Taming the Shrew


Finally I had gotten Dave to dump that bitch he had been seeing. Often Dave couldn’t really sense what was and wasn’t good for him. And even when he could, he’d find himself so weak-willed that he wasn’t able to do anything about it. His ex-girlfriend, the one I got him to dump, was a shrill, scheming cunt. Anyone could see through her, except Dave, that is. Suzanne may have had fair-to-middling looks and a tight body, but she could be one nasty piece of bad news. And Dave even admitted she wasn't all that great in the sack. What he saw in her, I just couldn’t fathom. She used him and he knew it, but he wouldn’t, or couldn’t, do anything about it. It was clear to everyone that she was with Dave because she was aware he had inherited a small fortune, even he knew that. It was pathetic, watching her snare Dave in her web, with Dave unable or unwilling to do anything about it. So I decided I would do something about it. I would just waltz right in and take Dave away from this bitch. I certainly didn’t do it for the money, since my own recent inheritance probably left me even more financially comfortable than Dave. And I wasn’t doing it so much because I wanted him for myself. It was just so she wouldn’t have him, so that she couldn't use and abuse him anymore. And so she would feel that sharp, sour pang of losing something she had schemed very hard to possess.

Very soon after I succeeded in breaking them apart, Dave thanked me for it, finally realizing that he had let Suzanne walk all over him for no good reason. He was able to admit to himself that she was just a bitch who had gotten under his skin and cynically used him for her own ends. He was one happy male now. Not only had I enabled him to disentangle himself from Suzanne, but now he had me to fuck him. And I am one prize piece of ass, if I say so myself.

I was fucking Dave one afternoon when all of a sudden Suzanne burst into the bedroom, with her girlfriend Nancy in tow. Nancy was a little admirer who Suzanne had tagging behind her everywhere she went, someone who Suzanne could boss around and impress. Nancy probably wiped Suzanne's ass for her.
I was infuriated. Dave and Suzanne had broken up weeks ago, and now here she was storming into his house while we were in the middle of having sex. Not that he was such a great fuck, but I didn't especially relish having the bitch barge in like that when I was all naked in bed with a guy.

"I thought you said you got your key back from her," I said to Dave somewhat angrily.

"Yeah!" she taunted. "But I made a copy of it for myself, you cunt. You motherfuckin’ cunt! You took Dave away from me just to spite me, you bitch! You piece of shit whore!”

“Watch your fuckin’ mouth!” I warned her, pointing a finger.

She was really having a tantrum and I wasn't liking it at all. I was waiting for Dave to do something but he wasn’t doing anything. And I wasn’t about to let this gold digging shrew storm in like this shouting and continuing to insult me.

"Will you tell her to get the fuck out of here," I demanded of Dave, but he did nothing. Like I said, Dave could be very spineless, especially when it came to women. I’d known that for a while. He had gone out with one of my sisters for two years and she had him wrapped around her pinky from day one.
"Will you please throw her out?" I demanded once more, but, again, he was unable to do anything.

"He doesn't have the fuckin' balls to throw me out," Suzanne hissed.

"Well if he doesn't, I sure as shit do,” I said coldly. "So why don’t you take your little pet and the two of you just get the fuck out of this bedroom right now, because I want to get up and get dressed and I sure as hell am not going to get out of this bed naked with you two sorry bitches standing over me.”
"Who you calling a bitch?" Nancy said lamely, trying in her pathetic way to sound tough and stand up for her girlfriend.

"You! You little dishrag, you little pussy!" I barked. "Get the fuck out of here. And take your sleazy girlfriend with you!"

"Hey, I can't handle this," Dave finally said, getting out of bed and putting on a bathrobe. "I'm splitting, you three work it out amongst yourselves, okay?"

That was just like Dave, always pulling away from the fire whenever it got a little too hot for him.

"Wimp! I should've let her keep you," I snapped at him as he tiptoed out of the room, going into the bathroom to get dressed.

Now it was just me and the two bitches.

"Will you two please leave so I can get up and get dressed," I said, my anger rising.

"Hey! We're not going anywhere. What are you going to do? Make us?" Suzanne said challengingly.

Dressed now, Dave crept out of the bedroom and out of the house.

After the door slammed, Suzanne walked up to the bed and tore the sheets off of me, flinging them away. I seethed as I now found myself naked, on Dave's bed, with the two of them standing over me, fully clothed. And what really irked me was that haughty sneer on Suzanne's face.

"I'm telling you one last time" I warned. "This isn't your place, and you're not welcome here anymore. So get the fuck out, okay? I want to get dressed."

"Look at her," Suzanne said, eyeing my naked body, enviously I thought. "She thinks just because she has a nice pair of tits she can go around stealing another chick's guys."

"I didn't steal anyone, you little drip. Dave couldn't stand you anymore. He just didn't have the guts to leave you."

"And you helped him, huh?" Suzanne said.

"That's right," I said, getting up. If they weren't going to leave, then I was going to get up, get dressed, and leave myself. I was sick of this bullshit.
But when I tried to get up, Suzanne pushed me down on the bed. When I got up a second time, both Suzanne and Nancy pushed me down. Now this was really pissing me off. What these two bitches didn't know was that I was martial arts brown belt and definitely not someone you fuck with recklessly. Of course, I wouldn't waste my expert and dangerous moves on them --- it would probably do permanent damage -- but if they messed with me anymore, they were going to regret it. I knew Suzanne was a jock. She had been a gymnast and rated tennis player, but I was sure she was no match for me.
So when I tried to get up another time I was ready for them.

They tried to push me down, but I tripped up Nancy, making her tumble awkwardly to the floor and kicked Suzanne right in the crotch. Suzanne doubled over, holding on to her cunt, out of breath, so first I went up to Nancy.

"No!" she begged, terror in her eyes as I pulled back my hand to slap her across the face. And when I did slap her face she started bawling like a baby. I'd have no further trouble from this little nobody, of that I was sure.

Now I turned to Suzanne who was recovering from my knee to her groin. As I got close to her, she surprised me, pretending to still be in agony, but suddenly tackling me to the floor.

"Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!” she screamed hysterically. "You fuckin' kicked me! You fuckin' bitch! I'm gonna fuckin kill you! I'm gonna fuckin' maim you!"
"Maim this!" I snapped coldly, slamming my elbow into her chest, feeling her soft tit give way under my thrust.

I didn't like being naked with her all over me. I was going to strip the bitch now. As she sat on the floor, holding on to her breasts, I grabbed her skirt and ripped it right off of her. Angry as hell now, I tore that skirt to shreds.

"What are you doing?" she said, starting to show fear now.

I grabbed hold of her top, pulling it down and tearing off all the buttons, then tore it off her back, leaving her now only in panties and bra. She had her arms crossed over her chest protecting her tits. Suddenly she kicked up with her foot, getting me right in the groin and knocking the wind out of me momentarily. She then tried to bolt out of the room, but I recovered instantly and leapt after her, knocking her to the ground on her stomach. I sat on her, digging my knees into the small of her back, immobilizing her, then unsnapped her bra.

"You think you two can come in here, talking shit, and just when I was screwing Dave too. I don't like anyone interrupting me when I'm screwing a guy. And neither does Dave, because fucking me is like eating a gourmet meal, while fucking you, Suzanne, according to Dave was like wolfing down some fast food, a 49c taco," I said, adding insult to injury.

Having unsnapped her bra, I pulled the bra off from under her tits. Then I grabbed hold of the elastic of her panties and tugged up at them so they would dig into her cunt.

"Ow, that hurts!" she whined like a child.

"Too fuckin' bad," I said, tugging on the panties until they tore. Then I pulled her hands behind her back, using all my force now, holding her wrists and tying them together using her torn panties. She tried to resist, but I had knocked the wind out of her. I think she was as scared of my fury now as her little girlfriend moaning and cowering in the corner.

"Don't fuckin' move or I'll really kick your ass," I snapped harshly at Suzanne, turning my attention to Nancy now.

"Okay, Nancy. Take off your clothes," I ordered.

"Oh God, no," she said, whimpering.

So I took them off for her and when I was down to her panties I had noticed they were wet. She was so scared, she had pissed in them.

"Look," I said to Suzanne. "Your little girlfriend pissed in her panties."

I took off those urine-soaked panties, bundled them up and stuffed them in Suzanne's mouth, gagging her with them.

"Here, suck on this," I said.

Nancy looked astounded, her piss-drenched panties in her girlfriend's mouth.

"I'm sorry, we're both really sorry," Nancy pleaded.

"Sorry isn't good enough," I snapped.

Looking at Nancy's scared, pathetic eyes I could see that all she really wanted was to follow and look up to some tough bitch. Until now, Suzanne was that bitch. Now I thought I'd become Nancy's alpha bitch and have her do my bidding. She came in here with Suzanne to try to put me in her place. Well, now I was going to recruit her to help me put Suzanne in her place.

Suzanne, though her hands were tied behind her back, was moving off the bed now and trying to spit out Nancy's panties. But I caught her and sat on her again, pressing her against the bed with my knees and stuffing the panties back in her mouth.

"Get over here, Nancy!" I commanded.

Nancy tip-toed towards me, still looking terrified.

"Spank your girlfriend for me," I told her.

She hesitated, unsure what to do.

"Don't you dare!" Suzanne screamed, finally managing to spit out the wet panties from her mouth.

"Go ahead, spank her. Do what I fuckin’ tell you!” I snarled, then looked over at Suzanne. “Suzanne wishes she were a bitch but, believe me, I'm twice the bitch she is. You stick with me, Nancy, you'll have yourself the time of your lifre. Sex, control, power. But you have to do everything I tell you to do, understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Nancy said meekly.

“I can’t fuckin believe it, you damned little traitor!” Suzanne barked at her former pet.

"Now spank her," I said again.

With a ferocity she probably didn't even know she had, Nancy started spanking Suzanne's buttocks really hard, reddening them as Suzanne howled and squirmed.

"I think your little playmate has switched sides. She's doing my bidding now," I said, needling Suzanne.

The look on Nancy's face went from whimpering fear to an almost savage glee. Suzanne had probably tormented her plenty and deep inside I'm sure Nancy had wanted to get back at her. Now, at my bidding, she had her opportunity.

Suzanne was trembling underneath me, but I could just sense that something in her was suddenly opening up, a deep desire to be dominated and humiliated. I've seen that often in women like her, and men too, those who on the surface are all rough and tough, but what they really yearn for is to be put through the paces by someone rougher and tougher than they are.

Nancy was almost out of control now, spanking Suzanne viciously until her raw, naked bottom was almost crimson. Then, all of a sudden, Suzanne began to piss, obviously losing control of her bladder amidst the onslaught of blows. She pissed all over Dave's bed. But the jerk deserved having a urine-soaked and stained mattress for leaving like a coward, and not wanting to be bothered with a gaggle of fighting bitches.

"Oh God!" Suzanne groaned, now deeply embarrassed by what she had just done. Nancy, as surprised as me, stopped spanking and pulled back to watch the urine cascade out of Suzanne's pussy.

"Now lick her clean," I ordered Nancy.

Nancy looked up at me in surprise. She probably thought she'd just get to play the part of the tormentor, but I had to show her who was boss. If she wanted to play with me, she'd have to do anything I wanted. Anything.

"I said lick that pussy clean!" I repeated.

She spread Suzanne's legs apart and dug her face between her thighs, licking the piss off her pussy. Now Suzanne started moaning, not in torment but in pleasure. Which didn't surprise me, since I'm sure one reason Suzanne had Nancy tagging along in the first place was to have Nancy eat her pussy whenever she wished.

"Okay, now lick her asshole!" I demanded, and Nancy started lapping away at Suzanne's bottom, holding her reddened cheeks open, slurping away at her anus.

"You two are such sluts," I said mockingly, “now stick two fingers up her ass!”

Nancy slid two fingers into Suzanne's cute little puckered asshole as Suzanne winced.

"Dig ‘em in there. Deep, ream her out," I barked.

Nancy gleefully finger-fucked Suzanne's asshole.

"Okay, now I want you to take out those fingers and shove them up your own ass."

Like a zombie, Nancy pulled out the fingers, reaching back to slide them up her own butthole as now I roughly shoved three fingers up Suzanne's ass while Nancy watched excitedly, reaming her own. These two were turning out to be such sluts!

"Not such a hot shit anymore, huh Suzanne? Lying on your stomach with your hands bound behind your back, and some nasty bitch forcing her hand up your tight little butt!" I said.

I reamed her rectum mercilessly as she squirmed underneath me. But now I knew she was loving it, loving being under the control of someone stronger and more formidable than herself. Spanking her, witnessing her loss of control as she pissed on the bed, shoving hard, insistent fingers up her asshole -- these were all ways of letting her see that it was her role, at least with me, to be submissive.

But she still some more to learn about submission. I wasn't through humiliating and punishing her for her arrogant intrusion earlier in the afternoon. Now I turned her over so he was on her back, and I untied her hands and pulled the gag away, tossing Nancy's wet panties back to her. Suzanne didn't need to really be bound anymore, she was bound psychologically at this point.

"Do we know who the top bitch is around here?" I said, slapping her hard across the face. "Do we?"

There was still a hint of resistance in her as she refused to acknowledge it verbally, though her meekness and utter failure to resist signaled her defeat.

"Do we!!!!" I barked, now slapping her tits.

"Yes, yes! I do," she whispered meekly.

"Good," I said, satisfied at last by her suppliance. "Pin down her arms, Nancy."

While Nancy held her arms down firmly, I sat over Suzanne's face and fed her my pussy.

"Eat it, bitch!"

Obediently, her tongue reached upwards for my pussy, reluctantly at first, but the more she licked me, the more eager she became, soon licking my pussy with a truly voracious lust. Suzanne had gone through a lot of changes today. She had come here with her accomplice, thinking she was going to settle a score with me for stealing her boyfriend from her, wanting to humiliate me. But I sure turned the tables on her, first defeating her physically, then making both her and her girlfriend into my complaint playthings.

Now I moved up a few inches and fed her my asshole.

"Eat this now!" I demanded.

She tongued my asshole as eagerly as she had tongued my cunt.

"Okay, Nancy, now it's your turn to get some.”

Nancy sat on Suzanne's face in place of me and, with a gleeful smile on her face like a child taken to a toy store of her birthday, Nancy was now orally served by the haughty bitch she herself had grown accustomed to serve.

"Very good, very good," I said a little impatiently. "Now Nancy, I want you to lie down right next to Suzanne and to kiss her. Give each other a nice, big loving kiss."

As their lips met I squatted over both of their faces and pissed on them while they kissed, really drenching them with a furious shower of my hot urine. They turned to me eager to drink it right from the tap now, like the two obedient sluts they had now become.

"Say thank you," I demanded.

"Thank you!" Nancy said.

"Thank you, thank you Sandy for pissing on us," Suzanne added, this time sounding like she really meant it.

Finally we all got up, looking at Dave's totally drenched bed, courtesy of my urine and Suzanne's.

"Boy, is he gonna be surprised," Suzanne said, staring at the piss-soaked bed and then looking at me tenderly as the three of us broke out in a lewd, healthy cackle, imagining how shocked Dave would be when he finally returned to his wet, soiled bed.


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