Bad Porn


"Wow, Gina, your own place!" Carrie put the box of dishes down among the other moving boxes near the fireplace in the living room.

"Thanks!" Gina said as she put a vase atop the mantel.

"Yeah, this place is awesome," Amy concurred as she walked in with the coffee table in her strong arms. She set it near the big black faux-leather couch.

"We shouldn't be surprised," Carrie said, "You were the first one of us to get a car back in high school, Gina. You were the first one to graduate college, the first one to get a good job - "

"And the first one of us with C-cups!" Amy spoke up as Gina smiled in slight embarrassment.

"Thanks." Gina looked down at her chest, clad in a nice gray sweater. "I thought I'd treat myself!"

"They look great!" Carrie said.

"How do they feel?" Amy asked.

"They feel great! I feel so...sultry, you know? They really boost my confidence."

"Lemme see!" Amy was nearly jumping up and down with excitement.

Gina lifted her sweater up, exposing her perfect C-cup breasts. She wiggled her hips with glee, making them just slightly shake.

"Wow!" Carrie's jaw dropped. "A lot bigger than mine!" She squeezed her small, perky tits through her sweatshirt.

"Those are awesome! Do they feel real?" Amy wondered.

"They sure do! Go ahead and feel 'em."

Amy and Carrie closed in on her, each taking a breast in their hands. They stroked and tickled and groped. Gina grinned, her head leaning back a bit to make her long ponytail tickle the middle of her back.

"They feel so real!" Carrie was amazed.

"Do the nipples still work?" Amy asked and took one into her mouth. Gina shuddered, leaning back against the fireplace as she pressed her friends' faces into her bosom.

"They sure do..." Gina licked her lips and started to feel weak in the knees as the two women began nibbling and sucking at her tits.

"This is such bullshit!" Lisa suddenly blurted out, causing her boyfriend, Chad, to snap up from between her legs, where he had just begun kissing his way up her bare thighs.

"What? What?" Chad looked around their living room for whatever might have caused Lisa to yell.

"This movie!" Lisa pointed at the TV screen behind Chad. He turned to look. Three women were beginning a Sapphic session against a fireplace.

"What about it? They're all pretty hot, especially that Korean one on the right." Chad sat down between Lisa's knees and scratched at his dirty blond- haired head.

"This shit never happens! No one helps their friend move into a new apartment and starts talking about her new C-cups, and even if they did, it wouldn't lead to a goddamn threeway! That never happens!"

"It's never happened to you?" Chad asked as his hand crept up her leg.

"No, honey, I've never had a cute Korean girl and a cute brunette girl help me move into a new apartment and then fuck the Korean girl's face while the brunette fucks mine."

"Too bad for you."

"Fuck yeah, too bad for me. That's the problem with porn, this stuff never happens to real people like you and me."

"No, real people have to sleep in another room while their girlfriend plays with a cute lady friend."

"You're still jealous about that, aren't you?"

"No, honey." Chad laughed. "Really. I just like blowing you shit about it."

"Oh, now what the hell is happening?"

Chad turned back to look. On the screen, Carrie was leaving Gina to grind her well-trimmed puss all over Amy's face. Carrie walked to the front door and opened it. On the other side stood a pizza delivery man, who looked surprised to see a naked woman standing before him, but somehow less surprised when she brought him into a room with two other naked women. They began stripping him before he could even put the pizza box on the coffee table.

"Oh, fuck me!" Lisa yelled in anguish.

"Well, if you insist," Chad said, and began crawling up Lisa's body.

"No, no, no! Not you! This damn movie again!"

"I'm going to throw this damn movie away if it keeps making you this angry."

"I mean, why do they always have to bring a guy in to ruin these scenes with all these pretty girls? Can't we just watch these girls fuck without having to cram some dick in there somewhere?"

"What's so wrong with dick cramming?" Chad asked.

"Nothing, sweetie, really." She playfully rubbed his hair. "It's just that they get you all hot for some girl-girl sex, and then in comes the pizza guy, or the plumber, or the mailman, or some other guy to bang one of them while the other just sits there looking lonely. Why do they do that?"

"I don't know, honey. I'd be perfectly content to sit and watch a while, because I'm sure if I just dove in there, I'd blow my load in ten seconds."

"And that's different from any other time in what way?"

"Oh!" Chad laughed. "No dick for you!" He stood up.

"No, no. I'm just kidding." She grabbed him by his cock and turned him back. It was warm and smooth in her hand. She gave it a loving kiss at the base. He let out a pleasured chuckle and sat down next to her on the couch.

"Well, how would you change the scene then?" He asked.

"I'd get rid of the fucking pizza guy, that's for sure."

"I feel sorry for the next guy who delivers here. Okay, what else?"

"I'd take off their goddamn shoes. I don't know anybody who screws with their shoes on, especially high heels."

"I've never understood that either. It must be a foot fetish thing. So no pizza guy and no shoes, what else?"

"I'd make a whole movie from this scene. They feel her up, but it doesn't go anywhere right away. The touching puts the curiosity in her, and she talks to each of them individually, and experiments with Amy, the Korean one, since she seems to be the one that pushes the issue. Eventually, they all get together in the end."

"Men don't have the patience for that. They want women fucking each other, and they want to be the pizza guy who comes in. They want to whack off and dream about being the lucky pizza guy while they're doing it."

"I can take care of that for you." She began stroking him. His cock quickly swelled to its full length. He started tickling her nearby thigh.

"Okay, I have to keep the scene as it is then. Fine. I'd still lose the pizza guy. And if these two girls are so fascinated with Gina's breasts, they should pay attention to them a while longer."

"How?" Chad asked, his fingers now stroking her labia.

"Their fingers would creep all over them. Their tongues would snake all around and that Amy girl would bite at them a bit. She's the naughty one of the bunch, you can tell. Carrie would tickle and tease." She took a deep breath as Chad's fingers found her clit.

"Then they go to the couch?"

"No, not yet." She pumped his cock a little harder. "They all pull off their shirts, so they can compare. They rub their titties all over Gina's, and Amy puts her lips on Carrie's cute little titties."

"Just like the kind you like?" His fingers pinched and stroked at her clit, teasing down to her opening now and then.

"Y-Yep. They take her pants off and kiss... kiss up her legs. Th-They take turns...take turns eating her pussy. They eat that sweet pussy until she screams."

"The end?" Chad got up and moved back to his original position between Lisa's knees. He kissed her below the navel and slowly worked his way down.

"No." She giggled and let her head rest on the back of the couch. "Amy lays back on the table she brought in and Gina gets on top of her. They kiss. They kiss for a long time."

"What about Carrie and her cute titties?"

"She - " Lisa gasped as Chad's rough tongue swirled around her clit. She grabbed a handful of his hair and held him there. Her body quaked for what seemed like a minute, but she knew was only a few seconds.

"She what?" Chad playfully asked. Lisa shoved his mouth back onto her.

"Sh-She puts her m-mouth all over Amy's pussy. It's sweet and spicy at the same time. She teases Gina's ass with her thumb and - " She gasped again, louder this time.

"Like that?" Chad asked as his thumb pressed into her tight hole. Lisa didn't answer, at least not in words. Her eyes rolled back and she clamped onto the back of his head like a tiger holding its prey. Her legs stiffened, pushing away the nearby coffee table. She slapped one of the couch cushions with her free hand as

Chad's thumb and tongue brought her to orgasm. She made several short, stuttering gasps before letting out a deep breath and laughing as she came all over his mouth and chin.

"Yeah. Something like that, yeah." She grinned down at him and tickled his wet chin. "Now why don't you crawl up here and fuck me?"

"Do I need to bring you a pizza first?"

"Oh shut up." She chuckled as she kissed his cum-covered face.


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