Madonna in Spain


In 1994 Madonna went to Spain to promote her new album, Bedtime Stories. While on the tour, she decided that her first video off the album would involve bullfighting. While on the shoot in Andulicia, she rented an entire hotel to herself. Two months after her trip to Spain she became pregnant.

The matador in the video was actually played by Emilio Munoz, but it was originally was rumored to be controversial matador Jesulin de Ubrique. It is said that Madonna had a brief fling with the Spanish sex symbol in her month their. A controversial rumor in Spain was that Jesulin was actually the father of Madonna’s baby and it was covered up to prevent further controversy for both the matador and the singer.

Jesulin was a very controversial matador, with very good looks, which is what made Madonna inquire about the matador. His sexuality has caused friction with the Catholic Church. Jesulin’s status as a sex symbol came to a peek when a frantic flurry of 9000 women bought tickets for the world•s first women-only bullfight. Jesulin was the sole bullfighter and single handedly killed six bulls rather than the normal two. At the end of the fight, the horny ladies littered the arena with bras and thongs as opposed to the traditional roses.

Madonna had to meet this guy and had her people arrange for her to attend one of his bullfights in Andulicia. Madonna contacted Ubrique and let her know she would be viewing the event from a private box in the arena. Ubrique was startled by the randomness of the contact from Madonna, but the thought of such an American sex symbol such as her wanting to meet him excited him. Ubrique and Madonna arranged for them to meet in Madonna’s box prior to the fight.

Madonna arrived at the coliseum dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a gray suit custom maid by her friends at Versace for the occasion and underneath it she was wearing $14,000 worth of underwear. Ubrique was dressed in his traditional Matador garb that clung to his hard body.

As soon as Jesulin entered the box, Madonna could see what the fuss was about. Jesulin was a very attractive man, with an extremely tight ass and his controversy further fueled Madonna’s desire towards him. As for Jesulin, he was aroused before even entering the box and became even more pleased when he met her. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Jesulin I look forward to watching you perform today.” Madonna said as she peered deep into the matador’s eyes.

“It’s an honor, I hope you enjoy the fight. I would like to see you after the fight, if that is possible”

“Of course, I would be delighted. Why don’t you come over to my hotel after the fight for some drinks?”

“Sounds good.” The interpreter fired back as Ubrique raised Madonna’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

As the fight began, Madonna started fantasizing about Ubrique. She wanted him bad and sexually she always got what she wanted.
The bull charged out of the gate to be welcomed by about a dozen spears thrusted into its spine to weaken the bull for Jesulin. When Jesulin came out, a crowd of about a hundred girls began screaming for him. Jesulin didn’t just slaughter the bull, he tried to make a fool out of it and amuse the crowd. Jesulin’s arrogant and sexy way of fighting began to make Madonna wet. Jesulin began sticking short wooden spears into the bull to prepare it for its imminent death. The disillusioned bull could barely pick up its neck and Jesulin went for his sword. He further teased the bull by waving his cape at it and challenging the bull to use whatever energy it had left. Finally he was ready to kill it. Jesulin removed his hat and pointed it towards Madonna’s box to dedicate the kill to her. This really turned her on and now she was really wet, she could not wait to get him inside her. Jesulin aimed the sword between the bull’s shoulder blades and delivered. The bull’s legs fell right out from under it and Jesulin walked off the stage to a standing ovation. The section of groupies littered the circle with their underwear as he was presented with his trophy, the bull’s ear.

Madonna was escorted back to her hotel by her driver in a Rolls Royce. She changed into a long, silk, black robe over her $14,000 underwear. One hour later, Jesulin would arrive. “That was a heck of a performance.” Madonna said as she greeted the muscular butcher with a hug. “How about we have the interpreter leave the room.” Ubrique’s English was sketchy, but the two wanted to be alone. “How about a drink?” Madonna asked.

Jesulin nodded his head as Madonna poured them both some wine. She took a few sips of the wine before placing it down on a table. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his hard chest and said, “You looked great out there today, thanks for the dedication.” And with that, Ubrique leaned forward began kissing her. Jesulin became instantly aroused and Madonna began sliding her hands down to the object of her desire. She aggressively rubbed his manhood then backed off and began unbuttoning his shirt. She removed it, gave his chest a kiss then began to remove his pants. Ubrique was now totally naked and Madonna stepped back to admire his incredibly well sculpted body. “You’re a very sexy man.” Madonna removed her robe. Ubrique picked her un and placed her on the counter. He buried his face in her breasts and began probing with his tongue. He slid his hand down underneath her thong and began rubbing her clit. Within seconds her bra and thong was removed and he began sucking on her nipples. He slowly made his way back up to her mouth as she moved his penis towards her soaked vagina. He slid his erect shaft into her and began thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her. The two erupted into barbaric screams that could be heard by the bodyguards at the end of the hall. He was an incredibly experienced man and she could tell by his impressive stamina. After about 8 minutes of wild sex, Jesulin blew and pulled out. Madonna got off the table and lowered her head to his dick. She began sucking it, licking all of the cum off of it. “Wow." she thought to herself, I gotta have more of this.”

To be continued……………..


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