Taking it


Jamie and I were walking through the mall. I was enjoying how her long legs looked, as the slit in her long skirt would open up to mid thigh with each step. She was 5" 9" in her stocking feet but to night she had on three inch heals making her legs look even longer and making her stand 6" even. She had long black hair that came to the top of her perfect hart shaped ass cheeks and deep blue eyes. To night she had on a thin black blouse that let her pail white skin shine through when the light hit it just right and if you looked hard you could make out the dark pink nipples toping her 36a breasts.

We held hands as we walked but she was very quiet tonight. "What's up I?" Asked her as I pulled her to a bench and sat down.
Jamie looked at me with a slight smile. "You know how much I like having sex with you, right?"

"Well I hope so! I mean, am I doing something wrong?" We had only been with each other for a few months and were still trying to find out what one another liked.

"Ho no! You are doing fine! God I love every thing you do to me!" She crossed her legs letting her skirt fall open up to the top of her thigh. I watch as a guy about 50 almost broke his neck looking at her as he walked past us with his wife. Flashing and showing off was new to her and she had found she really liked letting other people look at her.

"It's just that I want to try something with you and even though I know how you like to try things, I want to try something tonight that might make you think I am sick or something."

The old guy was walking back slowly as his wife looked at something in a shoe store. Jamie waited until he was right even with us and uncrossed her legs letting them fall open just enough to let him get a good look up her open skirt and at her white lace panties. We both watched him as he stopped and looked nervously at James exposed panties. She opened her legs giving him a real good look before crossing them the other way. Boom shows over and the old guy moved on.

"You know how hot I get when we do this! I just want you to take me home! I have some things, well just take me home!" she said.
"Ok sweet hart, but I want you to take off your panties right now and then walk over to the guy and give them to him!" she smiled at me.

He was still standing off to one side and watching her as she stood up. She looked around making sure not too many people were looking and then looked back to the guy. He smiled at her as she moved so one leg slipped out of her skirt up to mid thigh. She slipped her hands down to open it up wider as she pulled the slit up to her panty covered pussy. His as he realized she meant for him to look at her. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and as the guys eyes got as big as saucers she pulled her panties down letting him see her shaved pubic mound! She lifted one leg slipping the panties over her knee and the slipped them off the other leg. His eyes never left her pussy and legs as she got them off and when she started to walk up to him I thought he would pass out! Jamie held her panties out opening them up as she lifted them to her nose. She took a deep sniff of them as she walked to the guy and then she handed them to him!

"I really think you will like the way they smell!" he took them from her, "Go on! You know you want to know what it smells like!" his eye never left hers as he lifted her panties to his nose and took a deep breath sucking in her pussy sent. "I bet you wold like to know what it tastes like to, wouldn't you?" she looked at the bulge in his pants, "Well that says you would! I know what, here let me do this for you!" With that she pulled up her dress again and as she held it with one hand she slipped the finger of the other into her self! "Open your mouth and let me give you a taste of what he gets to eat every night!" the mans eyes went from her hand working in her pussy to me and then back to her hand. He took a quick look to the store for his wife and the back to Jamie's snatch. She was working her fingers in her self-fast and I could here her whimper just a little. "I might be able to let you taste my, OH Godd yesss" she hissed as she came! "Taste my cuum!"

His mouth was open as he watched her pumping her own hand finishing her cum with another series of little grunts. "Umm, that was good! Now open your mouth!" he did as he was told as she pulled her cum soaked fingers from her hot wet hole. She slipped one then two fingers into his mouth and as he sucked them I could see a wet spot forming in the front of his pants! She had made him cum and never even touched him! She pulled her fingers out of his mouth and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "That was good huh?"

She turned and came back to me smiling from ear to ear. "Was that what you had in mind?"

I took her hand still sticky with her juices as I led her away, "Well not really but it was hot! I can't believe he came in his pants! I wonder how he will explain it to her."

"Well, I don't know about that but I do know you need to get me home! I need your mouth on me!"

We almost ran to my truck!


Part 2: Something new!

Jamie had her skirt off in the truck and walked bar assed up our side walk and into the house. She never said a word to me as she went to the bedroom. She turned taking me by the ears and as she lay down on the bed pulled my face into her hot wet hole! I licked and sucked her for a long time driving my tongue deep into her vagina. She humped my face but as she would get close to the edge of cumming she would push me away until she came down a little.

She pushed me away from her catching her breath. "I don't want to cum yet!" she reached over to the nightstand. "Take off your cloths I want to try something!"

I did as she asked and she slipped back under me. As I went back to licking her pussy she put something cold on my but hole! I shot up!

"Whoop! What are you doing?" I asked.

"You are always doing things to my bottom so I wanted to try something with you." She gave ma a funny look, "What you want me to do all these things but won't try something new your self?"

"Ok, but I have never."

"I know and I had not ever either until you! Now lick me some more but don't make me cum yet and just relax!"

She spread the slippery stuff around my backside and as I stuck my to tongue into her vagina opening. She was wetter than I had ever seen her as she played with my back hole. I felt her push and I did the same thing to her using her pussy juice as a lube.

"No! I just want to do you! Here let me up!" I did as she asked; "Now you get on your knees like you would have me!"

I watched as she pulled the double dong dildo out of the drawer. I had bought it for her and had found she liked it in her bottom and pussy at the same time but there was not way she was going to try that thing in me! I started to move away.

"Jamie I don't think."

She moved behind me, "That's right you don't think to night! To night it's going to be what I want!"

I watched as she pushed one end of the dildo deep into her soft wet pussy hole. She moved behind me and again I felt her fingers on my ass hole. I had grown soft thinking about this but as she pushed her finger into me putting more lube in me my dick grew hard! One finger was nothing then she began to work in two.

"Oh shit easy!" was all I could say as I felt her start to pump them into me a little.

She was breathing hard behind me and I looked back to she that she was working the rubber cock into her self as she looked at her fingers working on my ass. She pulled them from me leaving me feeling empty but I knew what was coming! Then I felt it!

Jamie put the end of her dick up to my virgin ass hole and ever so gently pushed. It went easy for a second and then it hit my tight pucker ring and I let out a howl!


She backed off a little, "You can take it if I can! Just relax!" she was telling me the same this I had told her when I busted into her cheery ass a few weeks earlier. She began to push as I relaxed as much as I could! I could feel my self-open and suddenly I there was white-hot pain! The dick had slipped past my ring with a kind of pop! Jamie held me by my hips as I had done her and she also held still as I adjusted to having a big rubber cock in my ass!

I was gasping for air as I felt her move just a little, "Relax baby! I will go slow!" she took hold of my dick and to my surprise it was steel hard, "Umm you do like it. You like it just like I did, don't you?" she pushed deeper into my bottom and I could feel her short pussy hairs on my ass cheeks. "Hold on I am almost in!"

She gave on last push and she was in me! I was shaking and I realized what I was feeling wasn't pain any more! It was pleasure! God I liked it! She pulled back and then in again.

Now Jamie began to fuck me! I looked over my shoulder at her face and then looked at her in the dresser mirror. Her head was back and her mouth was open and she was fucking me! I could see the dick working in and out of her hole as she pushed it into me and suddenly she was screaming as she came!

"AAAAAAAAAAa yesssssss take my cock in your asssssssssAAAAAAAAAAaa! Humph humph ophhhhhhhh oh god ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

She reached around and took my cock in her hand and began to stoke me fast as she pounded into my bottom! "Come on! Cum for me! Ohhhhhh yessss cum!" she jacked me off fast and with one last push into my bottom I came to!

"OHHhhhhhhhhhhhh god yes Jamie fuck me! OHHhhhhhhhhh!"

She did to pounding into me as she went through another cum, "AAAAAohhhh god hard fucking you so hard!"

She began to slow down and then stopped. She let go of my hips and I pulled away from her thinking the dildo would slip out of me but it came out of her well-fucked pussy instead! I went onto my side as I tried to catch my breath and not think about what had just happened! I felt presser on the cock in my ass pushing in again and looked at Jamie.

"Role onto your back. I'm not through with you yet!" She took my cock in her hand again and much to my surprise I was still hard!
I did as she asked and she moved between my legs. The rubber dick was sticking out between my legs. I could feel her taking it into her had and as she watched my eyes she pushed and then pulled it in my bottom. She had a slight smile as she looked at me.
"I see you do like this!" she took my cock in her hand, "I think I will eat you now like you do me!"

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me deep into her throat. With her nose in my pubic hair she pushed and then pulled her dick in and out of me. Suddenly I realized she was just holding it in one place as I moved my ass up and down on the thing!


She never lifted her face from my pubic hair and I could hear her breathing hard through her nose, and, and I CAME!

"OH GOD YESSSSSS OH HONEY OHHHHHHHHHHH!" I roared into the night air as I came down Jamie's throat!

She pulled back sucking me draining me drinking all the cum I had left in me as she pulled the dick out of my ass. I fell back in a shaking heap to week to move as she slipped up to kiss me. I tasted my cum on her lips as she held me sticking her tongue deep into my mouth.

We held each other for a long time before I felt her move next to me. I looked at her and for the first time I realized I was deeply in love with this woman.

"Well I guess if I am going to let you fuck me in the ass you had better marry me. Don't you think?"

She smiled at me, "Yes I think, because I love you very much! I also have a lot of other things I want us to try!"

With that she kissed me and we fell asleep!


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