgusting and humiliated, yet strangely aroused. Her fathers scum was dripping down her chin, and into her deep cleavage. She wiped the gooey sperm from her eyes, and looked up to see her smiling father, who had resumed jerking his enourmous cock.

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