Jenna Jameson Competition


Leon was not the most attractive male 20 year olds which was quite tragic given his urgent need of a lay. He had just graduated and was hoping to land a job which would enable him to move away from his parents, to start an exciting new life of independence.

One Sunday night, just like always Leon would be beating off to images on the internet. One site in particular was an official website he had subscribed to featuring his favourite porn actress Jenna Jameson. There was a new movie in which saw the American babe get drilled in the ass for about ten minutes, this drove Leon so far off the edge his ejaculation was underestimated. His dick exploded with cum blasting all over his new football shirt. He wasn’t upset about this until after a two minute high from the soaring aching orgasm he just had. He was just about to turn off the computer when he noticed a flashing button in the corner of the Jenna Jameson website, it read “New feature”. Curiosity got the better of him so Leon clicked away to find out that there was a competition in which the winner gets to do a scene with Jenna for the website!, even better was the added bonus of being able to decide what happens in the scene, from story set up to positions the winner would decide everything. Even the costume she would wear. Leon was very tempted, but the only way he would win that would be to go around murdering everyone who owns a computer. He did seriously think about doing that for about 30 seconds before deciding he would play honestly, “why not?” he thought. To enter you had to fill in answers to ten questions based on Jenna’s career. Leon was surprised that the questions were so difficult, thankfully he had just about every Jenna film available and knew a lot of information on the busty blonde starlet. He finally had to submit a photo of himself and then he was done, back to real life again.

Two weeks later Leon went down for breakfast, his mum was wearing a tight shirt which gave him a hard on under the table all through breakfast. Incest was his greatest fantasy but he would never act on it as he is too much a gentleman. Also the small matter of it being against the law.

The phone rang and his mum got up to answer it, Leon was about to pick up the plates but was stopped when his mum said someone was asking for him on the phone. Leon took it, “Hello?” he asked.

“Hi is this Leon Corbin?” a serious but friendly voice replied.

Leon told him it was and then when the man mentioned the Jenna Jameson website Leon was speechless. He was kind of embarrassed that someone else knew which was quite stupid. He slowly took the phone out of the kitchen and into his bedroom. Leon was told that he was only very few that got all the answers correct and that fact that he lived in the UK swayed it since the team jumped at the chance to go there instead of doing yet another scene in America. Leon was shocked but able to carry out the conversation which saw him agree to meet the team at a hotel in London.

During the build up to that special day Leon hardly got any sleep at all, he was seriously thinking about turning down the offer due to embarrassment. At the end of the day though he knew he would probably regret it for the rest of his life if he didn’t so he packed some stuff and got ready.

The special day was a Friday, he did not know how he felt but he just got on with it and started his four hour drive to London. Walking into the hotel he was quite tired. He got in and asked the receptionist for a Mr Homes of room 568. The receptionist rang the room and told Leon to please wait a moment.

Leon felt like he was having a heart attack, he watched as two men came out of a lift. They knew who Leon was from the photo and shook hands with him. They took Leon off to the bar where they bought him a drink and then chatted about what was going on. They were cool guys, trying to keep Leon as relaxed as possible which was working very well. They said they will shoot the scene tomorrow as everyone including Leon is tired from the journeys, they took him up to a room they paid for their winner to sleep. It was one of the best rooms available in one of the best hotels in London. Once Leon had put his bags in Steve Homes, who seemed to be the main guy in charge asked Leon if he wanted to meet Jenna tonight. Leon was a bit tipsy after a few pints and showed no nervousness in agreeing.

The other guy was called Tom, he was also a great guy. He knocked on a door of another room and Jenna opened it, she looked at Leon and said “This must be Leon right?, welcome in!”

They went in and raided the mini bar. Leon was sat next to Jenna the entire evening where she would keep holding and hugging Leon which really helped his nerves. They eventually got onto the topic of tomorrow’s scene, “so give us your worst lad. What you want?”

“What can I have?” laughed Leon.

“Anything you want babe” replied Jenna in a loving sexy voice.

Leon was set on telling them his second fantasy, a nurses set up. However, he was quite drunk at this moment and just thought what the hell, “I want Jenna to pretend to be my mother after catching me masturbate”.

The two guys looked at each other and fully got the giggles,

“That’s very hot.” Replied Steve, “but we just don’t touch incest scenarios since it’s very risky”.

Leon was gutted and suddenly became embarrassed, he then quickly came out with his second choice. He explained that he wanted to be “nursed” by Jenna who would be dressed in a sexy nurse’s outfit. The guys agreed and said it would be no problem. They then all said goodnight to each other and told Leon that tomorrow would be a busy day, followed by a wink from Tom.

Leon went back to his room, he felt like going back to Jenna’s room and asking for a rehearsal. They all seem professional though so he decided not to. If it wasn’t for the drinks he would not have been able to sleep for a second but thankfully he was now very tired and needed the sleep.

It was an early rise at 8:30am and they all met to have breakfast and then headed off to some studios they had booked for the scene. Once there it was all waiting, Leon and Tom chilled out watching TV and playing videogames while Jenna was getting made up and Steve was helping with the set up. The set up was a square area which was being turned into a hospital room, they even managed to get proper hospital beds. Steve then went back and talked about what was going to happen again, Leon was going through it bit by bit.

Steve then said “Just had a sneak peek of Jenna, she is looking fine!, you probably won’t last a minute when she starts. Which is why I highly urge you to go off to a room and jerk off before the scene!”

Leon thought the idea of making the scene last as long as possible was important and also he had a hard on just knowing that he is about to lose his virginity to his fuck idol.

Leon came out of the room and was lead into the set, he took off all his clothes and climbed into the bed. Lights started to change and Steve came in with a camera,

“She’s ready mate, you ok to go?”. Leon could only nod.

Then in came Jenna, who looked so much better in real life then on the screen which Leon never thought was possible. She was wearing a highly sexy high quality nurses out fit and came walking up to the bed and layed one hand on his upper leg and the other on the head.

“Hmmmm, your still quite hot”, Jenna said in that sexy fuck me voice again.

She runs her hand over his face and onto his neck, “does it hurt here, is this the problem?”.

Leon goes with it and shakes his head. Her hand goes from his neck onto his chest where she caresses his beer belly,

“here?” she softly says.

Then with the other hand she slowly rises up from the soul of the foot up his leg. He physically shivers. Her hands then meet up and grab his hard on through the covers.

She then lifts up the covers and holds his balls, “this is it isn’t it, you need to shoot?, you need to empty your big aching balls? Don’t you?”, Leon cannot even nod his head.

“and that’s a cut!” yells Steve very pleased.

“Your doing great Leon” says Jenna who then unties one of her buttons on the outfit.

“Come on lets carry on!” pleads Leon who cannot believe it just suddenly stopped.

“Welcome to porn” replies Steve. “Next is a three minute BJ, get ready everyone!”.

Jenna then bends down over Leon’s cock, opening her mouth but not touching, she looks into Leon’s eyes and raises her eyebrows and smiles.
“Action”, Steve starts filming again.

Jenna goes straight down and engulfs his rod and holds it. Leon can do nothing but moan. She then lifts her head up and starts to bob up and down making lots of slurping noises while drooling all over his 8inch tool. She looks back into Leon’s eyes and tells him she needs to read his tempter and so pushes a finger into his mouth while she continues to suck him off. With the other hand she holds his balls and then carries on sucking him while swirling her tongue around his prick at a high speed.

The filming stops again and then Steve films Jenna climbing onto the bed and pushing her hot pussy into Leons face. He tries to do what he has seen in various porn films and to quite good effect, he seems to be making Jenna wet!, he has heard a lot about bad smelling vaginas but this was nothing like he had heard, this cunt could only be described as fresh, warm and sweet. Leon sticks a finger inside, it feels so warm and the thought of sticking his cock in there is making him crazy.

The filming stops again, Leon then says that this will be the final scene and to remember to try his best and pull out and cum onto her face. Upset at the thought of this being the last part , Leon is determined to make it as long as possible. He starts again and enters his meat into her slit. The feeling is amazing, he slowly fucks her but after a couple of minutes he just can’t hold on at all and so comes out, Jenna gets off the bed and kneels down, he climbs over the edge of the bed and aims his dick right into Jenna’s mouth. Five hard streams of cum go into her mouth and into her hair and eye, she smiles and then gets up again to suck on his drenched twitching cock.

“Is that better?, has the aching gone” Jenna asks while lightly squeezing his balls.

Leon feels mortified that it’s all over and that it was over so quickly but then remembers he has just fucked Jenna Jameson. Steve is very pleased and says for a first time porn star Leon is a lot better then he had imagined. They head back to the hotel very late at night and go to bed ready for their journeys home the following day.

Later that night Leon is about to go to bed when he remembers the photos he gave him of his session. They are memories of his greatest day ever and feature many hardcore shots of him and Jenna. He cannot fight the urge and so gets out his stiff piece of meat and beats away. He then hears someone outside, he hears a buzz from the electronic door lock and the door opens. Jenna comes in and shuts the door. She has caught Leon masturbating over the photos.
“What are you doing hun?, is my baby jerking off?”, she asks in a very cute tone.

She walks over and sits on the bed, Leon is hiding his tackle in embarrassment of being caught.

“There’s nothing wrong with masturbating baby, you shouldn’t be doing that by yourself though. Would you like a helping hand?, would you like your mommy to stroke your fat cock?”
It was at this point that leon realized what was going on and that his first choice scenario wasn’t being fully ignored.

“Please be gentle mommy” replies Leon. In total excitement of what is going on.

Jenna holds his prick and then slowly lifts the foreskin up and down, “My little boy’s dick is a bit dry, we need to get it nice and wet don’t we?”

Jenna then turns round and reaches into her handbag and pulls out a big bottle of body lotion. She pours it all over his dick and then proceeds to pour it while she stroke it.

“That’s real good mommy, but you know what would make it better? If I could see your breasts?” asks Leon

“My good boy wants to see mommy’s tittie’s? Is that what you want?”

She then takes off every item of clothing she has. She continues to stroke for another few minutes and then gets a towel to wipe off the lotion. She sees Leon is ready and tells him to cum in her mouth.

She wraps her mouth around his cock, “Erm, Mommy?, does this have to end so quickly?”

Jenna then looks up with his cock still in his mouth, she slowly lifts her head leaving a trace of pre-cum trailing from her mouth.

“Mommy is staying the night to look after you”, she then proceeded to deep throat Leon who couldn’t believe what was happening.

He then released an intense orgasm deep into her mouth and all over her face. She then started to stroke his dick to hardness again, “Does my baby know what sex is?”.

“Is that when two people love each other?” replies Leon.

“No baby, that’s lovemaking. Sex is when you stick this lovely big cock of yours into my sloppy warm wet cunt. Would you like to see what I mean?” asks Jenna.

“Sure Mommy!”.

Jenna climbs on top of Leon and guides his now hard stiff member into her sweet shaved pussy. They fuck hard for about ten minutes, Leon’s cum is dripping onto his face from Jenna’s face which he had sprayed onto earlier.

She then lowers her head and looks deeply into his eyes, “Has my little good boy ever kissed a girl before?”
“No Mommy, please show me!” replies a excited Leon.

Jenna then tells him to suck on her tongue and lowers her head, he holds her tongue with his lips and then their mouths engulf each other with their tongues swirling around furiously inside, their faces becoming a sticky mess of cum and saliva. They keep fucking for about another ten minutes, Jenna’s cunt is dripping juices all over Leon. He feels like his body is about to explode, he knows he doesn’t have more then ten more pushes left in him. Still deep kissing Jenna he holds tight onto her and pulls her more into him before releasing load after load after load of gushing sperm deep into her dripping warm pussy.
“Thank you Mommy, Thank you!” screams Leon.

“There’s a good boy, are you betters now?”. They both fall asleep with Leon still inside of her for about an hour before Jenna waking up again followed by more sex, followed by more sleep. When Leon wakes up again Jenna has left. He heads off home with an amazing tale to tell his friends, but decides it would be for the best to not mention the incest scenario. Not that they believe him anyway.


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