Twisted Tailr


What have I become? I haven't always been this way. I'm like an animal. I can't control it anymore.

The thoughts flood my brain and cloud my mind. Watch the road. Check the rearview mirror. All clear. Slow down. Don't get a ticket. Geez... My heart is racing so fast.

I start to laugh. At first, to myself - then out load. ha-ha-ha-ha...

I can't help it. The thrill of it. The fear of it. I'm still trembling. A sheepish grin paints my satisfied face. I've tasted victory once again.

I pull the car into the garage and enter the house. I strip off my clothes, lie on the bed and close my eyes. I can still smell the scent of her body. Her perfume mixed with my sweat. A delicious aroma envelops me and flares my nostrils. My thoughts return to our "encounter"...

This time it's at the Hard Luck casino. On previous occasions, it was a truck stop. A restaurant. A bar. Different places. Different times. Unless I wanted to be caught - and I didn't - there had to be no set pattern. No profile to pre-determine my next move.

I lay in-wait in an empty stall in the women's bathroom. I stand up on the toilet seat so my feet are off the floor. A note is taped to the front of the stall door, which reads, "Out of Order." I chuckle every time I use the sign. It's me that's out of order...

The door opens. I hear the click of heels strut across the tile. Someone enters the stall next to mine and I hear the turn of the latch.
My adrenaline kicks in. My heart beats faster as the blood pumps rapidly through my veins. I feel my erection press against my trousers. Time to pounce.

I leap over the top of the stall and startle the hell out of the woman. I press a knife to her throat and warn her not to scream. "Don't make a sound. Do you understand me?" With fear in her eyes, she nods her head nervously. "Do exactly what I say and you won't get cut."

I would never cut anyone and certainly wouldn't kill them. Maybe that's why it's such a rush for me.

With that said, I placed a ball in her mouth and used duct tape to hold it in-place. I forced her to her feet and jerked her arms behind her back. I used more tape to bind her arms and wrists. She was straddling the toilet seat. I pressed on the back of her head, forcing the side of her face into the tile wall.

At this point, I was so turned on I could barely get my pants down. I pulled on the snap and fumbled with the zipper. My erect penis sprang out from my body. I could see her eyes straining, looking back at me to see what was going to happen. She trembled with fear. Her chest was heaving from her sobs.

I pressed against her body. My erection lined up directly in the crack of her well-rounded ass. Her ass cheeks parted and closed around my shaft as if to give it a big bear hug. I leaned into her body further pressing her into the tile. I had my mouth right by her ear. I flicked my tongue on her earlobe and nibbled on it a little. I breathed heavy into her ear. "I need to be inside of you. I'm gonna fuck you now."

As I slowly grinded my crotch against her beautiful ass, I reached around in front and slid my middle finger into her vagina. Sliding my finger in deep, I found a little moisture and continued to probe her opening. As I slid my finger in, I would press hard against the clit. I felt her twinge a little each time I stroked her clit.

I was masterful with my fingers. Her body, like all the others, responded to my touch. I felt the juices start to flow. She was getting wet for me - even though she didn't want to. I continued to finger her wet pussy as her body began to jerk and quiver. I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm.

I easily slide my erection into her soaking wet pussy. Her mind says "No!" but her body is eager for me to enter. She doesn't want to be raped, but her body is craving to be satisfied. Unknowingly, like a kitty cat, she arches her back and presses her ass into me. She wants to feel my erect penis hard against her clit.

But this is not for her pleasure. It's for mine.

I reach down and guide my blood-gorged cock to the entrance of her asshole. She winces as I press the head into her puckered hole. My shaft bends as she tries to tighten the muscles to block my intrusion. There's no doubt this is virgin flesh. It's so incredibly tight. She may have had her sweet, little asshole licked - or maybe even fingered, but she's never taken a massive cock like mine in her ass.

My cock head forces its' way through the little ring of muscle protecting her. With her moistness covering my shaft, I'm able to slide into her. The full length of my 9-inch cock has now entered her body to the hilt. The sensations are so indescribable that I simply hold still for a moment - my erection fully inserted in her rectum.

I'm oblivious to her bucking and jerking. She's not getting away while impaled on my rod. I begin a slow, rhythmic slide in and out of her tender ass. It's so damn tight! The sensations are driving me wild. My eyes are rolling back in my head. If I stroke any faster, I'll cum much too soon.

I slowly, very slowly, slide my cock out until I feel her squeeze my head as if to choke it around the neck. Then I savagely ram my cock into her ass until my balls slap against her pussy lips. Her groan of agonizing pain is matched by my groan of tantalizing pleasure. As I grunt, she pants. Her face is contorted in ways I can't describe. The pain must be unbearable like a branding iron pressed to her skin.

As I continue to probe my new love canal, I begin to swivel my hips as if to keep a Hula Hoop going in circles around my waist. My cock is twisting around inside her flesh. She's impaled so fully on my unit that her feet are no longer touching the floor. She seems to pass out for a moment as I quicken my assault.

The fire builds from deep in my loins. I'm gritting my teeth as I continue to slam my cock into her rear. The heat feels like a molten lava glove squeezing my shaft. My toes are starting to curl as I grab her shoulders tightly and thrust mightily into her rectum. A wave of pleasure washes over me akin to pain.

I'm cumming. Oh, damn, I'm cumming goooooooood...

Hot seed blasts from my balls and spills deeply into her bowels. My cock continues to spasm as thrust after thrust produces an incredible amount of semen. I have to choke off a howl of lust or risk everyone in the casino hearing. I shake my head from side to side as my cock twitches and jerks inside my anal love slave.

My breathing slows and my erection softens. It's so tight that my penis is still gripped like a vise. As I pull out, I hear a "pop" as her anus puckers closed - once again free from her intruder.

I slap her ass for punctuation and tell her to kneel down in front of the toilet. I place her head inside the toilet bowl but her face is still a few inches from the water. Again using the duct tape, I tape around the back of her head to the seat. This way, if someone comes in, it appears she's had a little too much to drink and is hugging the toilet. (A little trick I learned along the way...)
I take a deep breath and a sigh of relief washes over me. Time to head home.

by bazongaman

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