Young One


SHe has watched her from afar. Prancing around like a pretty little girl. Shaking her bottom at every man walking in the place. Dressed in her black short leather skirt and white camel hair sweater. Nipples showing, for she needs no bra with those perky breasts. Watching her bending and seeing she has no panties on. Intriguing him even more.

Deciding to approach this young thing, he ask her to sit with him. She sits and they share a bottle of wine. Asking her to leave with him, she agrees. Walking her to his car, taking her hand and pulling this hot 18-year-old girl against him. Spreading her legs with his own. Wrapping his arms around her tiny body. Kissing her small lips, swirling his tongue around inside her wanting mouth. Feeling her heat against his thigh. Wanting to take her now, knowing they both will wait. Helping her into the car, she sits a way to show she is wearing nothing underneath. Closing her door, adjusting the bulge in his pants. Thinking, this is a young pussy he will enjoy.

Pulling out of the parking lot, she asks if she may suck his cock while he drive. She reaches and unzips his pants, revealing his hardness. Looking at her, watching her take his manhood first with her hand, then with her mouth, she swallows his shaft so hungrily, he almost losing control inside her small mouth. She sucks his hard cock deep into her mouth, up and down his shaft she travels. Biting at his swollen head, teasing it with her tongue, opening his slit. Pumping her mouth with his hard cock feeling his sack filling with his steaming hot cum. Her hands cupping his sack. Up and down she glides on his cock. Her hair flying as she continues to suck him, feeling his vein rising. She opens her throat, ready to take his load.

His hand drops from the steering wheel to take her by the back of the head as now he guides his cock sucking little slut. Feeling his balls draw up, knowing he is close so very close to empting them into her hot little mouth. He moans and growls. As he releases her warm prize, his cum. She gulps greedily, and swallows fast, almost gagging but not allowing a drop to be wasted. Sucking his cock clean and dry, she pulls her face away from his still hard cock and looks up and asks, did I please you Sir? This is the first time I have ever fully taken a cock in my mouth Sir. Smiling down at her, he says yes you have pleased me. We shall see how else you can please me.

As they arrive at his home. He helps her out of the car. Opens the front door and fixes them both a glass of wine. He leads her to his bedroom, unbuttoning his shirt and sliding his pants off. She stands watching with anticipation. She feels her moisture building. Yet somewhat scared of this stranger, yet knowing he will be gentle. He takes her glass and sets it down. Lifting her sweater over her head, revealing her supple breasts. Slightly pinching her light tan nipples. She has the look of a shy girl just waiting to develop into womanhood.

Bending to kiss her full on the lips, sucking her tongue into his mouth. Allowing his hands to wander all over her body. She moans wanting him to take her. He fondles every inch of her small body. Lifting her skirt, parting her thighs, feeling her heat her wetness seeping down her thighs. He looks at her, letting her know he knows just how wet she is. He parts her lips with his large hand, she shivers, he catches. Opening her as she has never been opened before. Forcing his large fingers into her opened pussy. Feeling her moisture all over his hand. He pushes into her, hearing her moan with pain. A sweet pain she knows. A sweet pain he enjoys giving. Sinking his fingers into the depths of her wanting pussy. Finding her bottom, swirling inside of her, wiggling against her g-spot. She becomes weak kneed.

He lays her back, skirt at her waist. He pulls her to the edge of his bed, parting her legs, spreading them wide. Looking down at her glistening cunt. So tight so young. So his for the evening. Bending to suck her hard clit into his mouth. His tongue darting on and off of it. She wiggles against his face, wanting to him to press down onto her . He licks her from clit to ass. Darting into her tight ass, knowing he will take this tightness. Her sweetness flowing with ease, he laps her up. Sinking his face into her hot hole, fingering her at the same time. Feeling her quivering inside, stroking her spot, massaging against it. Sucking on her clit, listening to her moans.
She is near, he feels her walls start to collapse around his fingers. Sweet creamy cum flowing, he sucks her into his mouth. Licking fast and sucking her clit hard. She orgasms a sweet flow of cum, taking in all she is giving. He shoves a finger against her tight ass hole, causing her to scream with desire. Pressing herself down, she is wanting to take his fingers, wanting to know that feeling inside of her tight hole. He lifts her legs higher, exposing her ass more. Her juices flown so easily into her crack. He pressed harder into her tight hole, just to the knuckle, only teasing.

She is wanting more. He pushes more and he sucks her clit into his mouth. Feeling her opening becoming larger, he moves to stroke his hard cock against her wet pussy. Wetting his cock with her flow, he glides it against her tight ass. Pressing his head against her ass, she moans loudly. He whispers to her, this will only hurt at first. His head enters her tightness, she moans louder. Reaching to finger her sweet pussy she accepts his head. Pushing more, he enters her more.

Sinking into her now open ass. She is loving the feel of his manhood deep inside her small opening. Sliding deeper, he sinks flush, grinding himself into her. Feeling his cock wanting to cum so quickly inside such a tight hole. Pumping in and out with ease.

Fingering her faster, feeling her pulsating pussy, feeling it against his swollen cock as well. Making his cock shot a stream of hot thick cum deep inside of her ass. He fills her tiny hole so good. Watching it gather around her ass, think cream, knowing he has taken her small ass. Pulling himself away from her, she collapse onto his bed. Pulling a sheet over them, they lay exhausted.

by Perfection_to_a_T

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